Confinement 431

Chapter 431 Call for Title

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 Protagonist’s POV


 After entrusting Nitani to Chihiro, I made my way back to the Confinement King’s bedroom by passing through the door.

 In there, I undid my “Age+five”, changed into jeans and sweatshirts, and returned from the Fumijima Pheasant Man to the real Fumio Kijima.

 ”Well then… did Ulrich do her job properly?”

 I connect the door to another room.

 And it is a cobblestone room in its initial (default) state.

 As soon as I step into the room, a bloody smell hits my nose.

 In the pitch-dark room, a woman’s weak breath and the sound of chewing, which is probably damp, can be heard.

 (Hey, hey, seriously…)

 ”Install the Lamp!”

 Immediately, in the faint indirect light, the figure of a wolf-girl with a lot of blood stained around her mouth appears.

 She has a human wrist in her mouth that has become partially bone.

 ”…Oh my god”

 Even though I am quite used to splatter, this makes my cheeks twitch.

 The fact that I didn’t scream is, I suppose, due to my self-awareness as Confinement King.

 (I don’t need to ask whose wrist it is…)

 Beyond Ulrich, who looks as if she has found something, is Ichida Sanae, who is lying in a pool of blood, letting out a weak breath.

 ”Ulrich… I told you not to eat it, didn’t I?”

 ”U… no, that’s not it. T-that guy said I could eat it…”

 ”I don’t like a girl who lies”

 ”Uuu… I’m sorry”

 Ulrich hangs down her ears and tail and holds out the shredded wrist to me… But, of course, I don’t want that…

 For the record, I had Ulrich waiting outside the building in case Kitou ran away, but I didn’t expect Ichida to run away.

 I had thought that I could be a little reckless with Kitou, but I felt a little guilty with a girl.

 (She’s not dead, is she?)

 When I approached Ichida’s side and looked down at her, she was already gasping for air.

 And what she was wearing had been cut up to a level that could only be described as the remains of her clothes, and she was almost naked.

 The only parts missing seem to be the wrists, but although they are not ripped off, there are neat teeth marks all over them.

 She is completely dying. If it were a game, she has only one life left.

 (Ulrich’s cute appearance almost deceives me, but after all, she is a devil, huh…? And a carnivore at that…)

 Anyway, I’ve been thinking of making a mess of Ichida, but if I leave her alone, she’ll probably die before I can do anything about it.

 ”Torture, please!”

 As I said this, Ichida’s whole body was enveloped in a pale light, and the teeth marks on her body disappeared, and her wrists were perfectly restored.

 Ichida immediately rises up with a gasp.

 Her expression is one of astonishment and confusion. Her frightened gaze is back and forth between her newly restored hand and Ulrich, who is tilting her head with her wrist in her mouth.

 ”Wh-why…? A-am I I dreaming?”

 Well, that’s what people usually think. But I laugh and say to Ulrich.

 ”Ulrich, go ahead and eat that already”


 Immediately, the sound of crunching bones and the sound of water biting through the meat echoes from behind me.


 Ichida immediately turned pale and started to vomit.

 Well, anyone would have done so if their wrist was eaten like a delicacy.

 But is there anything in her stomach? I don’t know if it was after she had already vomited, but she trembled slightly while her eyes rolled back and forth and her voice became hoarse.

 Anyway, after she finishes vomiting, I call out to her.

 ”Hey, Ichida Sanae, I’m sorry, but I don’t feel sorry for you. Kitou and you are guilty of a terrible crime. After all, you hurt my little sister”

 ”Wh-who… are you?”

 (Ah, that’s right… I shouldn’t change to my original appearance…)

 ”You can call me the Confinement King”

 When I told her so with an arrogant attitude, Ulrich shouted behind me.

 ”You must put an honorific on the name! If you don’t, Ryoko will get very angry!”

 ”Okay, okay, Ulrich, shut up for a minute”

 That kind of interjection is a bit contrived, so please don’t do it. I can’t stand it if I get a laugh out of it.

 But despite my concern, Ichida’s voice trembled with fear.

 ”What are you going to do to me?”

 ”Well, I guess. For now… you’ll never get out of here again”

 Immediately, her eyes widened and she shook her head frantically.

 ”N-no! Let me go home! Let me go home!”

 (Yes, that’s a very good response. It has to be like this)

 I ignore her words and continue talking.

 ”No, I won’t, you fool. I’ll give you three meals a day. But I’m not just going to feed you. You know what people say: “If you don’t work, you don’t eat,” right? I’ll let you choose between the two jobs”


 ”One is Ulrich’s food. Just let her gnaw on your body parts every day, like before. Don’t worry, everything will be fine”


 Ichida retreated, kicking the floor with a frightened face.

 Well, it must have been scary to hear such a story right after she was actually eaten on her wrist.

 She was so shaking that I thought she was using an electric vibrator.

 As I looked down at Ichida’s frightened condition with satisfaction, Ulrich raised her voice in discontent behind me.

 ”Ehhh… but this one’s body consists of nothing but muscle and skin. I want something else. I want fat. I want a fatty meat, a delicious fatty meat!”

 ”Don’t be extravagant”

 Then I turn to Ichida and tell her about her other job.

 ”The other one is to be my own AV star”

 At that moment, I could see Ichida’s fear slightly lessen.

 ”D-do you mean you want me to be your mistress…?”

 ”No, I don’t like you and you don’t have to like me. I’m just a guy who shoots a filming with you”

 In fact, the aristocrats Lili is fighting now in the demon world are puppet masters, and many of their servants are also puppets.

 It is a common practice in the demon world to take captives as s*x slaves, but according to Lili, there are not enough captives to give to the incubus under her command.

 Then, Freesia-san, a well-known perverted maid, suggested, “Why don’t you use a magic stone that can record images and distribute AV as a test?” or something like that.

 From that point on, it was automatically decided that I would be the male actor and Count Ose would be the semen actor. However, this is not the case with actresses.

 No matter if the viewers say that the other person is not a human being, I don’t want to show the naked girls in my harem to the viewers.

 So, I’m going to make her work as a maid and ask her to play a role of an AV star during the filming.

 ”So, which one is it?”

 ”T-that’s… well, I-I don’t have any experience…”

 ”I see, so you’ll lose your virginity in your debut film”

 Ichida looks desperate and starts to cry. But I can’t be a Confinement King with that kind of helplessness.

 ”If you don’t choose, you’ll automatically be Ulrich’s food, you know?”

 ”U-uuu… Sob, sob, ueeeeee….”

 The sight of a strong-looking girl crying half-naked is quite intriguing, but for now, this will do. She should have no more energy to resist.

 ”Well, the shooting starts will begin in twelve hours. Ulrich, take her to the maid’s waiting room and take care of her. No bites, okay?”


 Ichida stiffens like a frog being stared at by a snake as Ulrich gives her a greedy look.

 ”Oh, yes. By the way, the title of Ichida Sanae’s Demon World AV, the title of her debut work, has already been solicited from the incubuses and it was―”

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