Confinement 65

Chapter 65 The Confinement King Unexpectedly Defeated by Pet Kitten

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 ”The pigs are fainted, so the whipping will begin tomorrow morning. Please stay at your leisure until dinner”

 The silver-haired maid told us, and we went back to our assigned rooms.

 Right now, Yui-chan and I were both lying on the bed after taking a shower and changing into negligees in turn.

 Our current situation was so unrealistic that no matter how much we tried to understand it in our heads, our minds couldn’t keep up with it at all.

 I could only think that this was the reason why I was able to remain so calm, even though I could have been crying more.

 ”Moribe-san, what kind of strategy are you going to use?”

 Yui-chan suddenly asked me, and I sat up.

 But she was still staring at the ceiling.

 ”Strategy? What strategy?”

 ”It’s about who you’re going to whip~. If we don’t whip them a hundred times a day, we’ll go back to being the ones being whipped, you know~?”

 ”W-well. I don’t know, but I think if everyone is whipped evenly, each person would be whipped less often……”

 ”I’ll choose Amemiya-senpai~”

 ”Oh… I knew it you would choose her…….”

 I couldn’t help but chuckle.

 It was so predictable.

 Because Yui-chan and Amemiya-senpai from the second year are not on good terms with each other.

 Both of them are very proud of themselves, but Amemiya-senpai’s more skilled speech makes Yui-chan’s impression that she is always being put down. It was Amemiya-senpai who gave Yui-chan the nickname “Miss Bowel” as well.

 ”Please don’t misunderstand me~. If you want to reduce the number of times you have to whip everyone, the ideal way is to find the four people in question as quickly as possible~”

 ”Yeah, that…… is right”

 ”Then, don’t you think the most logical thing to do is to find the most suspicious person and hurt them so badly that they think it’s better to come forward~?”

 ”So, Yui-chan thinks that Amemiya-senpai is suspicious?”

 ”Y-yes, Confinement King…-sama’s favorite princess was humiliated, wasn’t it~? Of course that twisted woman is the one who would do such a thing~!”

 ”Ahaha ……”

 It’s not that I’m not on good terms with Amemiya-senpai, but I can’t help but laugh and cover it up.

 ”And Moribe-san, beating all of them means that all of them will resent you~”


 ”Yes, you may have thought you were caring for all of them~, but to the person being beaten, they will only remember that you beat them~”

 ”But… it’s not like I don’t like anyone…….”

 ”Good point? Of course, human beings count the favours they receive individually. However, the grudges are cumulative. In the beginning, some people may understand that you are distributing the amount to everyone equally to reduce the amount of each person, but if this continues for a long time, your way of doing things will end up being the most resented”

 Maybe Yui-chan was right.

 But then, who am I supposed to whip?

◇ ◇ ◇

 It is a morning return.

 The Confinement king, morning return.

 I actually like the name “Confinement King”, but in reality, I’m far from being a king.

 When my mother absurdly asked me where I had been, I immediately said.

 ”Fujiwara-san’s father liked me so much that he insisted I stay the night”

 I lied to her in an appropriate manner.

 But my mother said, “Then, I’ll call him to thank him” and I was in trouble.

 In a panic, I rushed to the bathroom and called Fujiwara-san, who somehow managed to get her father to agree.

 The Confinement King was a human child, and he could not win against his parents and a crying child.

 When I returned to my room after somehow managing to get through it, Lili gave me a very cold look.

 ”Fumi Fumi…… you screwed up, Devi”

 ”What do you mean?”

 ”Yesterday, you told Oppai-chan that you would love her at night, but you returned home in the morning, Devi. Did you want abandon her?”

 ”It’s…… an unavoidable circumstance”

 ”Even Oppai-chans’ breasts were sullen, Devi”

 ”Masaki-chan’s breast express emotion?”

 ”Of course, Devi. If you don’t take care of them soon, they’ll sag too much, Devi”

 If Masaki-chan’s rocket breast sag, it’s a big deal.

 With that said, I rushed to the door and stepped into the bedroom.

 There, on the bed, I found Masaki-chan on all fours.

 However, I found it hard to understand why she was wearing a bra with a pattern that looked like a tortoiseshell cat and panties with a tail. Even, her cat ears were the same pattern.

 ”Nyaa, kitten will dies when they’re lonely-nya, hurry up and take care of her~nya!”

 I think it is rabbits that die when they are lonely, but it seems that she is appealing to me to take care of her quickly. Her face was a little red, as if she was embarrassed.

 (Cute…… my wife is too cute)

 ”Nyaa, Fumio-kun, come here quickly, I want you-nya”


 When I got on the bed, Masaki-chan came up to me on all fours and rubbed her cheek against my chest as if she was trying to be sweet.

 ”Nyaa, I missed you-nya”

 ”Yeah, I’m sorry”

 When I stroked her head, she squinted her eyes in a pleasant way.

 ”Fumio-kun, today I want to make you feel good-nya”

 It seems that this cat character is going to be the one for today.

 ”……Then, I’ll ask you”

 ”I’ll try my best-nya!”

