Confinement 419

Chapter 419 Ritsuko Sakon’s Ruin

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 [Ritsuko Sakon’s POV]

 ”Kuh… Ugh…”

 I groaned and looked to my left and right to see Saitō, Hotta, and Kishijo looking at me with disdainful eyes.

 Kishijo’s mouth twisted into a sneer.

 ”You’re pathetic, Sakon.”

 (Don’t look at me… Don’t look at me like that…)

 Even though they have been transformed into monstrous maids, I am still humiliated to be exposed to my classmates whom I do not know very well.

 The humiliation and pain of having a p*nis penetrated into a place that I am afraid to even mention is too much to bear.

 The feeling of a foreign object, the stabbing pain in my abdomen, and the unbearable discomfort of having my internal organs tortured made me break out in a greasy sweat on my forehead.

 As if dragged along by my exhausted body, my heart is already broken.

 I have no strength to resist, so I do as I’m told.

 Every time he scraped up the inside of my stomach, I let out a moan that scraped from the back of my throat.

 (I don’t care anymore…I don’t care about anything, please forgive me…)

 ”Please… forgive me. I’m sorry.”


 I don’t know how many times we’ve exchanged the same words.

 My pleas are cut short by Kijima.

 ―Saki Shiratori.

 I now regretted my decision to follow that woman’s lead.

 In constant agony, the image of Kaitou-senpai flashed through my mind.

 I see her jumping for the rebound in the backlight.

 This is the image of my senpai whom I have longed for, whom I have longed to be in love with.

 For a while after she left the basketball team, I was looking for an opportunity to take revenge on the man I hated for taking her away from me.

 But I did not understand.

 Kaitou-senpai seemed to me a man who was totally out of his league.

 Seeing my senpai leaning over to such a silly man with a dreamy expression on her face, I was simply confused.

 And I was so jealous of the dignified Kaitou-senpai whispering her love to the man with a greedy look on her face and her thighs rubbing together.

 Because of that, I wanted to understand.

 I wanted to know why Kaitou-senpai had become like that.

 And I wanted to experience the same feeling.

 Or rather, I wanted to be Kaitou-senpai.

 Breaking into my senpai’s room was easy.

 I had already made a spare key and it was not my first time.

 At that time, there was a three-day and two-night trip of the basketball team in early spring.

 I had missed it, falsely claiming I have a family matter, and pretending to be Kaitou-senpai. And so, I had spent two days in her apartment, where she lived alone.

 On the other hand, it was quite difficult to break into a man’s room, but fortunately the kitchen door was a lockable door, so I was saved.

 I planted listening devices in each room and continued to pick up their conversations, and I was able to get a general idea of what had happened between my senpai and the man.

 Then, I extracted the call and SNS history from the man’s phone and traced it to a woman named Saki Shiratori, who was pulling the strings behind the scenes.

 At first I was going to kill her, but she offered me a deal as if she could see right through my heart.

 [Wouldn’t you like to have the same experience as Kaitou-senpai?]

 It was too tempting an offer.

 But this is the result.

 Such a thing, such a horrid thing, cannot be the pleasure that Kaitou-senpai had experienced.

 I was deceived by that woman, Saki Shiratori.

 However, if I continue like this, I will go mad. After all, in the midst of the pain that I could only assume, a kind of sweet numbness began to mix with it.

 Before I knew it, the pain was being replaced by a tingling sensation.

 And the tingling is growing into something different with heat.

 (Wh-what… is this?)

 Perhaps sensing my confusion, Kijima suddenly changed his movement.

 He pulled out his p*nis until it was about to fall out, and thrust it deep into me at once as he breathed.

 At the moment of deep penetration, I suddenly felt a sharp pleasure as if the contents of my stomach were falling out.

 It was a terrifying and fascinating shiver, as if I was plummeting down from a great height.


 I fell forward with a gasp.

