Confinement 438

Chapter 438 Arch-Nemesis of Jealousy x Ecstasy

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 The maid was watching me.

 She was standing by the wall, doing nothing, looking at me with emotionless eyes.

 Here, Claudia and I are at the very bottom. The lowest of the low.

 Both the maids and I are female, and we serve our master.

 However, while the maid wears clothes, all I have on are a collar and nipple rings.

 Until now, I’ve always taken pride in what our master has given us, but now it seems so miserable and painful. I couldn’t help but feel inferior.

 (Why am I even here?)

 Today is the day we sisters serve our master, but something is different this time.

 First, Claudia was not invited. I was the only one.

 Claudia looked sad and said “Why not…”.

 Then when I visited the master’s bedroom, there was the maid named “Tapeworm (Eri Hotta}” for some reason.

 I was confused, but I got down on all fours and looked up at our master sitting on the bed.

 (Oh, my master… you look wonderful today… I love you)

 Just seeing his face, just hearing his name fills my heart with the thought of “I love you”. Being his female servant makes me so happy that I can’t contain it.

 As I feel a slight drip of milk from my nipples, I recite my usual phrase.

 ”Jolanda is your loyal slave. Please use your strong manhood to play with me as much as you like.”

 My eyes were already glued to Master’s strong rod.

 My mouth was full of drool.

 I was ready to suck that strong rod as soon as he told me to serve him.


 ”Hotta-san, come here.”

 ”Yes, Confinement King-sama.”

 Master didn’t call my name, but the maid’s.

 The maid, who was called by the master, glanced at me with a triumphant look. She then loosened the top of her maid outfit, exposing her breasts, and said, “Excuse me,” as she straddled the master’s right leg and pressed her naked body against his chest.

 She began to wiggle her slim waist, rubbing her genitals against the leg she was straddling, while also rubbing her small breasts against him.

 ”Is that what Hotta-san considers to be serving?”

 ”Y-yes… well, doesn’t it feel good?”

 The maid’s cheeks turn bright red and she looks worried. Master smiles and kisses the maid lightly on the cheek, then says, “No, it’s not bad.”

 The maid’s eyes grow dreamy as the master kisses her lips and entangles his tongue with hers, as if he had forgotten about my presence.

 (Ughhh… Master, why…)

 As I watched the two of them engage in their lustful acts, my womanhood ached with longing.

 Most of all, the fact that the maid was watching me was disturbing my heart.

 I desperately wanted Master to command me.

 If he ordered me to serve, I would kneel down and serve without hesitation, but without such an order, I did not have the courage to interrupt them.

 As a bitch who had sworn to submit, my master’s commands were absolute, even more so than my own desires.

 When Master finally pulled away, the maid looked regretful.

 ”By the way, you and Jolanda have fought before, haven’t you?”


 ”Who is stronger?”

 At the master’s question, the maid glanced at me.

 ”It would be impolite to speak ill of Master’s possessions…”

 ”It’s all right. I’ll allow it.”

 ”From my point of view… it’s a small fish.”

 That word made my blood boil.


 Before I could stand up, Master shouted, “—Jolanda!”

 I immediately froze, pressing my forehead against the floor.

 Overwhelmed with guilt for being scolded by Master, I was afraid he would abandon me like this.

 ”I’m sorry, please don’t throw ‘it’ away. Please…”

 But surprisingly, it was the maid in question who extended a helping hand.

 Then, the maid, who clung tightly to Master’s neck, spoke up.

 ”However… I can’t help but envy her. She gets to be held by Confinement King-sama…”

 With a smile, Master lowered the maid from his lap and reached out his hand towards me.

 ”You’re envious, huh? Come here, Jolanda.”


 I hurriedly stood up, stumbled over my feet, and took my master’s hand.

 (Oh, master… my master…)

 Feeling so loved, I couldn’t bear it, tears welled up in my eyes. I rubbed my cheek against my master’s hand, tears streaming down my face.

 There was no need for me to feel inferior to the maid.

 As his female servant and milk server, he would drink my milk. As a woman, could there be greater happiness than this?

 The moment I thought this, transparent juice dripped from my crotch.

 ”Master, master… please use this lowly female dog as you please.”

 I couldn’t bear it any longer. My body wasn’t enough. My love for my Master overflowed, and I couldn’t wait to serve him. I wanted to make him feel good.

 I climbed onto the bed, got on all fours, lowered my head, and raised my butt.

 A miserable female dog in a seductive pose.

 ”Master, master… please fuck Jolanda.”

 Those who knew me in the past would find this hard to believe. But this is when I am happiest.

 The maid is looking at me.

 She’s just standing against the wall, looking at me with eyes devoid of emotion.

 But I already know.

 That maid is so envious of me that she can hardly stand it. She’s trying her best to suppress those feelings.

 ”Do your best to make me feel good… Then!”

 Master grabbed my offered butt, and with a strong accent, he thrust into me from behind in one go.

 ”Ah, Aaaaah It’s so gooood! Master, aaaaah! Masterrrr!”

 The powerful blow of the rod made me bend over as if I were screaming.

 ”Oh, it’s so big… Master’s cock, it’s so biggg!”

 I felt that my groin was much more sensitive than usual, perhaps because of my superiority to the maid.

 Having reconfirmed that surrendering myself to Master is what makes me happy, I was enveloped in an extraordinary feeling of freedom.

 ”Jolanda, why don’t you tell Hotta-san what it’s like to have s*x with me?”

 I felt my cheeks heat up when Master covered me from behind.

 While I wondered how the maid felt as she watched our doggy-style, I turned my debauched face to her to tell her how good this position, which meant submission, was.

 ”I’m a bitch… when Master thrusts his p*nis into my anus, my head becomes dizzy and I can’t think straight. I become stupid… But the happiest time for me is when I am submitting to him like this…”

 I desperately tried to express how happy I was as Master poked and prodded me from behind.

 I was happy, proud, and I told the maid, who must be envious of me, how I was feeling.

 ”Ah…ahh! Please poke me! Master, give me more…!”

 I turned my tear- and drool-stained face to the maid and cried out with a shamelessly charming voice.

 And just as the flames of passion threatened to consume me, I heard her voice.

 ”I… too…”

 Her faint whisper was barely audible, like the buzz of a mosquito. But her feeble confession, which slipped through her teeth, made my heart skip a beat.

 It was not “watakushi,” but “watashi.” Her unadorned feelings were genuine. But a moment of pity for her was quickly swallowed up by a tsunami of superiority.

 My uterus pulsed with pleasure, and a spine-tingling sensation crept up my back.

 ”Ohh, Master… Jolanda… Jolanda is going to cum!”

 In my dog-like posture, I shake my short hair.

 When I turned around, my master was looking down at me with a satisfied expression.

 ”You can cum! Jolanda!”

 Master barked and delivered a final blow from behind

 With a poke, A strong impact surged through me, shaking my brain vigorously.

 ”I… I’m cumming… I’m cummmmming…!”

 At that moment, hot droplets of Master’s precious seed overflowed into my womb. And from my taut nipples, milk gushed out like silver threads.

 I became a bitch and I tremble with ecstasy, as I arch my pure white naked body in response to my master’s rod.

 In the sight of my climax, splattered with multicolored halos, the sight of the clear juices dripping down the red-faced maid’s thighs in streaks burned in my mind.

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