Confinement 66

Chapter 66 Kyoko-san is a Carnivore

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 In the conference room, the words “Investigation Division for the Large-Scale Disappearance of High School Girls” were prominently displayed in black ink. And a debriefing session was held there, where all the investigators gathered.

 The investigation is making progress.

 We are getting closer to the culprit.

 None of the investigators doubted that. Such an atmosphere was in the air.

 The theory that the girls had been taken out through the fence behind the club building and into the woods behind the building was now being treated as if it were a definite fact.

 As soon as the meeting was over, the people who had been ordered to conduct canvasses in the area left in a hurry.

 Considering their footsteps after reaching the forest road, it was natural to assume that they had been picked up by a vehicle somewhere.

 After all, they were a large group of 18 people.

 Was it a large vehicle or several vehicles? Either way, we had to devote a lot of manpower to interviewing people about the suspicious vehicle, mainly in the vicinity of the main road just beyond the forest road.

 At the same time, Inspector Nakamura responded to Inomoto-senpai’s suggestion, “Maybe someone who knew them led them there” and it was decided to re-examine the relationship between the advisor, other teachers, and OGs.

 The reason why Inomoto-senpai looks so happy is not only because his opinion has been taken into account, but also because he will have more opportunities to meet the school nurse, Kitora-sensei.

 To be honest, I’m not at all interested in the history between my senior and Kitora-sensei, but Master and Masaki-sama were quite curious, so I’ll have to find out more about this at some point.

 In any case. Everything is out of place.

 The sight of the foolish people pacing pathetically left and right was enough to reaffirm the greatness of my Master.

 And a few minutes after the meeting was over, most of the investigators had left, and the only ones left were the career members of the main office. In addition to that, it was just me.

 I am supposed to be a liaison officer attached to the chief of the division, but to those who know the relationship between Inspector Nakamura and me, it is nothing but a mixture of public and private.

 That’s why those career officers who usually talk to the authorities from above are very polite to me, and some of them even try to make Inspector Nakamura feel better by lifting me up.

 What a bunch of trivial insects they are.

 As I listened to their chatty conversation, the topic of conversation turned to the motive of the murderer.

 ”If we think about it normally, we should assume that they want the victim’s body”

 ”Well, young women are the most valuable commodity in the world. Considering that, I think the continental mafia is more likely”

 ”What about the ransom? Does the victim include the daughter of a wealthy family?”

 ”No, there are no rich girls among the victims. However, if I had to guess, I’d say the daughter of the former president of Sirius Industries……”

 ”Sirius is the one that went bankrupt last year?”

 ”Yes, the ex-president’s family has split up. The daughter lives with her mother in a four and a half tatami mat apartment, and somehow managed to pay for her schooling by relying on her relatives. She’s a struggling student who works hard at home”

 ”Working at home? Can’t she afford to do club activities? I mean…”

 ”It seems that she submitted her resignation to the club, but the advisor kept her around and thought highly of her”

 Even though she was a victim, she had no privacy. But I think I should tell my Master what they just said.

 As I was thinking about this, the conference room line suddenly rang, and a nearby detective picked up the phone.

 ”Chief, you have a call from a girl named Fukuda-san”

 ”Fukuda-san? Oh, the girl from the other day?”

 Inspector Nakamura picked up the phone with a suspicious look on his face.

 Rin Fukuda.

 A female student who had come to talk about Master.

 ”Yes, yes, thank you very much.”

 After hanging up the phone, Inspector Nakamura said.

 ”She’s a very solid young lady. She’s going away for family reasons at the end of the week. She took the trouble to let me know her cell phone number in case I needed anything. However, I don’t think I’ll be asking her anything else at this point”

◇ ◇ ◇

 The morning of the second day at Terashima-san’s apartment.

 I was watching a morning news program while holding my knees on the sofa.

 As I switched channels, the news was not about the disappearance of the girl’s track and field team club, but rather about a comedian who had posted on social media, “Of course they’re getting fucked” and “It’s nice to see more young girls of unknown age in soap play”

 After all, to the uninvolved people, the disappearance was just another form of entertainment.

 And the press conference of the principal and the advisor of the track and field club was repeatedly broadcasted, but fortunately, I never saw any pictures of me or Masaki on TV.

 ”Hmm… Good morning. Yawnnn…….”

 It was almost noon when Kyoko-san woke up from Terashima-san’s bedroom wearing a jersey.

 I don’t know what kind of sleeping style gives her such a spiky sleeping pattern, but with her red hair, she looks like a character from a shonen manga.

 ”I’m sorry about yesterday. It seems Terashima-san was very angry with you because of me……”

 ”Oh, it’s okay, it’s okay. I was the one who set it off. And I’m used to being lectured by Nee-chan”

 With that said, Kyoko-san sits down next to me.

 ”Then, I couldn’t ask you in front of Nee-chan, but how was…… your boyfriend?

 ”How? What do you mean?”

 ”You don’t have to blurt it out now. It’s just physical chemistry”

 Immediately, I fell silent.

 However, Kyoko-san seems to have guessed by that.

 ”Oh… yeah, how many times have you done it with your boyfriend?”

 ”I think yesterday was the second…… since he was my first”

 ”Oh, so it’s the second time, then I guess it’s no wonder he’s not very good at it”

 I’m sure Kyoko-san was trying to be considerate, but unfortunately, it’s a problem before whether it’s good or bad.

