Confinement 442


Chapter 442 Overnight Date with My Boyfriend, Part One

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「S-sorry for intruding…」

 Right now, I, Natsumi Shima, slipped into the narrow pipe bed in my classmate room, Fumio Kijima’s room.

 Although it was called a bed, it was far from the massive beds in the “Confinement King’s Bedroom.” This one was small and belonged to Fumio Kijima’s room.

 As I settled in, cuddled up against Kijima, his face appeared before me.

(Ah… This is so embarrassing. How did I end up in this situation?)

 If I traced back my thoughts to earlier in the day, it all started with a message I received from Kijima on social media just before the end of the 6th period.

『Let’s go home together today. Let’s meet in front of the convenience store on 3-chome. Keep it a secret from others.』

 Kijima and I lived in opposite directions.

 Feeling perplexed, I made an excuse to my usual companion, Ui-chan, saying, “I have something to do,” and headed to the meeting place.

 When I arrived at the meeting place and a couple of minutes had passed, Kijima appeared. As soon as he saw my face, he took my hand and said, “Shall we go?”

「H-H-Hold on a second! What… what is this? What’s going on? Seriously, explain it to me!」

 Even though I felt embarrassed by my own excessive nervousness, I couldn’t help but ask Kijima with hesitation.

 Kijima smiled and replied, “My parents won’t be home until tomorrow night because they’re attending a family event. I thought it would be nice to have an overnight date.”

「A-a-a-an overnight… d-date? But we… we do that kind of thing all the time…」

「No, no, today it’s not as a Confinement King, but as your classmate and girlfriend, Fumio Kijima.」

「G-girlfriend!? K-Kijima’s girlfriend? M-Me?」

「Keep your voice down.」

 Realizing I had unintentionally raised my voice, I quickly looked around.

 Fortunately, there was no one nearby, and I let out a sigh of relief.

「Wh-what are you saying? Isn’t it Fujiwara-san’s daughter? She’s your girlfriend, right?」

「Yeah, but I thought it would be nice to spend today with you, Natsumi.」


(No… this is not good. My face is burning. It feels like steam is coming out of my head…)

 Of course, I loved Kijima, and we had a physical relationship, but being treated as his girlfriend was a different matter.

 …And because of it, I turn my head away in embarrassment.

「Well, um… Did you dislike the idea?」

「N-No… I-it’s not that… Um, why me?」

「Considering it’s a rare occasion when my parents are away, I thought about someone with whom I could spend it like a new couple. And I felt it would be you, Natsumi.」

「Spending it like a new couple…」

 As I thought about his confession, starting our relationship, and our first overnight stay together, my heart raced, and my mind became overwhelmed.

(No, no, no… Ah, I’m happy, but no, it’s so embarrassing. This is so embarrassing…)

 I do consider Kijima as my boyfriend, but officially, he’s Fujiwara-san’s daughter’s boyfriend. Being treated as his girlfriend now is extremely awkward.

 However, despite my obvious discomfort, Kijima calmly started walking, holding my hand.

(Why is he acting so normal… It’s only me feeling embarrassed… It’s annoying.)

 While thinking that, I was filled with a mix of embarrassment, concern about running into someone we know, and confusion about whether I’m really his girlfriend. With all these thoughts overwhelming me, I let Kijima leads me to his house.

 To be honest, I was absent-minded, and I don’t remember what we talked about along the way.

 The words “lover” and “girlfriend” were the only things swirling in my head.

 When we arrived at his house and closed the front door, he immediately embraced me and stole a kiss.

「Mmm, mmm… Hey, don’t just… mmm… like that… ah…」

 At this point, I was already exhausted and just went along with it.

 I can’t help but think that I must have had a ridiculously erotic expression on my face.

 But just when I thought we were going to start something more intimate, Kijima released my lips and suddenly said, “I’m hungry.”

 I thought the mood was ruined, but at the same time, I felt relieved. If we had continued in that state of excitement, I would have definitely had a nosebleed. After all, my nasal membrane was reaching its limit.

 Luckily, I had confidence in my cooking.

 I put on an apron over my school uniform and stood in the kitchen. Kijima said I could use anything from the refrigerator, so I pondered for a moment and decided to make Pork Ginger Stir-Fry.

