Confinement 433

Chapter 433 Miserable Mite Girl

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 ”Unghh… Nnngh!”

 A woman’s voice gasped in pain. At the same time, the creaking sound of the bed is intertwined with the sound of the woman’s voice, and it is echoing rather loudly.

 On the giant bed in the “Confinement King’s bedroom,” there were seven figures.

 However, the only ones intertwining were a man and a woman – myself and Ichida Sanae.

 The other five maids were forcibly moving Ichida’s body up and down as she straddled me.

 Hotta-san wwas holding onto her waist, Kishijo-san was holding onto her right shoulder, Saitō-san was holding onto her left shoulder, and Inui-san was kissing her to keep her quiet with a lesbian kiss.

 Meanwhile, Ulrich was bouncing and giggling next to us, keeping pace with Ichida’s up-and-down movement.

 (I mean, Ulrich…what are you doing?)

 It seems Ulrich is been left out, but since she looks so happy, I’ll let it slide.

 This can no longer be called s*x. It is a s*xual service using an onahole in the shape of a human named Ichida. The maids are the ones serving, and Ichida is nothing more than a tool.

 There is no will of Ichida present there.


 Nevertheless, it’s quite a sight.

 A strong and beautiful girl in a maid’s uniform that exposes her breasts and bound with her hands behind her back.

 Her somewhat delinquent-looking wolf-cut hair is disheveled, and her beauty is ruined by a nose hook. As she cries in pain from losing her virginity, her tongue is entwined with the tongue of the maid with pink hair.

 This scene strongly stimulates my sadistic tendencies.

 If it were any other girl, I would have felt sorry for her, but she’s a stupid woman who hurt my cute little sister. There’s absolutely no need for mercy, which is just perfect.

 (Come to think of it, is this being filmed as an AV to be shipped to the demon world? I don’t see any camera… so, where are they filming from?)

 While I was thinking about this, Saitō-san asked me a question.

 ”Confinement King-sama, would you like me to ease up?”

 ”It’s not bad. Keep going.”

 In fact, it felt quite pleasurable.

 The hot flesh pulsed as if it was on fire, covered with slippery juice, and the folds tangled around my whole rod.

 Though the person herself seemed to be in considerable pain, the tightness of the honey pot squeezing in response to the pain was something to behold. Besides, the maids have no mercy on her. They didn’t seem to care a bit how much pain she was in.

 ”Mmm, nnn… ease up, please… nngh…”

 Ichida’s eyes pleaded with me while trying to escape from Inui’s tongue. But I’m not going to pity her, and there’s no reason to hold back.

 ”Even though you’re in pain, your nipples are erect and perky.”

 I jeered, reaching out to Ichida’s bare breast.

 ”Nnnggh! Mmm… haa haa… nnngh…”

 I kneaded her sweaty breasts with both hands, and the skin turning a cherry red hue. They are not particularly large due to her model figure, but they are firm. The shape was good, and the flesh had a pleasant elasticity.

 ”Nnngh! Mmmuuuu…! Nnngh… nngh…”

 As I continued to knead her breasts, Ichida’s reaction became even more intense. The tongue-sucking and forced piston movements added more stimulation to it. It was only natural.

 ”Nbu…stop it…nbu, nchu…ngh…”

 She shakes her head and tries to escape from the lesbian kiss, but Inui-san grabs her head with both hands and holds it in place. The only part of her that was free were her hands, which were tied behind her back.

 After playing with her breasts, I pinched her nipples with my fingertips and pulled them, causing Ishida’s body to jolt and twitch.

 (Did she climax? No, it seemed like it only hurt…)

 From her reactions so far, she seemed to be writhing in pain rather than writhing in pleasure, and if it hurts, it hurts, which is more appropriate as a punishment.

 Besides, she desperately looked at me with her eyes, trying to plead with me.

 ”Inui-san, I think it’s enough with the kiss. She seems to have something to say.”

 ”*Kiss*… Huh, understood.”

 As soon as Inui-san’s lips leave Ichida’s, she screamed and moaned in a mixture of pleasure and pain.

