Confinement 434

Chapter 434 Premonition

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 Protagonist’s POV

 ”Okay, I’ll leave it to you”

 ”Sure, leave it to me”

 Weak breaths escaped her lips, while her breaths made her breasts, marked with kiss marks, rise and fall in unison.

 I tidied myself up and left Ichida Sanae, who was covered in semen and barely conscious, to the maids. Then, I headed towards the dining room.

 ”Ugh…I’m starving”

 Thanks to the nutritional drink from the demon world, I had no problems with my stamina, but it didn’t fill my empty stomach.

 Come to think of it, I haven’t eaten anything since yesterday’s lunch.

 As I step into the dining room, I suddenly hear Ryoko’s accusing voice coming from the kitchen.

 ”Kyoko-chan, someone has eaten the 5kg Hinai-jidori chicken (a type of premium chicken breed that is raised in Akita Prefecture, Japan) that we had specially ordered for our master from the fridge. Did you snack on it?”

 ”I don’t know! And what do you mean 5kg! That’s not just snacking!”

 I couldn’t help but smile wryly as I looked around. There were Ryoko and Kyouko in maid uniforms, and Chihiro and Kurosawa-san sitting around the table.

 ”Ah! It’s Fumi-kun!”

 Kurosawa-san’s eyes light up when she saw me.

 Unlike at school, her attitude here showed no signs of tsundere.

 ”Hey Ryoko, Kyouko, I’m starving… can you make something light for me?”

 ”Ugh, you’re so annoying…ack!?”

 ”Of course, right away!”

 Ryoko smiles at me as she puts Kyoko in a headlock, and I give her a wry smile and sit down at the table where Chihiro and the others are sitting.

 ”Hehehe, Fumikyuun!”

 ”Good job today, Danna-sama”

 I immediately pull up a chair and hugged Kurosawa-san, who immediately leaned towards me, and asked Chihiro.

 ”So, how’s everything going on your side?”

 She shrugged her shoulders with a wry smile.

 ”Can we say that Nitani is… calm and composed despite the situation? And can you leave her to me?”

 ”Yes. She doesn’t need to be treated on the same level as Ichida or Mimura, but as a promising talent for KKO”

 ”If you wish, I can have her ready for you at any time, but…”

 ”I don’t think I’m in dire need of a girl”

 I told her with a wry smile, and Kurosawa-san hugged my neck tightly.

 ”That’s right, President Chihiro, Fumi-kun has me!”

 Anyway, Nitani’s fate is up to Chihiro.

 I heard that Ichida serves as a maid and a private AV actress under Freesia-san’s discipline.

 (Only Kito and Mimura remain…)

 ”Hey Lili, are you there?”

 ”Of course, Devi”

 Lili replied as she appeared in the sky, drawing a circle.

 ”How are Kito and Mimura doing?”

 ”Um… As for Kito, as I’ve already mentioned, his mental pain has been converted into physical pain, Devi. I’ll hand him over to AV-girl later, Devi. He seems to be well-connected in the entertainment world, Devi, so use him as much as you can, Devi”

 ”I see. And what about Mimura?”

 When I asked that question, Lili’s expression became complicated.

 ”When I asked Sankon if she needed anything, what do you think she asked for, Devi?”

 ”What was it?”

 ”A large quantity of five-inch nails, hammers, a peeler, and a rough-grained file, Devi”

 Instantly, my face went pale, and the blood drained from Chihiru and Kurosawa-san’s faces as well.

 I am completely taken aback. It was a double shock, and then a double shock again.

 ”I think I can guess what she’s planning…”

 ”Whoaaa! Okay! You don’t have to say it!”

 When I raised my voice, Lili looked at me distantly.

 ”Men are no match for women in terms of cruelty, Devi, and I think Mimura is the most pitiful one this time, Devi”

 ”Anyway, just make sure not to kill her”

 ”Understood, Devi”

 Everyone except Lili had a pale face. Maybe I am too.

 Just when I lost my appetite at once, Ryoko brought me an omelet with a heart drawn on it in bright red ketchup, as if on purpose. She always had terrible timing.

 (Hmm, I don’t think Ryoko meant any harm, probably.)

 As I stared at the distorted heart drawn on the omelet with a twisted face, Lili spoke up again.

 ”Anyway, after Sankon is satisfied, Mimura and Sankon will be re-trained as maids in Freesia’s care, Devi”

 ”Ah, so you’re going to make both of them maids?”

 ”Yes, but in return, I’ll return the four Shortcuts to their daily lives, Devi”

 ”Is that so?”

 I was a little surprised. After all, I thought Lili trusted them to some extent.

 ”Don’t misunderstand, Devi. Although I said I’ll return them to their daily lives, it doesn’t mean they’ll be free, Devi”

 ”What do you mean?”

 ”I’m worried about the movements of Goat Head, Devi. I don’t think he’s noticed Fumi Fumi yet, Devi, but he’ll definitely come up with something, Devi”

 ”I see, so that means they’ll be my bodyguards at school?”

 ”Devi, Devi… Although I don’t think the maids can compete with the goat-head, Devi, but they should be able to buy Fumi Fumi enough time to escape, Devi…”

 ”But isn’t four people too much?”

 When I asked her that, Lili made a serious face I had never seen before and said.

 ”…I have a bad feeling, Devi. It’s not a problem to be too cautious, Devi”

* * *

 ???’s POV

 After getting off the train and stepping onto the platform, I stretched my arms wide. The long trip from Fukuoka had left me feeling mildly tired. Then, as I looked out at the cityscape visible from the platform, it was exactly what one would expect from a provincial city. There were no signs for city banks, only signs for regional banks.

 ”It’s more rural than I thought”

 I commented, and Tateoka shrugged his shoulders.

 ”Compared to Hakata or Tenjin, yeah. Well, sorry for making you come all the way out here”

 ”It’s at the request of my grandfather. It’s not for your sake, so please don’t misunderstand”

 ”Yeah, yeah, I get it”

 I had no intention of trusting this Tateoka guy. Although my grandfather believed this man’s shady story, in my eyes, he was not a trustworthy man.

 ”For now, while you’re staying here, you can stay at my place…”

 ”That’s alright. I have a room in a hotel near the station”

 ”O-oh, I see…”

 Of course. There was no way I was going to spend time under the same roof as a man who looked so slovenly.

 ”Well then, I’ll pick you up at the hotel tomorrow…”

 ”That’s fine too. I’ve already completed the transfer procedures and know the location of the school. And starting tomorrow, we’ll begin contacting the women who are being deceived by devils, as you say, but if we act together, we’ll only arouse suspicion. So, please understand that we’ll be operating separately for the most part”

 ”I see, but…”

 ”There’s no need to worry. I am a qualified exorcist. I’ve also called upon exorcists from all over Japan. Though I don’t know how many will show up…”

 I don’t trust this man’s story, but if the other party really was a devil, I doubt that this man would be of any use to me.

 ”Just tell me the name of the first woman to contact, and I’ll take care of the rest”

 Reluctantly, Tateoka raised his hands in surrender. Then he said.

 ”Shiratori Saki. She’s the most suspicious one”

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