Confinement 423

Chapter 423 Reasons to Love

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 ”Come on, shake your hips! You perverted stalker!”

 ”Y-yes. Mmm, yeah, mmm…”

 Sankon straddles me lying on the floor, desperately rocking her hips. Since it is in the back hole, she seems to be in an unstable position and seems to be having a hard time moving.

 Even so, the effect of the <Phobia-maker> was dramatic.

 As soon as the maids who were holding her down let go of their hands, Sankon, in a rush to escape from her fear, pushed me down and penetrated herself in one fell swoop.

 Of course, it must have been very painful for Sankon, because she forced the penetration without any foreplay and without using any kind of lotion.

 However, what escaped from her lips as soon as the penetration took place was not a moan of pain or a gasp of pleasure, but a deep sigh of relief.

 Her face, tense with fear, relaxes, and her shoulders drop with the exhale. I had to laugh at her expression, as if she had survived the most critical moment of the night.

 However, with a bewitching look on her face, she shows no sign of moving.

 ”I don’t need a hole that doesn’t move”

 I say coldly, and just as I’m about to give the maids an order to take her out―

 ”Noooo! I-I’ll move! I-I’ll do my best to make you feel comfortable!”

 ―Thus, she began to move her hips in a hurry.

 ”Mmm, ah, ah, mmm…”

 Her hip movement was too poor. Well, it can’t be helped. Yesterday, she had only been penetrated from behind, and she herself had done nothing. There was no way she could move well without any experience.

 If it was Kei-chan, for example, I would have thought it was rather cute, but when it comes to Sankon, I can’t tolerate her bad moves.

 ”Tsk, you’re so bad at this!”

 As soon as I clicked my tongue and turned my eyes toward the maids, Sankon got into the М-shape spreading her legs in a hurry for fear of having my dick pulled out, and started slamming her hips in a desperate manner.

 ”Ahhhh! Ahh, ah, ah, eekk!”

 Of course, the pleasure that bounced back at Sankon herself was also tremendous as she moved that hard.

 ”Hii! H-how is it? I-it should feel good, right? Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ahhhh!”

 Her face was covered in sweat, tears and drool, and she was desperately clenching her teeth as she gave me a flirtatious look, not a trace of the elegant Japanese beauty she used to be.

 ”Ah, ah~, ah, ah… Ha~a, ha~a, ha~a…”

 But the riding position with legs spread like the shape of the letter “М” is a kind of squatting. She can’t keep up her strength forever. So, she stops moving and gasps for air. But then, I tell her coldly.

 ”Now you know how your favorite Kaitou-senpai feels, don’t you?”

 ”Kaitou-senpai’s… feelings?”

 Sankon’s expression, a mixture of fatigue, fear and pleasure, shows her confusion.

 ”What if I told you I’d pull out my dick right now and abandon you?”

 ”N-no, I don’t want to! Please forgive me! I-I’ll do anything! Don’t pull your dick out! Please! I’ll do anything!”

 She rushes to move, but I hold her hips and look her in the eye.

 ”In short, you can’t resist me anymore. You’re just going to do as you’re told, right?”

 ”…yes, that’s right”

 ”If I’m not happy, that’s the end of you. So, what do you think you should do?”

 ”T-that’s… I-I’ll try my best to serve you…”

 At her reply, I shake my head slowly from side to side. And then I said.

 ”It’s easy. All you have to do is fall in love with me. Just like Kaitou-senpai”

 As soon as I said this, her eyes widened and she gasped.

 ”So… that’s what happened”

 Sankon is quite smart, after all. It seemed that she understood what I was saying with just this one exchange.

 This is the reason why Kaitou-senpai has been attracted to a man who is unsuitable from Sankon’s point of view.

 About the phenomenon that a confined person falls in love with his/her captor, most people are convinced by some rambling reasons such as being overwhelmed by pleasure or perverse propensity, and if they hear a plausible symptom name like Stockholm Syndrome, they may think that it is explained by it.

 In reality, however, it is much simpler than that.

 If something scary, painful, and awful happens to a person, he/she tries to escape from it. It’s natural. Then, the phenomenon of falling in love with a murderer must be considered as a kind of escape behavior.

 There is a term in psychology called “reciprocity of goodwill”.

