Confinement 49

Chapter 49 I Want to be Told I’m Cute

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 When I stood up on the bed, I looked down at Masaki-chan.

 She had shoulder-length chestnut hair and a lemon-colored flower ornament that matched her underwear.

 Her face is still childish as ever, but her breasts are fully exposed in the bustier, creating a mismatch that is even more indecent.

 ”Nfufu, Fumio-kun’s milk will be squeezed!”

 When she was proud of her breast and said that, Masaki-chan got down on her knees and buried my thing in her deep cleavage.

 Her breast has a heavy feeling. Her cleavage is slightly sweaty and warm like a sauna. And this is enough to make me feel good.

 ”Have fun”

 With that, she begins to shake her breasts up and down slowly.

 Squish, Squish, Squish.

 She then moved her chin back and extended her tongue to my glans, and she started to dribble saliva on it.

 Thanks to this, her breasts and the meat stick rub smoothly against each other, and the luscious stimulation of the milk scrape flows smoothly into my crotch.

 Squish, Nchu, Nchu, Squish, Squish!

 The superb milk pressure squeezed my thing rhythmically in an attempt to squeeze out the semen.

 (Holy….. it feels so good! )

 ”Ufufu, Fumio-kun, you look like you’re feeling good…… Ahh, but Fumio-kun’s hot thing, Haa~….. make me feel good too… I thing……”

 Masaki-chan’s breath slightly fluttered as she let out a sweet, nasal voice.

 Maybe it’s hard work to keep shaking such big breast after all.

 Then, her forehead is already beginning to sweat, and several strands of her thin chestnut hair are stuck to it.


 Just as I let out a hot breath of comfort――



 Suddenly, I was hit by a pleasant sensation that seemed to penetrate my brain.

 When I turned around in a panic, I saw Ryoko on her knees, while bending her back and neck as much as she could, and burying her beautiful face deep in the valley of my ass.


 I was honestly surprised by this.

 I don’t remember instructing her to lick my anus. She had said she was learning to please me, and I wondered if this was the case.

 However, Ryoko suddenly seemed to be in a better mood when I bounced up and down as hard as I could.

 Lick! Lick Lick… Slurp, Slurp, Lick!

 Her unexpectedly long and hot tongue began to run up and down hard along the valley of my ass.

 ”Ughh…… Ughh……!”

 I couldn’t help but let out a squeal.

 Each time the pointed tip of her tongue powerfully dug into the hollow of my asshole, I felt a rush of pleasure that made my hips jump.


 But Masaki didn’t seem to be pleased.

 She seemed to be unhappy that Ryoko was making me feel better than she was.

 ”It’s okay, Masaki-chan, it feels good too”

 ”Unn… I’ll do my best”

 With a frustrated expression on her face, she began to shake her breasts even harder.

 Of course, I’m not lying that Masaki-chan’s breasts feel good.

 The softness of the condensed female flesh as her breasts were firmly pulled together and pinched from both sides. It really seems to melt my meat stick to its core.

 But Ryoko’s momentum doesn’t stop.

 Her tongue, which had been tracing up and down the valley between my ass, suddenly――

 Lick, Rub, Rub, Rubb!

 This time, the tip of her tongue sharpened and began to dig deep into the small hole.

 ”Nnh! Nnn!”

 ”Ohh! That startled me……”

 I involuntarily jerked back from the powerful assault, and my p*nis jumped between Masaki-chan’s breasts.

 However, now, the sharp tip of the tongue digs into the hard, squeezed little hole, as if to pry it open.

 Every time it wriggles, I feel a tremendous sensation of pleasure that makes my eyes go white.

 I cowered helplessly as they tortured me from both front and back.

 ”Wow… your p*nis is almost bursting”

 Masaki-chan let out a happy voice.

 I looked at her and saw that she was moving her left and right breasts up and down at different times and squirming my p*nis all over the inside from all angles.

 (Where did you get such a technique, Masaki-chan……?)

 This is the hardest service I’ve ever received from the women I love.

 Naturally, there’s no way I can take this.

