Confinement 67

Chapter 67 Let’s Have a Drink

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 When I entered the cafeteria after changing into an inquisitor’s uniform, I found that the shape of the table had changed to a rectangle.

 Yeah…… I’m not surprised by a few things anymore, but I don’t know what is going on.

 On the table, the so-called birthday seat, Masaki-sama is already sitting down.

 She was wearing a deep purple evening dress, different from the one she wore during the day.

 As usual, only her chest area was abnormally inflated, as if the dimension was distorted.

 ”Good day, everyone. Oh, Mini*uka Po*lice? Whose hobby is that?”

 ”That’s me”

 The silver-haired maid replied dutifully, and I couldn’t help but grumble inside my heart.

 (Is it your hobby!!)

 I’m sure everyone else did too.

 But none of them said it out loud.

 Although not as creepy as the sackhead woman, this silver-haired maid is scary enough.

 The way she held the knife to Shima-senpai’s neck looked like a real assassin.

 This woman has definitely killed someone before. I was convinced of that.

 After thinking so, I saw the table was lined with a wide array of food.

 Then as we took our seats, the silver-haired maid began to explain the dishes.

 ”Today, please enjoy South American cuisine centered around the bone-in rib steak. There are five different sauces for the rib steak. I recommend the honey sauce. Of course, there will be plenty of refills, so please eat as much as you like”

 ”Nfufu, sounds delicious. I’m very hungry today because I’ve been treated so well by the Confinement King-sama”

 We looked at each other when we heard Masaki-sama’s words.

 No, we knew that. We knew that since she was a favored princess…… she was naturally in a s*xual relationship with him.

 However, the way Masaki-sama said it was boastful or, to me, envious. It seemed to me that she was proud of him.

 ”Then, let’s eat”

 With Masaki-sama’s words, we reached for the food.

 Of course, we had already eaten a full meal during the day, so we weren’t as hungry as we should have been.

 The dining table was silent. It was unavoidable.

 I was afraid of the silver-haired maid’s threat too…… in case I made a mistake, so I was afraid to open my mouth.

 As usual, Takasago-senpai is quiet, but Shima-senpai, who was kicked up by the sackhead woman and thrusted a knife by the silver-haired maid, is on maximum alert. Her fingertips are even trembling as she reaches for her food.


 ”Masaki-sama, that necklace is very beautiful~”

 ”Ufu, Thank you”

 As expected of a high-class person.

 Yui-chan praised the large diamond necklace that decorated Masaki-sama’s chest in a very familiar manner.

 ”It was given to me by the Confinement King-sama as a reward for my hard work. It’s a natural diamond of twenty-six carats”

 At that comment, Yui-chan and I both widened our eyes and stopped moving.


 I had heard on the news a while ago that a twelve-carat diamond had fetched ninety million yen.

 That means the price is more than double that!

 Service is probably a naughty thing, but that’s how she gets a hundred million dollars worth of jewelry as a gift …….

 The next moment, a question crossed my mind. Yui-chan said the exact same thing to me.

 ”What kind of person is Confinement King-sama~?”

 Shima-senpai and I instantly looked at each other, wondering if that was a bad question.

 Incidentally, Takasago-senpai was absorbed in the task of removing the meat from the rib bones, unconcerned.

 But Masaki-sama smiled.

 ”Ufufu, if you guys do your job well, I’m sure you all have a chance to meet soon”

 I breathed out a sigh of relief.

 But if Yui-chan’s current question is okay, it might be okay to go a little further. So, I opened my mouth voluntarily.

 ”Ma-Masaki-sama. If there is anything you know about the four people we need to find, could you please tell us?”

 ”Nothing in particular”

 She smiled, but it was a clear rejection.

 ”Umm…… Masaki……-sama”

 The next person who raised his hand was Shima-senpai.

 ”What is it?”

 ”Umm… I’m going to do my best, but I want to do it properly. If the four of them are found…… will they be killed? I’m really nervous about that……”

 ”So that’s…….”

 After showing a slight sign of thinking, Masaki-sama clapped her hands, making a pan sound.

 ”Let’s do this, then. In exchange for a promise not to kill the four, I’ll raise the difficulty a bit. I will add one new restriction. If you break this rule, you will be turned into a pig on the spot. Yeah, let’s do that”

 At the same time as Shima-senpai made a face that said “Oops”, Yui-chan glared at Shima-senpai with a look that said “I’m going to kill you”.

 Contrary to Masaki-sama’s casual tone, the difficulty level has risen sharply. The restrictions was not answering questions from a pig.

 To put it another way, if a pig asks me, “How are you?” If I answered “I’m fine” I would be reduced to a pig.

