Confinement 415

Chapter 415 Black History

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 [Protagonist POV]

 It would be awful if she said something inappropriate in front of my mom.

 And since it seems that she would not leave even if I ask her to leave, I urge Sankon to move inside my room.

 At any rate, the situation of my house is known to all my favorite princesses through the route of “Mom” → “Fujiwara-san”.

 If something goes wrong, Sankon’s life may be in danger.

 However, somehow, Masaki-chan has become Sankon’s backer, but even she may change her mind at any moment.

 Tashiro-san is a pompous piece of work, and Kurosawa-san is a leader who only talks the talk, so there is no need to worry, but Fujiwara-san, who has a powerful family, would be the worst threat if she really gets angry.

 In fact, Sankon’s asking me to go out with her is an Akira-like challenge to Fujiwara-san, who is my official girlfriend…

 As I thought so, I steal a glance at Sankon as she steps into the room after me.

 A girl in kimono in a familiar room. It is an incredibly strange feeling.

 I pulled out a chair from the study desk and opened my mouth while offering it to her.

 ”So, Sakon-san. Even if you ask me to go out with you, I have a girlfriend. Besides, you are a cute girl, so I think there must be someone more suitable for you.”

 ”It’s true, in terms of looks and family background, I’m not a good match for Kijima-sama, but…”


 For a moment, I thought she was trying to make fun of me, but there was no such an atmosphere in her expression, rather she has a serious look on her face.

 At this sight, I was at a loss for what to say next, then Sankon opened her mouth.

 ”So… how long should this farce continue?”


 ”Yes, it’s true that the gentleman’s thing was horrible, and the taste of semen was disgusting, but I can’t believe that Kaitou-senpai was captivated by such a thing.”

 This is when I realized something.

 What did Shiratori-san say at the family restaurant?

 [I can do the same thing to her as I did to Kaitou]

 That’s what she said.

 And if it weren’t for Monkey, I would have confined Sankon up straight away, without going through the stages of love-dovey games. But somehow, I must have managed to keep her from going missing.

 ”…Have you heard anything about me from Shiratori-san?”

 ”No, she told me to resist with all my might because someone will be coming to get me soon. Kaitou-senpai said the same thing.”

 I see, from Sankon’s point of view, the story is different… that’s what she means.

 ”What if I don’t know what you’re talking about?”

 ”You mentioned Shiratori-senpai’s name, and that’s not acceptable.”

 ”…That’s true”

 ”Indeed, at first, I was also confused and thought that the Confinement King was going to make me suffer the same thing as Kaitou-senpai. For that purpose, I thought I had to seduce the Saint Fumio Kijima…”

 Then Sankon snickered.

 She suddenly began to speak a series of words.

 ”Fumio Kijima-sama. Born on September 17th, Virgo, eighteen years old. In general, a woman’s pregnancy period is around 266 days, so it is very likely that the parents planned to have a baby on Christmas night. The birth took place so quickly that your mother (Okaa-sama) said, “I thought I had given birth to a tokoro-ten (Tokoroten is a dish in Japanese cuisine made from agarophytes)”. Then, as an active child, your friend called you an insect catcher, and you sometimes released a large number of cicadas into the house in a fit of excitement. On this occasion, your upset mother threw you away, and thereby injured you with five stitches when you hit the corner of the table. The scar from that incident still remains on the back of your head.”

 ”Hey!? Stop it!?”

 ”Your first love was when you were in the second grade. It was with a foreign piano teacher at a piano school in your neighborhood. You appealed to your parents that you wanted to learn the piano for that reason, but they didn’t listen to you, saying you’d never learn for three days anyway, and you sank. This is where the unique downfall of life began. At school, you were being rejected by all the popular idol groups of the time in front of your classmates. You were scorned by all the girls and were even harassed by being called “Unko Fumio”, with the “Fumio” part being omitted. How did it feel to be called “poop” by girls? “

 ”S-Stop it…!!”

 ”And so, Kijima-sama, you are becoming more and more isolated as you try to maintain your mentality by pretending to be a lone wolf, but every pretentious remark you makes is painful. Probably, the reason for Kijima-sama’s defeat was that you did not understand the rule that “pretentious comments must be limited to good-looking people”. Kijima-sama, who gradually began to withdraw from the world, naturally did not make any friends when entered junior high school, and even the tripod on athletic meets was done with the teacher. At the folk dance, you had to dance with the boys on the girls’ side to make up the number of students. You were left alone until the end of the school excursion and were placed in the appropriate group by the teacher, but of course, you were isolated. In addition, you were sulkily left alone on the bus at a sightseeing spot, and so on.”

 ”I don’t know! I don’t know who you are talking about!”

 ”Even though it’s about yourself… Then, as Kijima-sama entered high school, you chose a private school with few students from the same junior high school to go on to high school. You bought a guitar with a dream of playing in a band but gave it up because you couldn’t play the F chord. To begin with, you had a communication problem because you hardly communicated with your classmates during the three years of junior high school, and you were easily treated as a passerby because of your timid way of speaking. Then, when Kijima-sama became a third-year student, you mistakenly handed a love letter to Masaki Haneda-senpai, a senior student with whom you were on the library committee, because she was kind to you, which led to being bullied by Kurosawa-senpai and several other students.”

 At this point, I felt a chill run down my spine. There are some exaggerations, but it is almost a fact.

 ”However… from this point on, the environment around Kijima-sama has been changing drastically. This is a recent development, and I don’t need to explain it to you, do I? If I consider the whole situation, I have a good idea that Kijima-senpai is the culprit of the recent kidnapping incident that has caused a commotion in the school. Though I don’t have any proof. Then, the idea of seducing the saint Fumio Kijima… must be a self-made act.”

 ”…How did you find out?”

 ”Mainly by asking around and following you.”

 I let out a sigh.

 I think I understand why Shiratori-san called her a twisted monster.

 At any rate, it’s too dangerous to let her go unchecked.

 And if she goes so far as to dig up our black history, I’m going to get pissed off, too.

 ”As you wish, I’ll do the same thing to you just like that Kaitou girl. The crime has to be to display the facts.”

 Sankon smiles as I summon the door behind me.

 ”Well, well, that’s worth all the trouble I went through.”

 ”That’s sickening… You’re gonna regret this.”

 Don’t say I’m not mature.

 At this moment, I was angry for the first time in a long time.

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