Confinement 52

Chapter 52 Confinement King

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 ”Eh? Wait a minute, what’s this? The shelves are empty…”

 The first girl who stepped into the club room shouted that in surprise, then the rest of the girls went inside the door one after another and said, “Seriously!” “Is someone vandalizing our club room?”.

 And so, with the six who had just entered, there were a total of eighteen people.

 At the field, the other clubs were already starting their club activities.

 Time is up.

 I don’t know how many members of the track and field club there are, but apart from Teruya-san, who I asked Ryoko to stop her, this is probably all of them.

 Then, stepping out from the shadows of the club building, I removed “the door” that I had attached to the entrance of the club room.

 I observed the members of the track and field club as they entered, and found that there were twelve short-cuts girls. That’s quite a high percentage of short hair, almost two thirds of the eighteen members.

 To be honest, I couldn’t tell one from another at a glance.

 It seems to be difficult to narrow down the target to only four people who have naked pictures of Fujiwara-san.

 ”Even so… I could capture them better than I thought”

 While muttering to myself, I was recalling the preparation stage of this “Track and Field Member Thoughtless Strategy”.

◇ ◇ ◇

 ”The women’s locker room doesn’t always smell…… good”

 When my sixth period class was about to start, I left early, pretending to be sick, and used <Passage Through Room> to break into the women’s track and field club room.

 After I entered it, it was pitch black in the club room.

 So, I searched for the switch, turned on the fluorescent light, and looked around the room.

 There were no windows on the bare block walls, only a small exhaust fan near the ceiling. It was about the size of an eight-tatami room. It was larger than I had imagined.

 In the back, there were two blue benches for two people.

 On the wall, there was a shoe box with a row of track and field shoes, probably one for each member of the club. There was also a shelf that looked like a color box.

 Looking around the shelves, I noticed that each shelf had its own personality.

 Some of the members were throwing in their practice clothes from morning practice, while others were folding them neatly.

 Some had deodorant spray cans lined up, while others had textbooks, snacks, and manga in disarray.

 Looking at the top of the shelves, I found two types of track and field magazines neatly arranged by month.

 ”These were…… athletics magazines”

 I’ve heard that the world of amateur magazines is quite deep.

 And, after I had a rough idea of what was going on in the room, I used <Passage Through Room> again to go outside the club room.

 Then, I went around to the front of the room and made “the door” appear over the entrance.

 I discovered that I could change the appearance of the door by using <Interior Construction>.

 So, I made the doors look more like the cheap aluminum doors of the club building. If someone look closely, they can see the difference, but it doesn’t look too different.

 After that, I opened the door and walked in, and began to change the interior to resemble the track and field club room I had just seen.

 Bare block walls, concrete floor, shelves like color boxes, shoe boxes, containers, and two benches.

 There would be no need to recreate even the personal belongings of the club members.

 Because once they were inside, they couldn’t go out without permission, and by the time they realized it wasn’t the club room, it was too late.

 However, it was only an eight-mat room. Not that many people could fit in there.

 I thought that not all the club members would come at once, so I decided to prepare three more identical rooms and connect them to another room every time there was a gap in the number of club members visiting the club room.

 And so, I hid in the shadows of the club building and waited for the club members to come.

◇ ◇ ◇

 When I returned home and told Lili that I had confined the entire track and field team, she clutched her head as hard as she could.

 ”‘Seriously…… You idiot…… Devi”

 To be honest, I was surprised by this reaction.

 I had thought that the more evil I did, the happier Lili would be.

 ”I just do whatever you told me”

 ”I said…… there is an order to things, Devi. Haa~, it’s okay, Devi. You can’t help what you’ve done, Devi. So how many people are there in total, Devi?”

 ”Eighteen in all……”

 ”So, how are you going to brainwash all those people, Devi?”

