Confinement 418

Chapter 418 Clothing is Value-Added or Romantic

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 [Protagonis’t POV]

 ”How’s it?”

 I asked, and Saitō-san nodded her head respectfully.

 ”Everything is ready.”

 On the other side of the maids, who are neatly keeping their eyes down, there is a woman on all fours in the middle of the room.

 Her kimono was rolled up roughly, and her bare white buttocks, facing me, glistened wetly in the light.

 If I looked closely, I found that the woman was not on all fours, but was holding a steel low table, and her wrists and thighs were bound to the legs of the table.

 ”After cleaning the bowels, the hole has been carefully rubbed with a muscle relaxant ointment, and is now being kept dilated with a balloon.”

 Well, looking at her, there is some kind of a black rubber plug stuck in her anus.

 Although it is hard to tell from the outside, the balloon means that the part inserted inside may be inflated like a balloon.

 ”Is there any problem if it is inserted?”

 ”I believe that there will be no problem if the balloon is torn a little. Besides, Torture-sama is here, too…”

 It sounds like a terrible statement, but compared to the torture they have been subjected to, it is probably nothing.

 Anyway, her head is slumped, her hair is disheveled, and her expression is hidden, but there is a weak breathing sound.

 I will make black history for her. I thought so, but come to think of it, anal torture is just a poor idea on my part.

 (Well, this is just for starters. She would suddenly remember it later when she was taking a shower, and I would make a memory that would make her head spin)

 I run my fingertips up her hair and look into her face.

 There is no trace of the composed expression on her face. Rather, her eyes are hollow and her face is a mess of tears, drool, and a runny nose.

 ”Why didn’t you take off her kimono?”

 When I asked this, Hotta-san, not Saitō-san, responded.

 ”I was told by the head maid that kimonos are romantic for gentlemen.”


 ”Up to yukata, it’s pure love. But Kimono is for adultery or cuckoldry, and mourning clothes for pleasure… each of them is a symbol of male romance.”

 ”Isn’t that from an erotic novel!?”

 Now Kishijo-san opens her mouth.

 ”We are taught that clothes are an added value for women. We maids are maids only because we wear maid’s clothes.”

 ”Uh… yes.”

 They’ve been instructed too well.

 Anyway, if I look closely, I can see that the table on which Sankon is tied is set at the perfect height for me to insert it when I kneel down, and there is a soft mattress in the place where I am supposed to kneel.

 ”Well then, I’ll get it ready…”

 Saitō-san knelt down at my feet, unbuckled my belt, and carefully pulled down my pants.

 When she finished removing my boxer shorts, she took my cock in her hand and started to handle it slowly, breathing a little hard.

 ”Ah… How magnificent”

 My cock was already taut and warped upward.

 While she was moving her hand back and forth, Kishijo-san walked up to Sankon and pushed the button in the center of the black rubber attached to her anus.

 Then, Sankon moaned slightly with a sound like air escaping from her. It seems to be the sound of an inflated balloon deflating inside.

 ”Well then, Confinement King-sama, please enjoy it to the fullest.”

 Kishijo-san smiles and pulls out the stopper. Then, in the middle of Sankon’s white buttocks, the mouth of the stopper opens.

 Between the stopper and the hole, a fluid, I don’t know whether it was lotion or some other bodily fluid, was trickling down the hole.

 Although it was an unclean hole, it was a neat and clean secret anus with little pigmentation.

 (Just like her face, she has a rather elegant hole, doesn’t she?)

 My cheeks are twitching as if I’m about to break into a smile, and I put my hand on her ass.

 ”P-Please… L-Let me go…”

 Sankon moans in a muffled voice and unconsciously squeezes the butt tab. Even so, the opening remains wide open.

 ”It’s scary at first. But, Ryoko told me that once you learn to cum from your ass, it becomes a habit”

 ”Uh… uhhh…”

 Sankon shakes her hips weakly. But there was nothing she could do with her exhausted body bound.

 Now, I pressed the tip of my raging anger against her narrowing.

 ”N-No… S-Stop, don’t…”

 Sankon, who is tense with the fear of having her ass raped, desperately tries to escape by shaking her body, which is not moving properly.

 It’s a good, miserable scene.

 I grab her waist as she tries desperately to escape and pull her toward me.

 Then, I aim at the target moving left and right and thrust my hips into it at once.

 ”Hhhhhh! Aa… Aahhh…”

 The sharply angled and lethal rod was rolling up the flesh around the constriction, and sinking into the target.

 ”Nnghhh… Ghh… Ghhhhh…”

 A spear of flesh pierces through the center of her bewitching chrysanthemum that is about to open.

 Her body is tense. The wrinkles are stretched out cruelly, and the phallus is passing through the narrow gate, pushing it open wider and wider.

 When I pushed harder, Sankon’s body jumped up and down, and her messy black hair danced up in the air.

 Then, my crotch pounded her buttocks, and at the moment when my cock was completely inside her body, she shouted.


 Her clenched teeth instantly unclenched, and her scream, filled with a sorrowful sound, spilled out, trailing a long, thin tail.

 I tried to penetrate deeper, but there was no penetration, and the hips tightened around the base of her opening as if it were wrapped with rubber bands.

 The inner contractions that seemed to be a rejection of my penetration were very tempting.

 ”You look like you’re in pain. But don’t worry. I’m going to turn you into an ass-fucking pervert in no time.”


 Sankon only let out a tearful, moist moan, and her vulnerable appearance aroused me to a great extent.

 Her pained look aroused my taste. A shiver ran down my spine at the thought that I was now taking revenge on the younger girl who had humiliated me.

 I exhaled heavily to control my arousal and started to pull out slowly.

 ”It hurts… No…”

 Sankon cried out in anguish, letting out an urgent voice.

 Of course, she was not acting. As a proof, her whole body was twitching as if she had been stricken by a fever.

 ”You will regret it at best. You should realize who you made fun of.”

 I increase the pitch of my strokes. As I rubbed up and down the walls of her bowels, gouging them deeply, a long, stringy, transparent gasp quivered through me.

 ”Ohhh… Ohhh…”

 At the same time, she only moaned with a moist voice.

 Seeing her like this stirred my appetite, and I started to pound into her furiously.

 But this suffering does not turn into pleasure for her so easily. However, that’s okay. I don’t want to please this woman.

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