Confinement 50

Chapter 50 You, Aren’t you too

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 On the way to school, I pondered.

 Because of the energy drink from the demon world, I’ve been able to enjoy the pleasure almost endlessly.

 But when I think about it again, indeed, I’m probably putting Masaki-chan and Ryoko through a lot.

 And with one more person, the burden on them will be much lighter.

 Because we don’t have the idea of limiting the number of times we have intercourse.

 After all, we are at an age where we want to do that, and we don’t have to worry about our physical strength. If it were allowed, I’d like to hold a girl for as long as I could.

 To be honest, I was surprised by Ryoko’s proposal. She was offering her own sister as a slave.

 But then again, being a slave to me as the highest value means something like that.

 For Ryoko, being a slave to me is moral, common sense, and a happy thing.

 It was probably because she wished for her sister’s happiness that she said what she did.

 In case anyone is wondering, tonight Ryoko will hand over her sister’s profile to Lili, and she will make a brainwashing plan based on it.

 But as I thought about it, I came to my senses.

 (Maybe I’m about to do something irreversible?)

 When I think about it, I confined Kurosawa-san and Masaki-chan for revenge, and I confined Ryoko because she was an obstacle to me getting my revenge.

 Although Tateoka-kun was a little unpredictable, it was to protect Fujiwara-san and to begin with, he was the target of revenge.

 I did what I did for a good reason…… and that’s what I think.

 But that doesn’t apply to Ryoko’s sister. To satisfy my own s*xual desire, I am trying to prey on a woman whose face and name I do not know.

 I wonder if this is the same Tateoka-kun who took…… Fujiwara-san to a hotel.

 But that’s just what Lili wants.

 The more evil I do, the more the devil’s power grows. That’s what she told me when we first met.

 However, if I were to prey on women just for my own desires here, there would be no stopping me.

 That kind of anxiety crossed my mind.

 (I’m sorry to say this to Ryoko, but I think it’s better to say no……)

 As soon as I thought about it.

 ”Senpai! Good morning!”

 I heard a girl’s voice coming from behind me.

 I turned around and there she was the girl who had confessed her love to me yesterday.

 I think her name was Fukuda-san.

 She was smiling with the corners of her mouth turned up as she brushed her slightly light chestnut hair. Her expression gives me the impression that she is friendly.

 I don’t know much about the first-year students, but I think she’s probably one of the top castes.

 ”Senpai! What a coincidence! Let’s go together!”

 However, even though she seemed friendly, she was completely different from Fujiwara-san.

 It’s not that she’s stupid like Fujiwara-san, but rather she behaves as if she knows how cute she is. And there’s a hint of fakeness.

 I actually had never seen a girl like her on my way to school before, and there was no way I could have just happened to meet her yesterday.

 I’m pretty sure she was waiting for me.

 She took the liberty of walking alongside me, despite my confusion, and whispered to me like a man who’s trying to pick up a girl.

 ”Hey, senpai, hey, senpai. Please go out with me”

 ”Didn’t I turn you down yesterday?”

 ”Yesterday was yesterday, and we are still living in tomorrow!”

 (……today is missing though?)

 No matter how many times I rejected her, she was like a zombie.

 ”I mean, why me?”

 ”Eh? ………… Because you’re my type, I guess”

 (I swear, she’s lying. Her eyes are swimming)

 I don’t know what she’s up to, but it’s best not to get involved with her.

 ”I’m sorry to say it again, but I have a girlfriend”

 Then she smiled and looked into my face.

 ”Senpai, I wasn’t sure whether to tell you or not, but…… you’re being deceived by your girlfriend”

 ”What do you mean?”

 ”She used to be a prostitute, you know. Uri. She used to have men do naughty things for money”

 ”I know it”

 ”It’s shocking, isn’t it? Yes, I understand, wait…… Eh?”

 She made a puzzled face.

 ”I know. It’s not really a shock or anything, though”

 ”W-why not? Senpai, p-prostitute is the kind of person who would do something like that. I’m sure she still does it …… by camouflaging herself as a quiet senior”

 At that moment, blood rushed to my head. I was surprised even by myself. I found myself grabbing her chin with one hand.

 Her eyes were wide open, and her mouth was like an octopus’s. I put my face against the tip of her nose and whispered.

 ”I don’t know who told you this, but I don’t like it when you make assumptions about people”

 Then, in a low voice, I said.

 ”If you tell anyone about it…… I’ll crush you”

 I took my hand away from her cheek and turned away, her gaze swimming with confusion.

 I then started to walk away, but there was no sign that she was following me.

 And by the time, I woke up from my state of excitement, I thought “I’ve done it!”.

 I should have just laughed it off, but I didn’t know what I was really doing.

 But at least Fujiwara-san is under my control.

 I’m aware that she’s one of my possessions.

 So, I have no intention of forgiving anyone who messes with my property.

 ”I wonder if it was Teruya-san or one of those short-cut girls on the…… track and field team who told her that story”

 Come to think of it, the photo of Fujiwara-san naked is still in their possession.

 However, I don’t remember the faces of those four short-cuts at all.

 In fact, I don’t know how many members of the track and field team who have short haircuts are out there.

 However, rather than messing around with Ryoko’s sister, I can use this as an excuse.

 ”It’s pain in the ass… Just confined all the members of the…… track and field team”

 ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

 After dumbfoundedly watching the back of Kimo-buta leaving, I came to my senses.

