Confinement 69

Chapter 69 At the Last Moment

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 ”I’m sorry about my mom. She was so excited”

 ”No problem, she’s a good mother”

 Mai and I were laying out futons in a very large Japanese-style room, and we were both looking at the ceiling.

 It was already midnight. If I listen carefully, I can hear the sound of the Shishi Odoshi coming from the garden. (*Note: Shishi Odoshi -> Japanese devices made to frighten away animals which pose a threat to agriculture)

 Today, I left Terashima-san’s apartment.

 I don’t think Kyoko-san is a bad person, but I can’t be her saffle. Also, I don’t think I could stay in the same house with her if she said that to me.

 After shaking off Kyoko-san’s squirming hands, I went into Terashima-san’s bedroom and sent a message to Mai asking if I could stay overnight with her. Mai called me back and came to pick me up right away.

 She came to pick me up with a very expensive car with a driver.

 On the inside, Mai was dressed like a young lady, which was different from her school appearance.

 I had never been to Mai’s house before, and I had heard that she was very rich, but the actual house was more than I had imagined.

 We were currently in a detached house at the far end of the residence grounds. And this entire house is Mai’s property.

 There are three western-style rooms and two Japanese-style rooms. Five bedrooms including the living and dining rooms are Mai’s rooms. Suddenly, my concept of rooms was shaken.

 At first, we were taken to the main house for dinner, and Mai’s father and mother were very happy that their daughter had brought a friend, so we were given a great welcome.

 If I were to describe the dinner as if a dedicated sushi chef were making sushi for us, would that give you an idea of how gorgeous it was?

 Mai’s mother was a very talkative person.

* * *

 She asked me a lot of questions, especially about Mai’s boyfriend, as if she was curious about him.

 I laughed most of the way through, but I wondered what kind of look she would have given me if I had honestly told her about that gross man. Well, I think most people would have objected.

 ”I’m sorry for forcing you all of a sudden”

 ”Ahaha, it’s okay. My father and mother are happy. Yesterday, I asked you to pretend that I stayed at Misuzu’s house too. So, it’s mutual”

 Yesterday, on the way back to my apartment after leaving Jun-kun, I received a message from Mai asking me to pretend that she stayed at my house.

 I didn’t reply to the message because my mind was too messed up to think about it…….

 ”Even so, yesterday was amazing. I never thought I’d see Misuzu in a place like that”


 It’s true, it’s not every day that I pass my best friend in the hallway of a love hotel.

 ”Speaking of which, Mai. Wasn’t this your first time? I mean, your first-time doing it with Kimo-jima……?”

 ”Nnn? We haven’t doing it yet”

 ”Eh!? But yesterday……”

 Then Mai sat up and smiled.

 ”Oh, you want to hear it? Are you gonna ask me that? Oh, you’re going to make fun of me?”

 ”Ehh, I don’t think I make fun of it”

 ”Eh! Then, listen to me! No, I’m gonna talk!”

 ”You’re gonna talk?”

 ”Yeah, but you know what? Yesterday, I was really depressed. I got scared that Fu~min would abandon me too, so I forced him to take me to a hotel”

 ”You mean you asked him out?”

 ”Yes, yes. But he wasn’t accepting it because Fu~min like it, but because he’s worried “


 ”And when I tried to get naked, Fu~min said, “I won’t hold you””

 ”What? You mean he couldn’t get it up?”

 ”No, no, no, his crotch was really swollen. It was just his patience. But Fu~min said, “It’s not embrace that will heal Mai now” and said, “Let’s take the proper steps toward love” and hugged me”

 ”With that face?”

* * *

 I feel more and more grossed out by the thought of such a line coming from that face.

 ”Why? Fu~min, he’s so handsome!”

 ”Sorry…… but I have to disagree with you there”

 ”I don’t know any other guy who can say something like that in front of a naked girl in a love hotel. I’m so happy that he really loves me”

 ”Hee…… I think he just got scared when he was about to get laid. He seems like a virgin, right?”

 ”Hmm… Misuzu, you’re really pushy. I’ve been thinking about it for a while, but Misuzu gets really pissed off when it comes to Fu~min”

 ”What? I’m not pissed off at all! Of course not!”

 ”Hmm, are you jealous?”

 Mai turns to me with a smirk on her face.

 ”What? Are you insane? I have an incomparably wonderful boyfriend, Jun-kun!”

 ”Hee…. Then how was it with Kasuya-chi?”

 ”Well, it was …… wonderful”

 ”Oh, what was it like, what was it like?”

 ”I won’t say. I don’t usually tell people that!”

 ”Oh…… that’s a pity”

 There was a pause, and then a moment of silence. After a while, Mai opened her mouth again.

 ”By the way, Misuzu, what are you going to do tomorrow?”

 ”Hmmm…… perhaps the media will still be there tomorrow, right?”

 ”I guess so, I saw Misuzu’s house on the news several times today”

 ”Wow, it was shown on…….”

 At least it wasn’t on the information program I watched in the morning, but I guess they ran out of material and finally started showing my house.

 ”Do you have plans, Mai?”

 ”I’m going to Fu~min’s house”

 ”A date?…… I wonder what I’ll do then”

 ”If you want, Misuzu can go with me”


 ”It’s not a date, you know. I’m just going on my own. I’m good friends with Fu~min’s mom. Hey, hey, let’s go together”

 What on earth is this girl talking about? I thought so.

* * *

◇ ◇ ◇

 It was seven in the morning.

 On a sunday morning, I stepped into Fumi Fumi’s bedroom.