 ”I-I’m coming, Masaki-chan! Ryoko!”

 As soon as I said it, I felt my lower abdomen flare up.

 Spurt! Spurttttt!

 As I ejaculated inside Masaki-chan’s bouncy breasts, Ryoko’s tongue, which was buried in my anus, squeezed at the same time.

 In the midst of my climax, they continued to torture me.

 Masaki-chan shook her breasts from bottom to top as if begging for more and more, while Ryoko gouged my anus with her tongue even harder, which was twitching pathetically.

 ”Ugh… Haa…”

 It’s an incredible feeling.

 As soon as I ejaculated, I sat down on the spot, having never experienced such pleasure before.

 ”Haa…… Haa…… Holy, it feels so good”

 ”Ufufu, I’m glad”

 She smiled at me and looked at the white liquid in her cleavage with enraptured eyes.


 ”Then, Masaki-sama, let me clean you up”

 Ryoko suddenly buried her face in Masaki-chan’s cleavage and started to slurp up the semen.

 ”Wait, wait a minute! Ryoko-san, nooo! This is mine!”

 Masaki-chan hurriedly kissed Ryoko’s mouth and took the semen back. Between their lips, the sound of water slurping and slurping sounded.

 (……It’s too erotic)

 The two of them stood on their knees, engrossed in slurping each other’s mouths.

 It’s not that I’m a fan of this kind of thing.

 However, I can’t help but feel a little left out in this situation.

 (A slave who neglects their master needs to be properly disciplined!)

 As I thinking so, I sneak up behind Ryoko, grab her waist, pull down her high-legged panties, and shove my cock into her.

 ”Puha, Cough, Cough, Hiiii!!!”


 The sudden attack caused Ryoko to spurt out my sperm, which splattered on Masaki-chan’s face.

 ”Who do you think you are, neglecting me, Ryoko!”

 As I began to pump violently, Ryoko began to pant hard, flustered that she had angered her master.

 ”Hiii, P-please forgive me, Ah, Ah, Ahhn! Please! Nnn, Please forgive me!

 ”Shut up!”

 I pulled my hips back until I was just about to pull out, and then I gouged Ryoko’s hole again.


 The large, bulging frenulum rubbed up against her fold, and the scream that escaped her lips had a sweet sound to it.

 Splat! Splat! Splat!

 As I thrust harder and harder, Ryoko’s wavy hair shook, her breasts bounced up and down, and she leaned back.

 ”Noooo, I’m cumming, Master, I’m going to cummmm!”

 Because she was attacked when she was defenseless, her climax was unusually fast. Ryoko desperately pleaded. But I’m not going to let up here.

 When she climaxed, her vagina is completely swollen. I wonder how excited she was when she was just licking my anus.

 The folds of her vagina also happily entwined at my meat stick, making a lustful slurping sound.

 ”I’m cumming, Ah, please forgive me! Cummmmmming!”

 Ryoko leaned back, exposing her white throat, and sprayed a squirt from her urethra.

 Her vagina, which was at its peak, squeezed my thing tightly.

 But to her misfortune, I had recently gotten a taste of what it’s like to have a girl in the middle of a climax.

 So, I thrust harder and harder into Ryoko, who was in the midst of twitching and climaxing.

 Splat, Splat, Splat, Splat!

 The pressure on her vagina increases, and her love juices become muddy and have many threads running through them.

 ”Ahh, Ah, Ahhhhh, Hiii, M-Masyer, p-please forgwive me, I-I’m stwill cumming…”

 With the heat of the intense rubbing burns the folds of her vagina and my frenulum rubbed up against her vagina, Ryoko shook her head madly.

 ”H-Hiiiiiii! I-I’m cumming, I’m cummwing again, Masyer”

 Ryoko’s eyes were black and white. Perhaps a small climax has struck her several times now. The evidence of this is that her vagina continues to shiver and shudder.

 (No, I still can!)

 Ryoko desperately begged for forgiveness.

 But I bared my male instincts and thrust my hips up with quick swings.

 ”P-please forgwive me, Ahh, Ahhh, please forgwive me, Ahhhh, Pleaseeeee…..”

