Confinement 73

Chapter 73 Sometimes, Nothing Happens in the Afternoon

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 The first time I met Freesia was when I was a little girl, not more than a hundred years old.

 As the daughter of a nobleman in the demon world, I was forced to learn the skills of the bed as a pastime.

 If they can get a more powerful demon as a son-in-law, it will lead to the safety of the family, so the art of satisfying a man as a woman is a high priority.

 With regard to bed skills, my tutor was Freesia, a High-ranking Succubus who is notorious for causing the death of the previous Demon Lord and triggering the Demon Lord Succession War.

 The relationship between us was supposed to be that of teacher and student, but after a very strange turn of events, she is now a servant of mine.

 (In the past, she was feared as “The Woman who Broke the World”, “The Queen of Abdominal Death”, “The Great Succubus” and so on…… But what happened to make her this way??)

 I give up my shoulder and tuck my chin to Torture.

 ”Torture, heal her, Devi”

 ”Thank you”

 When Freesia came home with a huge scar on her forehead, I thought the pigs had revolted, but after hearing her story, I realized that it was really quite ridiculous.

 Moribe is a very pure-hearted girl.

 If I dripped black ink on her, it would surely make her beautiful.

 I had instructed this idiot succubus to give her a push to make that happen, but as it turned out, this idiot whispered to the person who was about to wield the whip from behind.

 Just as she had planned, Moribe raised the whip in a half-crazed frenzy.

 So far, so good. That’s all well and good.

 But unfortunately, Moribe’s swinging whip hit Freesia’s forehead.

 The idiot then crouched down on the spot, moaning, “Uhh…… Uhh……”.

 I knew she was an idiot, but I didn’t expect her to be this stupid.

 Well, I suppose I could praise her for being patient and acting like nothing happened in the end.

 When Torture’s healing power is finished, Freesia turns to me again and opens her mouth.

 ”Anyway, Ohime-sama. I’m afraid I’m going to need more help than I have on my own. May I call one of my succubi to help me out?”

 ”Is it okay Devi? …… that?”

 I couldn’t help but look at her with a frown. In the first place, succubus is too free and unrestrained.

* * *

 In that sense, Freesia is quite a rare type.

 ”It’s no problem. I’ll take responsibility. If there is a problem, I will accept the punishment of whipping”

 ”……Tell me the truth, Devi”

 ”What do you mean?”

 ”You want to be whipped, don’t you, Devi? The whip”

 ”I do. It’s been so long since I’ve been whipped that I’m a little tickled.

 ”Rejected, Devi”

◇ ◇ ◇

 I put Yui-chan’s invitation on hold in an ambiguous way, and pushed open the door of the room across from me to consult with Shima-senpai.

 But as soon as I did, I heard a noise from inside the room.

 ”Ah… Ah… Ah…”

 I heard the panting voice of Takasago-senpai.

 I hurriedly hid myself behind the door and peeked into the room to find two women in their tight underwear entwined on the bed.

 Takasago-senpai was squirming in pain as she leaned back.

 The one on top of her body, with her mouth twisted in an indecent manner, is Shima-senpai.

 ”If you don’t listen to me, I’ll punish you”

 ”Uh… Oh…… F-forgive me…”

 ”I’ll teach it to your body”

 ”I’m dying……”

 ”Shut up. I’m not gonna let you do it until your hips are sore!”

 ”Y-you are terrible……”

 It seems that Shima-senpai is blaming Takasago-senpai for cutting corners today.

 It’s true that Shima Senpai had said that she would take care of her later on, but I didn’t expect her to do that.

 (Oh ……Shima senpai, where did you learn how to do that?)

 I couldn’t help but feel my cheeks heat up.

 And I couldn’t help but be excited about it.


 It was a really beautiful, “reverse-shrimp-hold”. (*Note: what position is this? 麗な逆エビ固め)

 In addition, I am a genuine New Japan fan who has always believed that the reverse-shrimp-hold is not from Giant but from Doraemon, since my grandfather’s generation and father’s generation.

* * *

◇ ◇ ◇

 ”Ugh …… ugh ……”

 I feel like I slept a lot.

 But still, I’m feeling absurdly dull.

 When I tried to open my eyes, the sunlight coming in through the window was right on my face.

 It was too bright.

 Then, I close my eyes again.

 The window means that it’s outside “the room”. Perhaps Lili had brought me out.

 With my eyes closed, I vaguely recall most of what happened last night. I also remember what happened during the rampage.

 Ryoko’s younger sister…… or was it Kyoko-san? I was so annoyed by her that I drank a whole bottle of energy drink to remind her.

 The rampage went as planned.

 I violated Kyoko-san to no end, and heard the electronic sound of the level up twice.

 However, I couldn’t remember the details of the new functions I had acquired.

 (I wonder if I can check the functions I have later? I’ll ask Lili_

 Anyway, I was able to get Kyoko-san into a [Subjugated] state.

 She was a very strong woman, so it might be a good idea to dress her up in a cute girlish outfit and hold her tonight.

 When I thought about it, my crotch reacted honestly.

 When Kyoko-san fainted, I fucked her while ripping Ryoko’s clothes as she broke in, and I also fucked Masaki-chan, who happened to come into the room in the middle of it, by pressing her against the wall.

