Confinement 74

Chapter 74 Kawaii Kawaii Kyoko-chan

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 ”Lili, are you there?”

 ”Nnn? What’s up, Debbie?”

 After Fujiwara-san and Kurosawa-san left, I called Lili for the time being.

 Last night…… or was it this morning? I was worried that she might be angry that I had attacked her, but there was no change in Lili’s mood and she made no pretense of talking about the attack.

 To be honest, I was relieved. I wondered if I should apologize to her, but I felt like that yould be a dangerous thing to do.

 So, I decided to ask Lili about the situation. Specifically, how can I check my current functions.

 ”All you have to do is put your hand on the door and call up the “list of acquired functions”, Devi”

 ”Call what?”

 ”Just think about, “I want to see the list of acquired functions”, Devi”

 I summoned the door and tried to do as I was told. Then, a list of acquired functions was displayed on the door in the form of a notice.

 ★The list of acquired functions★


 ・Room creation level 6 (20 rooms) UP!

 ・Furniture Installation Level 5 (Luxury) UP!

 ・Room expansion level 2 (8 times) UP!

 ・Install bathrooms.

 ・Install a kitchen.

 ・Install a costume room.

 ・Swimming pool

 ・Large bathrooms NEW!


 ・Passing Through Rooms

 ・Interior work

 ・Room Connect

 ・Summon slaves

 ・Charm correction

 ・Forget Person

 ・Visual possession NEW!

 ・Favorability scale NEW!


 ・Back door









* * *

 ”When I look it again…… it’s quite a lot”

 There are some that I use frequently, and some that I had forgotten existed.

 But Lili peeked at the list and raised an eyebrow.

 ”It’s subtle, Devi. The three new acquisitions were <Install Large Bathrooms>, <Visual Possession (Sight Hack)>, and “Favorability scale (Love Scale)”. Well, aside from the large bathrooms…… the other two are quite subtle, Devi”

 ”Is that so? It looks amazing when you just look at the words, doesn’t it?”

 ”Look at it, Devi”

 When Lili traced the words, a balloon-like description appeared.


 <Visual Possession (Sight Hack)>

 ・You can project the scene that the person in a state of [Enslaved] is looking at onto the wall.

 <Favourability Scale (Love Scale)>

 ・You can select two people in the room and check their love and hate feelings for each other. However, you cannot specify yourself as the target.


 ”The <Visual Possession (Sight Hack)> is only a visual device, Devi. It’s not very useful for information gathering because it doesn’t allow you to hear sounds, Devi. At best, it can only be used for peeping into women’s bathrooms and locker rooms, Devi”

 ”That’s good. That’s great”

 ”Is the Confinement King satisfied with peeping?”

 ”Well…… That’s for sure”

 ”The <Favourability Scale (Love Scale)> is an indicator of good and bad relationships, but only between people who are in the same room, Devi. To be honest, it is difficult to use”

 That’s true.

 The only place where it could be used yould be the track and field club during group training. Aside from what it means.

 ”By the way, what’s going on with th …… track and field club?”

 ”Oh right…… things are generally going well, Devi. Maybe in three days or so, one of them will be able to meet Fumi Fumi as a potential favored princess, Devi”

* * *

 ”Wow, that’s exciting”

 ”Aside from the track and field club, what are you doing tonight, Devi? Oh right, before you fainted, you were drained by the High-ranking Succubus, and then you were drained again by the black gal, so I think you should rest for at least one night”

 ”Wait a minute? Didn’t you just say something incomprehensible? What do you mean, Fujiwara-san drained me once?”

 ”While Fumi Fumi was asleep, she drained you with her mouth, Devi. Right in front of Kurosawa-chan”


 I was surprised by that.

 ”She’s quite a crazy woman, Devi. Thanks to her, Kurosawa-chan has become quite conscious of Fumi Fumi, Devi”

 ”Is that so? I think she was just poking me as usual……”

 ”Well, just watch and see, Devi. So, back to the topic at hand, what are you doing tonight, Devi?”

 ”Uhh, I want to check on Kyoko-san’s condition, so I’m going to go to “the room” after dinner”

 ”Then, I’ll just give you a hint on how to bring Ryoko’s sister into a state of [Enslaved], Devi. The rest is up to you to figure out, Devi”

 ”You’re being so petty”

 ”Pampering you will not make you grow up”

◇ ◇ ◇

 ”What… What is going on……?”

 When I woke up, I was completely naked, without a stitch of clothing.

 I was on the bed in the first room that my sister brought me to, a luxurious blue-toned room.

 Yesterday, I was in a really bad situation.

 My sister brought me to a room where there was a kid who smelled like a virgin.

 I was surprised to see my sister kneeling at the feet of the kid.

 I thought to myself, “This kid must be acting all high and mighty with the power of his parents”. Then, I thought again, “I’ll take my sister’s place and give him a good spanking”. That’s what I assumed……

 ”But he’s a monster…….”

 Involuntary, I held my head in my hands.

 I made my debut in college, went clubbing at night, went out with more bad boys than I could hold on to on both hands, hooked up with cute girls, had s*x with them, and even slept with them.

* * *

 To be honest, I thought there was no one better at s*x than me, whether with men or women.

 But that was just my ego.

 Instead of being punished, I was made to cum so fast that I couldn’t even find a way to fight back.

 I tried to fight back by pretending that I had given up while being made to cum, but my opponent was even more devilish than I had imagined.