 Then, as soon as the meal was over and Masaki-sama left the table, the silver-haired maid urged us to stand up.

 ”It’s time to get to work, then. I would like you all to feed the pigs now. The food is prepared in the hallway in front of the “menagerie”, where you were until a few hours ago, and you will feed them after breakfast and dinner. Then, this way, please”

 As we followed the silver-haired maid, we saw buckets lined up on both sides of the hallway in front of the room where the club members were.

 There were fourteen blue plastic buckets. There were also seven iron containers that looked like containers for planting plants.

 I peeked inside the buckets and found two kinds of contents. It contained something that looked like sawdust and a white liquid.

 ”This is oatmeal and milk”

 ”Wow…… is this…… the food? Seriously”

 ”Yeah, it’s quite common in Europe and America~. It’s used for breakfast and dieting, but…… cereal flakes are also a type of food~”

 Yui-chan explained this to Shima-senpai, who frowned.

 ”First of all, set up the feed box in front of the pigs, put oatmeal in it, and pour milk on it. That’s all you have to do”

 It sounded simple enough, but to be honest, I felt quite guilty when I compared it to what we had eaten.

 ”Let’s get started.”

 We each took a feed box in our hands and stepped inside the door.

 As soon as we stepped inside the door, all the members of the club turned to look at us at once.

 When I look at them again, they look pretty shabby.

 They were naked, tied up with red ropes, hadn’t bathed in days, their hair was covered with sebum, and they hadn’t eaten, so they looked dirty and very worn.

 I heard Captain’s voice asking, “Are you okay, did they do anything to you?” I was about to answer when Shima-senpai grabbed my shoulder and shook her head from side to side.

 It’s dangerous. That’s right. I shouldn’t answer the question. It would be better to decide not to open my mouth at all until I get used to it.

 After that, we lined up the feed boxes in a row in front of the club members. There were seven of them, so each of them could have one.

 ”Shima! What is this? What are you guys trying to do?”

 Captain raised her voice as if to ask a question, but there was no way she could answer. I feel really stressed out…… Actually, I think this has been a fatal limitation.

 The members of the club were looking at what we were doing with frightened faces, wondering what was about to happen.

 I could hear them whispering, “They’re taking a bath” and “Why Minis*ka P*lice?”

 It’s not like I like wearing them.

 I guess it’s better than turtle shell bondage, though.

 Next, we poured oatmeal into the feed box like a bucket relay, followed by milk.

 When we were done, they just looked at us and the feed box with a curious look in their eyes.

 I suppose that’s true. I don’t even know if it’s okay to eat such an incomprehensible thing.

 ”It’s food! I don’t think it tastes good, but you can eat it. If you don’t eat it, you’ll die. You have to be patient and eat it”

 Shima-senpai said as if to appeal, but there was no plate, no spoon, and before that, their hands were tied and they couldn’t move.

 Then, Shima-senpai looked at the Captain and nodded. I’ve heard that the two of them have known each other for quite some time. They may have something in common even if they don’t say it out loud.

 Then, when the Captain nodded back at Shima-senpai, she took the initiative to push the tip of her nose into the feed box and started eating.

 ”Oh, it may look like that, but it’s surprisingly good”

 After the captain muttered this, the members of the club rushed to the feed box after a pause.

 The members of the club who plunged their faces into the feed boxes lined up in a horizontal line. And the sound of water and chewing echoed through the dimly lit room.

 Occasionally they would look up, as if trying to catch their breath.

 From their mouths, the milk dripped down and ran down their chins, staining the ribbons around their necks.

 (This is…… really livestock……)

 I couldn’t help but frown at the filthiness of the scene. And with this, it made me realize that I really don’t want to be put in this position.

◇ ◇ ◇

 When I returned to my apartment late at night, I found Kyoko-chan sitting on the sofa with a bad look on her face.

 ”Where’s Kurosawa-san?”


 When I questioned Kyoko-chan, she tried to seduce Misuzu-sama, and as a result, she vehemently rejected her. Then, she contacted her best friend Mai Fujiwara and decided to leave the apartment and stay there.

 Kyoko-chan claimed that she was only trying to cheer her up, but there was no way she could take back what she had done.

 (How can I apologize to Master?)

 If the punishment for me is not enough to calm down my Master, then I’ll have to use Kyoko-chan as well.

 ”Kyoko-chan, come here”

 ”What’s wrong……? You don’t have to look so scary”

 While pulling Kyoko-chan’s hand, I opened the <Back Door> of my bedroom.

 ”Eh!? W-what’s this? What’s this, Nee-chan!?”

