Confinement 440

Chapter 440 Sniper Maid

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 <ruby>Scarab<rt>Sakon</rt></ruby>’s POV

 Sniper Maid

 The autumn moon shines brightly.

 Below, in the valley between the buildings, headlights congest together in a sluggish manner.

 Hair disturbed by the wind.

 Now, I was on the rooftop of a thirty-story building, where a red aviation signal light blinked intermittently.

 At such a height, the hustle and bustle of the city is drowned out by the wind, and only the sound of the maid uniform’s skirt flapping can be heard, rustling and bustling.

 ”<ruby>Scarab<rt>Sakon</rt></ruby>, prepare yourself.”

 ”Yes, ma’am!”

 Following the instructions of the head maid, I knelt on the concrete floor and began assembling the rifle from its case.

 ――M24 SWS.

 A bolt-action sniper rifle made by Remington Arms. It is a bestselling rifle adopted by military and police organizations worldwide.

 However, personally, I honestly don’t like this rifle.

 Its performance is sufficient, and in terms of reliability, it is the most dependable choice.

 But it lacks any sense of playfulness. Its appearance as a typical industrial product doesn’t appeal to me.

 Personally, I have a fondness for the FR-F2, a French-made rifle that I was allowed to use during training. However, it seems unlikely that such a selfish request would be granted.

 I have also requested to try the Dragunov, a Russian-made rifle, if possible, but honestly, that hope is slim.

 There is no reason why she would allow me to try a gun that is supposed to be less accurate because of its beautiful appearance.

 Anyway, once the assembly of the rifle is complete, I grip it and confirm its feel.

 I’m not fond of it, but there are no issues.

 (Still… I can’t seem to calm down.)

 It’s not just because of this new firearm.

 Thanks to the mercy of Confinement King-sama, I have already been liberated from the terrifying state of having nothing in my anus.

 However, while I am relieved to be free from the inconvenience of having to relieve myself in fear, there is still an unsettled feeling in my heart due to the current situation of having nothing inserted in my rear.

 ”Are you ready, <ruby>Scarab<rt>Sakon</rt></ruby>? Although it’s training, penalties will be imposed for failures, so keep that in mind.”

 ”Y-Yes, ma’am.”

 My voice trembles involuntarily.

 The terror of the head maid’s penalties has been ingrained in me over the past few weeks.

 I will never forget the despair I felt when the scalding iron rod was thrust in front of me as I trembled in fear after having the dildo pulled out of my anus and left abandoned in a private room.

 (I can’t afford to fail…)

 ”Just to confirm, you have no hesitation about taking a life, correct?”

 ”Yes, ma’am!”

 I’m really okay with it. My heart won’t waver at this point. While it’s my first time dealing with a human, I’ve already slaughtered dozens of humanoid creatures.

 Today’s target is a senior executive at a major advertising agency. I’ve heard they picked a fight with President Chihiro and foolishly planned to exile KKO from the industry.


 ”Yes, ma’am!”

 I place the bipod on the edge of the rooftop and peer through the scope.

 The distance to the building where the target is located is roughly 200 meters (218 yards).

 There are no obstructions, and the line of sight is clear.

 Through the scope, I capture the image of a man sitting at a desk with his back to the window, the fourth one from the right on the twenty-fifth floor.

 He has a good build, but the thinning hair at the back of his head indicates his age.

 I align the crosshairs with the thinning spot on the back of the man’s head.

 The humidity is high, and the wind is strong. I fine-tuned the reticle to the nearest millimeter to take into account the effect of wind… OK.

 Under the current conditions, there’s virtually no chance of missing with my skills.

 Still… Am I nervous? My own breathing sounds unusually loud.

 One minute, two minutes… Three minutes pass, and there’s still no signal from the head maid to proceed.

 If we’re going to kill him anyway, she should let me shoot already. That’s what I mutter to myself internally.

