Confinement 432

Chapter 432 Sanae, Will You Become a Maid(ask) ‘I Who Will Be Dyed by My Master in the Newcomer’s Training(ask)’

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 Protagonist’s POV

 ”Surprisingly, the need for wall butts (stuck in the wall) was high, Devi”

 ”Oh, indeed. “I’ve been thinking about using a former model JK as a wall butts” for a while now. So, how about “You can do anything you want!? Wall butt meat toilet Sanae-chan? There’s also a Gaburi too!’ Maybe, if we really want to do it, we can get a nice hole in the wall with some interior construction work…”

 In the Confinement King’s bedroom, I sat down on the bed with Lili, who was lying in mid-air, and went over all the suggestions for titles that had been submitted by the 60 million incubus members of the demon world.

 ”The others were “Wakarase (to make someone understand)” type, Devi. “Debut, ex-model JK becomes a hot high-school gal, so I’m going to make her understand”, and then add a maid element to that and add “Sanae, will you become a maid? I Who Will Be Dyed by My Master in the Newcomer’s Training?” or “Newcomer maid training: the best way to show her who’s her Master…””

 ”Yeah, but if it’s a maid type, although I’m going against the grain, I’d recommend “Awakening Rape – Maid who turned into a Beast”. It would be easier for me to have her attack me. Other than that, isn’t “The duties of a maid slave – (1) A one-armed maid loses her virginity~” amazing? Still, wouldn’t it be bad if she didn’t have one arm from the start?”

 ”LOL, that’s quite a taste for Ryona, Devi… Come to think of it, Fumi Fumi was suggesting that it’s a good word for it, Devi…”

 ”Yes, I like parodies. There are many indie-style works like “This Ain’t Jaws (Jaws Parody)” where they are attacked by sharks or “Your Rope (Your name/kimi no nawa parody)”. Along those titles, I like “Hagawa wo Motomete Sanzen Ri (a man who is willing to go to great lengths and distances in pursuit of having s*x with a virgin woman)” rather well. I also thought that “I fucked a model and I who was fucked by a model” was a good catchphrase”

 ”Speaking of good catchphrases, Freesia wrote “I’m a meat hole. I’m your meat hole. Whenever and wherever you want, I’m your meat hole. Your onahole.” She raved that she could feel the soul of Junichiro Tanizaki, Devi”

 ”…Maybe I should apologize to all concerned for that comment”

 ”Also, Count Ose was recommending “All, Devil’s Thanksgiving”, Devi”

 ”No, he just wants to be in the show, that’s all… Other than that, I noticed something else with “CA Sanae, fallen into a swamp of lewdness”, and I thought, I haven’t experienced a cabin attendant costume yet”

 ”That’s something to consider in the future, Devi. By the way, all the impregnation-related ones were rejected by Oppai-chan who intervened from the side, Devi”

 ”Uh… Yeah, no comment on that”

 I then turn my eyes to the floor in front of the bed.

 ”…So, which one do you think is better for you?”


 Immediately, Ichida Sanae, who was sitting surrounded by five maids including Ulrich, gasped.

 Although she was dressed in a maid’s uniform, her bosom’s part was cut off and her breasts were exposed. She was tied behind her back and her nose was hung with a hook, which made her look like a pig snout, ruining the beauty of the girl.

 She is exhausted, and her cheeks are streaked with tears. I had heard beforehand that she was strong-willed, but she is no longer a shadow of her former self. In her frightened face like a small animal, her dark eyes were shaking busily with anxiety.

 Now, Kishijo-san lightly poked her on the back of the head as she was too frightened to answer.

 ”Confinement King-sama is asking you a question. Answer quickly”

 ”I-I’m sorry, but…”

 Tear drops appeared at the corner of her eyes again, and I cowered my shoulders in annoyance.

 ”Well, whatever. So, which one do you guys think is better?”

 Then, without the slightest hesitation, Hotta-san and Saitō-san opened their mouths.

 ”I vote for “Leaving the senior maids behind, the maid who is loved by her master will be subjected to high-voltage electric current deadly s*x””

 ””Rookie maid mince. Crazy hamburger fuck”, please”


 Ichida Sanae’s cheeks twitch in horror. And I smile wryly.