 ”Aah, p-please let me go! Hii! That’s enough, it hurts! Like this…ah, aah! Something like this…aaaah!”

 ”Ulrich, what do you think about what she’s saying?”

 ”Hmm? She’s an idiot. Humans are really stupid.”

 ”Well… I’m a human too, but… What about you, Inui-san?”

 ”I’m afraid she doesn’t understand.”

 ”Then teach her to understand.”


 After bowing respectfully, Inui-san turned to Ichida again and looked at her coldly with a blank expression.

 ”First of all… You no longer have human rights. Like us, you have become a miserable creature, at the bottom of the food chain on this earth. You only allowed to live by the grace of Confinement King-sama. Please understand that.”

 ”Ah…hmm… Wh-what are you talking about…hmm!”

 Ichida’s face was contorted with agony, as she had been pushed up the whole time and was now drenched in sweat, tears, drool, and snot. There was no trace of the cool and beautiful girl left, and there was no gap in which to show any emotional changes.

 ”I have been instructed by the head main to give you a new name. Rejoice. From now on your name is ‘Mite (ダニ)’. It suits a miserable and sly person like you.”

 ”Ah, no, who’s a mite!? Ah, ahh, ahh, ahh!”

 As soon as Ichida said that, Inui-san slapped her cheek without changing her expression.

 Slap! Ichida’s face twisted with a high pitched sound like a burst bag.

 ”Who said you could talk back?”

 Inui-san must have held back considerably, or else it wouldn’t have been surprising if her neck had been twisted and she had rolled on the floor by now.

 ”Repeat after me. I am a mite. Come on.”

 ”So, something like that… Ugh!”

 Inui-san slapped Ichida on the opposite cheek from where she had been slapped earlier.

 ”Is your brain also a mite? I’m telling you to repeat after me. I’m a mite. Say it!”

 Then Inui-san raised her hand again, and Ichida’s face twitched in fear and he screamed.

 ”I’m a mite! A mite, okay! So, please stop, don’t hit me again…!”

 Once again, large tears fall down in her cheeks.

 I must really have a very strong S-type side after all.

 Watching her beaten cheeks turned red, making her pitiful, pathetic cry-face with the nose hook even more miserable to behold, I felt the blood flowing into my groin even more.

 ”This is AV, so even this ugly face is being shot up close.”

 I told her, wanting to torture her even more.

 Immediately, she screamed desperately.

 ”Noooo! Don’t film it! Stop itttt!”

 Her voice was the most scream-like voice of the day. As a model, she must not be able to tolerate anything related to her appearance being commented on. But the next moment, Inui-san slapped her on the cheek again.


 ”You don’t know your place, aren’t you? If Confinement King-sama says to shoot, then it’s the maid’s duty to smile and look happy. Smile, come on!”

 ”Hi, hi, a, ah…”

 When Inui-san raises her hand again, Ichida’s face is still crying, but Ichida forced a strained, pathetic smile.

 The sight of that miserable smile, as well as the pistoning motion of the cowgirl position, made me climax involuntarily. The hot lump swirling inside me could no longer be restrained and burst out through my urethra, overflowing into her womb.

 Spurttt! Spurtttttt!

 ”Aaahhh!? Noooooo! That’s not good! You came inside meee!”

 As if to push away her miserable crying face, a color of shock appears on her face.

 This is also a good expression.

 And, thanks to doping with a nutritional drink from the demon world beforehand, despite her surprise, my ejaculation wouldn’t stop.

 Again and again, my meat rod pulsated inside her repeatedly, filling her uterus with copious amounts of white, cloudy fluid mixed with her love juices. The mixture seeped out from the gap between her vagina and my cock.

 Now, Ichida’s face was hopeless. To her horror, I say to her.

 ”You still seem to be feeling only pain, but don’t worry. I’ll train you properly until you beg for my cock by drowning in pleasure.”


 She was frightened, but I instructed the maids like this.

 ”Well then, one more time like this.”

 ”Yes, understood.”

 The maids began to move her body up and down again, and the area where we were connected made a lewd noises like squish squish as the cloudy fluid scattered.

 And Ichida’s moaning didn’t stop until the following afternoon.

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