Confinement 61

Chapter 61 Be Aware

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 (What am I thinking? It doesn’t matter how big it is!)

 I shut my eyes and told myself to shut up.

 In spite of this.


 Jun-kun lay down next to me with a look of accomplishment on his face.

 ”Misuzu…… is great, it felt so good”

 ”T-thank you”

 While nodding back to him as he hugged me on the shoulder, I softly looked at his p*nis.

 (After all, it’s small…… I thought it was bigger the first time)

 I pondered.

 When it comes to the size of a p*nis, it depends on how good it feels, right?

 I didn’t do anything earlier, so maybe he just didn’t get a good erection.

 (Yes, that’s right. If I lick it, it will get bigger……)

 With that, I raised myself up and put my face close to Jun-kun’s p*nis.

 ”Wait, Misuzu, what?”

 Then he let out a surprised voice. But I’m not going to stop.

 ”I’ve been studying in a book for the next time I have s*x with Jun-kun……”


 I twisted around and took his thing in my mouth.


 When I suck it up, the taste of the semen left in his urethra spreads to my mouth.

 (It’s delicious, but a little …… thin)

 As soon as I’ve finished sucking up, I immediately start squeezing his cock with my lips.

 Jupu, Jupu, Lick Lick, Jupu.

 I desperately licked up his completely deflated cock.

 I licked it up and down.

 And finally, his p*nis is getting bigger and bigger.

 (It’s good. Keep going, keep going, keep going!)

 ”Wait, that’s intense, that’s intense! Misuzu! If you do that to me, I’m……”

 Jupo, Jupo, Jupo, Jupo!

 Clench! I felt a big swelling in my mouth, and I raised a joyful cry in my heart.

 (Yay! It’s getting bigger again!)

 But just as I thought that…


 Tremble! Spurt……!

 I felt a flood of liquid in the back of my throat. The taste of semen spreads through the mouth again.


 (It’s a lie, it came out just like that?)

 I was surprised, but it wasn’t chokingly strong, the volume wasn’t too large, and it tasted light. It was easy to drink, and it felt good down my throat.

 After that, I let go of his p*nis, which was shrinking again, and let out a sorrowful “Ah……” deep in my heart.

 (In addition to being small, it’s…… fast …….)

 Jun-kun smiled at me as his body slumped and he seemed to be out of breath.

 ”Haa… Haa… Misuzu… I didn’t think you could lick it, so I came right away”

 (Oh, I see. It was like a surprise…… Ehehe, if it wasn’t, he wouldn’t have come so quickly)

 I was convinced and a little relieved.

 ”Did it feel good?”

 ”Yeah, it felt really good”

 ”Then I’ll make you erect again soon”


 When I took his cock in my mouth again, Jun-kun shouted as if in desperation.

 ”Wait! Wait a minute! Misuzu, you can’t do that right away!”

 (Again, and again)

 I don’t know who the other person is, but I have memories of being held all night long. Even though it’s impossible to go that far, there’s no reason why it can’t be done once or twice.

◇ ◇ ◇

 ”How’s the food, Hikaru-chan?”

 ”Well. I can’t eat thick meat like this in the dorm”

 ”Ufufu, you can eat as much as you want”

 With Hikaru-chan following me, we drove for an hour to a steakhouse in the suburbs. We had come to a steakhouse in the suburbs.

 The owner and chef is a former head chef of a first-class hotel. It is a safe place to entertain for various business transactions.

 ”Even so, Sis, we don’t have to come here at a time like this”

 ”Ufufu, but the missing girls from the track and field club is really none of our business. So, it’s better to keep a low profile and not get suspicious”

 Then Hikaru-chan thrusts the fork with the meat sticking out in front of me and sharpens her lips.

 ”If it’s nothing to do with you, but if it’s investigated and another case comes out, you won’t be able to ignore it, right?”

 ”Didn’t I tell you? Even if our house is searched, nothing will come out. Besides, if I know who the detective in charge is, there are many things I can do”

 As a guardian, I greeted the detective in charge.

 The name of the Chief is Nakamura. The female detective who was with him was Terashima.

 The female detective seemed to know something about me and looked at me as if she was trying to find out what I was up to.

 I’m sure if I go back and have my informant look into it, I’ll be able to find out some information about this female detective.

 ”So, do you know who kidnapped our club members?”

 ”I have no idea. I’ve checked with the continental mafia, with whom I’m cooperating, and the reply was, “Who would do such a worthless job?” ……Well, that’s true. If they want to collect young and beautiful girls and sell them off, it would be faster to pick up runaway girls. At least I do not think it is the work of a professional”

 ”Hmm… So, you’re saying that some amateur kidnapped them using some kind of magic trick?”

 ”Who knows……. By the way, Hikaru-chan, are you going to get a sports recommendation from the University of W?”

 ”Well, I don’t know. The teacher said it’s a sure thing if I win the next tournament. If I don’t, I’ll have to withdraw from the tournament”

 ”Hmm…… I see”

 (Shall I threaten the bald old man of the advisor again?)

 Hikaru-chan is my treasure.

 We lost our parents early, and we came this far by supporting each other as sisters.

 I want to make sure that Hikaru-chan’s dream of becoming a top-notch athlete comes true.

