Confinement 441


Chapter 441 Favorite Trials

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 Nozomi Amemiya’s POV

「Nitani has always been saying that she’ll quit school if she becomes a model, so I didn’t really mind, but as for Ichida… everyone was quite surprised.」

 The surroundings were too quiet, and even though I spoke in a low voice, my own voice felt strangely loud.

 It was during the third period class.

 In a dimly lit individual stall in the boys’ restroom on the third floor, I, Nozomi Amemiya, was together with Kijima-senpai.

 I had been called out through a message on social media around the end of the second period. It said to skip class and come.

 Even though I thought it was absurd, there was no way I could go against it.

 And now, I was kneeling on the cold floor in my uniform, handling his thing exposed by sitting on the toilet seat and using my hand.

 Men are hard, unclean, and disgusting creatures. That sentiment hasn’t changed even now.

 Kijima-senpai was no exception, but unfortunately, I seemed to be his favorite.

 I really hated it. I hated it so much.

 However, I couldn’t resist this man anymore. I couldn’t resist that pleasure.

 In today’s homeroom, we were informed by our teacher that Nitani and Ichida had quit school.

 They said they were going to Tokyo to focus on modeling, but knowing that Kijima-senpai had been investigating them, I felt like it was over.

「So, what happened to the two of them, senpai?」

「Nitani is training as a model, and Ichida is training as a maid and AV actress.」


 I couldn’t help but be taken aback by the term 「AV actress,」 but if I thought about it calmly, did Nitani manage to avoid trouble, notwithstanding Ichida’s situation?

「…But, I would like to watch porn of my classmates.」

 That’s my fairly honest feeling. I’m interested in the s*x lives of people close to me.

 After all, my romantic interest is in women.

 Kijima-senpai is just twisting it forcibly with pleasure, and seeing a man naked only makes me feel disgusted. But I definitely want to see a cute girl naked.

 Other than the delinquent-like aspects, Ichida was quite my type.

「Even if it’s for the demon world’s distribution, it’s not like it will circulate in the market… Well, I guess I could let you have Ichida?」

「Are you serious!?」

 I involuntarily widened my eyes. If he’s willing to let me have her, then I definitely want to.

「Yeah, I’ll let you have her. The next work will be a yuri-themed one.」

「H-Hold on, senpai! Are you saying I’ll also appear in AV?」

「It won’t circulate in the market, so don’t worry.」


 Putting his hand on my bewildered head, Kijima-senpai shrugged his shoulders.

「Well, putting AV aside for now, let’s start by licking my balls.」


 I thought the next thing would be suck my dick, so I unintentionally let out a stupid-sounding voice.

 Unconsciously, my gaze dropped to the base of the rod.

 The wrinkled and darkened meat sack hanging there was grotesque just to look at.

「You won’t say no, right?」


 Just being spoken to in a firm tone was enough to make my rebellious spirit wither, and I timidly scooped up the meat sack with my palm.

 It was a squishy and twisted warm sack. The image of picking up a hot pot rice cake with chopsticks flashed through my mind.

(Ugh… I really don’t want to do this. It’s so creepy…)

 Reluctantly, I buried my face in Senpai’s crotch and extended my tongue towards the eerie meat sack.

「Lick each wrinkle carefully.」

 Following the order, I traced along the wrinkles with the tip of my tongue.

 The sense of humiliation weighed heavily on my chest, but contrary to that, an overwhelming pleasure of being oppressed surged up, making my breathing irregular.

「You’re quite good at this.」

 Senpai narrowed his eyes, looking satisfied.

「Come on, try to please me in a way you come up with yourself. Present yourself as a captain of the track and field club.」

 He talks to me as if he was mocking me. Then, with every feeling of regret, my breathing became more and more irregular.

(Ugh, how much more torment does he need?)

 Cursing Senpai’s actions, I stuffed my mouth full of the obviously creepy meat sack.


 The taste of sweaty dampness and stickiness spread in my mouth, and nausea welled up. At the same time, an obscene, sweaty smell reached my nose.

