Confinement 48

Chapter 48 Camouflage Boyfriend

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 In the back seat of a car leaving the parking lot, I caught a glimpse of Kurosawa-senpai’s profile.

 I didn’t care about it, but, “I might have a chance with Kasuya-senpai!” said the female member. It was funny to see how the female members who had been so excited about the possibility of having a chance with Kasuya-senpai, suddenly became dejected when Kurosawa-senpai came back.

 However, I’m not in a position to laugh at anyone else.

 ”Rin…… You, if you’re not careful, you’ll get stabbed sooner or later”

 Mako, my classmate with tanned skin, and short haircut, shrugged her shoulders with a look of exasperation.

 ”But it’s not my fault, is it? No matter how you look at it”

 I’m the manager of the soccer team. Mako was on the track team.

 And now, after school, we were heading towards the club building against the wave of people going home.

 ”But now, the first year of the soccer team misunderstood because you tried to look good for everyone, right?”

 ”Not everyone! It just six people!”

 I doing that because I want to get attention and enjoy being treated with affection.

 But before I knew it, the boys were looking at me with glaring eyes, and yesterday we had a scuffle.

 I guess it was my fault that I left all their confessions I received and saying, “Let me think about it” but I never said when I would reply.

 After all, I’m being pressured about who I’m going out with, and the senior members are looking at me like I’m the enemy. They didn’t even take me to the practice game today, and I was the only one in the club room cleaning the equipment.

 ”It’s all your own fault, isn’t it? That problem”

 ”Really, I didn’t do anything wrong, you know. You probably don’t know that because there are no men around Mako”

 ”Goddamn it, I want to punch your face”

 Mako clenched her fists and shivered, giving a pouting look then spoke.

 ”Why don’t you just pick someone and go out with him? That way, it’ll all work out, right?”

 ”No! There is no one who is good-looking enough to date me, even though they are from Kasuya-senpai’s class”

 ”Then, why don’t you just reject them? Just be honest”

 ”But…. I won’t get any attention from everyone!”

 ”Haa… So why do you have to confess your feelings to that Kimo-buta-senpai?”

 ”Because if I announce that I have a boyfriend, everyone will give up for now, right?”

 ”Well, I guess so”

 ”But I still want to get an attention!”

 ”What do you mean?”

 ”Well, if the guy I’m going out with is good-looking enough, people think it’s okay to go out with him, but if it’s that Kimo-buta-senpai as a boyfriend, people will think, “Maybe I can get her!” Wouldn’t you think so?”

 ”As I thought, you’re insane”

 ”Why! I’ll get a reputation as a good girl who doesn’t judge people by their faces, and even if I break up with him for someone I really like, I won’t feel any regret, and even if things go south, I won’t be together with Kimo-buta by next year, so it’s perfect”

 ”But you got dumped, right? By Kimo-buta-senpai. Yuck!”

 ”Shut up! Stop making fun of me! That was just a little too abrupt. He just thought I was selling him a jar or something”

 ”A jar, huh….. But why you choose Kimo-buta-senpai? If it’s just ugly, there are plenty of others”

 ”Because Kimo-buta-senpai has something that other boys don’t have!”

 ”What is it?”

 ”Well…… they say men are always interested about naughty thing. I have no intention of doing that, and I’m scared of being attacked. So, it’s just camouflage”

 ”Okay, I guess you’re right. Especially if he’s ugly and unattractive, he’s going to snort even harder”

 ”Also, I heard Kasuya-senpai talking to another student”

 ”What is it?”

 ”That Kimo-buta, he’s “impotent””

 Mako immediately erupted, “Pfft!” And then Mako erupted.

 ”Gya-ha-ha-ha-ha! Seriously!?”

 ”Seriously, seriously. I heard that she’s been asking him to go to her house or to a hotel every day, but that Kimo-buta won’t go for it at all. Can you believe it? She’s the one asking him to go to a hotel. And Kasuya-senpai said, “He must not be able to get it up……””

 ”Ahahaha…… my stomach hurts. It’s too funny”

 Mako is holding her stomach and shaking.

 You’re laughing too hard, you know.

 ”So, I don’t have to worry about being attacked, and he’s the perfect camouflage boyfriend. Well, it seems fake to me if she asks him to go to a hotel with her”

 ”She’s that small-breasted bitch senpai, right? I heard from one of my seniors that she used to be a prostitute, so it’s normal for her to ask someone out to a hotel”

 ”Oh, really?”