 ”Umm… Kyoko-san, you’ve had a lot of relationships with men, haven’t you?”

 ”Eh, well, to a certain…… extent”

 ”How many years does a p*nis stop growing?”


 ”Well…… his was so…… small, I couldn’t even tell it was in there at first”

 ”No, no, no, it’s an exaggeration, right?”

 ”I could feel it at the entrance, but I couldn’t feel it at all at the back……”

 ”Rather, I think it’s amazing that Kurosa-chan says he can’t hit the inside on the second try…… But your boyfriend is the same age as you, right? Basically, I don’t think it’s going to get any bigger than that”

 ”But, you know, even women get bigger breasts when they gain weight……”

 ”A man’s p*nis is not fat, you know. Rather, when they gain weight, they get buried in the flesh and become shorter. This is the second time, right? Maybe, he just got nervous and shrunk down”

 ”I tried my best to make it bigger, but he came in the middle of making it bigger…… In the end, he came four times and seemed to be satisfied, but I couldn’t do it even once……”

 Immediately, Kyoko-san showed a pretense of holding her head.

 ”Short and premature ejaculation……. Oh, really…….? That’s no good. I think you should break up with him. He’s garbage”

 ”But it’s not all about s*x, right? he could have …… surgery to make it bigger, for example”

 ”The idea of surgically enlarging a man’s p*nis is already scary. In addition, even though the premature ejaculation can be dealt with, but there is really nothing that can be done about the small size. I think you should break up”

 ”Ugh…… but…… but…”

 Tears are slowly coming to my eyes. I don’t want to break up with him. Even though I’ve come all the way back. There is no way I can break up with someone I like.

 Kyoko-san shrugs her shoulders when she sees my tears welling up in my eyes.

 ”It’s not that there isn’t a way to avoid breaking up… Do you want to listen to it……?”

 ”What …… is that?”

 ”You can separate love and s*x”


 ”Love is with your boyfriend and s*x is with your friends”

 ”W-w-w-what are you talking about? Isn’t that an affair!”

 Then Kyoko-san put her face close to my nose and pinched my chin with her fingertips.

 ”Don’t you get it? If it’s between girls, it’s not cheating. There’s no need to worry about having a baby. I’m bis*xual. I don’t have a boyfriend right now, but I have three girlfriends”

◇ ◇ ◇

 ”Shima-senpai. Can I have a word with you?”

 When I visited the room across the hall, I found her stretching in her string-like underwear with a bath towel over her wet hair, probably after taking a bath.

 ”Oh, what is it?”

 I guess it’s nothing to be concerned about since we were all completely naked until this morning, but stretching in that underwear with your legs spread is just too much to look at. By the way, Takasago-senpai was completely asleep.

 ”I was wondering who…… senpai was going to whip”

 ”Oh… I hadn’t thought about it yet”

 When I told her about the conversation I had with Yui-chan, she folded her arms and began to ponder.

 ”I see… as Miss Bowel said. I think it would be more efficient to find a way to find the four of them sooner rather than later”

 ”Yes, I think so too. But I don’t know how to do it……”

 ”Hmm…… His favourite princess, Mai Fujiwara……-sama. I think I have to use “sama” after all. I know this Mai Fujiwara. I think she’s…… a black gal in the class next to mine”

 ”The third-year black gal……?”

 ”Well, if there’s anyone who has any connection with that black gal, it’s almost certain that she’s the culprit”

 ”So, you’re saying one of the third-year students is suspicious?”

 ”Moribe-chan, are you an idiot?”

 ”It’s awful!?”

 ”After all, if you don’t count Hatsu-chan and me, the only other third-year student is my Ane, Ota. Do you think that muscular idiot can do something as insidious as humiliating people?”

 ”……I don’t think so”


 ”So, I guess it’s a second-year student and a first-year student, but I don’t have any more clues……”

 ”Well…… wait a minute. I have something to write”

 Saying this, Shima-senpai took out a pen and paper from the cupboard.

 ”Okay, I’m going to write down a few things. First, the third year are…….”

 × Tashiro, × Shima, × Ota (Big Sister).

 ”I put a cross next to each of them to indicate that it’s not the culprit. It means that we and Hatsu-chan were judged different when we were chosen as inquistors. And the second year…”

 × Takasago, Shiratori, Amamiya, Adachi, and Konparu.

 ”Takasago-senpai is the only second-year student who was given an X, right?”

 ”That’s right….. and the first years are…”

 × Moribe, x Kayama, Inui, Ota (Little Sister), Hotta, Saito, Kishigi, Sato, Omuta, Koike

 ”When I look at it like this…… There are a lot of first-years. For now, I’ll try the second year. Moribe-chan is a senior, so it will be difficult to hit them. Then, do you think we should try to eliminate them by a process of elimination?”

 As we were talking about this, a silver-haired maid suddenly opened the door and walked in.

 ”It’s almost time for dinner. Everyone, please change into your uniforms and gather in the dining room. Today’s dinner will be hosted by Masaki-sama, so please make sure not to make any untoward incidents. I don’t want to have to dispose of more dead bodies, either”

 This time, the last names of all the members of the track and field club were mentioned, but with the exception of a few, they are mobs (at least in this chapter), so you don’t have to remember them.

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