Confinement 62

Chapter 62 The Warmth of Our Joined Hands

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 A glass-walled bathroom.

 The sound of the shower.

 Beyond the steam, I can see her figure.

 It’s not the first time I’ve seen Fujiwara-san naked, but I feel…… awfully embarrassed right now.

 In the first place, the situation of entering a love hotel alone with a girl is unique for me.

 Although, I’ve completely skipped the steps that normal men and women take to get to this point, but now my heart is beating wildly.

 While thinking that, the sound of the faucet being closed resounded, and the sound of water turned into the faint sound of drops falling.

 The door opens and she walks towards me in a white bath towel.

 In this way, Fujiwara-san without makeup is still cute.

 She has brown-colored skin and droopy eyes.

 Her nose has a soft curve to it.

 It’s not as drastic as the gal mode because she’s been in the young lady mode for most of the day, but her brown-colored skin, slightly reddish from the hot water, is strangely s*xy.

 ”You know…… Fujiwara-san”

 ”You can call me…… Mai”

 She stood in front of me, her bath towel falling off her body.

 It was true that she didn’t have any breasts, but her puffy, cherry-red nipples looked awfully s*xy.

 But the look on her face convinced me.

 I shouldn’t hold her now. If I held her here, everything would be over.

 ”……What happened?”

 Her eyes slightly moistened at my question.

 Then a long silence occurred. And after a long, long silence, she answered with a small shake of her shoulders.

 ”I meet Anna-senpai…….”

 ”Teruya-san’s sister?”



 ”In the…… waiting room for the escorts”

 ”Did she do anything to you?”

 She gave a small shake of her head.

 ”……After all, just looking at her face made it hard to breathe, and I lost consciousness. And just because Anna-senpai said to me, “It’s Fujiwara now” I thought… there’s no way to escape”

 I remembered that I had passed Teruya-san on my way to the principal’s office. Indeed, that Anna-senpai probably came as an escort for her sister. And Fujiwara-san had walked into the waiting room where she was waiting.

 Accidentally, of course.

 No one could have foreseen that she would come there as her escort.

 But that didn’t stop me from forgiving her.

 She made the girl I love look like this, and I’ll make sure she gets what she deserves.

 I stood up and hugged Fujiwara-san.

 Of course, she noticed as I reached out for her, that made her jolt and stiffen.

 It’s okay, you don’t have to be scared. You don’t have to be scared.

 ”Embrace me……”

 ”No, I won’t”

 As soon as I say this, she blinked. And then a bead of tears appeared in the corner of her eyes.

 ”……I’m sorry. Sob, yes…. that’s right. You mustn’t want to hug such a….. filthy girl”

 ”That’s not it. It is not the time to hold you. Mai, the wounds you have cannot be healed by being embraced, right?”


 ”It’s okay. I’m not going anywhere, even if I don’t try to embrace you like that”

 With that said, I put my mouth on Fujiwara-san.

 It’s a gentle kiss, just lips touching each other.

 Then, I placed my forehead on hers and closed my eyes.

 ”I’m not the same person as the men who played with your body”

 I heard her gasp.

 I know I don’t look like the kind of person who can say something like that. But I have to say it.

 It’s not the physical connection that will save her.

 ”I’m your boyfriend, and you’re my girlfriend, right? You were physically hurt and forced to become an adult. Then, Fujiwara-san…. Mai, let’s regain your time”

 I heard a gurgling, sobbing sound.

 ”A single kiss that can make you nervous, just being together that can make you happy, going on dates, getting lonely on the way home, being happy and sad when you get a text message…… Let’s do it all and take your time to take the proper steps to become lovers”


 ”There’s no need to rush, Mai. I’m not going anywhere”


 ”Ueee, Sob, Sob, Ueeeeeeee”

 Fujiwara-san began to cry like a child.

 If I hadn’t been there to support her, she would have just sat there, tears spilling down her face.

 Her messy, soggy, and tattered heart was screaming. She was in pain. She’s yelling, “It hurts, it hurts”.

 I don’t say another word, I just hold her the whole time.

 In the end, she cried for over an hour. Just kept crying.

 And then–

 ”Fu~min….. let me go. I’m going to wash my face. I’m so ugly right now”

 Then smiled.

 I lay down on the bed and waited for her to come back.

 When she came back, her eyes were swollen and quite red around the eyes. Certainly, a little more ugly than usual.

 But her expression was very natural and cute. That’s what I thought.

 She lay down next to me, still naked, and smiled, showing her white teeth.

 ”What is it…….?”

 ”Nothing, it just my boyfriend likes me too much. I’m in trouble”

 ”Don’t get carried away, you little breast”

 ”You like me, right?”

 ”……No comment”

 ”Tell me you like me”

 Then she pokes the tip of my nose with her finger.

 ”But…. are you sure? It’s almost like you have a disease, being in bed with a naked girl and not do it”

 ”Shut up, if I attack you here, I’ll ruin everything”

 ”Ahaha… It’s right”

 With that said, Fujiwara-san held my hands, fingers intertwined with fingers, the so-called lover’s hands.

 ”Even though I’ve sucked your Ochinpo-chan, I’m barely at the starting line”

 ”Don’t worry, I’m going to make you suck it like you’ve never sucked before”

 ”Fu~min….. I think that comment is what ruined it for me”

 And a moment of silence. I looked up at the mirrored ceiling and saw Fujiwara-san staring at me in the mirror with a happy expression on her face.

 ”Hey, Fu~min, if Anna-senpai puts her hands on me……”

 ”Don’t worry. I’ll protect you”

 ”No, run away. Fu~min looks weak”

 ”But…… I will do something about it”

 Then I heard her giggle in my ear.

 ”That’s right…… it was Fu~min who saved my life from Teruya-chan and Tateoka”

 And then we fell asleep holding hands.

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