 ”So, does Kimo-buta-senpai know if the bitch used to be a prostitute? Why don’t you tell him? Maybe he’ll break up with her easily?”

◇ ◇ ◇

 After dropping Misuzu-sama off at her home, I went straight back to my apartment.

 Today I’m going straight home and I’ve already informed the Chief and Inomoto-senpai about her.

 Regarding the transportation of Misuzu-sama, the Chief said to me, “Is it really necessary to go that far?” and then I spoke.

 [She has a deep psychological scar that could cause her to commit suicide]

 [She’s hiding something and I’m trying to find out what it is]

 [I believe that the criminal released her in order to make her do something]

 I put together a list of plausible explanations, and finally, I got the approval as part of “the surveillance of Misuzu Kurosawa”.

 Although there was a condition that it would be for a maximum of two weeks, until the end of this month.

 Then, after leaving the car in the underground parking lot, I got on the elevator and pressed the button to go to the 18th floor.

 It was the tallest tower apartment in the area, both physically and in terms of price.

 A four-bedroom apartment on the upper floor.

 My fiancé had prepared the apartment for us to live in after our marriage, but now I was the only one living in it.

 The apartment is still unfurnished, with no TV and no bed.

 Until a while ago, I had been sleeping on the floor with a futon, but since the beginning of this week, I have hardly lived in this room.

 As soon as I got back to my room, I immediately took a shower.

 In my bath towel, I took a can of beer from the refrigerator and drank it down, then carefully applied my makeup in front of the dresser.

 In the daytime, I’m not really me.

 But now, my heart is in high spirits. At this point, my body is already starting to tingle.

 From this time on, this is my real life.

 The other day, I welcomed my master to this room once.

 And he gave me the best gift of all.

 Now, looking through the mirror on the dresser, I looked behind me.

 This room was to be the couple’s bedroom.

 However, on the wall, a large wooden door sits.

 Master called it the <Back door> and he said that only he and I could see it.

 Only be seen by me and my Master…… What a sweet sound.

 After that, I stood up from the dresser stool, took off my bath towel, and walked through the door in my newborn state.

 On the other side of the door was a room almost as big as the living room of my current apartment. This was the room that my Master had given to me.

 White plaster walls and marble floor. The furnishings are all in blue. The master’s impression of me is blue.

 I’m not quite sure, but I think it is…… an honor.

 The room is a suite of a luxury hotel. Or even more luxurious than that. Aside from work, this is where I live most of my life now.

 The apartment is now just an entrance.

 After entering the room, I went to the door on the left to the dressing room to choose my outfit for tonight.

 Lili-sama had told me that my Master’s preference was s*xy lingerie.

 And from the countless outfits available, I chose a topless blue bustier and black high-legged panties.

 A corset with bare breasts and it’s braided around the abdomen on both sides. The extremely short frilly skirt that adorned my waist did nothing to hide anything. And now, my silhouette is very seductive.

 I check my figure in the mirror again, and then step out into the hallway.

 Across the hall is Masaki-sama’s room. At the end of the hallway is Master’s bedroom.

 After walking for a moment, I stand in front of the door to the Master’s bedroom.

 I don’t knock on it. Even if I knocked, no one would hear me.

 Then, as I pushed the door and stepped inside, I saw a huge canopied bed in the middle of the room that could sleep ten people in a row.

 ”Oh, Ryoko-san! Good evening! You’re early today”

 There is a pretty girl sitting on the bed smiled.

 She’s Masaki-sama, Master’s first favorite princess.

 Then, when Masaki-sama saw how I looked, she said.

 ”Ufu~, we look alike”

 She smiled at me.

 Upon reflection, I realized that Masaki-sama had also chosen to wear a topless bustier tonight.

 The color was lemon with black stripes.

 While her torso was strained like a corset, only her breasts were exposed, but the difference in size was disheartening even though it was the same type of outfit.

 When I visited her the other day, she told me that she had I-cups.

 I thought I wasn’t too poor, but when the difference in size is so blatantly shown, I don’t feel like competing.

 Her face is young, but her body is a miracle. Her existence is indecent. Of course, I am saying this in admiration.

 Currently, the two of us are acting as Master’s mistress.

 Masaki-sama does it almost every night, except for monthly interruptions, and I do it three times a week, on my off-duty days and the day before my two late shifts.

 Master is an unequaled man, and when he acts as my partner, of course we go at it until morning. He makes me climax like crazy every day and I can only say that I am happy.

 As I was exchanging words with Masaki-sama, I heard the creaking sound of the door.