 ”No, I’m not going to post anything like that”

 In the first place, I would be electrocuted by the high voltage current, and what’s a hamburger fuck?

 ”P-please! P-please! A-as long as it’s normal…”

 Ichida Sanae begged with a trembling body.

 ”Well then… How about “Sanae, will you become a maid? I Who Will Be Dyed by My Master in the Newcomer’s Training?” Devi?”

 She was nodding her head, just to escape her fear.

 It is true that this is one of the softer titles of the post. At least, not in a disembodied kind of way.

 ”Okay, that’s fine. I’ll take your virginity for starters. I’ll sleep here, so you can do it yourself”

 ”Huh… By myself…?”

 ”Wouldn’t that be easier for you?”

 ”T-That’s not what you told me… Aaah!”

 When Ichida Sanae’s expression showed her confusion, the maids took her by both sides and held her up, and five of them made her sit on top of me.

 ”N-noooo… Forgive me! Please! P-please, please let me go!”

 The maids cursed Ichida as she pleaded in a voice that could almost be described as a cry.

 ”What an idiot! How many people do you think there are who want to take your place?”

 ”You are a stupid girl who doesn’t know her own luck. You should be so happy to give your virginity to the Confinement King-sama!”

 ”No! I-it’s scary, please don’t…”

 As Ichida struggled to get up on her knees, Ulrich rolled up Ichida’s skirt, picked up my cock, and placed it in her crack. I had heard that she had already had foreplay in the maid’s room, but her pussy was indeed wet at the tip of my cock.

 Ichida’s face twitches in fear as she jumps up and down at the fresh sensation of the glans.

 ”Everything’s OK!”

 Ulrich said, and the maids started to hold her down with all their might.

 ”N-no… Ggh…”

 Ichida’s face turns red and she resists. However, her strength is no match for the maids’ arms, and her hips start to sink down. Before long, the head of the cock penetrated her, rolling up the folds.


 She immediately chokes out a guttural scream as if she had hit her head, and turns upside down like a bellowing beast.

 But the maids did not relax their power. With a series of squelching noises, my rod sinks inside her, pushing her narrow vaginal cavity open and expanding.

 ”Hyiii! Aaaaaaahhh!? It’s going to… it’s going to ripppp!”

 And then, pop! I felt something popping at the tip of the glans.

 I felt the tip hit the back. As soon as our crotches were completely connected, her body was jerked away from me like a puppet with broken strings.

 ”U-uuu… It’s inside… This isn’t supposed to happen, it hurts… why did I have to go through this… it’s awful… it’s awful… ugh…”

 Everything from the tip to the base of the glans is buried inside her vagina. She lost her virginity. As for the punishment for injuring Saori-chan, it’s not over yet.

 By the way, a strong-willed beautiful girl’s pig-nosed crying face is quite intriguing. I found that my mood was remarkably lifted when I thought that she was holding my cock in her crotch, even though she didn’t like it so much.

 ”What are you playing at? The service is just beginning”

 The maids grab her by the arms and hips, lifting her slightly.

 With a shhhk, the exposed slit was pulled halfway out, and a knotty, thick p*nis peeked out. There was fresh blood from a broken virginity, mixed with mucus, clinging to it.

 ”N-no… D-don’t move!”

 Ichida shouts in desperation. However, she was still unable to resist the maids’ strong arms. The maids grabbed her body and started to move her up and down violently.

 ”H-hyaaaahh! Noooo, it hurts! It hurts! It hurtsssss!”

 ”It doesn’t hurt!”

 Inui-san forcibly covered Ichida’s mouth with her lips as she screamed. The kiss between two beautiful maids is a spectacular sight. Muffled screams mingled with the sound of tongues entwining.

 The rod, which had been spit out leaving its glans, was going up and down vigorously, thrusting up Ichida’s deep inside, and she was writhing violently with her eyes wide open.

 Immediately after losing her virginity, Ichida was forcefully piston fucked. Not bad for a maid’s training. I thought so.

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