Confinement 426

Chapter 426 What is an Apology(Ask)

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 Protagonist’s POV

 ”Mmm, squelch… splash, squelch.”

 ”Masaki-chan, aren’t you getting better?”

 ”Ufu~, becuz I hav lerned it alot… umm, nmu, amuu…”

 Masaki-chan runs the tip of her tongue over my cock, licking and sucking it from various angles.

 She licked off the tip of the cock like it was sweet syrup, and her skillful tongue work and careful saliva twirling of the cock were now close to Fujiwara-san’s technique.

 ”Mmm! You’re getting better at it… it feels so good.”

 ”Nfufu… Mmm, squelch.”

 Masaki-chan knelt at my feet as I sat down on the bed. I stroked her hair and she smiled happily as she sucked my erect cock into her mouth.

 According to Masaki-chan, today is the day of s*x to make amends. She apologizes from the bottom of her heart for recommending such a rude bitch as Sankon and says that she is going to devote herself to me.

 (…but Masaki-chan is always devoted to me, so it’s not so different from usual.)

 The only difference is in the costumes. Even I didn’t have that idea.

 ”Ehehe… I’m wearing the same outfit as Lili-chan… what do you think?”

 It was just a few days ago.

 When she came into the bedroom, I was absolutely stunned.

 She was wearing that bondage that Lili usually wears. In addition, she had horns and wings and was dressed as Lili.

 (Snap, Snap, Snap!).

 Confinement King, this is a cry from my heart.

 Why that choice is a mystery. Is there something on her mind?

 In the first place, Lili, who has very little curvature in her body, has no problem wearing this outfit, but when Masaki-chan, who should be called a human mountainous area, wears this outfit, things would have been very serious. The slightly boneless belly area is also indecent, and the large nipple rings are not even hidden.

 Since Lili and Masaki-chan’s height is not so different from each other, the difference between the haves and have-nots is clearly shown in the difference in mass, which makes me think “I see, this is what is called capitalism…” and I am convinced in a way that makes no sense to me.

 While I was thinking such a thing, Masaki-chan tightened her lips on the goose’s neck (frenulum) carefully and started to move her face up and down.

 At the same time, I felt her rubbing the tip on the inside of her warm cheeks.

 She moved her head up and down with her saliva in her mouth and moved her mouth in a deliberate way to make a sound.

 The tip of her tongue crushed the raised blood vessels, and her soft tongue crawled around to the back of the neck of my cock, keeping me from the waves of pleasure.

 ”Mmm, slurp, mmm… Huff~, Fumio-kun, you can tell me anything you want me to do. For Fumio-kun, I’ll do anything you want, no matter how embarrassing.”

 Once she separated her lips, she gently wrapped her twig-like fingers around the rod and rubbed it slowly up and down, looking up at me to see the expression on my face.

 Then, showing the tip of her tongue just a little, she began to lick the tip of the swollen spear.

 The way she licks the tip of the spear is very still, as if she were licking a popsicle, and very carefully, as if she were licking a wound.

 ”Squelch, kiss… Mmm, Fumio-kun’s cock is really cool, isn’t it?”

 ”Well… I don’t think it’s the place to use the adjective ‘cool’…”

 ”No! I think it’s cool, that’s all that matters!”

 Masaki-chan keeps staring at my face with her dark eyes. I feel that she is becoming more and more attractive lately with her bewitching charm behind her cuteness.

 Even while she was talking, her hand movement did not stop.

 Her saliva-covered pole made a sound as if it was covered with sticky liquid every time she rubbed it up and down.

 ”Masaki-chan, I’m about to cum… is that okay?”

 ”Yes, cum a lot.”

 She nodded her head, opened her mouth wide, and sucked my cock deep into her throat again. Then she slurps up the cock as if she were sucking on a straw.

 <i>Squelch! Squelch! Squelch!</i> An obscene sound is heard. She shakes her head and the gentle but intense oral friction makes me climax at once.

 ”Oh, I’m going to cum!”

 As I rolled myself forward involuntarily, the white spurt of cum pours out of my cock, penetrating the core of my cock, and staining every inch of her mouth.

 ”Nfu~! Mmm, mmmm… Nfu, gulp.”

 Her soft cheeks swell up for a moment like a squirrel before hibernation. Her eyes glazed over as she desperately gulped down the lewd milk that had overflowed into her mouth.

 Such a sight before she gulped down all of it. But once she had finished, she began to slurp again, trying to suck out the remaining milk in the urethra.

 ”Hey, Masaki-chan, you suck too much!”

 I said, and she looked up with a shy smile on her face.

 ”I don’t want to waste Fumio-kun’s naughty milk.”

 A white drop spills from between her lips. Her happy smile looks even more attractive.

 (I knew it… Masaki-chan is so cute, isn’t she?)

 She is, after all, my first love. How can I not be happy that she loves me so much?

 Even though I had just finished ejaculating, my desire to have intercourse with her was not only insatiable but even stronger, and my cock soon regained its strength.

 ”Well then, now let’s make Masaki-chan’s body feel good.”