 It was the arrival of Master.

 Masaki-sama and I hurriedly got off the bed and welcomed our master with three fingers.

 ”Oh, Ryoko, you’re early today, aren’t you? Thank you for your hard work”

 I was filled with joy when he said that to me directly from above my head.

 ”Fumio-kun, I worked hard too, praise me, praise me”

 While saying this, Masaki-sama clung to Master, Only Masaki-sama (?) is allowed to behave like this.

 ”Masaki-chan, I heard you’re learning how to brainwash from Lili”

 ”Yes, I wanted to help Fumio-kun”

 ”Thank you, I’m glad”


 After greeting, Masaki-sama and I took turns kissing Master while we undressed him.

 Then, with Master in the middle, Masaki-sama on the right and me on the left, we lay down on the bed.

 For a while, it has been customary for us to lie down on the bed and enjoy a bedtime story while playing with each other’s body briefly.

 However, although it is called a bedtime story, it is usually a report from me to Master.

 ”Tomorrow, I will interview Teruya Hikaru. The suspect in the disappearance of Misuzu-sama and Masaki-sama has been determined to be the sister’s husband of Teruya Hikaru, the young leader of the Kamishima clan, and the purpose of the interview is to find out if Teruya Hikaru is involved in the case”

 ”Ehehe. After all, it’s Teruya-san’s fault, right? Fumio-kun is such a bad boy”

 ”Anything else?”

 ”Yes, there is no change in Misuzu-sama’s condition. The rest is…… unrelated”

 ”So, what is that?”

 ”It seems that Detective Inomoto and the school nurse, Kitora, have started dating”


 Master and Masaki-sama made a sound somewhere between “Ah” and “Eh” at the same time. They seemed to be quite surprised.

 ”Fumio-kun, could it be that spring has finally come to Kitora-sensei?”

 ”No, it may not be such a peaceful story. It could be a harbinger of a natural disaster or a countdown to the destruction of the earth……”

 ”If requested, I can ask Detective Inomoto for more information”

 When I told them that, they looked serious and nodded their heads in agreement.

 ”And…… Fumio-kun, is there any other girl you are interested in?”

 After a breath of silence, Masaki-sama asked Master.

 ”What do you mean? A-Are you suspecting me of cheating on you?”

 ”It’s not like that. Ryoko and I have been talking about it too…… You see, Fumio-kun is…… amazing, right? After all, both Ryoko and I always faint at the end of the game, and I thought it would be more satisfying if there were at least one more girl……”

 ”Is that okay with you, Masaki-chan?”

 ”Yes, I would welcome anyone except Misuzu-chan. It’s more important for Fumio-kun to be able to feel good”

 ”I see…… Ryoko has work to do, too. I’m sorry, I’ve put so much pressure on the two of you…… But even if you say I’m interested in a girl, there aren’t many girls as cute as Masaki-chan and Ryoko”

 Master casually praises me like this, and I can’t get enough of it. It makes me happy all the time.

 ”Speaking of which, a girl confessed her feelings to me today”

 ”She’s got a lot to offer if she wants to catch Master’s eye”

 ”I don’t know if there’s anything to see or not, but…… she’s definitely cute, but compared to the two of you, she’s not”

 Therefore, I decided to propose something that I had been thinking about for a while.

 ”How about my sister?”


 ”She’s a student at Oume Women’s College, and from her older sister’s point of view, she’s not bad”

 ”No, no, no, no, Ryoko’s sister would be cute, but…… are you sure?”

 ”I’m not really sure. But it is the best pleasure for a woman to be embraced by Master. I am convinced that being your slave is the most desirable path for my sister”

 Master looked thoughtful for a moment.

 ”Lili, are you there?”

 He raised his voice. Immediately, Lili-sama appeared in the air.

 ”What’s up, Devi?”

 ”You heard what she said, right? Can I ask you to think of a brainwashing plan for Ryoko’s sister?”

 ”Here is it again, you like to be passive, Devi”

 ”That’s not what I meant……. Still, because of my mistake the other day, I thought I’d learn a little more”

 ”Was it so hard for you to let go of Kurosawa-chan?”

 ”Well, yeah”

 Then, Masaki-sama puffed up her cheeks and pinched the back of Master’s hand.

 This was allowed because she was Masaki-sama.

 ”Okay, Devi. Then, Ryoko, write up your sister’s profile”


 ”Well, that’s enough talk for now”

 With that said, Master embraced Masaki-sama and myself with both hands.

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