Confinement 436

Chapter 436 The Forgotten Woman

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 Protagonist’s POV

 The stylish indirect lighting illuminates the four corners of the room.

 And in that room, I am sitting on the edge of the bed with my legs spread wide, completely naked.

 Kneeling in front of me and earnestly sucking on my member is Minami Shibata, the vice chairman of the public morals committee.

 ”Mmm… mmm…”

 Sweat drips down her forehead. Her chestnut-colored hair sways up and down as she rhythmically sucks my member.

 ”So, Shibata-san, how does my dick taste?”

 She hesitates for a moment before spitting out my member and responding.

 ”It’s very, very delicious. Um, K-Kijima-kun.”

 ”What a proper response from a top student.”

 I look down at her with a smirk on my face.

 Of course, I know that her words are not sincere.

 After all, she still hasn’t progressed from her submissive state.

 Although she vowed to become my woman, this vice chair of the public morals committee is still far from being completely mine.

 I have no idea if her heart belongs to Kobayashi-kyōyu or to Tateoka-kun, but she shows no sign of resistance, making it difficult to find a clue for my next step.

 As I thought so, she looks up at me with upturned eyes.

 Her hawk-colored pupils are slightly moist.

 As a side note, Shibata-san is also completely naked.

 I had caught her on my way out of school and brought her into my “room”.

 She did not resist, and now her uniform, along with her underwear, is scattered on the floor.

 (Anyway… she still has a s*xy body…)

 Her physique is by no means great.

 But her slightly plump body, which retains the air of an older sister, floats up in the faint lighting.

 Her slightly sloppy lower abdomen, on the other hand, was quite arousing.

 The difference between now and when I was gently holding her, pretending to be Kobayashi-sensei, was the collar around her neck.

 A red dog collar with a sturdy, thick leather strap and a metal plate hanging from it that read “Minami.”

 Of course, this is to make her aware of her position.

 The collar was connected to a chain, with one end firmly gripped in my hand. Every time she shook her head and worked on my meat stick, there was a metallic rubbing sound.

 While savoring the sensation of Minami’s hesitant tongue, I gazed at her profile.

 Her eyes were downcast, and her long eyelashes were swaying.

 She had a somewhat airy atmosphere, but now her nose and below seemed shallow and despicable.

 Her lips were pushed out extremely to suck my meat stick. Her cheeks were sunken.

 As her lips slid along my flesh, a wet, squishy sound mixed with the sound of water rubbing against my eardrums.

 ”So, this is the head of the disciplinary committee, huh? It’s pretty funny.”

 Her shoulders trembled slightly when I said this to her. She must be frustrated.

 The reason why I decided to hold Minami Shibata, who has been half-removed from my consciousness, was almost like a game of free association.

 Because I heard the name of Takaka Takata, also known as Taka-chi, the former head of the public morals committee.

 You see, as I returned to the classroom from the restroom during lunch break, I saw a very puzzling scene.

 Fukuda Rin, with a terrified expression, was surrounded by four pet girls and Shima-san.

 The sight of Rin wobbling on her knees like a newborn fawn was, to be honest, too funny, but what in the world could have brought about such a situation…

 When I asked Shima-san about it later, she told me that Rin had actually visited her in her classroom today.

 To be precise, Rin asked her about her former class to find out the address of Taka-chi’s parents, and it turns out that Shima-san, whom she knew from the library incident, was there.

 However, Shima-san did not know the address of Taka-chi’s parents’ house. And when she asked Tashiro-san, who was relatively close to Taka-chi, about it, she said she did not know it either.

 The conversation should have ended there, but Tashiro-san had a sudden idea and immediately acted on it.

 ”Well, instead of asking us, why don’t we ask Fujiwara in the next class? With the power of the Fujiwara group, we might be able to get one or two of Taka-chi’s addresses.”

 As soon as Rin heard Fujiwara’s name, she apparently tried to run away.

 But that didn’t work on Tashiro-san.

 ”Oh, no, wait, first of all, Fujiwara-senpai is…”

 ”Hahaha! Don’t be shy. She may look like she’s joking around, but she’s very compassionate.”

 Dragging Rin, who resists desperately, Tashiro-san visits our class.

 By the way, when I asked Shima-san, “Why didn’t you save her?” she shrugged and replied, “You know, it’s Ui-chan we’re talking about here.” Her answer was too obvious.

 Anyway, Fujiwara-san seemed to be in a friendly mood, saying “Oh, it’s Fukuda!” but on the other hand, Rin had a face like the countdown to the destruction of the Earth had begun.

 And when Fujiwara-san, Tashiro-san, and Shima-san gathered to talk, Kurosawa-san and Masaki-chan came to me, wondering if something had happened to me, and that scene was born.

 Fujiwara-san apparently decided to look up Taka-chi’s address, but even without doing so, I could easily locate her with <Marker>.

 (Taka-chi… I wonder how she’s doing. But Rin, that guy… she was really fond of Taka-chi.)

 As I recall that scene and think about it, I reached out and grabbed Shibata-san’s exposed breasts.


 She frowned slightly, but she didn’t show any signs of rejecting it.

 Although she couldn’t compete with Masaki-chan, her breasts were quite large. I enjoyed the soft sensation as I kneaded it.

