Confinement 424

Chapter 424 Monkey Business

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 Twenty minutes before the start of morning homeroom.

 I hurry down the hallway to my classroom with restless steps.

 The dark circles under my eyes are now darker than before. My face, which is not so pretty even by itself, is now twice as ugly as before.

 This is because yesterday, Sakon had a terrible accident.

 And to this day, I cannot get Sakon’s madness out of my mind.

 She was bending over and screaming like an animal with a stain spreading on her skirt and there is a drop of dirty liquid running down her trembling legs.

 Because of this, the classroom is filled with shocked voices. There is a rattling sound of people getting up from their seats, and in the distance, the speaker of a campaign car is calling out the names of the candidates concerned indifferently.

 Meanwhile, the teacher rushes up to her with chalk in hand, and my classmates scream and retreat.

 As for me, I just looked at Sakon in shock.

 It was obvious what had happened.

 The penalty.

 The penalty for the loser of the devil’s game. That was the beginning of it, I thought.

 I glanced at the other participant, Yui Kayama, who looked surprised, but soon cowered her shoulders as if to say, “Oh well”.

 To my eyes, she seemed to understand what was happening.

 After that, Kayama accompanied Sakon to the hospital in the ambulance, so I could not even ask her what was going on, and so after school, over the night, and into the morning without any break.

 I had a lot of time to think. But the more I thought about it, the more I came to the worst conclusion.

 On Saturday, Kayama suddenly came out on top in that devil’s game, and the next day, Sunday night, Hotta and Saitō didn’t come to pick me up.

 And on Monday, Sakon was in a terrible mess.

 There was only one answer, no matter how one looked at it.

 The game was over.

 I guess that Kayama succeeded in taking the virginity of Fumio Kijima the Saint and corrupting him.

 In other words, Sakon and I lost the game.

 The penalty for the loser is “to be processed into meat and shipped to a supermarket in the demon world.” It seemed like such a joke and normally, people would have snickered at such a story. Even I would do so.

 But, unfortunately, I already know that it is not a joke anymore.

 If Sakon’s incident was the beginning of the penalty, it might be the process of draining all the waste before processing.

 (If that’s the case, I’m next…)

 This thought sent a chill down my spine.

 I thought of taking a day off from school, but I couldn’t resist if Hotta, Saitō, and the others came to pick me up even if I was shivering under the quilt.

 Perhaps I was mistaken. With such a gleam in my heart, I decided to go to school to check the situation with Kayama.

 When I opened the sliding door of the classroom, I found the same scene as usual.

 There was no trace of Sakon’s tragedy.

 Perhaps because there is still some time before the first day of school, the number of my classmates who have come to school is sparse. However, I could guess what the people were talking about in their hushed voices.

 When I looked around the classroom, I found that Kayama was already in her seat, looking vaguely toward the window. Sakon was nowhere to be seen.

 I threw my bag on the desk and walked up to her.

 ”Hey, um…Kayama…”

 ”Oh, Manki-san, how do you do?”

 Kayama looked at me with a curious look, while I didn’t have time to return her greeting and asked her.

 ”Maybe… umm… the game is over?”

 Kayama seemed to think for a moment and then her mouth twisted into a thin smile.

 ”Yes, we had a wonderful night”

 That means that she has taken the virginity of Fumio Kijima the Saint and corrupted him.

 ”So… Then, is it possible that Sakon is already…”

 ”I don’t know the details, but…”

 She smiled smilingly.

 ”I think she might already be on the store shelves”


 My legs tangle involuntarily, and my waist rattles against the desk behind me, causing my classmates to look at me. But I no longer have time to worry about such things.

 (No, I don’t want to die. I-I don’t want to die! What shall I do? What shall I do?)

 I think desperately, scratching my hair. I can’t stop shaking with fear. My back teeth are rattling.

 (Where should I run? Who should I call for help? Teacher? Police? My old man?)

 But no matter how much I think about it, I can’t come up with an answer. The other party is the devil. Who can stand against such a thing?

 Now, I run out of the classroom and down the hallway. I don’t have any plans. I just couldn’t stand to stay here.

 I can’t think anymore. I just run away. That’s all I could think about.

 But just as I reached the footwear box and hurriedly changed my shoes and squatted down to tie my untied shoelaces, a sullen voice came down from overhead: “You look like you’re about to die.

 ”You look like you are about to die”

 I looked up and saw a familiar figure standing there. It was Shiratori-senpai, a senior student with sharp eyes that made me feel intimidated.

 Instantly, tears welled up and my vision became distorted. Before I could think, I clung to Shiratori-senpai.

 ”S-senpai! Help me! Please help me!”

 It’s a strange story, come to think of it. I had completely lost my composure.

 She was just trying to teach me how to fall in love with Kijima-senpai. So, it doesn’t mean anything to ask for help. Moreover, she was just a schoolgirl like me, and there was no way that she could fight against the devil.

 However, she didn’t show any sign of surprise, and her eyes narrowed in a kind of annoyed look.

 ”Huff… He should at least clean up after himself when he plays. He’s such a tiresome king, really”

 I had no idea what Shiratori-senpai was talking about.

 ”Oh, um…”

 I looked up puzzled. Shiratori-senpai seemed to think for a moment and said.

 ”Don’t worry, you are an outsider”

 ”Uh… What do you… mean by that?”

 When I let out a bewildered voice, she raised one eyebrow in a troublesome manner.

 ”Well, you can say that I helped you. If it’s a clearer way. Yes, I’ll do that. You’re not a mark, so maybe it’s better that way. However, in exchange for my help, if I disappear in the future, please contact Fumio Kijima and tell him this”

 Then she whispered a few words in my ear.

 I did not understand what she meant.

 ”Don’t worry, go back to your classroom. Class is about to start”

 She then waved me off and walked down the hallway.

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