 In the short-term intensive training (boot camp) in the demon world, I shot numerous monsters, and the exhilaration of blowing their heads off with a single shot became addictive.

 And I can say that this is a privilege given only to me, the only one chosen as a sniper among the battle maids.

 If I could blow <ruby>Mimura<rt>Doremi</rt></ruby>’s head off like a watermelon, just like those monsters, it would be incredibly satisfying.

 Someday, I’ll kill her, making it look like an accident.

 As I was thinking that, it seemed that Lili-sama and the head maid had anticipated my plan. It’s truly regrettable.

 There is no sign of the head maid who should be behind me.

 Anxious, I feel the urge to turn around, but if I were to take my eyes off the scope here, there is a possibility of being disqualified as a sniper.

 Five minutes have passed.

 I lick my dry lips and readjust the position of the crosshairs.

 The wind direction has changed slightly.

 (Still… not yet?)

 Although such thoughts may not have been conveyed, at last, I hear the voice of the head maid from behind me.


 ”Yes, ma’am!”

 With joy in my heart, I place my finger on the trigger.

 Within the circular field of view captured by the scope, the man is holding a smartphone to his ear. He’s in a call. Was the timing of making the call what the head maid was waiting for?

 ”Three, two, one.”

 And then, with a brief word, “Fire.”

 At that moment, unconsciously, my finger moved and pulled the trigger. A loud explosive sound in my ears. The recoil crawling up my arm. While resisting it, I witnessed it.

 On the other side of the scope, the man’s head burst open like an overripe fruit.

 However, the man doesn’t fall. On the contrary, the blown-off head immediately begins to regenerate.


 Behind me, in astonishment, the head maid sighs and says:

 ”Firearms may work against <ruby>monsters<rt>Mamono</rt></ruby>, but they are hardly effective against Majin, as expected. Well, that was what I anticipated.”

 ”Majin… you say?”

 ”Yes, a Majin under the command of Andras has taken on a human form and descended to the human world. We obtained information that they are seeking KKO, so it seemed like a suitable experiment. Don’t consider it a failure, so rest assured.”

 ”…Yes, ma’am.”

 With a feeling of great unease, I peer through the scope once again, and from somewhere, Lolisla-sama appears and engulfs the man, who is said to be a Majin, whole.

* * *

 Freesia’s POV

 ”Freesia, what do you think, Devi?”

 To princess’s question, I responded as I thought.

 ”I feel like my presence has been overshadowed recently…”

 ”What are you talking about!?”

 It seems I gave the wrong answer. Teehee, my mistake.

 Well, mistakes happen to anyone. It’s quite common to confuse anal and vaginal and insert a dildo, after all.

 ”What Lili is asking about is Scarab, Sakon Ritsuko, Devi!”

 ”In a word, she is excellent. Being from a good family, her manners and etiquette are perfect. There is hardly any need for further education as a maid.”

 And based on the results of the experiment we just finished—sniping against a Majin—I added the following:

 ”As a combat force… we should consider counting her.”

 In fact, unlike the other maids, Scarab does not have the genes of a magical beast implanted in her.

 The reason for this is that Scarab was already in a [Submissive] state.

 Moreover, by giving her Mimura Doremi, it seems that the seed of love for Fumi Fumi-sama has sprouted. There is a considerably high potential to naturally bring her into an [Enslaved] state.

 So, rather than merging her with a magical beast, it is better to keep her as a human and let her be a source of growth for Fumi Fumi-sama. That is the judgment of the princess.

 However, even though we have trained her without the fusion, her strength is only slightly above the average of girls her age. She is in no position to handle heavyweight weapons.

 As a last resort, I twisted the aesthetics of being a maid and decided to let her use projectiles weapon. While it may work against magical beasts to some extent, it is ineffective against demon aristocrats and Majins, as expected.

 However, princess shrugged her shoulders and said:

 ”Well, it’s fine, Devi. If it works against humans, there are plenty of ways to make use of it, Devi.”

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