 It seems that the suppression of emotions finally became ineffective. And tears spilled from Ryoko’s eyes as if she had broken a dam.

 ”Not yet”

 Feeling the ring piercing on my palm, I reached Ryoko’s breast and twisted her breasts with all my might, while repeatedly pumping her hard.

 ”Hiiiii!? It hwrts, please, please forgwive meeeee!”

 As I doing that, her vagina hole was scraped open, and her love juices turned to fumes.

 Ryoko who was still being pounded become a broken doll and her movements became more and more frenzied.

 ”Ryoko! Does my dick feel good?”

 ”It feels hood, It’s hamazing, Hiiii, I like Masher’s dick, Ahhh, Hummming, Hummmmming!”

 Then, as the air is mixed into the fluid, a farting sound begins to echo from the joint.

 ”Ahhhhhh, It’s emharassing, It’s emharassing me, Masterrrrr…”

 As soon she hears that, she covered her flushed face with her hands and showed signs of embarrassment like a virgin.


 When I thought about it, hot magma was already swirling at the base.

 ”Ryoko, I’m about to cum”

 ”P-please hive me, Please hum inside Ryoko, Please Masterrrrr!”

 Ryoko, who had already exceeded her climax, was panting like a maniac.

 ”Hiii, Hiii, Nnhhhh!”

 As soon as the meat stick gouged into Ryoko’s deepest part, it burst with a violent spasm.

 ”Haa~, Fuaaaahhhhh~, Nghiiii, Ahh, It’s hwot, It’s so hwot, My hinside is hwottttt!”

 With that, a muddy stream of semen slammed into her cervix, filling her innermost region.

 And Ryoko leaned back with her tongue sticking out and she squirmed and let go of her consciousness into the void.

 With a plop, the p*nis slipped out of her vagina, and Ryoko collapsed onto Masaki-chan’s breast.

 Masaki-chan hugged her and looked at me, who was breathing hard, with a look of dismay on her face.

 ”Demon…. You’re overdid it”

 ”Ahaha …… sorry”

 I scratched my head and she giggled.

 ”Then it’s my turn, okay?”

 She gently laid Ryoko down and then lay down next to her, opening her legs wide.

 She pushed her labia wide apart with her fingertips, revealing the depths of her vagina, and smiled lewdly.

 ”Here is your wife’s pussy, Fumio-kun. This time, make sure you impregnate me properly”

 When Masaki-chan found out that what she thought was Fertility Drug was actually Ramune, she got angry. And that’s a lot of anger.

 When I apologized to her, she puffed up her cheeks and said, “Next time, make sure you impregnate me!”.

 That reserved, shy girl was nowhere to be seen.

 The event that took me away from Kurosawa-san had changed her drastically.

 And now, the sight of her showing off her crotch was outrageously nasty.

 The bustier she wore tightened around her infant waist, emphasizing her huge breasts even more.

 The folds of her pussy, pushed apart by her fingers, were drooling profusely.

 ”Then I’ll taste my wife’s pussy without reservation”

 ”Ufu, yes please”

 As soon as I was on top of her, I placed my cock, which was already hard, against her slit, even though I had just taken it out.

 ”Ah… it’s entering me… Nn… Ah… Welcome home my husband’s p*nis…”

 Her vagina is already loosened and loose, a different feeling than Ryoko’s tightly squeezed vagina. It’s narrow, yet soft and enveloping. Then, I slowly pushed it open.

 ”Ah, Ahh…. Nnnn, Nnnn….. My entire life has been taken up by Fumio-kun. I’m so happy”

 ”Masaki-chan, you’re getting really hot here”

 ”Fumio-kun, I want you to…… take your time making love to me”

 ”Yes, I understand”

 If I keep in touch with them every day, I will know what they like to do.

 Ryoko loves to be fucked hard, while Masaki-chan prefers to be fucked in the missionary position.

 Splat, Splat.

 I start to move my hips slowly, savoring the feeling of her vagina.