 With that said, Masaki-chan whispered to me in a tone of voice that I could feel her enthusiasm, and urged me to “stand up”.

 Then, she put her hand on my belt and pulled down my zipper. She slid my jeans and pants down to my knees, and my cock greeted her energetically.

 ”It’s smells so naughty-nya”

 ”It’s embarrassing to hear you say that…….”

 And without caring about my unintentional giggles, Masaki-chan put her hands on my thighs and started licking my inner thighs.

 Lick, Lick.

 ”Mmm, Masaki-chan……”

 She uses her tongue like a cat. The sudden stimulation makes me shiver faintly. Perhaps encouraged by my reaction, Masaki-chan continued to lick my inner lining while squeezing my object with her hand.

 ”Fuuh… Haa~….”

 The stimulation wasn’t that strong. However, I just can’t help but be excited by the visual of her licking up and down between my legs like a cat.

 ”Nfu, Fumio-kun’s p*nis is so adorable-nya”

 Then, Masaki-chan kissed the glans. Then, a soon as she was done, she started kissing me all over, making a “Chu, Chu” sound.

 (Oh……Is this what it feels like to be loved?)

 As I was thinking about this, Masaki-chan’s soft lips moved to my ball sack.

 ”Ufufu, this is an important place-nya. Please be healthy, my little baby…”

 After muttering that like a magic, Masaki-chan licked around my ball sack. Her little red tongue crawled all over my balls, and the tickling pleasure made me wince.

 Masaki-chan also began to carefully lick the underside of the sack, stretching out the wrinkles, then sucked on one of the balls and released it with a chirping sound.

 ”Ugh…. Masaki-chan, that’s good. Lick my balls more…….”

 ”Ufufu, I’m so happy that Fumio-kun is begging me-nya”

 Masaki-chan’s tone of voice is very passionate. It is a very exciting tone.

 ”Then, I’ll rub it more-nya”

 She licked up my balls with her tongue while gently moving her right hand up and down. I don’t know how long she’s learned to do this, but it’s a lewd and masterful technique. Perhaps Lili or one of her servants taught it to her again.

 ”Oh, that’s good. Masaki-chan……”

 However, it seems that she is not going to let me ejaculate for a while yet, and frustratingly, she keeps squeezing up, avoiding the frenulum.

 On the other hand, the pre-cum juice that was overflowing from the mouth was tangling around her fingers, making them slippery and further increasing the pleasure.

 While she doing that, I looked down and saw her cat ears swaying adorably between my legs. And thinking that she was doing this for me, I couldn’t stop loving her.

 ”Puha… How is it-nya?”

 ”It felt good”

 Masaki-chan stopped her hand and looked up at me. Her hands and tongue must have been tired, and when I stroked her head, she squinted her eyes in a pleasant way.


 ”Fumio-kun, could you turn around and get down on all fours-nya?”

 ”Eh? W-what?”

 ”Nyaa, kitten has her own way of doing it-nya”

 I don’t know what she’s talking about.

 However, when I hesitated, she threatened me in a cat-like manner, “Shaaa!” .

 I had no choice but to get down on all fours with my ass facing Masaki-chan.

 ”I can understand-nya. Fumio-kun was having fun dressing Nya up like this. ……


 ”Hmm. I can see the asshole in full view-nya. It’s very erotic-nya”

 ”Hey, hey!”

 I couldn’t help but feel my face heat up. This is embarrassing.

 As soon as I tried to raise myself up, Masaki-chan’s hand grabbed my ass.

 And the next moment…


 I let out a scream and turned my head to look at her.


 There she was, with her nose between my ass.

 ”Hmm, it’s working-nya, it’s an anal lick-nya”

 ”Y-you shouldn’t lick my ass, it’s dirty”

 ”It’s not dirty because it’s Fumio-kun’s-nya. I want you to feel my tongue-nya!”

 She said firmly and began to lick my asshole.

 (What is this, it’s bad, it’s bad……!?)

 It could be said that the pleasure crawled up the unusual pathway. My unknown erogenous zones started to tingle as the slippery tongue tortured me.

 ”D-don’t do it, Masaki-chan! Even if you don’t mind, I’m going to mind. Aaah, don’t lick so much, aaah…… aaah……”

 I clutched the sheet and shouted in pleasure at the anal licking. I felt a tremendous sense of shame. My face is hot.

 (This is very exciting. Wven though it’s absurdly embarrassing……)

 As if to mock my confusion, my p*nis warps to its limit, twitching and quivering, its tip wet with the evidence of my pleasure.

 ”Fumio-kun’s nya-ass tastes so good-nya”

 ”No, it doesn’t”

 ”It’s true-nya. At least it excites me-nya. And I’m sure Fumio-kun is happy to be licked-nya”

 ”I’m not happy. This is just embarrassing. Ugh……”

 When she kissed my anus, I felt a shiver run down my spine.

 ”Nfufu, the body nya-nts more-nya. At this point, I ny-eed to rape Fumio-kun thoroughly and make him my prisoner-nya”

 Her tone of voice was full of excitement, and I think she had a thick sense of sadness in her voice. Come to think of it, I think Lili said that Masaki was actually “S”.

