Confinement 427

Chapter 427 The Curtain of Condemnation Rises

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 Last night, after I sent Masaki-chan home, I trained Sankon, who was brought back to me again.

 The effect of the “Phobia Maker” was so great that as soon as I pulled the dildo out of her ass, she was so terrified that she couldn’t move.

 As she begs me to put my son in her ass, I keep asking her some unimportant questions to make her impatient.

 She tells me that she was discharged from the hospital this morning, and that her parents had been advised by the Fujiwara family to send her to study abroad.

 The school is a private educational institution in the countryside of Belgium, where Fujiwara-san’s father is nominally a member of the board of directors. All the expenses will be taken care of by the Fujiwara group, which is a very generous offer.

 Even though the Fujiwara family had always been friends with other businessmen, their families, and social circles, Sanko’s parents seemed to feel that it was unnatural for her to go there.

 Anyway, I trained her anal until she fainted, in response to her request.

 I had hoped to make her down to [Subjugated] by the end of the night, but she remained [Submissive]. Well, the fact remains that she can’t resist, I guess it doesn’t matter.

 Then, on the way to school, Hanabusa-san told me that she was worried about her classmate who had been absent due to a serious problem, though she didn’t mention her name.

 Thinking about it calmly, that annoying woman is also a classmate and a clubmate of Hanabusa-san’s. And since Hanabusa-san was in the same classroom with her on the day she had a “big seizure” (as Hanabusa-san said), she might be worried about her.

 Even so, I don’t intend to forgive her for the crime of digging up my black history.

 After that, nothing much changed.

 As usual, I was annoyed by Fujiwara-san who kept bothering me during the class, annoyed by Kurosawa-san who had a tsundere (a kind of tsundere) for every break time, and ignored Rin who was staring at me from the window during the gym class. I giggle at Kei-chan’s Zashiki-warashi taste? that follows me down the hallway before I know it, and Tashiro-san rushes into the classroom during lunch break, but is repulsed by Masaki-chan.

 I was a little worried about the relationship between Masaki-chan and Tashiro-san, but Shima-san told me that the three of them, including Shima-san, often go shopping together these days. I am a little curious to know what they talk about.

 After homeroom, I leave Claudia and Jolanda to pick up Saori-chan and the others from school and go to “Confinement King’s bedroom”.

 I confirm the arrangements for tonight with the maids who are waiting for me, change into the worn-out suit in the costume room, transform myself into a Fumijima Pheasant man with [age + 5], and connect the door to the KKO President’s room.

 As soon as I open the door, Chihiro stands up hurriedly on the other side of the desk at the back of the room and smiles at me.

 At the same time, Lolisla, who was sprawled out on the sofa, let out a short “Eeek!” and runs away under the sofa with an unnatural movement that reminds me of a cruciatus beetle in a tetrapod.

 …Hey, I’m noticing you.

 ”Danna-sama. I’ve been waiting for you”

 ”But it’s still a little early”

 I looked at the clock, which seemed to be a souvenir of Fujiwara group, and saw that the time was just before 17:00, which was not a little early since the appointment with Kito was at 19:00.

 ”Please make yourself at home, Danna-sama. There are some refreshments ready for you”

 Chihiro brought wrapped sandwiches and coffee.

 ”Chihiro is really thoughtful…”

 ”Ufu I’m honored”

 Indeed, after the meeting with Kito, there is no time to eat.

 On the table. Chihiro is making coffee.

 Chihiro and I have already discussed the arrangements for tonight. So, there is nothing that needs to be confirmed now.

 As I was chewing on my sandwich while listening to Kurosawa-san talk about the drama in which he appeared, Akira’s CD, her debut, and the police stop Lolisla’s amateur photo session, Chihiro suddenly choked up.

 ”So…Um, I’m going back to my parents’ house…”

 ”Is it Niigata?”

 ”Yes, my father told me to come home for a visit after I’m disowned…”

 ”That’s good, isn’t it?”

 When I said that, Chihiro stared at me with a serious expression.

 ”What is it?”

 ”So… actually, I was wondering if I could introduce Danna-sama to my parents…”


 ”No… well… since I am taking Danna-sama’s surname, they asked me to bring you to them…”

 At this point, I had to laugh. This is heavy topic.

 To be honest, I had never imagined that Chihiro would be the first event to introduce her parents since Fujiwara’s father.

 ”…well, Chihiro, do you feel that you will be in trouble if I don’t go to there?”

 ”Yes… I guess. Umm, I know I’m not being very respectful, so I’m just going to have to make some kind of cover up…”

 ”If it bothers Chihiro, it’s fine”

 When I said this, Chihiro widened her eyes.


 ”Hey, why are you so surprised?”

 ”Ah, no… But I was aware that I was asking too much of you”

 I’m not in a physical relationship with Chihiro at the moment, and we’re not even close in age. But she is still the same woman who has become mine. As long as she doesn’t betray me, I don’t want to do anything to betray her.

 (Well, no doubt I’m younger than her, but if I use [Age + 5] and dress a little better, I can make a reasonable match… Maybe…)

 ”Also… if possible, I want to bring Lolisla with us”


 Not only is she irrelevant, but she is the biggest troublemaker in my harem, a walking obscenity. She’s not something that should be brought to a peaceful home in the countryside. There is no mosaic in reality, after all.

 ”Well… My brother is a fan of Lolisla. Besides, my family owns a sake brewery… and Lolisla said she would definitely go”

 ”Well, she’s a drunker…”

 I wonder if it would be a good idea to put her in a barrel and let her ferment.

 Anyway, while were were talking, the clock struck nineteen and the extension line rang.

 Chihiro picked up the phone and looked at me. It seemed that Kito had arrived.

 ”So… How many are there? One? Okay, send him to the reception”

 Putting down the phone, Chihiro’s face tightened and she turned to me.

 ”Danna-sama… President Kito is here”

 ”Ah, the hunt will begin, huh…”

 I finished my coffee and took my seat.

 Just before we walked out into the hallway, Chihiro turned around and opened her mouth.

 ”Lolisla, take care of Nitani-san and Mimura-san. You know the arrangements, don’t you?”

 Then, a small mollusk extends a hand from under the sofa and gives us a thumbs-up. I don’t know if it’s for me to say, but she’s still a pain in the ass.

 As we stepped into the reception room with Chihiro in the lead, Kito stood up and exclaimed in an exaggerated voice.

 ”Hello, President Kijima! And Department Head Fumijima (室長), it’s been a long time”

 It was not until he said this that I remembered, “Ah, I was supposed to be the president’s department head”.

 He is still wearing the same double business suit and gaudy paisley tie.

 Being in the late forties and a college graduate, he entered the workforce later than the bubble economy. I am not of the generation that looks back on the bubble era with nostalgia, but perhaps he has not updated the image of a cool adult that I have seen in the past.

 ”Yes, it’s my pleasure. Please have a seat”

 Despite Kito’s grandiose greeting, Chihiro nonchalantly offers him a seat, and Kito sits down with a face like a sumo wrestler who has been pairing in a tournament.

 At about the same time, a female employee, whom I have never seen before, brings me a cup of tea and looks at me suspiciously when she sees me.

 Well, that’s natural. For ordinary employees, it would be “Who the hell is he?”

 Fortunately, Kito does not seem to notice such a female employee’s gaze and starts talking about the climate.

 I had heard rumors that business meetings really start with talking about the weather, and I felt as if I had glimpsed the world of adults in many ways.

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