 She was the type to be reserved and hold back. She didn’t reject my advances, but she didn’t show any signs of falling any further either.

 That’s why I changed my approach this time.

 It was the complete opposite of what Kobayashi-sensei had done. It was thorough pet treatment.

 But it seems that it was the right decision. The more roughly I treated her, the more I embarrassed her and covered her in shame, the more her reactions clearly changed.

 ”That’s enough with the dick. Should I have you lick my feet next?”


 She gave me a slightly angry look.

 But then she quickly lowers her eyes and gets down on all fours from kneeling and kisses my feet.

 When I lifted up my legs and crossed them, she began to suck on my toes carefully.

 I don’t know if my karma is deep or if men are like that, but the thought of dominating this woman makes new blood flow between my legs and my meat rod increases in size.

 And as she looked up at my erect meat rod, her tongue moved faster as she licked my toes.

 ”Are you curious? About my d*ck?”

 ”I don’t care…”

 Despite saying that, her gaze was fixated on my crotch. The tip of her nose is stained vermilion, as if she’s in heat. However, she hasn’t asked me to do anything yet.

 ”Shibata-san, get on the bed. I’ll put it in for you.”

 She looked up at me with a startled face. Her eyebrows were furrowed earnestly.


 When she got on the bed, she got down on all fours as if trying to hide her flushed face.

 ”Stick your butt out more. Didn’t I teach you that?”

 She obeyed with a confused expression. In response to her slow and lazy attitude, I slapped her bare butt with my hand.

 *Smack!* A sharp cracking sound echoed.


 Her white back trembled with every hit. But I swung my hand down two or three times, leaving marks on her plump buttocks.

 ”I-I’m sorry. Please… Ahh!”

 While screaming in pain, she assumed the position as instructed.

 Like a female dog in heat, she spread her legs wide open and stuck out her hips. She was on all fours, but her upper body was so low that her face was on the floor.

 ”If you just listen and do as you’re told, you won’t get punished, got it?”


 Now, I crawled behind her on my knees.

 On the white sheets, Shibata-san’s hips are raised as if she is crawling.

 Her chestnut-colored fluffy hair flowing down her back. The torn buttocks revealed a vertical crack, and a bright salmon-pink mucous membrane peeked through.

 ”Uh, ah…”

 As I casually thrust my fingers into her meaty crevice, her honeyed juices trailed behind like threads, accompanied by the sound of fresh water.

 The inside was completely moist.

 ”Did you get this wet while sucking on my toes, Miss Public Moral Committee?”


 I can’t see her face pressed against the sheets, but I’m sure it is contorted with shame.

 I knelt behind her and aimed my member at her secret spot, slowly pushing the tip in.


 But I didn’t thrust all the way in. Instead, I teased her with shallow thrusts, stirring her shallow waters with small, rhythmic motions.

 ”Mm, ah…n-nuuh…”

 Her hips trembled with frustration. She seems to be trying to feel what she is given as much as possible. But it wasn’t enough. As a result, she gradually started wriggling her hips.

 (I don’t care what she thinks. But her body is already on edge. If I hurry her like this…)

 As time goes by, her hips became more blatantly lustful, and she began to thrust back.

 (―She starts to seek it out herself!)

 I finally grabbed her waist and thrust my hardened member into her with great force.


 It was a powerful blow that reached all the way to her womb. She arched her back and couldn’t hold back the scream that burst out of her throat.

 ”Feels good, doesn’t it?”

 ”Ahh, ah, ah…yes, it feels…good…ahhhh, hi…ahhh!”

 As I listened to her, I pushed into her deepest part without mercy. She clutched the sheets desperately, pressed her forehead against the bed, and tensed up.

 ”Hiii, ah, ah, ah, unnn, ah, ah, only deep, only deep, ahhh…”

 As I accelerated my hip movements, her body was gradually pushed up and slid towards the headboard of the bed.

 ”No…ahh, ahh, too intense, too much, ah, ahh, ahh, unnn, kuhiiiii!”

 Shibata-san’s voice suddenly jumped up. Maybe she had lightly climaxed.

 However, I had no intention of letting her off that easily.

 I grabbed her hips and started to pump her even harder.

 ”Ah, ahhh, ahhh, ahhh! Aaahhh! Aaahhhh!”

 ”Don’t cum yet, I won’t forgive you if you cum before me.”

 ”N-no way! It’s impossible, I’m going to cum, ahh, ah, ah, ahh, ahhhh!”

 Shibata-san’s body was tense as if she was trying to hold back. But, I still pounded my hips against her body like a whip. Each thrust produced a slapping sound, as my hips collided with her rear end. The intensity of my movements caused her body to lean forward.

 Finally, I reach my limit.


 A short moan escapes my throat, and the hot desire swirling in my hips rushes up my urethra, seeking a way out.

 Spurttt! Spurtttt!

 As the white, cloudy liquid overflowed as if it would burst, she screamed as if she were being burned by the heat.

 ”I’m… I’m cumming! Aaaahhh!”

 She shuddered violently and then collapsed headfirst onto the bed.

 After I had finished the last drop into her womb, I slowly pulled out my p*nis.

 But she didn’t move a muscle. She is probably unconscious.

 Still, her hips remained lifted up high. And from her fully opened slit, the white liquid trickled down in a long string.

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