 I was hit by a sensation of release, as if every pore in my body was opening and fluids were pouring out of them.

 Leaning heavily, I looked behind me.

 Kijima was looking at me with a satisfied look on his face.

 ”I can see you’re finally starting to feel it. I don’t have much experience in this play either, but Ryoko told me. Once you learn to cum here, regular s*x won’t be enough for you.”

 ”No, I don’t want it… i-it’s scary.”

 It was scary.

 I was afraid of the feeling that my body was being replaced by something that did not belong to me.

 However, as if he ridiculed my fear, he pulled my weak waist back and started the rhythm again.

 I felt no strength in any part of my body.

 I opened my mouth sloppily, as if I were a woman, and my back gate was tortured as he did to me.

 ”Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ahhhh!”

 I tried to suppress my voice, but I couldn’t stop it. Drool started to flow out of my mouth, trickling down my chin.

 ”Soon, you’ll be a pervert who can feel with your ass!”

 His voice echoed through the surface of my interrupted consciousness as if he were stroking it.

 ”N-nooo… ahh, I don’t become a pervert…”

 The shock of the impact on my internal organs reverberates through my brain, and I am once again seized by a shiver that feels as if the bottom of my stomach is falling out.

 ”Hgggh, ah… ah, ah, ah, ah!”

 The pain is still the same. The stomachache is the same.

 But every time I felt a rubbing sensation in my stomach, every time I felt my stomach swelling up, I felt a pleasant sensation like a flash of light in front of my eyes.

 (I-is this it? Is this what my senpai became crazy about…?)

 Kijima, sensing that my climax was near, grabbed my hair and forced me to look up, whispering to me in a sticky voice.

 ”I could stop right here…or do you want me to finish cumming?”

 ”Ah… Y-Yes, please make me cum… please…”

 I was about to say “stop,” but the words fell out of my mouth.

 I was afraid that I would be thrown out halfway at a place like this.

 And hearing my answer, Kijima’s mouth twisted in a nasty way, as if he had known this was going to happen.

 ”Okay. I’ll make you cum. Then, cum harder.”

 Immediately, Kijima’s hips started to move more and more, as if he was going to make a last spurt.

 I could feel it. My rear hole was contracting tremendously. It clutched at Kijima’s p*nis lovingly.

 ”Haa, haaan, ugh… Aaaaah! Aaaaaaahhhh!”

 My own voice is loud in my ears. The crescendo was as if I had hit the keyboard with all my might.

 Kijima then leaned his weight on my body and pushed a final blow deep into me.


 My head jumped up and hit Kijima’s jaw.

 My sweat-soaked body jumped up violently as if I had lost control of my body.

 Then, the next moment—

 *Spurt! Spurttt! Spurtttt!

 Semen spurts out at a tremendous rate, staining the depths of my stomach.


 The heat spreads slowly in the pit of my stomach, and I am engulfed by the pleasure that makes my brain go mushy.

 (T-This is amazing… K-Kaitou-senpai felt this, too…)

 I feel his p*nis pulsating in my stomach.

 Kijima’s rough breathing also came down from overhead.

 Even after he stopped spewing, he remained still for a while, thrusting deep inside me as if enjoying the afterglow, and stopped moving.

 Eventually, the wave subsides, and he slowly pulls out his p*nis of me.

 When Kijima pulled it out, my ass made a farting sound and spurted out his semen.

 But I no longer have the strength left in me to be ashamed.

 In my foggy consciousness, I felt Kijima grab my hair and wipe the semen that clung to his p*nis with it.

 ”If you think this is the end, you’re wrong. I’m going to give you a black history that you won’t be able to forget.”

 I hear Kijima’s voice, but the meaning of his words does not penetrate my mind.

 I can’t think at all. His voice was just a sound to me.

 ”Well… let’s try using <Trojan Horse> for the first time in a while. The trigger is my name. When you hear it, you’ll remember the climax you just experienced.”

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