Confinement 64

Chapter 64 The Inquisitor is Justice

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 On the other side of the door was a dimly lit stone hallway.

 The hallway was wide enough for three people to pass each other.

 (It’s like a dungeon from a subjective viewpoint….. It would be interesting if it said “The Black Onyx” or something like that) (*Note: イロイッカイズツ -> The Black Onyx RPG Game)

 I thought that because I’m an old game freak and I’m a hard-core gamer.

 However, since this was my father’s generation’s game, it was completely unacceptable to my classmates.

 And once I entered high school, I stopped playing games.

 For some reason, I joined a sports club in order to change myself, but what immediately came to mind was my thoughts on the games that I had sealed away.

 I think I’m getting a little more relaxed now that I can think like this.

 ”Torture, untie their ropes”

 The princess instructed, and the sackhead woman came up to us with a knife in her hand.

 I take back what I said. I can’t afford it.

 I’m scared as hell.

 Our face twitches involuntarily.

 However, we were not cut, and the red rope that tied us fell apart as the woman lightly swung the knife at us.

 ”Fuuhh…. finally, it’s untied~” (*Note: Yui Kayama uses “- desu wa” instead of “- desu yo” as she is a typical young lady/ojou-sama chara)

 ”Hmmm…… my body is all torn up”

 When a person is released for the first time in two days, the circulation of blood must have been quite poor. And so, my fingertips immediately began to feel numb.

 After all, freedom is wonderful.

 The most wonderful thing was that the knot of beads made by the rope that passed between my crotch was no longer there.

 Because the knot was exquisitely placed against the crotch, and it hurt a lot if I moved around a bit.

 …Maybe, if I’ve ever done “that” before, it will feel good. I’m a little curious about that.

 After seeing that all of the ropes were undone, the princess nodded and looked back at the silver-haired maid.

 ”Then, Freesia, take care of the rest”

 ”Yes, understood. Masaki-sama”

 The princess walked slowly to the right along the hallway and entered the door at the end.

 I noticed that somehow the sackhead woman also disappeared.

 As we gazed blankly at the door through which the princess had entered, the silver-haired maid opened her mouth.

 ”You are not authorized to enter beyond that point. If you enter…….”

 ”Are we going back to the pigs, by any chance~?”

 ”No, I will eliminate you on the spot. That’s the arrangement”

 We nodded our heads with our faces tensed up.

 ”Well then, everyone, this way please”

 With that, we followed the silver-haired maid for several meters down the hallway to the left, and found another door on the wall on either side. The door was an ordinary wooden door that could be found anywhere.

 ”This left and right side will be your rooms respectively. For the time being, the two of you can use one room”

 When the silver-haired maid opened the door, we all let out a collective “Wow……”.

 Stylish indirect lighting. The long, woolly red carpet on the floor.

 In front of us was an expensive looking black leather sofa set, and beyond that, in the center of the room, there was a large bed with a canopy that could sleep about five people.

 The furnishings all looked expensive, and although it was said to be on par with a suite in a luxury hotel, I, as a commoner, could only think that it must be so.

 ”Umm…… What about the room assignments~?”

 When Yui-chan asked this, the silver-haired maid smiled and simply replied, “As you please”.

 ”Then, Shima-senpai. It’s okay for first-years to be together with first-years, right~?”

 ”Eh… Oh, it doesn’t matter”

 ”Then, Shima-senpai and Takasago-senpai will be in this room~, and Moribe and I will be in the other room~”

 I don’t know why, but Yui-chan is very lively.

 After all, at the competition, she looked like she was dying and went to the bathroom and never came back, but at times like this, I wonder if she feels any pressure?

 ”There are two types of clothes in the closet, loungewear and the inquisitor’s uniform, but for now, please change into the inquisitor’s uniform. I’ll be waiting for you, so please come back here when you’ve finished changing”


 We hurriedly split into our respective rooms.

 As soon as we entered the room, Yui-chan rubbed the sofa and let out a sigh of admiration.

 ”Everything here…… is really top-notch~”

 I don’t know if it’ s first class or not, but I guess it is since Yui-chan, the young lady, said so.

 ”Let’s see, closets, closets…….”

 I opened a bunch of cupboards and found some clothes on hangers.

 ”Yui-chan, I found the clothes!”

 ”Yes, behind the doors were the bathroom and toilet~”

 ”There’s a bathroom!? I want to take a bath before I get dressed……”

 ”But we don’t know what she’ll do to us if she waits too long. Let’s get dressed first~”

 ”Eh, o-okay”

 I took out a set of clothes that had been hanging and laid them out on the bed.