 (What’s wrong with that guy! So proud of himself! What’s with the crushing!)

 Has he ever looked at his own face in the mirror?

 It’s only allowed when a handsome guy says it!

 As soon as I say that, I took out a handkerchief from my blazer pocket and carefully wiped the area that was touched by that Kimo-buta.

 I can’t stand the thought of getting a pimple from being touched with dirty hands.

 ”Gosh, it’s annoying!”

 I don’t care about that thing anymore, but it’s too frustrating to feel threatened and frightened by something like that.

 Anyway, he is just a weak bully who can only be strong against a weak girl like me.

 ”You remember it! I’ll be the one to crush you!”

 ◇ ◇ ◇

 The morning classes were over, and lunchtime was coming.

 As usual, I had a lunch box in my hand with a heart mark drawn on it.

 Of course, it was made by Fujiwara-san.

 This is also the same as usual.


 ”E~! You’re such a good cook, Mai”

 ”Well, I’ve been doing it since I was a little girl. Why don’t you cook for Kasuya-chi?”

 ”Of course …… I would be …… happy if Misuzu would cook for me”

 ”Then… Even I don’t think I’ll be as good as Mai, but I’ll give it my best shot……. I guess, Ehehe”

 There is only one thing I can say.

 ”How did this …… happen?”

 Now, on the rooftop, there is a group of people spreading out their lunch on a plastic sheet, like a picnic.

 And I was in the middle of it.

 The one clinging to my arm is Fujiwara-san.

 Yeah, it’s hard to eat lunch, so get away from me.

 And so far, there are no trouble for us.

 However, the problem was the two people sitting across from us.

 Kurosawa-san and Kasuya-kun.

 They are holding sandwiches and a carton of coffee milk, which they seem to have bought from the store.

 ”Umm…… Fujiwara-san?”

 ”What is it, Fu~min?”

 ”What’s…… this?”

 Fujiwara-san replied with a big smile on her face.

 ”Ehehe, if we have dinner together, we’ll be friends. I want Fu~min’s and my friends to get along well”

 (Yeah…… this guy is stupid, after all)

 It’s impossible, of course.

 Only Fujiwara-san is unconcerned in this situation.

 They must have been forced into it by Fujiwara-san. Kasuya-kun is obviously looking annoyed, Kurosawa-san is not even looking at me, and I’m acting like I don’t exist.

 ”Well, let me introduce you. This is my boyfriend. Fu~min”

 ”I know…… we’re in the same class”

 Kasuya-kun replied with a troublesome face, and Kurosawa-san added.

 ”I don’t even want to know”

 (Well, of course)

 No matter how stupid Fujiwara-san is, there’s no way she can’t understand this obviously awkward atmosphere.

 She must have thought it was a bad idea. She opened her mouth to make up for it.

 ”I think everyone misunderstands, but Fu~min is actually very masculine! When I was in trouble, he suddenly appeared and saved me. He’s a prince on a white horse!”

 The fact that she didn’t mention Tateoka-kun seemed to be surprisingly well-read, but it wasn’t the kind of awkwardness that would loosen things up.

 As soon as Fujiwara-san say that, Kurosawa-san opened her mouth as if to tell her.

 ”Mai…… you’re being deceived, you know, especially when he appears so conveniently. He must be trying to curry favor with you and do something nasty to you”

 ”I’d rather have him do something nasty to me. However, even I tempted him, he would not come on board at all”

 ”Mai…… You…….”

 When Kurosawa-san shows a pretense of holding her head, Kasuya-kun interjects to appease her.

 ”Mai-chan must be scared that it makes her more insane. This guy looks like a virgin, right?”

 I’m afraid to talk to Kasuya-kun, but I can’t just keep quiet when he talks to me.

 ”For the time being…… I’m not a virgin, but…”

 The air in this place instantly froze.

 ”Eh!? I was about to take away your virginity, but Fu~min, you’re terrible!”

 ”Whoa, whoa, seriously? She must be an angel to take care of someone like you. How ugly is she?”

 Fujiwara-san and Kasuya-kun raise their voices in surprise at the same time. Yeah, Fujiwara-san seems to be a bit self-conscious!

 ”…Umm, I don’t think she’s…… ugly”

 (I mean, that’s your girlfriend, you know……)

 ”Who’s prettier, me or the virgin killer? It’s me, right? It’s must be me!”

 (That virgin killer is right in front of you, though……?)

 Then, Kurosawa-san, also known as the virgin killer, frowned and scolded the two of them.

 ”Both of you, what are you talking about while eating? I don’t think there’s any girl who would be interested in this kind of thing”

 (You, Aren’t you too!)

 ”Well, I guess you’re right. Mai-chan should be a little more selective about who she goes out with, don’t you think?”

 When Kasuya-kun agreed with the virgin killer, Fujiwara-san puffed out her cheeks.

 ”Muuu! You two don’t have to talk like that! Then I’m going to say it! Fumin’s ochinpo-chan is amazing!”

 Immediately, an ice age came to the rooftop.


 ”I’m going to tell you that his ochinpo-chan is amazing! It’s so big! It’s like the best thing ever! Of course, it feels good! That’s why I’m trying to seduce him, but he won’t budge at all”

 I can’t help it. I can’t stand it.

 Kurosawa-san turned red and turned her head to the side, and Kasuya-kun…


 He let out a very upsetting “Hee……”.

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