 ”Come on, just follow me”

◇ ◇ ◇

 On the other side of the door that Nee-chan forced me into.

 It was an absurdly luxurious room.

 White plaster walls and marble floors. The furnishings are all in blue.

 I couldn’t help but be puzzled.

 Was this apartment really this big? I had been sleeping in her bedroom before, but there was no door, and the other side of the wall was supposed to be the living room.

 ”Hey, Nee-chan, w-what’s this? This place!”

 She just threw a cold stare at me in confusion and shouted into the air.

 ”Lili-sama, are you here?”

 And then.

 ”Hmm? What’s up, Devi?”

 Suddenly, a girl appeared in the air.

 She was probably in middle school. She had red eyes and a short fiery red curly hair. From her forehead sprouted two twisted horns.

 The girl looked at me, stunned, and said, “Red hair? Is she a demon, Devi?” while tilted her head.

 (Demon race? Oh, so that’s how it’s set up. That’s the kind of Otaku stuff. Yeah, it’s called “Chuunibyou”)

 The thing that floats in the air must be some kind of modern toy. Very well done.

 However, Nee-chan answered her very politely.

 ”She’s not a demon. She’s my sister, Kyoko”

 ”But I think I’ve postponed “that” discussion, Devi?”

 My sister bowed politely to the cosplay girl, who looked at her with a puzzled look.

 ”Yes, it’s true, but…… there are some unavoidable circumstances, and I would like to ask Master to take over”

 (Master? Does that mean this girl’s husband? Are they married?)

 ”Well, I’ll be waiting for you, Devi”

 After saying that, the cosplay girl disappeared just as she had appeared. But after just a few seconds, she reappeared.

 ”Fumi Fumi is waiting for you in the bedroom, Devi”

 She said, and disappeared again.

 ”Kyoko-chan, follow me”

 ”Hey, Nee-chan, at least explain it to me!”

 I followed her as she walked out of the room into the hallway. It’s a stone hallway that looks like something out of a movie. To be honest, I don’t know why.

 (This is the apartment, right? How many bedrooms are there?……)

 I followed my sister to the door at the end of the hall. And in the middle of an absurdly large room, there is a huge bed with a canopy that can accommodate ten people.

 And there was a boy sitting on it.

 He was probably in high school? He was small, fat, and looked gloomy and dull.

 Then, he looked a little puzzled as he opened his mouth.

 ”It’s unusual for Ryoko to call me. What’s wrong, I thought you wouldn’t be here today. And who is that girl?”

 Then she suddenly knelt down at the boy’s feet.

 ”I’m sorry. Master. My sister has been very rude to you, Misuzu-sama, while I was with her…”

 ”W-Wait, Ryoko. I can’t see what you’re talking about”

 My sister told the boy that I had fanned the flames and that Kurosa-chan had met her boyfriend. And she told him that I had pushed her to become my saffle.

 But I couldn’t understand the story at all.

 Because my sister is so outspoken, I imagine that this guy must be the son of a member of the Diet or something like that.

 In other words, this little brat, who was in love with Kurosato-chan, probably had my sister keep an eye on her.

 I can’t help but puke at people who use their power as an excuse to use others.

 But it’s also true that because of me, my sister was forced into a situation where she had to get down on her knees to this little shit.

 (It’s no use……)

 ”Hey, little shit. I’m sorry, but Nee-can has nothing to do with it, I’ll take whatever punishment I can get”

 ”Hey…… Ryoko, your sister says this. Can I hold her?”

 ”That’s …… not much of a punishment. ……”

 To hold or not to hold, that’s what it comes down to.

 ”Hey, little shit. Okay, I’ll take care of it. I don’t know what kind of drunkard son of a bitch you are, but you smell like a virgin. I’ll make you feel good, and then you can let bygones be bygones”

 ”Smell like a virgin……?”

 ”That’s right. A virgin. Moreover, you’re ugly and gloomy, and no woman will ever take you seriously. I’m not going to laugh at you if you have a short thing or if you come in a halfway rub”

 ”Heehh…… then I’ll take……”

 The boy’s temples are twitching. It seems the boy has been angry for a while.

 ”Huh, did I offend you? But I can’t help it, can I? It’s a private lesson for a virgin boy. But don’t complain if you come before you put it in. Be a good boy and I’ll make you squeal with pleasure”

 My sister’s face went pale. She looked as if she had just seen something outrageous and went rigid.


 ”What’s up, Devi?”

 The boy called out into the air, and the cosplay girl from earlier appeared.

 ”Give me an energy drink. I’ll take the whole bottle”

 The flag was raised in a big way, so next time it will be erotic (lol)

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