Confinement 53

Chapter 53 Three Different Types of People, Part 2

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With the help of a hand truck, I moved the eighteen girls into one room.

To be honest, it was a lot of hard work. And now, my arms felt like they were on fire.

“When you have finished moving them, you had to choose four of them, Devi”

It was also absurd to ask me to choose the type of girl I liked from the ones who were convulsing with their eyes white after being paralyzed.

Still, somehow, I managed to finish my selection.

“Okay, let’s strip them all, Devi. Oh, right, just leave the ribbon around their necks so we can tell what grade they are in, Devi”

Now she wanted me to take off the girls’ clothes.

Do you know how hard it is to take off the clothes of an unconscious girl?

Well, I mean. If someone know that…… They might be a pretty bad person.

But it’s really hard work.

I can’t do it alone.

“I can’t do it anymore…… I give up…… I can’t lift my arms”

I complained to Lili.

“You little sprout! Are you really Confinement King!”

“Confinement King has nothing to do with this right now, right?”

I mean, please don’t use the name I just came up with as a sarcasm.

“It can’t be helped, Devi. I’ll let my servants do the rest, Devi. The Confinement King should just go suck Oppai-chan’s breast, Devi”

“……Are you being too hard on me, Lili?”

“I’m more gentler rather than the Confinement King, who has added a lot of unnecessary trouble to the current situation”

It seems she is a bit angry after all.

I had a feeling that if I stimulated her any further, it would be a bad thing, so I decided to quickly move to my bedroom where Masaki-chan was waiting for me.

◇ ◇ ◇

I felt a little fresh when I saw Masaki-chan with her hair up in a towel.

When I told her that my arms were sore, she said, “I’ll give you a massage after we warm up in the bath”.

But needless to say, what happens when we take a bath together?

Naturally, it’s “that”…….

No matter how tired I was, there was no way I could resist the allure of breasts floating in hot water.

In the bathtub, while sitting closely together in a face-to-face position, I briefly told Masaki-chan about what happened today.

“So, do I have to call you “Money King” too, Fumio-kun?” (*Note: 換金王 -> Money King)

“It’s Confinement King. If you call me that, it sounds like I’m the king of money laundering…… Well, you must call me that in front of the girls in the track and field club. But when it’s just you and me, you can call me Fumio-kun as you always have”

“I’m glad…… Fumio-kun is better. It’s better than “Perfect Attendance King””

“Am I a serious student!? I mean, Masaki-chan, you must know what…… I mean, right?”

“Ehehe, did you find out?”

With that said, Masaki-chan stuck out her tongue.

Yep, it’s cute! I forgive you!

“Well, I’ll move in place of my tired king”

As she began to shake her body lightly, the hot water spilled out of the bathtub.

“Oh no, the water spills. It’s a waste”

“It’s not like it costs anything to run the water……”

“Oh, someone is not very kind to the earth”

“Because he’s a bad person, possessed by the devil”

“Ahaha, right. Ei, ei, ei, eii!”

Then Masaki smiled happily and began to move her hips vigorously to torture my meat stick.

But due to the splashing of hot water and the resistance of the water, the folds of her vagina rubbed against my rod one step later than Masaki-chan’s “Ei”.

“Aahhh, Fuuh, Nnn, Ahhh…”

Masaki-chan’s hips continued to grind as she shakes the hot water violently. Her moaning voice also gradually becomes more and more lustrous.

Anyway, Masaki-chan’s vagina has only ever accepted my own since she lost her virginity.

Even though this is her first penetration tonight, her vaginal flesh, which is already fully accustomed, is sucking my cock deep into her inside.

“Nnnhh!? Don’t thrust upp!”

With a mischievous thought, I thrust my hips up as hard as I could, and Masaki-chan squirmed violently.

She put her hands on my back and squeezed me tightly, and I was excited by the softness of her breasts as they pressed even harder against me.

Naturally, I couldn’t sit still any longer.

So, I started to use my hips hard, and Masaki-chan clung to me desperately like a drowning dog.

“Ah, Ah, Don’t, Noo, Fumio-kun, Nnnn!”

The sweet sound of her breath in my ear was enough to make me cum.

In addition, the warmth of the hot water, the breasts rubbing up against my chest, and the folds of the vagina rubbing up against my meat stick, it makes it impossible for me to last that long.

“I’m going to cum, Masaki-chan”

I tell her, and she presses her hips harder.

“Fill me up! I want it inside me!”

In response to her request, I gave her a zero-distance shot into her womb.

