Confinement 421

Chapter 421 A Story that Make One Wonder What’s Happening in the First-Year Classroom

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 [Protagonist’s POV]

 *Screach! Screach! The sound of chalk tapping on the blackboard echoes.

 This is the second period of the day, math.

 By the window, a vase of flowers reflects the bright morning sun, creating a pale circle of light on the ceiling.

 While I was looking around the classroom, Kurosawa-san was secretly handing a note to Masaki-chan, and the two of them were looking at each other happily. It is good to see them getting along well with each other.

 And as I copy the formulas on the blackboard into my notebook, I am thinking about something.

 Last night, after I asked the maids to send Sankon home, I called Chihiro and Lolisla to give me a report on the situation in Okinawa.

 The man who attacked Asuka Nitani was a young employee who was with Kito when he visited KKO’s office.

 Lolisla, who had obtained the man’s memory, was babbling on about the man’s name and background, but I was not interested at all, so I ignored it entirely.

 By the way, the relationship between Ichida and Kito is much weaker than I imagined. Though it may be that this man is just unaware of it.

 Meanwhile, Chihiro told me that he had an appointment with Kito, scheduled for the day after tomorrow at seven o’clock in the evening.

 Naturally, that would be the time to corner him.

 And since Kito is supposed to be unaware of Nitani’s injury (although in reality, she is still alive and well), Chihiro will likely be the one to bring up the subject of Nitani.

 So, Chihiro instructed Ichida to come to the office.

 After listening to the whole story, I praised Lolisla and congratulated her, but for some reason, she looked like the end of the world and begged me for her life.

 Well… it was me who had imprinted fear into her mind, but it was getting a bit troublesome.

 (But the day after tomorrow… I don’t have as much time as I thought. I have to hurry up with the Sankon’s training…)

 While I was thinking like this, the chime for the end of the second period rang. As soon as the teacher leaves the classroom, the voices of the students start to fill the classroom, and many of them leave their seats.

 ”Misuzu-chan, let’s go.”

 ”Yes, let’s go.”

 Kurosawa-san and Masaki-chan leave the classroom together.

 They probably went to the restroom. I don’t know why girls always go to the bathroom together?

 Because it is written in a novel? I am sure of it.

 As I was nodding my head, Fujiwara-san suddenly came to hug me from behind.

 ”Ahaha, Fu~min, earlier in class, you looked kind of ugly, you know?”

 ”I look ugly…? You are terrible, I’m going to sue you for harassing me.”

 ”What are you talking about? Fu~min is a handsome guy!”

 As usual, the surrounding people’s eyes were warm.

 I can almost hear their hearts saying, “Here we go again…”. However, I am at a loss for how to respond to her, because she really means this.

 ”…but I don’t feel bad…”

 ”No, I’m absolutely sure. There’s no way I saw it wrong. Come on, tell me the truth. Come on, come on!”

 Fujiwara-san rubs her cheek against my cheek.

 However, nothing soft hits me even though she is hugging me from behind. As expected of the stable anti-existentialist Fujiwara-ppai.

 (But… still, Kayama-san is a maid at Fujiwara-san’s place. I believe Kayama-san and Sankon were in the same class…)

 And I’m sure that Masaki-chan will bring Sankon to our lunch break on the roof where we spread out our lunch boxes.

 I was planning to trigger the Trojan Horse there, but come to think of it, it would not be so interesting if she climaxed on the rooftop where we were alone.

 Then, it would be much more fun to have Kayama-san whisper “my name” in the classroom through Fujiwara-san.

 Although I could give direct instructions to Kayama-san, she seems to be a bit of a fanatic, so I’m a bit afraid of her.

 So, I tell Fujiwara-san in a low voice.

 ”…please don’t tell Masaki-chan or Kurosawa-san… someone will die…”

 ”What’s that!? It’s scary!”

 ”Well, lately, Masaki-chan has been bringing Sakon-san to lunch, right?”

 ”Yes, the girl is very elegant, like a young lady…”

 ”I don’t think it’s right for Fujiwara-san to say this, but actually, she made fun of me a lot…”

 As soon as I said this, her hand that was clinging to my neck tightened.

 ”Heh~… I see.”

 Her suspiciously low voice is a little frightening to me, but I continue to talk to her about what happened yesterday, after confirming that no one around me is listening. But then, not a single response comes back.

 Anyway, I tell her that I planted a Trojan Horse on Sankon, and when I was about to say, “So, about Kayama-san…”, she interrupted me.

 ”Heh~… She made Fu~min feel uncomfortable by swearing, but then Fu~min took care of her? I see. That bitch, pig, thief cat, one-man zoo woman…”

 ”No, it’s not that I took care of her, but… hmm… Fujiwara-san?”

 ”What, Fu~min?”

 Despite the cheerful tone of her reply, there was a chill down my spine as she clung to me. I felt a fresh air of desperation welling up in the air.

 ”S-so… about Kayama-san…”

 I was about to say that when Fujiwara-san stood up away from me.

 ”Oh… Fu~min, sorry. I just remembered something… please call me later…”

 She gives me a powerful smile and goes out into the hallway with her phone in her hand.

 (I guess she went to give instructions to Kayama-san, huh…? But then, she seemed to be angry than I expected. Well, if it was Fujiwara-san, she wouldn’t do such a reckless thing, would he? If it had been Masaki-chan, I would have done my best to stop her…)

 Then, right after the third-period chime, Fujiwara-san comes back. She smiled at me when she saw me, without a trace of the deadly mood she had just shown me earlier.

 (It looks like she has finished giving instructions to Kayama-san… but thinking about it calmly, even if Kayama-san does a good job, I don’t know anything about the first-year class…)

 If Kayama-san does take action, it will probably be during the break time at the end of the third period. So, it might be a good idea to pass by the first year’s classrooms with a nonchalant look.

 And so, as I was thinking about this, the third period arrived. About halfway through the third period, suddenly there was a lot of noise outside the window.

 The sound of a noisy loudspeaker. The sound of a buzzing lady’s voice and the sound of a campaign car came closer and closer.

 [Thank you very much! Thank you very much! On behalf of the citizens of Tokyo! I am Fumioki Akijima, a candidate of the Japan Reform Party, who will fight against the tax hike!]

 The teacher stopped holding the chalk and peeked out the window.

 ”What? Is the mayoral election coming soon?”

 ”No, I think it just finished a few days ago…”

 A serious girl in the front row responds to the teacher who tilts her head. Meanwhile, a campaign car stops in front of the main gate and the volume of the loudspeaker is turned up.

 ”On the next mayoral election! Please vote for Fu—mi—o, ki—A, ki—ji—ma! Please cast your vote for Fu—mi—o, ki—A, ki—ji—ma!”

 The lady growls the candidate’s name with a funny intonation.

 And a guard runs up to the campaign car that is persistently yelling and protesting something.

 (…no way?)

 I move my head like a broken machine to face Fujiwara-san, and she gives me a V-sign saying “Yeah!”.

 From there, the campaign car of the candidate, Fumioki Akijima, appeared every hour or so, circling around the school again and again, loudly bellowing the candidate’s name.

 Incidentally, the school complained to the election office and reported the incident to the police, but no action was taken.

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