 ”Ahhh… Nnn, Nnnh, Fumio-kun’s p*nis is the best, Nnnh, it rubs so well”

 Her vagina folds are so tight that they seem to be welcoming me enthusiastically.

 ”Haa~, Haauu~… It’s so slow, it feels so good to feel it rubbing inside me… Ahh~, Haa~, Ahh~… Nnn……”

 ”Masaki-chan’s insides are already moist. Did you feel when Ryoko was being fucked?”

 ”That’s obvious…… I can see Ryoko’s happy face all the time”

 ”Well then, here it comes……”

 I leaned completely on top of her and put my weight on her. Then, I moving into a full-on pistoning position.

 Immediately, her large breasts jiggled between her and me.

 ”Oh, it’s heavy…….”

 Masaki-chan’s eyebrows furrowed in agony for a moment. But when I started swinging my hips hard, she immediately started leaking out a charming voice.

 Splat! Splat! Splat!

 ”Ahhh, Fuuuahh, Ahhh… It’s amazing, Nnn, Suddenly so intense, Nnn, Ahh!”

 Masaki-chan immediately got into a position where she was clinging to me with both her hands and feet, accepting me with her whole body.

 ”Ahh, Ahh, i-it’s so good, Nnnn, Ahhhh, m-my insides are getting all rubbed together, and it feels so good, it’s making me cum all over…… Ah, Ah, Ah”

 Splat! Splat! Splat!

 I’ve been using my hips pretty hard, but Masaki-chan really seems to be enjoying the sensation.

 ”Ahh, Ahh, Nnnh, Ahhh, I like it when you pump me a lot, Fumio-kun, my husband, your toughness, I like it a lot, Ahh, Ahh, ……”

 When she said such cute things, I wanted to make her feel more and more.

 So, I thrust my hips forward and thoroughly tortured the deepest part.

 ”Ahh, Ahh, Ahh, Nnn, it’s hitting me, Nnn! It’s so hard, it’s hitting me so hard, I’m being pounded, hiii”

 The inside of her vagina shuddered and she stiffened. Apparently, she came lightly.

 As I pounded her, I held her head in my arms.

 Splat! Splat! Splat!

 ”Nnnh, Ahhh, Ah, Ah, please take your time, Nnn, It’s too hot, Aaah, Aaah, My eyes are going blank, Aaah, It feels too good, Aaah, Aaah”

 She suddenly leaned back and the wriggling cervix sucked on the glans as if it were snatching it.

 ”Nnnn! Ahhhh, it’s hitting me, it’s hitting me”

 ”It’s so tight! I’ll let it out, so just like that, okay?”

 ”Ahh! Yeah, please give it to me, give me a lot of baby, please let out inside!”

 ”I’m cumming……!”


 A long, hard blow to the inside.

 Immediately, the semen rushes up to the urethra with great force.

 ”Nhiiiiiiiii!? Hiiiiiiaaaa”

 Masaki-chan clenched her teeth, arched her body, and tightened her arms and legs around my back.

 ”Nnnnnh, Ahhh, Hiii, it’s coming out, it’s coming outtt, the baby is coming outtt, Nnnh… Fumio-kun, I love you……”

 I let the last of it out and hug her as she bounces around, breathing hard.

 ”Haa~… Haa~, Masaki-chan is cute, after all”

 ”Haa~… Haa~… Nfufu, I promised to be a cute wife. Are you okay? Am I cute?”

 ”You are cute”

 After spending some time hugging her, I pulled out my p*nis and sat up.

 I’m not sure how long it took her to recover, but now Ryoko is hugging me from behind.

 ”Master…… Umm……”

 ”What is it?”

 ”Is Ryoko also …… cute?”

 To be honest, I was surprised. Such words would come out of Ryoko’s mouth.

 ”Are you jealous of Masaki-chan?”

 ”Yes…. I know that I am unworthy of my position. But, if possible, I would like Master…… to say that I am cute”

 ”Haha, Ryoko is very cute right now”

 Immediately, Ryoko’s cheeks turn bright red as if they were boiling.

 If you make a face like that, there’s no stopping me.

 Then, I grabbed Ryoko’s waist again.

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