 While I was cooking, Kijima, who had sat down at the dining table, was staring at me intently. I could feel his gaze.

(It’s making me nervous…)

 Just as I thought that, Kijima murmured, “It’s so nice to have my girlfriend in a uniform wearing an apron and cooking for me… It’s amazing,” and I almost lost my three fingers while handling the knife.

 Please, refrain from saying things like that while I’m using a knife.

 Fortunately, it seemed like Kijima enjoyed my cooking. I honestly felt relieved when he said, “It’s delicious.”

「Next year, I’m glad we’ll be able to eat this flavor every day.」

 When he said that, I realized that starting next year, Kijima, Ui-chan, and I will be living together. My heart started pounding heavily, and once again, my nasal membrane was in crisis.

 After the meal, Kijima rested his head on my lap, requesting ear cleaning.

(What is it… It feels more like a newlywed than a girlfriend.)

 As soon as I thought that, I am so embarrassed that I almost stick the earpick deep into her ear. I hastily took a deep breath, narrowly saving Kijima from a life-threatening situation. I hope he appreciates it.

 For a while after that, we caressed each other over our clothes while watching TV. When Kijima suggested we take a bath together, I declined because my nasal membrane couldn’t handle it anymore.

 Later, after we each finished bathing, I put on a shirt borrowed from Kijima over my underwear and got into bed. That’s exactly where I am now.

 In front of me is Kijima’s face. His breath gently brushes against my skin. Kijima is not a particularly handsome guy, but naturally, I love his face because I love him.

 When he smiles gently, I can tell that he’s preparing to hold me. My throat feels dry. I gulp down saliva nervously.

「Well, let’s undress.」

「Ah, yeah…」

 As Kijima’s fingers unbutton my shirt, I involuntarily tremble at his touch.

 He smoothly pulls up my bra and whispers in my ear.

「Natsumi, you’re so cute.」

「S-Stop… I don’t need flattery.」

「I can’t flatter you enough because you’re not that good at accepting compliments.」

 For some reason, it’s much more embarrassing than when we usually embracing each other.

 Not the Confinement King, but Fumio Kijima. Boyfriend and girlfriend. Lovers.

 Thinking that, my body becomes even hotter.

「Mmm, mmm…」

 As Kijima covers my mouth with his lips, he grabs my breasts forcefully.

 He persistently massages my entire chest, teasingly avoiding my nipples, and continues to stimulate the surrounding area with his fingertips.

「Ah, mm, nnaa… Ki-Kijima… it’s… too much…」

「You don’t like it?」

「No… not that I don’t like it… but please have mercy and stop teasing me, I can’t take it anymore.」

「Then… how do you want it?」

「…You’re being mean asking that.」

 Even when I pout my lips, Kijima responds with a smile.

 It’s embarrassing. It’s embarrassing to say it out loud, but my nipples, which have been teased relentlessly, ache.

「Well… I want you to do it… with your mouth. I want you to suck on my breasts.」

 Immediately, he eagerly latches onto my nipples.

「Ah, ahhn, su-suddenly… ah, ahh, ahh, aahh…」

 He fondles my breasts with both hands, sucking on my nipples fervently. Then, he licks and circles each nipple in turn.

「Nh, ah, aah, ann, aahhn, ah, ah, ah, aahh…」

 I hold his head in my arms, involuntarily trembling.

(Ahh, Kijima is sucking on my breasts… like a baby.)

 While embracing the head of the man I love, I savored the deep joy welling up from the depths of my chest.

(What is this? I don’t quite understand, but… it makes me happy.)

 Eventually, he slowly raises his face and looks into my eyes, saying.

「I love you, Natsumi.」

「I love… I love you too, Kijima… um, I love you.」

 If asked if I like him, I can answer that I do. But when asked if I love him, I thought I couldn’t say something so affected.

 However, now I don’t have time to think, and “I love you” spills out of my mouth. Perhaps, this is my true feelings.

 We gaze into each other’s eyes and eventually, without thinking, our lips meet again.

「Mm, mmm… mhm, mm, mmm… mmm, slurp, mmm…」

(Aah, a kiss. It feels so good, my mind is melting…)

 Intoxicated by the sweet sensuality woven by our lips and tongues, I foolishly indulge in the pleasure.

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