 That’s why I threatened the bald old man who was her advisor, who was on the board of directors of the track and field association, by putting him in debt to get him to recommend her for sports at this high school.

 Now, if he can get a sports recommendation from the University of W, his debt is forgiven. On the other hand, if he doesn’t, I’ll feed him to the fishes. That’s what I promised him.

 ”Oh, yeah, I met Koganei today”


 ”In the waiting room for the escort……. As soon as she saw my face, she fainted”

 ”Hmm, her boyfriend was called in for questioning next to me, so I guess she came with him”

 ”Oh, Koganei, she has a boyfriend?”

 I’m afraid that even though she’s had her body played with by a bunch of old men, she’s still brazened enough to try and fall in love like anyone else.

 ”I threatened her because she was making eyes at someone I liked, and the next week she started going out with Kimo-buta, who was at the bottom of the class. I think she was trying to show that she would never go against me”

 ”Ahaha, Koganei has a cute side too. But Hikaru-chan, you’ve found someone you like. What kind of person he is?”

 ”……Shut up. There is almost no possibility. He has a very pretty girlfriend”

 ”Really? She’s that cute?”

 ”Yes, she is…… But she was the one who went missing and only one person came back. If she had stayed missing, there would have been at least a chance”


 ”Sis, don’t even think about kidnapping her. I mean, we’re in a situation like this……”

 ”Okay, okay, it’s fine”

 Yes, it’s fine.

 After all, I’ve been thinking about kidnapping Koganei anyway. So, I have no problem with one more person being taken.

 At first, I was thinking of letting a group of continental kidnappers take them, but this time, I think it would be better to let the Hangure, who can turn tail at any time, take them. (*Note: Hangure:

 Loosely-organized criminal gang, non-yakuza organized crime group)

 I mean, they don’t even know who’s telling them what to do.

 If they follow orders, they get paid. If they don’t follow orders, they will be dealt with. That’s the only relationship.

 Let them kidnap them, load them onto a container ship bound for Southeast Asia, and that’s it. After that, it doesn’t matter what happens to the gangsters.

 It would be more perfect if one of the detectives could be bribed……

◇ ◇ ◇

 In the end, I came to Ravian Rose.

 With Fujiwara-san.

 I tried to persuade her to go home, but Fujiwara-san was stubborn and refused to accept my persuasion, and in the end, I was forced to come here.

 When I asked her, what had happened on the way here, she just shook her head.

 She just shook her head and clung to me as if she was scared.

 There was no way I could throw her out now, not when I had thought of her as a revenge object or an unimportant woman.

 Now, I chose a room at random from the panel and proceeded to walk down the corridor following the lighted signs.

 Then I saw a couple walking towards us.

 (Wow…… it’s awkward)

 I had assumed that hotels like this were designed so that we would never see each other, but there was only one way in and out.

 So, if the timing is right, I might run into another couple.



 The man in the couple, the one who noticed us and raised his eyebrows, was Kasuya-kun.

 The woman hiding behind him who was wearing a hat, sunglasses and a mask, an extreme disguise, probably Kurosawa-san.

 ”Oh…… Kasuya-chi”


 Fujiwara-san reacts weakly.

 (Why are you reacting? It’s better to pretend not to notice each other in this kind of situation……)

 Besides…… if Kasuya-kun were to talk to me right now, I’m afraid he’d punch me in the face for my lack of self-control.

 Now, to my own surprise, there is a stirring in my heart.

 The thought that this guy had embraced my Kurosawa-san made me uncomfortable to no end. Even if this guy is her original boyfriend.

 (……I will definitely take her back)

 Beyond that, we just passed each other without a word.

 But an indescribable unpleasantness was coiled inside my heart.

◇ ◇ ◇

 When the time came, we left the room.

 ”Misuzu… it was really good”

 He looked a little tired, but Jun-kun was in a good mood. But I’m still a little bewildered.

 After all, Jun-kun came four times in total. But I couldn’t cum even once.

 ”Misuzu, you feel too good. I’ve never cum like this before, and this is a new record”

 He said this jokingly, and I felt a sense of gloom.

 (Yes……. This is you best record…… but not me)

 Although, it’s not all about s*x. When I tried to convince myself of this, Kyoko-san’s words crossed my mind.

 [In the end, women are selfish creatures, and they like men who can satisfy them]

 As I walked behind Jun-kun with a downcast look on my face, he abruptly stopped.

 ”Oh…… Kasuya-chi!”

 When I heard the voice, I looked up and saw Mai clinging to the Kimo-jima.

 Without thinking, I hid behind Jun-kun’s back.

 It’s too embarrassing to face each other in a situation where it’s obvious that you’ve just had s*x.

 I’m sure the other side is the same.

 But then again…… Mai and Kimo-jima are going to have s*x.

 As soon as I thought that…

 [His Ochinpo-chan is amazing! Fu~min’s Ochinpo-chan is so big! It’s like the best thing ever! Of course, it’s so good!]

 I remembered Mai saying that on the rooftop.

 My heart instantly started pounding and my face became hot.

 As we passed each other, I couldn’t help but look at Kimo-jima’s crotch area, even though there was no way I could tell how big it was from the top of his pants.

 (It looks good……)

 When I realized I was thinking like that, I shook my head.

 Now, Kurosawa-san has finally become aware of him. (laugh)

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