 It’s about time that Fumi Fumi came to his senses after his violent outburst.

 In about an hour, Fumi Fumi’s mom will come to his room to wake him up, so I have to get him back to his room before then.

 But Fumi Fumi was unusually upset. After all, he wanted me to give him a bottle of energy drink. It’s assumed that he’s going to go berserk.

 Well, that can’t be helped.

 Ryoko’s sister’s agitation was too mature.

 No, that may be part of it, but the biggest problem may be the fact that she let Kurosawa-chan meet her boyfriend.

 Ryoko is also beside him, so I don’t think she’s going to die.

 ”Yikes, it smells so great…….”

 As soon as I entered the room, I couldn’t help but pinch my nose.

 In a word, it smells like s*x.

 It’s very romantic if you call it the lingering scent of a night, but it’s nothing like that. It was the smell of male and female bodily fluids.


 Not sweet and sour, but sour.

 Hmm? I feel like I’ve said the same thing before.

 Déjà vu?

 The only thing that comes to mind when I look around the room is the word “catastrophe”.

 It’s a soggy, gooey mess.

 It’s so bad that the last time it went berserk seems so cute.

 How about the canopy of the bed, with its pillar broken off?

 It’s okay. I’ll give you 10,000 points, but that’s okay.

 The fact that Fumi Fumi is still shoving the girl against the wall and fucking her with a gun is also okay, because that’s what he did last time.

 The biggest problem is…

 ”Why are you being fucked, Oppai-chan?”

 The woman that Fumi Fumi continues to fuck as he presses her body against the wall is not Ryoko’s sister, but Oppai-chan.

* * *

 She is already unconscious, her body twitching and her eyes white.

 On top of that, she was covered in a muddy white liquid that looked as if it had been sprayed over her head with a bucket.

 Fumi Fumi held her against the wall and kept slamming his hips against her and Oppai-chan’s feet were not on the ground.

 ”It’s awful…….”

 And when I muttered that to myself.


 Fumi Fumi’s moaning voice echoed.

 Immediately, the space between her labia and p*nis began to tremble! Then, I could see the semen in her vagina spilling out and painting a stain on the red carpet.

 ”Ahaha… Aha….”

 I tried to smile for the time being, but my cheeks involuntarily twitched.

 (Seriously…….? Isn’t it coming out in gallons? That thing……)

 But it doesn’t stop Fumi Fumi.

 Rather than basking in the afterglow of his ejaculation, he began to slam his hips against Oppai-chan again.

 What the hell is going on?

 I looked around and saw Ryoko’s sister lying in the corner of the room, looking like a squashed frog.

 Covered in semen, of course. But that’s not all. I don’t know how much of it was in her vagina, but her lower belly was swollen like a pregnant woman.

 Her status was [Subjugated].

 There is no doubt that during the night, he had achieved two levels up.

 ”What…… is this?”

 I muttered and stunned.

 ”I’ll explain”

 ”Oh gosh! You startled me!”

 Suddenly, I heard a voice from behind me and turned around to see Ryoko with semen dripping from her body.

 ”Master continued to ravish Kyoko-chan until almost the early hours of the morning, but when she began to blow bubbles, I knew that this was a bad idea and that she was going to die, so I stepped in to stop Master”

 Ryoko explained with her usual calm expression.

* * *

 However, she was wearing a pantsuit with her crotch and chest torn to shreds and covered in semen.

 ”It’s a good thing I went in to stop him, but then he started violating me by force…… Well, it was a reward for me, so there was no problem, but about an hour after that, Masaki-sama, who knew nothing about it, came into the bedroom and said, “Good morning!”, immediately Master target moved to her and that’s how it is now”

 ”Oh… I see, Devi”

 Ryoko added more words when her cheeks twitched involuntarily.

 ”By the way, Master’s gaze is now following Lili-sama. It’s probably locked on”


 Just as I let out an involuntary gasp, Fumi Fumi’s hands gripped my legs.

 And then, before I could even resist, he pinned me down on the floor with unbelievable force.

 ”Fu-Fumi Fumi!? W-wait a minute, Devi!”

 But Fumi Fumi doesn’t react at all. I can see his cock standing out of the corner of my eye.

 Oh, no! Oh, no! Oh no! With my mind in such a state of disarray, I can’t even run away.

 I think there might be a time when Fumi Fumi will hold me, but now is not the right time.

 ”F-Freesia! Come quickly, Devi!”

 I desperately summoned my servants.

 Immediately, a silver-haired maid appeared behind Fumi Fumi.

 ”Arara, you mustn’t do that. Fumi Fumi-sama”

 After whispering in Fumi Fumi’s ear, Freesia hugged him from behind and took his lips.

 As soon as she did, his arms loosened.

 ”Let go of me! Let go, Devi!”

 I kicked Fumi Fumi’s body down and struggled to escape.

 And as soon as the long, long kiss with Freesia was over, Fumi Fumi fell forward.

 ”Puha… I can’t take it anymore. I’m so full. Even if I’m a High-ranking Succubus, I’m really on the edge. What a terrifying person”

 Freesia said and sat down on the spot.

 It was an unbelievable sight, to be honest.

 After all, Freesia was a succubus who caused the previous generation of demon king to die on her stomachs.

 I’ve heard that before I was born, around 1200 B.C., she caused the deaths of most of the men in the Hittite Kingdom.

 And at the last minute.

 Moreover, Fumi Fumi himself had just spent the night fucking a woman.

 ”Ohime-sama, it seems that your eyes were right after all. Fumi Fumi-sama is a real gem”

 Freesia said, and burped loudly.

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