 It refers to the psychological feeling that a person feels the need to return something when someone does something for him or her, but it is not limited to tangible things. When someone gives their love or favor to him/her, he/she feel the need to return the love or favor as well.

 Thus, can they do terrible things to the people they love? The answer is no.

 In other words, it is “only a defensive instinct” that makes a person who is being mistreated in an inescapable situation to love the person who is mistreating him/her.

 By loving others, he/she is trying to make the other person love him/her and get away from the terrible things that are being done to him/her.

 (Well, I’m talking great, but it’s all Lili’s stuff)

 As I thought so, I reached out my hand to Sankon’s astonished breast and played with it with my mouth twisted into a smile.

 ”Isn’t that what you wanted? You’ve fallen into the same situation as your favorite senior, Kaitou-senpai, though in a different way”

 ”Then, the reason Kaitou-senpai started to flirt with such a trivial man…”

 ”That’s right”

 ”So from now on, you must love me desperately and flirt with me desperately. Don’t get yourself killed, don’t get yourself dumped”

 ”A-ah… t-this kind of thing…”

 New beads of tears appear at the corners of her eyes. I thought she was regretting, but apparently not. Her mouth was slackening.

 As soon as she started to move her hips slowly again, a familiar electronic sound suddenly rang out.


 ”Ritsuko Sakon’s state has changed to [Submissive]”

 ”The following functions are available accordingly”

 ”● Progress observation (time-lapse)”

 ”Once a day, you can watch a time-lapse image of a specified location on the map for a period of 24 hours.


 (How can I say this… a stalker-like function has arrived, here…)

 Not so long ago, I would have gladly chosen a women’s locker room to peep into, but now, just looking at them is not satisfying at all. That’s why I won’t do it.

 ”Ah, ahh, F-Fumio-sama! Ritsuko is, Ritsuko is going to fall in love with Fumio-sama!”

 ”Well, keep on trying. To tell you the truth, I don’t mind not having you around for now, and I don’t really want to let you go”

 ”Ah, you’re terrible! Ah, ah, ah, ah!”

 Sankon’s eyes are somewhat hot, which is a complete change from before.

 It seems that she is happy to be in the same situation as Kaitou-senpai, rather than in the mood that she is driven to like me.

 However, I don’t intend to spoil her, and I don’t intend to lift the <Phobia-maker> easily. At best, I’m going to ask her to do her best for me.

 ”Fumio-sama~a, Fumio-sama~a, ahh, ah, ah, ah, ah…”

 Perhaps she was getting used to it, her movements of her hips were becoming smoother and smoother.

 However, the front hole and the back hole still feel completely different. Even if I thrust deep into the hole, there is no dead end, and although the tightness around the entrance is strong, the stimulation inside is not so strong as it should be if I do it at an angle.

 (…it’s about time)

 I pushed her shoulders and made her fall down so that she was on her back, then I grabbed her hips and started thrusting her hard.

 Ryoko had told me before that this position stimulated her uterus from the backside and made her feel very comfortable.

 In fact, Sankon’s reaction changed dramatically when I thrusted her at an angle.

 She clenched her teeth in a desperate manner and started panting loudly which hurt my ears.

 ”Hiiii! That’s…. ahhhh! Aaahh! Gghh, ahhhhhhh!”

 Sankon wriggles to escape from the strong stimulation. But there is no way she can escape.

 As I thrust harder and harder, her eyes gradually lost focus and her moaning voice became fluffy.

 As I continued to thrust, by the time my ejaculation was getting stronger, she was hanging limply like a mollusk, as if she had no strength in her body.

 Maybe she had already come several times without my noticing.

 ”Ahhh… d-dwon’t… Ahhhh…… Nooooo…”

 Perhaps not even her hands on her back were strong enough, she was now bending over as if she was bridging with her neck.

 ”Come on, take it all in!”

 The next moment, the heat that had been swirling deep in my loins surged up my urethra and flooded out.

 Spurt! Spurttt! Spurtttttt!

 ”Hwahh, ah, ahhhhh…!”

 Sankon arches her back, exposing her white throat. With a muffled moan, her body jumps and jerks wildly.

 Finally, when I had finished pouring everything into her intestines, I let go of her hand, and she fell backward.

 At that moment, the p*nis falls out of the hole. However, she is not frightened, nor does she move even a little.

 Apparently, she has already lost consciousness.

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