Confinement 422

Chapter 422 Phobia

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 [Protagonist’s POV]

 Under the pale green indirect light, I cross my legs on the big chair and lean my elbows on the chair.

 The room is laid out in the style of an evil secret society’s base, which has not appeared in a while. Probably, it’s the longest time since I put Masaki-chan in an Enslaved state.

 (Well, in her case, it was more like she fell on her own rather than corrupted…)

 Whatever the case may be, in order to complete the bad guy move, it is important to have an environment where I can become a bad guy. Super important. Lili also said that. Even the throne room of the demon king produces the atmosphere of a demon king.

 Producing the right mood is the same as the importance of getting a girl in the right mood. It’s more important to make oneself look like a handsome man than to make a girl fall in love with him.

 (I think it’s about time…)

 Almost at the same time I think so, the door opens and the maids come into the room, dragging Sankon who is in a messed up crying state.

 Sankon is dressed in a hospital gown for some reason.

 Before the maids can open their mouths, she utters a wail of lamentation.

 ”H-human tr*sh! Die! Just die I can’t go to school anymore! What are you going to do! Idiotttt!”

 Hmm, I think it’s the first time since the Rin’s time that someone cursed at me this much.

 No, I don’t think Rin didn’t have this kind of murderous intent.

 Well, that is understandable.

 I have just asked Kayama-san to report to me what kind of situation Fujiwara-san’s fiendish act had put Sankon in, and as it turns out, late in the third period, at the first arrival of the campaign cars, she suddenly collapsed.

 To be specific, she had a massive anal orgasm and collapsed with various fluids and solids dripping from every hole in her body. And that too in the middle of the class.

 She showed her ahegao face, shrieked, and writhed like an animal every time the name of a candidate was announced by a campaign car, which was terrifying and frightening at the same time.

 It was like a movie scene from ‘The Exorcist’.

 Most of her classmates screamed and fled to the corridor, and after the campaign car left, of course, it was a disaster.

 The students were moved to the LL classrooms for the rest of the classes, and I heard that a special cleaning company was called in to clean up the classrooms.

 Sankon herself was cleaned in the shower room of the club building and placed in a bed in the infirmary. However, just as she regained consciousness and the school nurse was comforting her as she sobbed, the campaign car appeared again, this time with no mercy.

 She had nothing left to disclose, but the school nurse panicked at the sight of her sobbing eyes whited out and called an ambulance to take her to the hospital.

 To accompany her, the school nurse and Sankon’s (self-proclaimed) best friend, Kayama-san, rode in the ambulance.

 Of course, Kayama-san kept Fujiwara-san informed of the situation. As a result, the campaign car followed the ambulance, calling out the candidate’s name repeatedly, and after the patient was admitted to the hospital, it circled around the hospital again and again as if it were butter (batāringu).

 Well, that is the end of Kayama-san’s report.

 Yes, really a devil.

 Now, I looked at the maid, Saitō-san, while Sankon was screaming.

 ”Did you take her out of the hospital?”

 ”That’s correct. When we came to pick her up, she had already completely broken down and was “chasing a butterfly that only she could see”. So, when we brought her here, we had Torture-sama heal her mind.” (NB: metaphor or a figure of speech that suggests someone is pursuing a goal or an idea that may seem intangible or elusive to others.)


 My cheek twitches involuntarily.

 Sankon looks as if she might grab me at any moment if the maids don’t hold her down.

 ”This is different from Kaitou-senpai! This is not what I wanted! It’s terrible, terrible!”

 Her exclamation made me cower my shoulders.

 ”Of course it is. Why should I make you happy?”


 ”I don’t know about you, but whoever confined this Kaitou-senpai person did it because he wanted her, didn’t he? Yours is just a punishment. Besides, I don’t need you, and I don’t want to keep you around even if I have to train you. So, I don’t treat you the same way.”

 ”Huh? W-why?”

 Sankon’s face turns into a look of stunned disbelief.

 (Why not!?)

 No, really, what did Shiratori-san tell this girl? Or is it just a result of her stalker’s characteristic, extreme assumptions? However, it is a lie to say that I don’t want her.

 (But then, it’s a little annoying that Shiratori-san has her way with me, but I’m kind of fascinated by Sankon’s unintelligible investigative skills…)

 ”How do you feel now that you have successfully died socially as a wetting girl? Well, you can’t even walk around the streets any more with your head held high… Anyway, if you cry and beg me, I can use you as a meat hole, you know?”

 ”Don’t… don’t be stupid! I’ll go to the police… yes! I’ll tell them everything you did wrong!”

 ”Go ahead, why don’t you tell the police? After all, the only one who’s wrong is―”

 I got up from my chair, crouched down, and put my face right in front of her nose, which was twisted in anger.

 ””Fumio Kijima””

 Immediately her dark eyes flipped upward, and she jerked herself up, trembling slightly.

 ”Nnhi!? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!”

 She turned her frightened eyes to me with a phase of pleasure, while she jumped and jerked.

 I grabbed her by the hair and whispered to her in the lowest voice I could.

 ”I’m going to show you who you fooled. Let me say it one more time. If you cry and beg me, I’ll use you as a meat hole.”

 ”Oh, please… Forgive me. I-I promise I will stay away from you and never bother you again…”

 Sankon grunts weakly, shaking her head. However, she doesn’t seem to understand her position yet.

 I take off my clothes, my underwear, and my pants, and thrust my thing in front of her eyes.


 Sankon desperately turns her face away from it. But probably because I have a strong S-type nature. Just looking at Sankon’s face, I felt it hardening.

 ”If you cry and beg me, I can put it in your butt again, okay?”

 ”Of course I don’t want it. P-please, forgive me…”

 ”Well, I guess that’s normal. You’ve already come so many times… Then, how about this?”

 So I activated a function that I have rarely used so far.

 It was half a test to see if it would work under such conditions, but all at once, the blood drained from her face with a sound. Seeing this, I was convinced that it worked.

 ”Huh, no, it can’t be! Noooo! It’s scary, noooooo!”

 Sankon’s face twitches in fear, and with a high-pitched scream. She desperately tries to break free from the maids’ hands.

 Of course, there was no way she could shake them off, but I guess the maids didn’t know what had happened. They look at me with a puzzled look.

 The function I used is <Phobia Maker>.

 I got this ability from Lolisla and used it to make Sankon feel intensely afraid of not having a stick in her back hole.

 I hold the object again in front of Sankon’s eyes, which are wide-eyed with fear and clattering her teeth together.

 ”This is your last chance. If you cry and beg me, I’ll use you as a meat hole.”

 Immediately, Sankon nodded her head like a broken crankshaft and squeezed out her voice desperately.

 ”P-p-please! I-I’ll do anything! Please use my back hole, please use it as your meat hole. Because it’s scary. S-so, please insert it quickly!”

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