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Chapter 417 Policy

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 [Protagonist’s POV]

 Leaving Sankon in the hands of the maids, I return to the “Confinement King’s bedroom”.

 But I still found Kurosawa-san, Akira, and Kyoko lying on the bed in a state of disarray, not even waking up.

 (Well, I was pretty reckless yesterday)

 I feel like I’ve overdone it to release the frustration I’ve built up after the exchange with Shiratori-san.

 I thought of taking Akira, who was supposed to go back to Tokyo, along with me, but I thought it would be better to let her sleep in this condition.

 Now, as I look down at the three of them with a wry smile, I connect the door to the President’s room at KKO.

 As soon as I step out of the door, I feel someone standing up behind the desk at the far end of the room.

 Against the sunlight streaming in through the closed blinds, I see Chihiro in a trouser suit, the embodiment of an accomplished woman.

 When her eyes met mine, she smiled at me.


 ”Hey, Chihiro. Did you still work on Sunday?”

 ”Yes, I thought you might come here if you heard about Okinawa.”

 Although there is a door to KKO’s women’s dormitory where she, Akira, and Lolisla live, I don’t visit there directly. This is because there are other talents living there that I have nothing to do with.

 Therefore, the door in the women’s dormitory is only for access to their “rooms”. So Chihiro must have thought that if I wanted to see her, she would wait for me in the president’s room.

 ”You waited for me? I’m sorry. You saved me the trouble of calling you. Can you tell me more about the situation?”

 I sit down on the reception couch and she steps out from behind her desk and sits down across from me.

 ”I’m not sure how much you know, but―”

 With this preface, Chihiro began to explain what had happened in Okinawa.

 As Lili had told me, Frontier Productions employees had attacked Nitani with Ichida’s help, but Lolisla and Inui-san had fought them off.

 ”As for the current situation, I have been informed that Ichida Sanae has returned to her home and I have told her to keep quiet about what happened in Okinawa and to go on as usual until further notice.”

 ”Any word from Kitou?”

 ”Not yet. But it’s not natural for Kitou to know that Nitani was attacked, so he’s probably waiting for us to contact him.”

 ”Ah… I see.”

 ”Then, Asuka Nitani and Mimura Doremi are currently traveling to Tokyo accompanied by Ponpoko-san and are scheduled to enter the women’s dormitory at KKO this afternoon. “


 A round raccoon face comes to my mind. Hearing this unexpected name, I tilted my head.

 ”It seems Danna-sama didn’t know about her, huh…? She is now working as a coordinator at Fujiwara Group’s entertainment consulting company.”

 ”Heh, is that so?”

 ”Yes. As you know, she is a trustworthy person and I appoint her to handle as many projects as possible that require coordination.”

 ”I see… but then, you should keep her out of anything dangerous as much as possible.”

 Frankly speaking, I feel that I have done a very bad thing by involving her in the death game. Perhaps it is fair to say that I feel guilty about it.

 Because she is a good person who would have come to the meeting with President Kurashima to help Kurosawa-san without any consideration of profit and loss.

 If possible, I hope she will be rewarded. That’s what I really thought about her.

 At my words, Chihiro lets out a giggle.

 ”That doesn’t sound like a bad guy’s line. Though, that’s what’s so wonderful about you.”

 ”Don’t make fun of me.”

 I don’t like to be appreciated. After all, I don’t know what to look like.

 More importantly, putting aside the [Enslaved] status of my favorite princesses, Chihiro is not even a [Submissive].

 As I thought so, Chihiro looks at my puzzled face happily and returns to her explanation.

 ”The situation is now simple. The mastermind, who injured Danna-sama’s sister, is confirmed to be Kitou and Ichida. As for the connection between them, let’s wait for Lolisla’s report. And as for Nitani and Mimura, I have sent them to Tokyo to hide them, but I’d like to discuss how to handle them.”

 ”I see…”

 If that’s the case with Kito and Ichida, there’s no need to be lenient.

 As for the other two, it is not that they have done something to Saori-chan, but only that they are suspected of bullying Hanabusa-san.

 So, I don’t think it’s right to put them in the same category.

 ”The problem is that we can’t let all three of them go missing…”

 That’s true. It would be a serious matter if the school is closed before graduation due to more scandals, and Saori-chan and the others will continue to attend the school even after I graduate.

 ”But it’s possible to make Ichida and Nitani disappear without any problems.”

 Chihiro’s words made me look up.

 ”Regarding these two, I have received their request to quit the school and go to Tokyo, and their guardians have given their consent to this”

 ”So once it’s been decided that they quit school and left for Tokyo, the school has nothing to do with what happens after that, does it?”

 ”Yes, except that Mimura has managed to persuade her parents that her talent activities are limited to the period until she graduates…”

 That’s fine.

 It’s Kito and Ichida who will be completely destroyed.

 ”And… if possible…”

 Chihiro adds, looking at me a little as if she’s watching me.

 ”It would be great if Ichida, Nitani, and Mimura could continue to work as TV personalities.”

 ”You mean that’s what you want as President?”

 ”That’s right.”

 ”Well, that’s all right then. Lolisla is still a celebrity, there’s no way she can get any worse than that.”

 I cowered my shoulders, and Chihiro gave me a very subtle look.

 ”Isn’t that a flag?”

 ”I don’t mean to, but… anyway, I’m sure Kito and the airline company will have to negotiate on the timing of the trip, so could you please work it out?”

 ”I understand”

 Almost as soon as Chihiro nodded her head, her phone on the desk made a shaking sound.

 She walks over to the desk, picks up her phone, and opens her mouth as she looks down at the screen.

 ”Danna-sama, I’m sorry. Lolisla and her friends have arrived, I’m going to the dormitory.”

 ”Yes, please do so.”

 I looked at my watch. It was a little after twelve o’clock.

 Sankon should be ready by now.

 I get up and connect the door to the “Confinement King’s Bedroom”.

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