「Come on, more. Suck it as if you’re rolling the balls.」

 Senpai thrust his hips forward and urged me.

(Ugh, it’s disgusting… I don’t want to…)

 Frowning, I moved my mouth and sucked on the sack, rolling the sphere enveloped in flesh with the tip of my tongue. Tears welled up at the corners of my eyes due to humiliation and misery.

「Is it that delicious, Nozomi?」

「…Yes. Balls… are delicious.」

 There’s no way it’s delicious. Am I an idiot?

 If I could love this man like Captain Tashiro or Shima-senpai, maybe I could feel it was delicious. But as a girl who likes girls, that’s too high of a hurdle.

 However, no matter how much I hate it, no matter how much I resist, when his dick is thrust inside me and pushes against my depths, it melts me with pleasure. And now, that pleasure has captured me and won’t let me go. Furthermore, I was now a slave to pleasure, a slave to this man.

 I resigned myself to the fact that I couldn’t escape or resist and, feeling like I was dead, I massaged the repulsive flesh sack with my lips.

「Okay, how about you suck on this next?」

 With a push to my forehead, Senpai lifted himself up from the toilet seat and, with his fully erect meat stick, pressed it against my nose.

 The tip of the reddish-black glans was wet with pre-cum, throbbing obscenely.

 As I instinctively tried to turn my face away, he suddenly pushed his dick into my mouth, which was still half-open and panting, having just been released from the ball-licking.

「Guh!? Ughhh!」

 Grabbing my hair tightly, my eyes rolling in distress, but Senpai forcefully moved my head back and forth, kneading the soft mucous membrane of my oral cavity.

「Ugh, fubuhh, gubo, jurl… uh, uuh, bubo…」

 With each thrust into the back of my throat, my body trembled with the agony of the gag reflex.

 Looking down at my face with a satisfied expression, Senpai furrowed his brow due to the overwhelming comfort and vigorously thrust his hips back and forth.

「Fubuhh, bubuhh, jubo, oh, ah, jubo…」

「Nozomi, your mouth feels good too.」

 Senpai wore an expression like a cat tormenting a mouse. In the midst of the suffocation, I felt an indescribable sensation crawling up my spine.

「Jubo, jubo, uuh, uu, bubo, bubo…」

 But losing the will to resist the continuous humiliation, I resigned myself and used my tongue to trace the thick shaft and milk the meat stick with my lips.

 Gradually, a tingling sensation spread through my head. It’s always like this when Senpai violates me. Once it reaches this point, the feeling of disgust almost disappears.

 Finally, Senpai’s hips spasmed violently. Sensing the prelude to his ejaculation, I involuntarily tensed up.

「Savor it, Nozomi!」

 Thrusting his meat stick deep into my nose, burying it in his coarse pubic hair, Senpai released the pent-up semen all at once.」

 *Spurt! Spurt! Spurt!*

「Huh!? Mmmph, ah, ugh…」

 The pulsating meat rod throbs in my mouth, pouring a scorching torrent down my throat. Struggling to breathe, I desperately dig my nails into Senpai’s thighs.

 The overpowering scent of chestnut blossoms stings my nose as the lukewarm liquid flows in, thick and sticky.

「Ugh, ugh… guuuuh…」

 In an attempt to escape the suffocation, I gulp down the liquid with audible gulps, but my throat protesting against the strain.

「Don’t spill a single drop.」

 But then, Senpai buries his thick trunk inside me.

 Eventually, Senpai empties himself completely and withdraws his meat rod, leaving behind traces of degradation trickling from the corner of my lips.

「Haaa… ah…」

 My mind feels foggy, perhaps from lack of oxygen. With my mouth half open, I gaze blankly into space.

「For the remaining classes, keep your mouth unwashed and attend.」

「Huh… but, the smell…」

 Senpai merely laughs gleefully. Helpless to resist, with semen’s taste lingering in my mouth, I prepare myself for the fourth period.

 A pungent odor lingers deep in my nostrils, the swallowed semen sticking in my throat. Every time someone nearby sniffs, my spine freezes, fearing I might get caught.

 But it sends shivers down my spine.


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