Confinement 443

Chapter 443 Overnight Date with My Boyfriend, Part Two

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 The faint light of the streetlamp seeped into the room through the curtains.

 In the dimly lit room, the lascivious sound of lips passionately entwining echoed.

 With a mind consumed by pleasure, I pondered absentmindedly.

 (Come to think of it… this is the first time I’ve entered a boy’s room.)

 An overnight date at my boyfriend’s place.

 A situation I had only heard of in romance novels.

 I couldn’t quite believe that I was actually in such a circumstance.

 Unlike the lavish bed in the “Confinement King’s Bedroom,” this single-sized metal bed was narrow and made creaking noises with the slightest movement.

 It had a strangely raw and embarrassing quality to it.

 As I parted our lips and playfully licked each other’s tongues, I whispered into Kijima’s ear while rubbing his robust member with my hand.

 ”…Do you want to… insert it?”

 ”…Yeah, well, I guess so.”

 He responded with a wry smile.

 Kijima probably realized that I couldn’t hold back any longer.

 His nonchalant attitude irritated me a bit.

 Taking a deep breath to steady myself, I rose to my knees, straddled his waist, and then guided his already rock-hard, throbbing cock towards my salivating entrance.

 ”I want to please my boyfriend… well, you know, because I’m your girlfriend.”

 ”I’m happy, Natsumi.”

 His acceptance of my excuse for this indecent act further annoyed me. Why did I fall in love with a guy like him? I muttered so while slowly lowered myself.

 ”Mm, ah…”

 The vivid sensation of his glans penetrating my soft vagina overwhelmed me.

 (Ahh… Kijima’s… he really is big…)

 Instantly, my thoughts were swept away by pleasure.

 The feeling of being stretched by his manhood, of being filled with the joy of becoming one with the one I love.

 It was lewd. No matter how many times I experienced it, this moment of penetration made my spine tingle.

 The squelching and sliding sounds, the carnal sensations that could only be described by onomatopoeic words, were deeply ingrained in my being. The realization that a part of the boy I loved was entering me made my head feel like it was boiling.

 ”Mmm… hah, hah, hah…”

 My breath, reminiscent of a panting dog in midsummer, was shamefully loud. As I settled down on his waist, I placed my hands on his chest, trying to calm my convulsing body.

 Even though I was supposed to be a virgin until recently, my lascivious body, once tamed, moved on its own, seeking to reach new heights in pleasure.

 The conflicting desires to feel even more pleasure and to stay with this man for as long as possible caused the needle within me, like a scale that had tipped onto tiptoes, to waver unsteadily.

 Whether Kijima knew about my inner struggle or not, he reached out and began caressing my breasts while speaking as if he had remembered something.

 ”By the way… wasn’t I on top the first time I embraced you, Natsumi? Do you prefer being on top?”

 If I were to say whether I like it or not, I probably do. Because I want to do it for the man I love.

 ”I-I don’t know, idiot. I just want to lead.”

 ”Lead… like an oni wife?”

 ”W-Wife?! Wife!? Wh-What are you talking about? You’re… you’re jumping to conclusions too quickly, you idiot!”

 ”…Where did the oni part go?”

 Shut up. Whether it’s an oni wife or just a wife, a wife is a wife. I don’t want to give him any reason to expect too much. I lose control when that happens.

 As Kijima looked up at my face, seemingly realizing something, he laughed and reached out to touch my butt.

 ”Well, whatever. I said I’ll cherish you for life, right? And if I get to be under this cute butt, even if you’re an oni wife, I guess I can’t complain.”

 ”Ugh… You idiot.”

 As my body shivered from the sensation of his hand caressing my butt, I leaned forward and kissed him.

 (Ah, I really… love this guy. I want to be the one he loves the most…)

 With a heart filled with bittersweet emotions, I sucked on his lips.

 The more I believed I loved him, the more vivid the sensation of his cock lingering inside my womb became. My intimate place transformed to accommodate him. It belonged to him. Thinking that made me strangely happy.

 ”Natsumi’s vagina… feel so good. It’s like they gently envelop me, and just by being inside, I feel at ease.”

 ”Don’t say things like that as if it’s a compliment. And if you’re satisfied with just being inside, I won’t be happy at all.”

 Suppressing the overwhelming joy that threatened to overflow, I raised my upper body and slowly began moving my hips up and down.

 ”Mm, ah, mm…”

 Just a slight bounce, and the metal bed creaked loudly.

 (Ahh… the friction… it feels amazing…)

 My sensitive parts were being stimulated by the glans rubbing against the front wall, and my clitoris being pressed against his pubic bone. I was intoxicated by the dual pleasure.

 ”Mm, ah… How, how do you like… my hip movements? Mm, mm…”

 His face was flushed, and he smiled softly.

 ”It feels great. And watching Natsumi move her hips like that is really naughty and exciting.”

 Saying that, he reached out and firmly grasped my breasts.

 ”Hey, st-stop… don’t grope them.”

 My breasts contorted obscenely. As Kijima continued to massage them with his fingers, he spoke with amusement.

 ”Thrusting into you while fondling your breasts like this is the best. Your breasts have a nice shape, so I just want to keep squeezing them.”

 ”You’re indirectly saying they’re small, aren’t you? And if you keep groping them like that… ah, mm… I can’t move properly… no, stop, ugh…”

 From my perspective, the pleasure of being thrust into filled me completely. And now, with the added stimulation of my breasts, breasts, breasts… What’s that? No, there was no way I could stay calm.