 First of all, the negligee is probably for loungewear.

 The problem is the inquisitor’s uniform.

 ”It’s…… Min*suka Po*ice~”

 ”It’s…… Minisuk* Polic*”

 A white blouse and hat like an American policeman. A short blue jacket, a tight miniskirt of the same color, and thick-soled boots.

 In addition, the underwear that was prepared for us was something like a string, with very little fabric.

 However, it was somewhat better than being naked, as it hid the dangerous parts.

 After we finished changing.

 ”I-it’s embarrassing~”

 While she was saying this, Yui-chan posed in front of the full-length mirror.

 When we went out into the hallway, Shima-senpai and Takasago-senpai had also finished changing and were waiting for us.

 Shima-senpai had a slender athlete’s figure, while Takasago-senpai had a very ample bust, as they say, children who sleep grow up.

 When I wear this kind of clothing, it emphasizes the fact that I’m the only one with an infant figure, and it’s very sad.

 ”I see you’re all here. Now, please follow me”

 A few meters further on, there was another door on either side. The silver-haired maid stopped in front of it and said.

 ”On your left is the dining room, and on your right is the swimming pool”

 ”The pool!?”

 ”Yes, you are welcome to use it in your free time. Although there are no swimsuits available, since you are the only ones using the pool, please feel free to use it naked”

 As she said this, she opened the door and we found an enormous light blue space. I could smell the chlorine in the air. Beyond the door was a splendid swimming pool with twenty-five meters and four lanes.

 ”……Are you sure you want us to use this freely~?”

 ”Yes, of course”

 ”This…… Confinement King must be really rich”

 The moment Shima-senpai muttered so, the silver-haired maid thrust a knife into her neck.

 ”Huh!? Hiiiii…”

 ”For the time being, I’ll pretend I didn’t hear what you just said, but don’t call him Confinement King. Instead, please call him Confinement King-sama”

 ”I-I-I understand. Confinement King-sama! It’s Confinement King-sama!”

 The mood that had been loosening up suddenly tightened. We were probably still walking on thin ice.

 ”Then let’s eat. For now, since it’s this time of night, I’ve prepared a brunch”

 The silver-haired maid closed the door to the pool and walked over to the door on the left and opened it.

 Immediately, a delicious smell tickled our nostrils, and we gulped.

 The table was unusually large for four people. And on top of the table, there were many dishes laid out.

 ”For those of you who haven’t eaten in two days, I’ve prepared a variety of dim sum along with porridge that is easy on the stomach”

 ”It’s porridge~…….”


 We looked at each other and quickly took our seats, reaching for our food.

 I think I mentioned something about thin ice just a few minutes ago, but that’s not the point.

 At this moment, I had completely forgotten to be cautious. We were starving, after all.

 As soon as we were seated, we hurriedly scooped up the porridge with a spoon and brought it to our mouths.

 ”Hot! It’s hot, but it’s so tastyyyyyyyy!! Oh gosh, It’s so delicious!”

 ”Ha-hafu, hafu, i-it’s so delicious~!”

 Shima-senpai and Yui-chan are very noisy.

 But it is indeed absurdly delicious. I can’t stop eating it. It may be due to hunger, but porridge with hard-boiled eggs tastes really good.

 If I look it again, I see that Takasago-senpai, who always moves sluggishly except when running, is hurriedly carrying a spoon to her mouth. I think this might be the first time I’ve seen her this agile.

 Yui-chan easily finished off the hot porridge and demanded another bowl from the silver-haired maid, who then grabbed a handful of dim sum, including shumai and shrimp dumplings, one after the other.

 Seeing this, the silver-haired maid laughed.

 ”Please don’t be in such a hurry, there are plenty of refills and I have prepared dessert for you after your meal”

 ”Dessert …… what?”

 Takasago-senpai reacted to the word “dessert” with all her might.

 I think this is the first time she’s spoken seriously today, isn’t it?

 ”It’s a rich custard pudding from Ginza Imaido”

 Immediately, everyone stopped moving.

 ”It’ s a lie……”

 ”It’s not a lie”


 ”It’s true”

 When I turned my attention to Takasago-senpai, she was quietly crying…….

 It can’t be helped.

 In addition to the price of the rich custard pudding of Ginza Imaido, which is 2,000 yen per piece, it is a rare product, limited to 20 pieces per day.

 For us high school girls in the provincial cities, it was a legendary pudding that was only shown on TV and was absolutely out of reach. This pudding was the promised victory.

