Confinement 416

Chapter 416 Butler Comes to Campaign

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 [Protagonist’s POV]

 Instead of the usual “Confinement King’s bedroom”, I open the door to a new room in its initial state and steal a glance behind me

 There is a girl in a kimono standing with a cool look on her face.

 Her bangs are cropped above her eyebrows and her face is generally small as if she were a Japanese doll.

 But she has a fake smile, which gives me a rather humid impression of human nature and made me take a deep breath.

 Such a sight also made me feel uncomfortable.

 Moreover, she also talks about my past black history.

 Even though I think it’s just a “mere” thing.

 Still, I’m having trouble suppressing the aggressive feelings that keep bubbling up.

 I felt as if I had been made aware of my narrow-mindedness, and my discomfort seemed to settle in the bottom of my heart like a mille-feuille.

 ”What will you do to me?”

 Suddenly, the girl asked with a hint of joy in her voice.


 Although I told her that I would give her the same treatment as Kaitou-senpai, that was quite a problem.

 After all, Kaitou-senpai and I were not acquainted with each other, and I knew nothing about the details of the training that Satou-san’s brother had done.

 Shiratori-san said that it was “a simplified version of what I did”, so I think it was probably a straight confinement.

 Confine her. Starve and thirst. Condition her with water and food as rewards, and screw her until she gives in.

 Something like that.

 I turn to her again.

 She doesn’t seem intimidated. No sign of movement.

 Instead, she’s licking me. Such a girl is not cute.

 That’s how I feel.

 And I guess the reason why Satou-san’s brother confined Kaitou-senpai is that he wanted to make her his own, but he couldn’t do it in a conventional way like me.

 In the first place, his starting point is different from mine.

 I confined Kurosawa-san for revenge.

 I confined Masaki-chan for revenge.

 As for Tashiro-san, the reason for her confinement itself was to find the track & field club members who surrounded Fujiwara-san and took pictures of her.

 Fujiwara-san was not even confined.

 And as for whether I want to own this Sankon, the answer is no. No matter how beautiful she is, I don’t want her.

 After all, I don’t want to do it if it will make her happy to be treated in the same way as Kaitou-senpai.

 (I guess her research ability to find out my black history is the reason why Shiratori-san found me so “useful”…)

 ”You seem to be very irritated…”

 ”Shut up!”

 I told her, and at the same time, I activated a function I hadn’t used yet.


 Sankon immediately collapses to her knees. She is sitting up, breathing heavily, and begins to let out a pained sigh.

 ”Hahh, hahh, wh… what… what happened to me?”

 She gives me a puzzled look.

 This is a function I got from Kei-chan. Even though this is the first time I’ve used it, it’s more effective than I imagined.

 It’s the kind of function that “reduces one’s energy and makes it difficult to even move around.”

 Although this is only an impression, it looks as if the player’s HP was suddenly reduced to one.

 (I think this is actually a very brainwashing-oriented function…)

 In brainwashing, the restriction of food and water is also intended to reduce the energy to resist. If it is possible to reduce someone’s energy to the lowest level in one shot, then future brainwashing will be too much advanced.

 (Therefore, having my previous attitude of being too easygoing erased in one shot is a nice feeling)

 At any rate, I’ve made up my mind that I’m going to make this woman have a lot more black history than I do, so I first connect the door to the maids’ waiting room with <Connect> and call the shortcuts.

 ””””Thank you for summoning us!””””

 The maids line up in a row, and when they speak in unison, they look disdainfully at Sankon who is crawling on the floor.

 ”Is our order to dispose of this garbage?”

 Saito-san asks me, and I shake my head, my mouth twisted into a nasty line.

 ”It’s not right, but I need you to clean her intestines for me. I’m going to turn her into an anal-crazed pervert while she’s still a virgin. Can you prepare her for this afternoon?”

 Saito-san smiled and said.

 ”As you wish, Confinement King-sama.”

* * *

 [Ijichi’s POV]

 A butler appeared in front of me.

 He had a head like a goat bone.

 However, he appeared suddenly in the middle of my room.

 (Wh-Wh-What’s he? Who’s he?)

 This is a scary one.

 I finished sorting through the hidden pictures of the junior girl I fell in love with at first sight, and with a small sense of satisfaction, I turned my head to look behind me, and before I knew it, there he was.

 That should have scared me.

 But what scared me more was His eye sockets were empty, there is no eyeball, and a red light is flickering.

 It made me unable to speak, and I just froze.

 ”Are you surprised? Well, you should be.”

 ”Eeeekk!? Wh-Wh-Wh-What are you!?”

 I retreated frantically, flapping my legs like an overturned insect.

 ”You don’t need to be so frightened”

 ”Wh-Who’re you!? Wh-What are you?”

 At my question, the butler seemed to think for a moment, then he put his finger on his chin and said.

 ”If I had to guess, I would say that I’m a campaign butler?”

 I think I was making a rather strange face at that time because of his unexpected answer.

 Of course, I did. Because I didn’t understand what he meant.

 But he didn’t care about my condition and said in a sullen voice

 ”Devil’s support campaign. Congratulations on your win”


 ”T-That’s right”


 ”A campaign”

 Then, the butler looked into my face with his vacant eyes and said.

 ”Ijichi-sama…you have won a special campaign in which we, the devils, will make your wish come true. There is a woman you want to get, isn’t there? Let us give you the wonderful power to make it possible.”

 Note: Ijichi => Protagonist’s next class buddy but not close, who is always alone like him, who buddies up with him in the gymnastics class.

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