 ”To be honest, I hadn’t really thought about it, but you know, in erotic manga, there are often “human farms”. So, I thought it would be easy to do it like that……”

 ”It’s easy, huh?…… Anyway, Fumi Fumi will get down on his knees to all the dairy farmers in the country because you underestimated it, Devi”


 ”You’re too lazy to run a dairy farm, Devi. In the first place, erotic manga like that are also power plays that require a lot of manpower, Devi”

 Lili sighed exaggeratedly and nodded.

 ”It can’t be helped, Devi. To be honest, it’s still early, but Fumi Fumi needs to learn how to rule and reign, Devi”

 ”……You’re making it sound so difficult again”

 ”Of course, it’s difficult, Devi. So far, Fumi Fumi has been doing one-on-one brainwashing, Devi. But when you have 18 people, you need a system to brainwash them, Devi”


 ”Yes, that’s right, Devi. In other words, it’s like creating a country with Fumi Fumi at the top, Devi. It is necessary to create a system to correct the personality of the eighteen people so that they will worship Fumi Fumi as a citizen, Devi”

 ”I don’t understand…… what exactly should I do?”

 ”For now, just <Paralyze> them”

 ”Ehh!? That’s outrageous! They’re a girls”

 ”But if you let them taste it once, you can use it as a threat to force them to do what you want or else you will get beaten by them, Devi”

 ”Oh, I see”

 ”In addition, there’s a little work you need to do, and if they see Fumi Fumi’s face now, it will be harder to do it later, Devi”


 ”A ruler needs to be mysterious, Devi”

 I think I can understand that.

 ”But how will I get in touch with the girls if they can’t see my face?”

 ”Just have Oppai-chan do it for you, Debi”

 ”To Masaki-chan? Are you sure about that?”

 ”She’s a much better trainer than Fumi Fumi. Oppain-chan is a real sadist”


 ”Well, you’d better not ask any more questions, Devi. And with Lili’s servants and the Four Heavenly Kings backing me up, there’s nothing to worry about, Devi”

 ”Okay… I’m not going to ask any more questions than that. Then, I’ll use <Paralyze> on them”

 With a twitchy smile on my face, I targeted the four rooms where the track and field team members were trapped and activated <Paralyze>.

 Maybe the girls are twitching inside the rooms right now.

 ”Then go inside now and bring them all into the big room, Devi…… Oh, that’s right, Devi, pick your four favorites from the girls”


 ”You can simply choose your favorites, Devi. Just pick four girls you’d like to hold, Devi”

 ”You mean I’m supposed to focus on those girls?”

 ”No, Devi. We’ll divide the girls into two groups, one to dominate and one to be dominated, Devi. Then, the four girls will be placed on the dominant side. In other words, they will be treated as Fumi Fumi’s pawns, Devi”


 ”You look like you don’t understand. Don’t worry, Devi. I’ll explain it to you, Devi”

 ”What am I supposed to do after I’ve brought all the girls into one room and selected four of them? It sounds like I have nothing to do?”

 ”Fumi Fumi’s turn came at the last minute, Devi. More importantly, with this number of girls gone, the situation around Fumi Fumi will change drastically, Devi. So, you’ll have to work hard to deal with that, Devi”

 ”What do you mean?”

 ”The police movement will change, the teachers and students will start looking for the culprit, and Fumi Fumi will surely be suspected, Devi. So, the plan to force the Teruya sisters to do it will have to be modified depending on the police’s actions, Devi”

 ”…… I see”

 ”In any case, the eighteen people need to be left alone for about two days, Devi. It’s the same as the one for Kurosawa-chan. You have to exhaust them before you can start, Devi”


 ”The rest… That’s right, Devi. You must decide the name of the person they worship”


 ”Yes, Devi, if they want worship you, you should use a more dignified and frightening name than “Fumio Kijima””

 I see, if it’s a name…… that I want the inhabitants of my country to call me, there’s no need to twist it.

 The king, the king who confines.

 And I told Lili this.

 [Confinement King]

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