 ”Yes, you can do it as much as you want.”

 I sat her down on the bed and lightly pushed her shoulders. Then, I lay down on top of her and whispered into her ear.

 ”Then, we’ll make each other feel good.”

 ”Nfu, I’m so happy.”

 When I look down at her again, I see that her bondage clothes are twisted peculiarly. It is too obscene. Her body was too voluptuous. She looked more like a succubus than a devil.

 Anyway, I bit her earlobe sweetly with my lips, licked and sucked it, and moved the tip of my tongue slowly from the backside of her cheekbone to her neck.

 ”Oh, that’s so giggly…”

 Masaki-chan was clearly feeling more pleasure than tickling. Her mouth was half-open, and nasty sighs escaped from her mouth. Her voluptuous body also trembled on the bed.

 While I am pleasuring her with the tip of my tongue, I reach for her crotch. I slide the crotch cloth of the bondage slightly and insert my finger into it, and I feel my fingertips moist and wet.

 ”You’re so wet. Did you feel it while sucking my cock?”

 ”Since the moment I entered the room. I can’t stand it when I’m around Fumio-kun.”

 ”Well, I can’t keep you waiting any longer, can I?”

 I kiss Masaki-chan lightly on the cheek. Then I raise myself up and touch the hardened tip of my rod to her pubic region.

 ”Yes, I really wanted you to put your cock in me as soon as possible.”

 Masaki-chan says, her eyes bewitching, and I penetrate her burning hole all at once, enjoying her lewd cuteness.

 ”Ahhh! Ahhh!”

 My pole fills up the creamy honey pot. The soaking wet folds of her flesh greedily entwined with my cock.

 However, I start to piston hard without a moment to savor the afterglow.

 Our hips bucked wildly, our skin touching each other and the clapping sound of flesh on flesh echoed through the room. Masaki-chan is very comfortable to hold. After all, as far as comfort is concerned, Minami and Masaki-chan are the best among the girls in my harem. Her skin was warm and her vagina was boiling hot.

 ”Ah, ahhh, Fumio-kun~, it’s good, it’s goood! Ahh, ah!”

 Her nasal, sweet, debauched voice made me more and more aroused. It also made me reach out and pull away the fabric of the bondage, and grab her breasts.

 As usual, they were overwhelmingly voluminous. What is this satisfaction that I get just by squeezing them?

 ”Ah, it’s amazing, Fumio-kun~, ah, ahhh, ahhhhh!”

 The tone of her moaning voice jumped high at the right moment of her thrusting.

 The wriggling vaginal walls tightened their grip on my p*nis, increasing the pressure with each stroke. I had just ejaculated a few minutes ago, but my desire to ejaculate was already rising.

 ”Masaki-chan, I love you.”

 ”Aaah! Ah, ahhh, me~, me too! I love you! Fumio-kun, I love youu! It’s coming so hard… It feels so good!”

 I took my hands away from her breasts and held her thighs in my arms. Then I moved her hips in time with my own hips.

 I pulled her hips so that almost I was going to pull out, and then I pushed my hips so hard that I was going to break through her womb.

 ”Aaahhh! T-that’s so deep! It’s deep inside me!”

 Her ample breasts swayed like a circle as the pistons moved violently, and the feeling of her womb, as if I was enveloped in hot water, numbed my brain.

 ”Oh no, I don’t want to cum yet, no, I don’t want to cum yetttt! Ahhhh, but… I will come”

 ”It’s okay! Just cum! I’ll make you cum as many times as you want!”

 The movement of our hips accelerates with the anticipation of climax. Her dominant voice echoed without rest, and her whole pubic region was twitching intermittently.

 ”F-Fumio-kun… Please… do it inside! Please fill me up… fill me up with your cum…”

 Masaki-chan’s brow wrinkles as if she is fighting against pleasure. Her eyes are wet and pleading. Her disheveled hair stuck to her sweaty forehead. Then, as if in a last spurt, I fall down, our sweaty cheeks overlap, and a pained gasp echoes in my ear.

 ”Cumming! I’m going to cum inside you, Masaki-chan!”

 ”Ahhh! I-I’m so happy! Fumio-kun, give me lots of cum!”

 At the end of the hard pistoning, our bodies trembled at the same time, and Masaki-chan’s vulva clamped down hard on the base of my cock.


 Spurt! Spurttt! Spurtttttt!

 My cock explodes at the deepest part of her vagina.

 ”Ah, ahhhhhhh! I’m cumming, I’m cummmmmmming!”

 She bends over and wobbles her hips, squeezing my semen out of me. Her vagina tightens and I tense up as I thrust my cock deep into her.

 The cum pulses inside her, and when I’ve finished pouring it all in, I collapse onto her ample breasts.

 After a while, only our ragged breaths echoed in the quiet room.

 But then, Masaki-chan smiles shyly and rained kisses down on me and she whispered.

 Then he whispered to me.

 ”Haa~, haa~, Fumio-kun… I still haven’t apologized for what I did.”

 Well, what is an apology? Of course, I’d be happy to help her with it.

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