Confinement 68

Chapter 68 Cute Kyoko-chan

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 Kyoko’s hands clenched the sheets frantically.

 ”Hey, hey, did you come again? It’s a shame that a virgin boy was the one who giving you a lessons and all that good stuff. Then, Ryoko. This time… I like you to write it on her cheeks. Let’s go with “Small Fry””


 Ryoko then wrote “Small Fry” with a black ink marker on Kyoko’s cheek, who was breathing heavily.

 This is the third time.

 The words “loser” was written on Kyoko’s breast, and “little cunt” on her lower stomach.

 It had only been thirty minutes since the first penetration. However, Kyoko has already climaxed for the third time and is out of breath. And I hadn’t even come once yet, and I hadn’t even taken an energy drink.

 In the first place, it was Kyoko who got carried away and said, “You could draw a doodle on my body every time I cum”

 (But then again…… it’s her sister, isn’t it?)

 Her face is definitely similar, but in terms of atmosphere, it’s like Ryoko minus the smartness and full of cheekiness.

 She looks masculine, and to be honest, I wasn’t expecting it to be comfortable, but when I undressed her, I found that she had a body just like Ryoko’s. Even her sensitive parts were just like Ryoko’s.

 Since she had the same sensitive parts as Ryoko, there was no reason to make her cum.

 After thinking so, I pulled out my meat stick and flipped Kyoko over, forcing her to get on all fours.

 ”….Ah, w-wait a minute……Give me a break”

 ”No, no, no, after all, I’m a virgin and I’m ugly. So, I have to work harder than most people”

 When I say that, I stab her in the back.

 ”Nhiii!? Don’t come in so fast! You idiot!”

 No complaints will be accepted.

* * *

 As soon as I grabbed her ass and started to move my hips, she let out a cute little squeal and writhed.

 ”A-ahh, Ah, Ah, Ah…”

 Pound, Pound, Pound! Pound, Pound, Pound!

 I thrust her hard with the Doggy Style position, and her ass made a loud noise.

 She had already been made to cum three times, and her crotch was soaking wet. Every time I thrust my cock into her without mercy, her vagina made an embarrassing gurgling sound as it received it.

 ”U-uh, uh, uh, ah! Ah, nooo!?”

 She seems to be very reluctant to be defeated, and has been trying to hold back her voice for a while now, but each time I give her a nasty shove in her weak spot.

 ”Nnn… Nnn, Nnnn…”

 Within a few minutes, Kyoko was out of breath.

 And then I stopped moving my hips and thrust my finger into her mouth from behind, playing with the inside of her mouth and whispering into her ear.

 ”Am I not enough for you? Oh, you’re right. You’re just such a big talker, aren’t you?”

 ”Nnn…… Ahh…… Ahh…… Nnn…….”

 Kyoko can’t even answer properly and just let out a moan. She’s probably unconscious. However, her tongue nibbled on my finger deliciously, and saliva spilled from between her spread lips onto the sheets.

 ”Then, the virgin boy will do his best in the virgin boy’s own way……!”

 ”Huhh!? Aaahhhh!”

 Kyoko bent over backwards as I thrust my hips vigorously again to match her words. I then resumed my vigorous thrusting.

 Pound, Pound, Pound! Pound, Pound, Pound!

 ”Nhii, Noo, Stopp, please stop it, Hiii, Noo, I’m dying, I’m dying!”

 She crawls forward as if to escape the pressure behind her, or to call for help. But I’m not going to let her go.

 One chase after another. Fugitive soldiers are always sentenced to death.

 Pound, Pound, Pound! Pound, Pound, Pound!

 ”Ah, ah, ahhhhhh, afuu, ahh! I’m cumming, I’m cumming! Ahh, Ah, I have been coming for a while now, you know!”

* * *

 But I pretended not to hear her at all, and kept moving my hips.

 I thrust my rod in and out of her vagina without stopping. Of course, I didn’t forget to poke around in the vagina.

 ”Mmm, don’t ignore me, idiot! Stop it! ……”

 ”Oh, did you cry? Are you really this overwhelmed by this? It can’t be, right?”

 ”I’m not crying! But I don’t want to, Hiii, come anymore… It’s hard….”

 ”Haha, if you’re not crying, there’s no reason to stop”

 ”No way……”

 Pound, Pound, Pound! Pound, Pound, Pound!

 Instead of stopping, I slammed my hips even harder. As soon as I do, Kyoko immediately stiffens her body.

 ”Ah, Ah, I’m cumming too much, noo, Ah, Ah, I’m cummmmmming!!”

 She leaned back like a horse and fell from all fours onto the bed, making a thud sound. The stick, which was slipped out of her caused her vagina to spurt out the love juice and semen that had accumulated in the back.

 ”Ohh… You’re the only one who comes, huh. You’re really a selfish person…… Well, whatever. Ryoko, I think she probably came at least five times, so let’s see, “bitch”, “Fumio’s special masturbator”, “lousy bitch”, “loose pussy”. Then write anything else you like”


 Ryoko wrote the phrases as she was told with black ink on Kyoko’s back and ass as she groaned breathlessly, and finally wrote “embarrassing sister” on her shoulder.

 ……Please don’t tell her the truth. It’s too heavy for her.


 I grabbed her body and flipped her over.

 Her eyes are vacant as she lies on the bed in the shape of a large figure. And only her breasts were moving up and down in search of oxygen.

 ”Kyoko-san? Hey, are you alive?”