 ”Hey, ah… my breasts, that’s enough, ah… no, ah, ah, ah…”

 My face was flushed, my body was heated, and I couldn’t catch my breath. I couldn’t contain my voice.

 ”You look so cute when you’re feeling it, Natsumi. I never thought you would become this cute.”

 ”Wh-what do you mean by that? Ahh…!”

 ”I should have made a move on you sooner.”

 ”I-I don’t remember being hit by you.”

 (In reality, I wasn’t being hit. I fell into pleasure… but I don’t mind that, so it’s confusing.)

 ”Natsumi always evades like that. But when it comes to s*x, that won’t do. I need you to accept the pleasure and actively indulge in it.”

 ”D-don’t say such things.”

 ”During s*x, it’s your role to lose control. So, Natsumi, let me suck on your breasts.”

 ”Why are you saying it like that… ah, ah… idiot.”

 Kijima released his hold on my breasts, and I leaned back, placing my hands on the bed. It was embarrassing to offer my breasts willingly. My face felt like it was on fire.

 Kijima then grabbed my exposed breasts once again and hungrily sucked on my nipples without any hesitation.


 The intense pleasure shot through my spine, causing me to jerk involuntarily.

 ”It tastes delicious, Natsumi’s breasts. Ahh, breasts are the best. I want to keep sucking on them forever.”

 He squeezed and kneaded them while enjoying their softness, and he licked and nibbled on my pink nipples, alternating between left and right.

 ”Ah, y-yes! No matter how much you suck, milk won’t come out! Mm, ugh…”

 Unable to control my sweet-sounding voice and unable to stop the movement of my hips, my body moved on its own, as if it was my duty, providing him with pleasure through sensuous hip movements.

 ”I’ll make sure it comes out eventually.”

 ”I don’t want that! I don’t!”

 While saying I didn’t want it, images of holding a baby to my chest flashed through my mind. It seemed like a very appealing future.

 ”Ahh, please, don’t suck my nipples continously…”

 ”Okay, then, maybe it’s about time.”

 After thoroughly sucking on the rosy nipples, Kijima hugged me tightly and lifted his upper body, assuming a face-to-face position.

 ”Then, do you like this? Facing each other, it feels like we’re true lovers, right?”

 ”L-lovers… mm, ngh, lick, lick… mm, fuh, fuuun…”

 The sound of being lovers melted my brain. My lips were stolen, and our tongues entwined passionately. I immersed myself in the joy of being loved and loving in return.

 At the same time, Kijima continued thrusting vigorously.

 ”Ah, ahhhhh! It’s, it’s so sudden, ahh! It’s, intense, ahh, haahhh!”

 I bounced on top of him, in a cross-legged position, feeling the impact of our bodies. The bed creaked. I wrapped my legs around Kijima’s waist and held on, receiving the intense thrusts from below.

 (Ahh… it feels amazing. It’s hitting deep inside… this feels so good.)

 The pleasure of rubbing against the tightly packed folds of my cervix was exquisite. Each time the tip thrust forcefully against the entrance of my womb, stars scattered before my eyes.

 ”Ah, ahh… Kijima… if I go crazy, promise you won’t hate me… mmm! Don’t look at my weird face, it looks so ugly… mmm! Ahh, haa…”

 ”I said it’s your role to lose control. Natsumi, you look so cute when you’re feeling it.”

 As if to prove his words, Kijima’s thrusts became even more intense.

 ”Hii! Aahhh, am I… cute? Really? Say that I’m cuter. Ahh, amazing… haa! Hyaah, it’s coming… hitting deeper! Nghh, Kijima, Kijima, I love you, aahh, I love you, aahh, haaah!”

 ”I love you, Natsumi. You’re cute, Natsumi!”

 I desperately clung to Kijima, gasping for breath. Thoughts flowed directly from my mind to my mouth. Hair swaying, body burning. Consciousness melted into bliss.

 ”Look, I’ll make you feel it even deeper!”

 ”Ahh! No, nooo, it’s too much, too much!”

 He skillfully rubbed against the entrance of my womb. The incredible pleasure engulfed every pore of my body.

 My strength left me completely, and if I didn’t cling on with all my might, I felt like I would collapse backward.

 ”Nnaah… I can’t… anymore…”

 I pleaded with Kijima, my eyes filled with pleasure.

 ”It’s okay, let’s cum together.”

 He tightened his embrace around me, and with one final powerful thrust, he released all his strength.

 ”Hii, aahhhhhhh! Kijimaaaaa! Release it, give it all to me! Show me what it’s like to be your girlfriend!”


 As Kijima called my name, a hot gush erupted deep inside me.

 Splurt! Splurururururt! Splurururt!

 ”Ahhh! Ahh! I’m cumming! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!”

 I shouted at the top of my lungs, gripping tightly with both my hands and legs.

 (Ahh, it’s so hot… his semen is overflowing inside me… Ahh, it’s so blissful… my body and soul are melting… Ahh, I love you, Kijima… my boyfriend…)

 The heat of the vivid fluids overwhelmed me, and I savored the joy of being born a woman. Not only the pleasure of climaxing, but also the overwhelming sense of happiness from receiving the love of my beloved boyfriend.

 Eventually, still connected, we collapsed onto the bed in the aftermath of our climax. Overflowing with love, I peppered his neck with kisses.

 After spending a long time whispering sweet words and playing with each other’s bodies, I slowly sat up.

 I remembered something I needed to tell Kijima. It was important to call out to him. After all, he was my boyfriend.

 ”Um, Kijima… Rin-chan invited me on a trip. It’s to Kyoto. Is it okay if I go?”

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