Confinement 437

Chapter 437 Kei-chan and Cat

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 On a rare day when Shiratori was absent from school, during lunch break, “Kei,” who was exhausted from the harsh morning studies, was resting alone on a bench in the courtyard.

 To put it simply, she was taking a nap.

 Her lunch was accompanied by a yomogi daifuku and an ichigo daifuku that she received from her classmate.

 Not too much, but she was satisfied.

 Kei was feeling the warm afternoon sun, even though it was autumn, and was sleeping comfortably.

 But, for some reason, she felt a pressure on her chest, and she opened her eyes slightly.

 Then, she saw a black lump on top of her.

 Even though she was tiny, Kei was still a girl.

 So, using Kei’s bulging girlish part as a pillow, “the cat was sleeping on it”.

 It’s not a wordplay. It’s really the truth.

 Anyway, when Kei opens her eyes, the cat flicked its whiskers and opened one eye.

 ”Hello, kitty (Neko-san)…”


 ”I can’t get up if you stay there”

 However, despite Kei’s desperate persuasion, Mr. Cat fell asleep again with its head on her chest.

 Having no other choice, Kei also closes her eyes.

 It’s inevitable. There’s nothing that can be done.

 Although she wanted to go back to class, she was restrained with such overwhelming force that there was no way to resist.

 The black beast is a fearsome one… So, good night.

 Therefore, Kei falls asleep again.

* * *



 The next time Kei woke up, the cat was sitting on her chest.

 It was still early evening, with the sun just starting to dip below the horizon.

 The ferocious black beast pushed Kei’s chin with its paw, waking her up, before calmly stepping down from her body and leaping from the bench.



 ”…Where are you going?”


 After meowing at Kei and turning its head, the cat walked leisurely toward the entrance to the gymnasium.

 ”…Do you want me to follow you?”

 Kei slowly got up, got off the bench, and started to follow the cat, walking behind it with pitter-patter steps.

 The cat walked leisurely through the courtyard, looking back from time to time to make sure that Kei was following along.

 Crossing the covered walkway and slipping through the slightly ajar door, it entered the gymnasium.

 Kei followed, stepping into the gymnasium behind it.

 On there, the place was completely quiet and still.

 The clock showed that it was just past four.

 Normally, the volleyball and basketball clubs are in action, but there was no sign of anyone.

 ”Good evening?”

 Come to think of it, in morning homeroom, the teacher mentioned something. They said something about missing persons again, and that club activities are forbidden…

 In other words, skipping club activities wouldn’t be counted against Kei.

 That’s a relief. Jolanda Coach is strict.

 If she falls asleep, she has to wake up immediately. She hates it. She hates Jolanda coach.

 As she thinks so, the cat entered the gym storage room as is.

 Following after it and entering the storage room, the cat bounced skillfully over the vaulting box and volleyball net and ran towards the folded mats on the other side.

 Then, it looks back at Kei, meows a single cry, and jumps onto the green mat at the back, which was used for high jumps.


 Kei climbed onto the top of the vaulting horse and looked down at the mat on the other side.

 ”…is this the cat’s house?”

 Maybe this cat lives here.

 When Kei tilted her head, the cat meowed “meow”.

 ”Do you live here?”


 Kei stepped down onto the mat and reached out her hand, but the cat didn’t run away.

 On the contrary, it purred and rubbed its cheek against Kei’s hand.

 ”…So cute!”

 On closer inspection, Kei felt like the cat resembled Kan-chan in some way.

 It had a somewhat cheeky demeanor.

 ”Nyankin-ou (Meow King)!”

 The cat’s name was decided. She thought.

 Although she does not know whether it is a male or a female cat.

 Anyway, Kei hugged the cat and lay down on the mat, feeling the familiar sensation of the vaulting horse mat.

 It is always the same during the competitions. She falls on this mat after clearing the bar. It was soft and comfortable, and she always felt like sleeping on it, but she was always told to move out of the way quickly by the judges. It made her hate the judges.

 And recently, Shima-pai and the captain had been waiting for her to move out of the way as soon as they finished their competition. She liked Shima-pai, but not in this situation. The captain was also not so nice.

 As she thought so, Nyankin-ou (Meow King) slipped out of her hands and climbed onto her body, yawning once, then curling up again with her breasts as a pillow.

 It seemed like that part of her body was their favorite.

 ”I can’t help it.”

 She doesn’t know what she can’t help. But now, Kei yawned softly and decided to sleep together with the cat.

* * *

 When Kei woke up and reached out her hand, rubbing her sleepy eyes, Nyankin-ou (Meow King) let out a single “meow” and rubbed its cheek against her hand.

 Just then, Kei’s stomach let out a dissatisfied growl.

 ”…Do you want to come with me?”

 Kei asked, tilting her head to the side. Nyankin-ou (Meow King) tilted its head in response.

 After accepting the respond, Kei carried Nyankin-Ou and left the warehouse, leaving the gymnasium behind.

 She leaves her bag in the classroom, but it wasn’t a big deal.

 As she walks toward the main gate, the security guard looked surprised.

 ”Miss, what are you doing out at this time? Weren’t you supposed to go straight home after class today?”

 ”Is that so?”

 ”Well, another girl from the track and field club went missing today, just like yesterday. Be careful. I can lend you my phone if you want to call your family to come pick you up.”

 ”Missing? Who?”

 ”Let’s see, what was her name… Takasago, I think.”

 ”What’s that? Scary.”

 Before long, Kei had gone missing.

 Although it’s a casual story, it’s set in the time frame of Volume 7. Of course, there are foreshadowings…

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