 At the time, I thought it was impossible, but now I don’t think it’s a lie.

 ”Nfufu, I’m going to lick you deeper so that Fumio-kun ny-an be more obedient-nya”

 As soon as she said so, she kissed my anus and inserted her tongue into it.


 Shlip. The hot tongue pushed through the wrinkles and entered, causing me to squeal in shame at the strange sensation.

 (The tongue is coming in!? Ugh, what is this …… weird feeling)

 An intruder entering from the opposite direction. The first thing that comes to mind before pleasure is disgust.

 Her tongue felt surprisingly large as it fought against my sphincter. It’s not that big, but it feels like a foreign object.


 (H-hey, what’s this ……)

 As the tongue wriggled inside my body, an unknown feeling of pleasure began to well up from the entrance area. It gradually expands and spreads throughout my body.

 (Oh no, oh no, it’s getting better and better)

 I was betrayed by my own body. That’s what I felt. My whole body was slowly losing strength.

 ”Hmm, nya-t’s wrong, Fumio-kun? Nya-re you starting to like having your nya-ss licked?”

 ”No, that’s not true”

 When I turned around, Masaki-chan was looking at me with a grin as if she could see right through my heart.

 ”I can’t help it-nya. I’ll keep licking you until you’re honest with me-nya”

 The tongue was inserted again. This time, the tongue penetrated even deeper.


 It’s really a feeling of being violated. Her tongue moves in a circular motion, laying waste to my insides.

 (Oh no, if this becomes a habit, it’s going to be a problem……)

 The dangerous, narcotic-like pleasure was taking away my energy to resist.

 ”Nyaa, come on~, say it. Tell me honestly that it feels good-nya”

 The pleasure of being tortured runs up my spine. TI can’t even close my mouth while it’s half open.

 ”Nyaa, you have to say it properly-nya”

 And then.

 ”……feels good”

 I finally couldn’t hold back and said what I thought honestly.

 Immediately, Masaki-chan let out a laugh and said, “Aha”.

 ”You’re a pervert-nya. Fumio-kun is pervert-nya”

 ”Heh, isn’t…… a pervert too much?”

 ”Of course-nya, anyone who enjoys having their asshole licked is a pervert-nya”

 No way. With this, my suspicion of her being “S” is no longer a suspicion.

 ”But I’m happy-nya. That’s why it’s worth licking-nya. I like the perverted Fumio-kun too-nya. Rather, I love the perverted Fumio-kun-nya”

 ”I feel happy, but it’s hard to be happy!”

 ”Nfufu, I will give Fumio-kun a reward for being honest to me-nya. Let me lick n-your ass and make you cum-nya”

 With that said, Masaki-chan inserted her tongue again, and with her right hand in front of her, she wrapped her fingers around my slender object.

 Then, while moving her tongue, she begins to rub up and down the frenulum, sliding her fingers in a quick rhythm.


 I began to squirm and squirm as she tortured me on the front and back at the same time. The pleasure of the familiar p*nis and the dangerous pleasure of the shallows of the anus hit me at the same time.

 (Oh no, this is not good, this is not good, this is not good)

 In the face of this unexpected and extreme service, I clutched the sheet and struggled to my feet.

 If I relax, I will be swallowed up by the pleasure.

 ”Ugh, Ughh, Masaki-chan, nooo……”

 As if to ridicule such resistance, the big-breasted cat girl fiercely blames me.

 Maybe my asshole is already moistened. I can almost guess who trained her, but the movement of her hand as she squeezed my object was tremendous.

 (Ugh, you’re really hot, Masaki-chan. You’re really a adist)

 I was just amazed at how much Masaki-chan liked to torture me, which I hadn’t expected.

 In the meantime, my need to ejaculate was rapidly approaching. I desperately tried to resist, but there was a limit.

 (I can’t take it anymore. I can’t hold back)

 ”I’m cumming, ah, it’s coming out, ah!”

 Spurt! Spurtttt! Spurtttt!

 I felt like I was about to burst. The hot white slime spurts up and stains the sheets. A tremendous amount of pleasure rushed up my spine with tremendous force.

 It was truly a forbidden pleasure.

 I felt like my strength was slipping away from my body as my desire spilled out. But still, Masaki-chan would not relent.

 ”Ugh, ugh, ugh… ugh, ughhhh…. cummming”

 Even while I was coming, she kept on torturing me with her fingers and tongue, telling me to give her more. When I reached the point where there was no way I could get another drops out, her hand finally stopped and her tongue was pulled out.

 (……I thought I was going to die)

 That’s my honest opinion. That’s how bad it was.

 ”How was it, Nyah’s service?”

 As I was breathing heavily, Masaki-chan looked into my face as if she was covering me from behind.

 ”It felt good, it felt really good, but………”

 ”I’m glad-nya. I’m glad Fumio-kun is feeling good-nya”

 There were many things I wanted to say, but when she smiled innocently like that, I couldn’t say anything else.

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