 I waved my hand in front of her, and she looked as if she’d been startled.

 ”From to-today…. I will not let you…. off the hook…”

 (Are you a comedian!!)

* * *

 I can’t help but be taken aback by this. I’m not sure if it’s stubbornness or aversion to defeat, but I think it’s amazing that she can be so stubborn here, even though she’s a small fry.

 But then again, I have no intention of forgiving her, so it’s perfect.

 ”No, no, no, you haven’t made me come once yet. You said so yourself, Kyoko. You said that you could make me squeal with pleasure”

 Then I put my heavy weight on top of her as she lay there on her back.

 ”It’s too heavy…… Oh, yeah, I’ll give you a hand job, I’m confident in hand job”

 ”Are you stupid?”

 I couldn’t help but let my true feelings leak out. At this time, hand jobs are a great way to underestimate people. I have to teach this stupid female a good lesson in master-servant relationship.

 This time it was missionary position.


 I inserted my meat stick into her vagina in the so-called “seed press” position. Then, I held her head in my arms and began to slam my hips down hard.

 ”Ihiiiii!? I just came! Even though I just came, afuuu, ah, hiii, ah, ah”

 Plunge, Plunge, Plunge, Plunge!

 ”Gyaaa, Noooo, Ahhhhh, Ohhhhhhhhh!?”

 I put my body close to hers and press hard on the deepest part of her vagina with my glans. Her sister, Ryoko, came instantly when I did this.

 As expected, Kyoko immediately started screaming like it was the end of the world.

 And when I glanced at her sister, I saw that she was rubbing her knees together in a fidgety manner. Underneath her pantsuit, she was probably already in flood.

 (It’s not a bad idea to hold her with Ryoko)

 Just as I was thinking about this, I suddenly felt a sharp pain in my shoulder. I looked over and saw that Kyoko was biting me there.

 ”It hurts!”

 I slammed my waist down as hard as I could.


* * *

 She screamed and released her mouth.

 When I stopped moving and looked into her face, she was glaring at me.

 ”What are you doing! Damn you! You can’t make me cum if you like this! Idiot! Idiot!”

 If I don’t get it right, she’ll bite me. She’s like a dog.

 So, I held her face between my hands and looked her in the eye.

 ”W-what is it?……”

 Then, looking at her frightened face, I started to move my hips silently. Slowly, but as if to twist deep into her.

 Squish! Squish! Squish! Squish!

 ”Oooh, it’s so deeepp! Stop it! Oh, no!……”

 She wrinkled her brow profusely and squirmed.

 Her gaze, which until just a few moments ago had been condescending to me, and her mouth, which was boldly mocking me, nowhere to be found.

 And unable to hide the mixture of fright and pleasure on her face, she can only continue to accept my growing meat stick inside her female body.

 Now it was my turn to ridicule her.

 ”You’re a little sloppy for someone who talks so much. You still have a long way to go”

 ”I can’t, I can’t do it again… Ah, if you do it again, hii. I-I’ll go crazy… Ah……”

 ”It’s okay to go crazy. I’ll make sure you understand who you’re biting”

 ”Uhh…… Oh, no, no, no, ah, ah”

 Squish! Squish! Squish! Squish!

 When I thrust further and further, Kyoko finally started to cry.

 ”Uh, Uh, I’m sorry… I’m sorry for being so cocky… I was wrong… Please forgive me…”

 Kyoko finally surrendered fully.

 Hmm… but I’m not going to forgive her at all…… however since she is here, I’m going to correct her a bit to my liking.

 ”I don’t like it when girls call themselves “me”. So, yeah, let’s try to call yourself “Kyoko-chan”. And try apologizing in a cute way one more time” (*Note: me -> Boku)

 ”Sob… Kyoko-chan was wrong… I’m sorry. Isn’t Kyoko-chan cute? So, please forgive me. .”

* * *


 ”Well done. But it’s too late now”

 I rejected her without a word.

 I immediately raised myself up and slammed my hips down like they were on fire.

 Thumb, Thumb, Thumb, Thumb!

 ”Ahiiiii!? It’s terrible! I have apologized to you, right? I can’t cum again!”

 ”You’re only saying “no” with your mouth, aren’t you? Because Kyoko’s cunt is completely engulfed in my cock and she doesn’t want to let go at all. But don’t worry. I’m about to cum too, just a little more”

 ”No, no, no, Kyoko-chan is really at her limit! Kyoko-chan is going to break……”

 Thumb! Thumb! Thumb! Thumb! Thumb!

 In fact, I’m almost at my limit. That heat swirling around my base is raging, and it’s saying, “Get me out of here”

 And then, just as I thrust deep into her to finish her off, it burst open at once.

 Tremble! Tremble! Spurt! Spurtttt!

 ”Kyoko-chan is cumming again, I’m cummmming! Ahh, Ahhhhhh….”

 Kyoko clung desperately to my body.

 It seemed to me that she had completely accepted and surrendered to me.

 The semen was poured into the back of her, and I pulled out my p*nis.

 Even after I pull away, Kyoko remains lying dishevelled in the middle of the bed, unable to move a muscle. Occasionally, her sweaty naked body would twitch intermittently.


 (……No sound of levelling up)

 It seems that Kyoko is more stubborn than I imagined. For the time being, I just pretended to give up. It may be like that.

 But I guess I’ll just have to destroy her once and for all.

 (Well, that was the plan all along, wasn’t it?)

 I reached for the energy drink on the side table and slurped it down in one gulp.

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