 (……Aside from Ryoko, Masaki-chan was pretty freaked out……Maybe I should apologize later)

 Then, when I found Lili and put her down, someone kissed me from behind …… and that’s when I lost consciousness.

 (I almost attacked Lili, didn’t I? Ugh…… she must be angry. How do I put her in a good mood……?)

 On the one hand, I think it was a bad idea, but on the other hand, I feel like it was a close call.

 If I want to embrace Lili or not, of course I want to embrace her.

 She’s a beautiful girl, no matter the reason. She’s a loli, though.

 Just as I was thinking about it, I noticed a sound of sleep breathing near my ear. There was someone holding on to my hand as if to pinch it between their legs.


 No, no, no, that can’t be. This is outside the “room”.

 When I turned my head to look, I saw Fujiwara-san’s in young lady mode, breathing comfortably in her sleep.

 (Did…… Mom let her in the room again without permission?)

 Nevertheless, Fujiwara-san is not a problem.

 I gently raised myself up and stroked her hair so as not to wake her up.

* * *

 When I look at her like this, I realize how cute she is.

 Her eyelashes are long and her skin is smooth despite her tan. Each part of her looks small and fragile.

 As I stared at her face.

 ”Are you awake?”

 Suddenly, I heard a girl’s voice coming from the corner of the room and I hurriedly turned my attention to her.

 There was a girl leaning against the wall, sitting on the floor.


 She was wearing an earth-colored long skirt and a dark green tunic. Kurosawa-san was dressed like a lightly dressed forest girl.

 In her hand was a manga featuring a burly man wielding a large sword.

 There were piles of them on the floor, starting with the first volume.

 ”You look like you’re wondering why I’m here”

 ”Ah… Yeah…….”

 (That’s exactly what she said)

 ”I’m staying at Mai’s place right now”

 I remember Ryoko saying something like that.

 ”So I said I wouldn’t go…… but Mai doesn’t always listen to me when I say I won’t go. Then, she forced me to come along with her”

 ”I see…”

 ”That’s right”

 Just like that, we remained silent.

 There was a delicate atmosphere in the atmosphere.

 In the first place, it was abnormal for me and Kurosawa-san to be in the same room and having a conversation. There was no way we could continue our conversation.

 From outside, I could hear the faint sounds of children’s noises.

 It was a little dim inside the room. The afternoon sun is shining through the window, but it’s not a very sunny room, so that’s to be expected.

 Looking down at the manga again, Kurosawa-san muttered to herself.

 ”What should I call you?”


 ”I’m talking about you. Because when I call you Kimo-jima, it hurts Mai’s feeling. But I don’t want to call you Fu~min”

 ”O-oh…… you can call me Kijima-kun or Fumio-kun”

* * *

 Then, Kurosawa-san looked at me with a frown.

 ”I don’t know why I have to call you “kun”. You idiot”


 Isn’t this what you always call me……. Don’t you think it’s terrible?

 I think it’s unavoidable, because the relationship is back to the point where I was kicked in the foot.

 ”What? Please stop staring at me. It’s gross”

 ”Oh, I’m sorry. It’s rare to see Kurosawa-san without her uniform”

 In fact, it’s refreshing.

 I’ve only ever seen her in her underwear or naked, skipping all sorts of things when she’s not in uniform.

 ”I borrowed these clothes from Mai, but I’ll tell her later. I should take it to the laundry right away”

 ”I just looking at them! But they get dirty by my sight?”

 That’s amazing.

 ”Hey, Fumio. What happens in the end of this manga?”


 She said she didn’t want to use “kun”, but if she didi, it sounded like a way to call her boyfriend.

 It’s different story if it’s preceded by “go buy some yakisoba bread” or something like that.

 ”Well… it’s not finished yet. I believe it’s now in volume 40. The latest issue is. How many books have you read so far?”

 ”It’s thirty-two, hey, Fumio, you know what’s going to happen to the girls trapped in this prison ……?”

 At this very pinpoint question, I was at a loss for words.

 (Well, it’s a manga story, isn’t it……?)

 But then Fujiwara-san suddenly stretched out, saying, “Yawnnnn…”.

 Apparently, she woke up.

 ”Unyu…… Good morning……. I took a nap, and when I woke up Fu~min was next to me, it was the best thing ever”

 When Fujiwara-san started to rub her cheek against my chest, Kurosawa-san snorted and looked down at the manga in her hand again.

 ”What? Did you get along with Misuzu?”

 ”Yeah, well, just a little……”

 ”No, we haven’t”

 Kurosawa-san stood up and then said with a resentful expression.

 ”Llt’s go home now, Mai. And Kimo-jima, prepare a paper bag. I’m going to borrow the rest of this manga”

 Yeah… I don’t know what happened, but it seems she’s gonna call me Kimo-jima again. I mean, I didn’t say anything about lending it or anything……

 ”Also, while you were sleeping, your mother came in to check on you, and when she saw Mai sleeping next to you, she said happily, “Ara ara ma ma~””

 (Wait, wait, wait!? That’s really awkward!)

 In contrast to my involuntary nodding.

 Fujiwara-san said.

 ”Ahaha, we’re parent-approved couple!”

 Kurosawa snorted, “Hmph” as Fujiwara-san shouted with excitement.

 Kurosawa-san’s life is a little complicated. So, next time, Kyoko story.

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