Confinement 425

Chapter 425 Household Meeting

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 Cockroach (Saito)’s POV

 ”Regarding Ritsuko Sakon, she has been sent back to her sickbed with a 14cm dildo inserted into her. However, this morning, the First Princess made a request for release, which was denied by Confinement King-sama’s decision. In addition, we have received an additional instruction from the Fourth Princess that we should arrange Ritsuko Sakon’s overseas study”

 ”Well, if we make it look like she is going abroad to study, it won’t be a problem if she disappears, Devi”

 At my―cockroach’s (Saito) report, Lili-sama snorted disinterestedly.

 Indeed, it must be a trivial matter for Lili-sama.

 Well, regarding Ritsuko Sakon, I have been told that she can be treated as a potential maid as soon as all the necessary arrangements have been made, and the head maid has already given her the maid’s name “Scarab”, but it’s only a servant’s name.

 Now, the five of us maids, including Mijinko (Ulrich), have been summoned to participate in a meeting of Lili-sama and her subordinates.

 In front of us in line, in the center is Lili-sama, and on the left and right are the head maid, and Torture-sama respectively. Then, what is that, some kind of a remote meeting? Whatever is it, next to them, we could see the figures of Nefuterra-sama and Lord Crocell as an image floating in the air.

 By the way, Lili-sama is sitting on the back of Count Ose, a leopard-headed devil on all fours. He has now established his position as Lili-sama’s chair.

 As for the rest of the Four Heavenly Kings, Lord Barver is a fool and he doesn’t need to be called because it would be too complicated, and the other one can’t move from their home base anyway, so there is no need to call them.

 And finaly, we maids are happy to hear that Lord Barver is not here. After all, just hearing his voice reminded me of the too severe days of boot camp in the demon world, and I felt as if my balls, which were not there, were shrinking.

 From then on, I reported to Lili-sama about his strange movements, but she just laughed at me and just said, “It would be right to let that guy do as pleases, Devi. “

 Anyway, after Earthworm (Inui) finished her report on the events in Okinawa, Lili turned her face to Centipede as if she remembered something.

 ”By the way, how is Taka-chi doing, Devi?”

 Regarding Takata-sama, she had been assigned to Centipede (Kishijo), who knew the area where her parents lived.

 ”As for Takata-sama, she is under house arrest in the warehouse of her parents’ house, as I reported recently. The other day, it seems that she has finally been arranged to marry”

 ”Hmm… well, I was just tracing her in case Fumi Fumi would be interested in her, Devi. If Fumi Fumi is not interested in her, you can terminate your surveillance, Devi. “

 ”I understand”

 Centipede (Kishijo) bends down condescendingly, and Lili looks around the room and speaks up.

 ”So… now for the main part, Devi”

 ”Lord Crocell, please your report”

 Lord Crocell opens her mouth within the image floating in the air as the head maid urges her to do so. By the way, she is a silver-haired noblewoman whose characteristic is a pair of glasses. When I met her in person, I was amazed at how beautiful she is, but as usual, she is a feast for the eyes.

 ”Yes, on the southern front, we have pushed back, but we are still in a stalemate. The biggest reason why we can’t push back is that the remnants under the command of former Lord Ami have joined Lord Andras’ camp…”

 ”I see… Nefuterra, can you send troops from your side, Devi?”

 Nefuterra is currently staying in Count Ose’s territory and is in charge of suppressing the rebels.

 Despite the fact that it is Count Ose’s domain and the lord is still ostensibly Count Ose in order not to provoke the other nobles of the demon world, it is in fact under Lili-sama’s control.

 And now, Count Osé himself seems to be enjoying his life as a chair for little girls without any regrets.

 ”Yes, I think it’ll be fine. As long as you don’t mind a squad of goblins or Demis”

 ”Then, let’s arrange it right away, Devi. But be careful. You’re adjacent to my sister’s territory, Devi. Be careful not to provoke her, Devi”

 ”Hahaha, what a worrier, don’t worry, I’ll take care of it”

 The head maid wrinkles her brow at Nefuterra’s too flippant reply. Meanwhile, Lili-sama nodded with a wry smile and turned her head toward Lord Crocell again.

 ”What about the others, Devi?”

 ”We have warned the people about Majin Nakamura. But no such person has appeared yet. I’m also concerned about the fact that Ophirus hasn’t appeared on the battlefield for some time now”

 ”That goat-head, huh?”

 Immediately, Lili-sama starts to think with a serious face.

 After all, the butler is quite tough.

 When we were in the army, Lord Barver was the only one who could seriously compete with him in the southern army, so the strategy was to stop him when he appeared and wait for his arrival.

 ”We should consider the worst case scenario, Devi. it may turn out to be groundless, Devi. But Torture will be Fumi Fumi’s guard, Devi. We should assume that Lord Andras has already detected Fumi Fumi’s presence, Devi. “

* * *

 Protagonist’s POV

 In the quiet library, I hear whispered words being exchanged. Two girls are whispering to each other in front of the shelf of the local history book.

 There are also a few others and today’s visitors are more numerous than usual.

 Perhaps, some of the classes had some assignments.

 ”Fumio-kun is kind… but I don’t think he should be allowed to do that”

 Saori-chan and Hanabusa are waiting for their club activities to end. Masaki-chan, who is lined up inside the checkout counter, gives me an unusually frustrated look.

 It seems that she heard about Sankon from Fujiwara-san, and went to “room” through the door installed in the athletics club to ask the maid to do something for her because she has something she “wants to say” to her, but I stopped her from doing so.

 (Though I’m a little interested in what would have happened if I hadn’t stopped her…)

 ”Well, well, I have an idea about that too”

 ”Muu… if Fumio-kun says so… fine”

 Her sulky face is still cute.

 After all, Masaki-chan is my first love.

 It is no exaggeration to say that the happiest time for me was when I used to work as a library committee member standing in line at the check-out counter like this.

 ”Then, I’ll stay quiet… However, I want a reward. Can’t I have it tonight?”

 Saying this, she gently reached out her hand and stroked my body on the top of my pants.

 (Would she believe me if I told her about this situation now? Yes, I’m sure she wouldn’t)

 So, I nodded my head, smiling.

 Although I have another training session with Sankon tonight, I will take good care of Masaki-chan until then.

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