 As soon as the celebrity puts it in her mouth, she screams in agony, “N~~~~~!” The moment the celebrities put it in their mouths, they would scream in agony, and I could only imagine what it tasted like.

 And now, here it is.

 We were stunned, but the silver-haired maid told us without hesitation.

 ”This is the brunch, therefore it is only a light meal, but you can expect to eat more than this for the next three meals”

 ”More than…… this?”

 The silver-haired maid smiled at my question.

 ”Yes, please look forward to it”

 ”I’m afraid that…… it’s too much for me”

 When Shima-senpai said that and trembled, the silver-haired maid shrugged her shoulders.

 ”It’s normal. Because Confinement King-sama cherishes those who obey him. On the contrary, he has no mercy for those who defy him. That’s all I’m saying”

 ”You mean that he considers us to be his followers?”

 ”Yes, if you do your job well, the great confinement king-sama will reward you. For the time being, your job is to feed the “pig” in the morning and evening, and give them a hundred whippings. Of course, the purpose of this is not to whip them, but to find out who the sinners are. As long as the sinners comes forward, he promises to raise the treatment of the rest of people from livestock to something more reasonable”

 ”Does that mean…… Hatsu-chan will also be rescued?”

 Shima-senpai looks at the silver-haired maid with an upward glance.

 ”Hatsu-chan? Oh, that person. Of course. Frankly speaking, it’s hard to understand why she opposed it so much when she could have saved the rest of people if she could have identified the major sinners……”

 ”In other words, only us can save everyone in the club…… is that what you’re saying~?”

 When Yui-chan stood up, the silver-haired maid just smiled at her.

 There’s something wrong with her. While thinking so, I could not put it into words, and just stared at everyone’s expression.

◇ ◇ ◇

 ”It’s hard]

 As soon as I get back to Fumio-kun’s bedroom, leaving Shima and the other four in Freesia’s hands, I dove onto the bed in my dress.

 ”Yes, yes, good work, Devi”

 Immediately, Lili appeared in the air.

 ”Hey…… Lili-chan, can I take off this dress now?”

 ”It’s okay, Devi. The rest of today’s work is a dinner with the four people you chose to be your inquisitors. There’s nothing to do until then”

 ”I’m having a hard time with my corset……Lili-chan, please unbutton my back”

 ”Okay, Devi”

 ”So, how was my performance?”

 As I took off my dress, I asked her that question and she smiled with a toothy grin.

 ”Perfect, Devi. You really gave off the evil queen vibe, Debi”

 ”I’m glad. But you know what? The lighting in the back of the room was so hot…… What was that?”

 ”You’ve noticed a good point, Devi. The theory is that if you want to overwhelm your opponent, you need a strong light behind you, Devi”

 ”Is that so?”

 ”Yes, Devi. First of all, the dazzling light is very stressful for the opponent, Devi. On top of that, they can’t make eye contact with you, or they turn away from you, Devi. If they can’t read your facial expressions, they won’t be able to come on strong, Devi”

 ”But Tashiro-san, right? Didn’t she resist me?”

 Lili-chan shrugged her shoulders.

 ”It happens sometimes, Devi. There are people who have an unusually strong persona of what they should be, Devi……”

 ”Persona? What’s a persona?”

 ”In the case of that ponytail, she’s the captain of the club, so she has to lead the others, Devi. She has to protect them. She has to be superior. This is an artificial persona created by self-implication, Devi”

 ”I don’t know, but…… she seems like a pain in the ass”

 ”It’s the opposite, Devi. Rather, it’s easy, Devi. If you take away her persona, she lose the support, Devi”

 ”But I removed her from the inquisitor, but I wonder if it’s okay. You said she was the type that Fumio-kun likes, right? Tashiro-san”

 ”No problem at all, Devi. I think it’s better to get rid of the type of girl that Fumi Fumi likes, don’t you think?”

 Lili-chan looks a little mean.

 ”That’s not true. If it makes Fumio happy, I want to do anything for him. If Fumio-kun wants to hug this girl, I want to let him hug her, and I’m happy when I think that Fumio-kun is happy with that”

 ”You became a good wife, Devi”

 ”However, I’ll never give up on the fact that I’ll be the one to give birth to Fumio-kun’s first baby”

 When I said that, Lili-chan laughed.

 ”Then, since Fumi Fumi seems to be already back home, and since you didn’t have s*x last night, you can ask him all you want”

 ”I’m looking forward to it, I can’t wait for him to get back”

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