Spurt! Spurtttt!

The semen that ran up through my urethra hit her vagina hard.

“Ahhhh! It’s filling me…!”

While clinging to my body, she received all of my semen into her womb.

“Haa~… Haa~… Fumio-kun, it felt so good…”

“Me too”

After that, she leaned against me as if she wanted to be pampered, and I held her tightly in my arms while we soaked in the hot water until we were both exhausted.

◇ ◇ ◇

“I wonder if I have a baby……. because I’ve been poured it inside me every day. I’m sure the baby must be growing. Ehehe……”

After taking a bath, Masaki-chan, who was on the bed, lovingly stroking her belly.

Aside from her breasts, Masaki-chan has an immature figure.

She’s got a childlike, plump, squidgy face that’s adorable. Or rather, it’s very criminal.

As I slurped down a mineral water from the refrigerator, I call her.

“Good luck for tomorrow. And for now, it looks like Lili will be teaching you how to act……”

“Yes, leave it to me. I’ll do anything for you, Fumio-kun. But you said the kids were from the track and field club, right? Is Shima-chan here?”


“You don’t know her? Shima Natsumi-chan from the next class. She’s bright and very fun. I’m good friends with her. Let’s see. She’s tanned, has a close-cropped haircut, and is very short……”

“I’m sorry, I don’t know, because all of them are tan shortcuts. But judging by the color of the ribbons, I’d say there were about four third graders”

“So, as a pawn of the Confinement King, I’m going to do all sorts of evil and treasonous things to those kids”

“I haven’t heard the details of the training, so I don’t know if it’s treasonous or no ……”

“I don’t think it’s reasonable to say that it’s not treasonous to keep someone confined”

“You’re right”

With that, we laughed at each other.

“But there is one thing that worries me about Fumio-kun calling himself the Confinement King……”

“What is it?”

“It’s about the baby. Will his/her friends in the future bully him/her and saying, “Your father is Confinement King!” ?”

“What are you worried about!?”

It seems Lili and Masaki are already using “Confinement King” as a joke against me.

◇ ◇ ◇

After endless exchanges of “I want to see you”, “I want to date you”, and “I want to kiss you” with Jun-kun on social media chat, I went to bed.

“It’s hard to see Jun-kun only at school, though it’s gratifying that Terashima-san picks me up and drops me off”

Once I got home, even if I just went to the convenience store, my mom would get very worried. So, there’s no way I can go see Jun-kun when I get home.

Even if I wanted to go on a date at home, my mom told me that it would interfere with my modeling career and that I should never date a boy. That’s what my mom told me.

Sighing, I gently put my hand on my crotch.

After all, this is how I have to relieve my frustration.

Then, as I traced the stripes vertically over my pajamas, a frustratingly faint feeling of pleasure tingled inside me.

“Nnn… Nnnn…”

When did I become such a naughty girl?

These days, if I don’t cum at least once, my eyes will glaze over and I won’t be able to sleep.

“Ahh… Ah…. Ah…”

I thought I was going to start thinking about the first time I had s*x with Jun-kun, but before I knew it, there was another man on top of him…… and I couldn’t stop the movement of my fingers.

Even though I sucked on my own finger, I couldn’t taste that taste…… of semen.

Before long――

“Nhh… Nnnnh…!”

While biting the edge of the pillow to keep my voice down, I ended up empty-handed.

All that remains is always a heavy feeling of regret and a suffocating sense of thirst.

“Really… What should I do……?”

It really makes me want to cry.

◇ ◇ ◇

“What would you say?”

I was welcoming Lili-sama to the room that Master had given me.

As she floated through the air, she looked over the profile of my sister, Kyoko, that I had prepared.

“I think…… Ryoko’s sister is an interesting material, Devi. But now, things have changed a bit, Devi”

“Are there any…… circumstances?”

“Have you contacted the police yet, Devi?”

“No, at least not as of the time I left work”

“Then, Ryoko’s phone is probably ringing at the moment, Devi”

There is no signal in this room at all, so I left my phone in the apartment.

“Excuse me, but could you say what happened?”

“Today, Fumi Fumi confined eighteen members of the women’s track and field club, Devi”


I was surprised to hear this.

As expected from Master.

It’s not something that I can estimate with my common sense.

However, if the scale of the crime reaches that level, the main office will set up an investigation division and we will be placed under its command.

To be honest, it’s not a very pleasant situation.

“I understand. In the meantime, I’m going back to my apartment…”

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