Confinement 414

Chapter 414 Young Lady’s Rule

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 ”Uh… ugh…”

 I open my heavy eyelids and find myself in the “Confinement King’s bedroom”.

 Under the canopy, I can see the backside of the room.

 Looking right is Kurosawa-san, who is sleeping with my right hand between her thighs.

 Looking left is Akira, who is sleeping holding my left hand.

 And Kyoko is lying on her back on the floor, snoring.

 Last night I had a 4P with Kurosawa-san’s faction.

 Kyoko was the first to go down, and after two shots each at Kurosawa-san and Akira, we fell asleep.

 As I always think, it is really nice to wake up and find a cute girl sleeping peacefully next to me. It fills me with a happy feeling.

 Kurosawa-san and Akira, on the other hand, are beautiful girl models. If a person is their fan, he/she must have dreamed of this scene at least once.

 (I have to get up… school… ah, right, it’s Sunday…)

 Still, even though it’s a weekend, I can’t stay in bed forever.

 Besides, if I don’t wake up until after ten o’clock, there is a possibility that my mother will come to my room to wake me up.

 And if I am not in my room at that time, I have to make excuses again.

 With this thinking, I carefully pull my hands from Kurosawa-san’s thighs and Akira’s arms so as not to wake them up.

 Then, I quietly get out of bed and walk out of the “Confinement King’s bedroom” to my room outside.

 I look at the clock, it is just after nine in the morning.

 The pleasant morning sun was slanting in through the window.

 ”Good morning, Devi.”

 I noticed that Lili was floating in the air near the ceiling, holding her knees.

 ”Oh, good morning… Wait, Lili, how was yesterday?”

 ”If you’re talking about lovey-dovey love games, everything was okay, Devi.”

 After hearing Shiratori-san’s story, I was not in the mood to do anything about Sankon or Monkey, so I let them get away with it for the time being, deciding that Kayama-san had the lowest likability rating.

 ”Anyway… that Ringlet said, “Even though I’m the lowest rank, Confinement King-sama doesn’t embrace me!” She was so upset, Devi…”

 ”Haha… I’ll follow up on that.”

 I put on my pants and sweatshirt, and ask Lili about something else.

 ”By the way, have there been any developments in Okinawa?”

 ”As expected, Devi”

 The reason why the three second-year students of the basketball team were sent to Okinawa for Lolisla’s shooting was because of the possibility that Kitou might attack Nitani directly.

 In case Kitou’s hand reached Okinawa, I instructed an escort to be provided to protect them.

 And as expected, according to Lili’s story, Kitou’s man actually attacked Asuka Nitani. But Inui-san and Lolisla prevented him from doing so.

 The person who helped them was apparently Ichida Sanae, a second-year member of the basketball team.

 ”This Ichida, let her swim for now, Devi. We’ll decide what to do after we hear Surako’s (Lolisla) report, Devi.”

 ”Yes, I know.”

 I nod, pulling up my sweat pants.

 ”And one more thing… theres an update on the whereabouts of Teruya’s little sister and Kasuya, Devi.”


 In my mind’s eye, I see the goat-headed devil and Kasuya-kun and the others disappearing into the rift in the space.

 It was not a scene I saw directly. But for a while after that, the scene was repeatedly broadcasted on TV.

 ”Earthworm (Inui-san) found them in Okinawa, Devi. So, I sent Freesia as reinforcements against Ophirus, because Earthworm (Inui-san) is no match for Ophirus, Devi.”

 ”Well… but if they stay quiet, just leave them alone.”

 Unless they didn’t harm us, we won’t bother to go after them. As long as we know where they are, that’s all that matters.

 ”So… since the lovey-dovey love game doesn’t seem to make any sense anymore, I think we can end it with me taking their virginity, if that’s what happens?”

 ”No? The two losers are supposed to be sent to the demon world for butchery, Devi?”

 ”Hey, that’s just a threat, isn’t it? Just let them go and give them a good reason.”

 ”Ugh… that’s boring, Devi.”

 Lili’s lips twitch.

 Devilishly maybe, but if neither of them has anything to do with this, it’s not a good idea to punish them.

 And more than that, if Sankon is a serious stalker, I want to get rid of her as soon as possible.

 (I feel like I’ve been dragged into this by Shiratori-san, don’t I?)

 ”Well, I’m going to have breakfast.”

 I tell Lili, and leave the room and go down the stairs.

 As I stand in front of the dining room door with a sleepy expression that says I just woke up, I catch a glimpse of a girl with long black hair through the door.

 (Hey, hey… isn’t it Fujiwara-san? Why is she here again…?)

 According to my mother, Fujiwara-san often comes to our house even when I’m not here.

 Then she and my mother have a chat over a cup of tea and go home.

 They are like a close wife and mother-in-law relationship.

 (Well, I don’t mind that, though…)

 I stepped into the dining room with a wry smile on my face.

 ”Good morning, Kijima-sama!”

 But then, I heard a girl’s voice that was not Fujiwara-san’s.


 When I looked up, the first thing I saw was my mother’s confused expression.

 I hurriedly turned my eyes to the girl sitting across from her, and there was—

 ”What, why…?”

 There was “Ritsuko Sakon” with a soft smile on her face.

 Her bangs were cropped straight above her eyebrows and her skin was white.

 She was wearing a light cherry-red kimono and a light blue obi sash.

 Since she looks like a Japanese doll to begin with, the Japanese kimono looks so natural on her.

 To my perplexed look, she said to me in a tone as if she were greeting me.

 ”I’ve come to ask you to officially go out with me.”

 ”What? Huh? What?”

 Since the first proposal, Masaki-chan has only brought her to lunch twice.

 And we did not have deep conversations at those meetings.

 (Like Fujiwara-san and Sankon, is there some kind of rule in the young ladies’ circle that they have to run in the morning…?)

 She is a perfect reproduction of Fujiwara-san.

 However, in the case of Fujiwara-san, I didn’t feel so much fear thanks to her bottomless brightness, but in the case of Sankon, I was seriously scared because I was told beforehand that she was a serious stalker.

 As my cheeks twitch involuntarily, my mother comes up to me.

 ”Hey, Fumio! Aren’t you going out with Mai-san? You can’t cheat on her! Besides, I was just talking with your father about which Fujiwara group intensive-care old people’s home will take care of you in the future!”

 ”Hey, what kind of future are you planning!?”

 ”It can’t be helped! After all, my son is a useless man!”

 Well, I’m sorry to bail you out, my mother.

 Meanwhile, Sankon, who was watching this ugly argument between mother and son with a smile on her face, opened her mouth.

 ”In that case, although I can’t compete with Fujiwara-senpai, my family also runs a special “intensive-care old people’s home””

 ”Is that so?”

 Don’t say that, mother!

 It’s absolutely ridiculous that the criteria for selecting my son’s partner is an intensive-care old people’s home.

 But for now, I turn to Sankon and tell her to get out of the house.

 ”I mean! I turned you down, didn’t I? You asked me to go out with you, and I turned you down, didn’t I?”

 ”I thought it was about time you changed your mind.”

 ”What time!? And what’s there to change my mind?”

 But Sankon just smiles at me.

 Then, I think about it.

 I thought on my own that the lovey-dovey love game was over, but it was not so for them.

 If this is the conclusion she came to after thinking about how to increase my likability, I have to admit that this girl Ritsuko Sakon has quite a stalker’s temperament.

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