 I thought he was going to cover me up, but then he started pumping me like a madman. He didn’t care if I came or if I cried out.

 As soon as I lose consciousness, he thrusts up with such force that it breaks my womb, forcibly brings me back to reality, and throws me back into the sea of pleasure.

 In the end, my pride and willpower were blown away, and I cried like a child, but he had no human heart, or he yould not loosen his hand at all.

 How many shots did he give me without pulling his cock out? I shudder just thinking about it.

 I could understand why my sister called him “Master”.

 That’s a guy I can’t go against.

 So, I had to choose between staying out of him and living with him, or flattering him and being loved by him.

 I had to choose one or the other.

 If I remembered s*x like that, I yould probably feel unsatisfied in the arms of other men.

 But as time goes by, I’m sure I’ll be able to forget it someday.

 I want to believe that I can forget.

 If not, I’ll really have to fall into slavery.

 If I’m going to escape, it has to be now.

 I got off the bed and put my hand on the knob of the door on the wall.

 On the other side of the door was the bedroom of my sister’s apartment.

 The door opened easily.

 I could see the bedroom on the other side.

 But I just couldn’t step out of it.

 ”Why? Damn it…….”

* * *

 I slammed the door shut and slumped down on the floor. However, at that moment, the door to the hallway opened with a bang.

 ”Good evening, are you awake?”

 The person who came in saying that was a pretty girl in a negligee.

 However, I couldn’t make out her age.

 She looked like she was in high school, but if I made a mistake, I yould have thought she was in elementary school, with a baby face and small frame. And yet, she has ridiculously large breasts.

 ”Who, who are you?”

 ”Nice to meet you. I’m Masaki Haneda. I’ve been asked to help Fumio-kun find you something to wear”

 ”What to wear…… Oh, thank you”

 (By Fumio, she probably means that little shit)

 ”What’s your relationship with…… this Fumio guy?”

 ”Well, you know. He’s my lover, his s*x slave, his wife”

 ”I don’t get it……”

 ”You’ll see it soon. Especially Fumio-kun, he said that he’s going to take care of Kyoko-san all night tonight, so you have to dress up pretty!”


 ”I’m so jealous. I want him to take care of me too, but …… Kyoko-san is a newcomer, so I’ll give you priority”

 I can tell that this girl, Haneda Masaki, is really jealous of the fact that she can be held by that little shit.

 ”Y-you like this Fumio guy, don’t you? It’s okay for the guy you love to have another girl?”

 ”Yes. If it makes Fumio-kun happy, then go ahead and have him. I’m sure you can understand, since you’ve experienced it yourself, but you can’t take that kind of s*x from Fumio-kun by yourself”

 ”…… Indeed…”

 ”It’s just me and Ryoko right now, so Kyoko-san is very welcome!”

 ”Wait, wait, wait a minute! Is Nee-chan being embraced too? Nee-chan has a fiancé, you know? She’s getting married next month”

 ”Yeah, but there’s no better man than Fumio-kun. Ryoko-san, she probably only thinks of other men like weevils”


 The image of my sister’s fiancé, whom I had only met once, flashed through my mind. He’s a little older than her, a gentleman with silver-rimmed glasses.

 I wonder if he knows this situation.

 ”Well, if we talk too long, Fumio-kun will get tired of waiting. Let’s get dressed quickly!”

◇ ◇ ◇

 A girl named Haneda took me by the hand and took me to the room with the huge bed where I had been fucked so recklessly yesterday.

 ”Please do your best to make Fumio-kun feel good”

 ”Wait, wait, wait!”

 I couldn’t help but reach out to her as she walked out the door.

 As soon as I did, I heard a happy laugh behind me.

 I turned around to find him in the middle of the room. The little shit is sitting on the big bed with the canopy, smiling and laughing.

 ”Ahaha, you’re really cute”

 ”……What’s so cute about it? There’s no way this is going to look good on me!”

 I bit my lip, burning with shame.

 For some reason, I couldn’t refuse the clothes that the girl named Haneda had chosen.

 I absolutely hate it! This is bullshit! But then I found myself putting on the clothes. It was as if I was forbidden to refuse.

 As a result, I was now dressed…

 I was wearing a red tartan checkered jumper skirt and heart-printed knee-high socks.

 On my head was a big ribbon with the same pattern as the skirt.

 The skirt is short and has white frills on the edge, the so-called Lolita fashion.

 ”You said you don’t like…… me, right? That’s right. Let’s call yourself “Kyoko-tan” today. And you can call me “Onii-tan”. Please use infant language”

 ”Huh? Onii-tan such a filly little boy. There’s no way “Kyoko-tan” wod say such a thing!”

 After I said it, I covered my mouth with my hand.

 ”O-Onii-tan!? What did you do to Kyoko-tan?”

 Was it hypnosis or something?

 The words I thought up in my head turned into infant words when they came out of my mouth.

 The way I was dressed and talking like this. It’s like a stupid woman who lacks brains.

 The taste is too bad. It’s too much of a bad joke.

 I’m a punk, rock, cool girl.

 That’s what I’ve been told since I made my college debut, and that’s what I’ve always thought of myself. That was my intention.

 I was going to be that way, but this guy just tore it off as if it had no value at all.

 ”I’ll kill you, Onii-tan!”

 I glared at him, and he shrugged his shoulders.

 ”It’s time for Kyoko to understand”

 ”W-what do you mean?”

 ”You’re my slave now, and satisfying me is the meaning of life, and loving me and being loved by me is the only thing that makes you happy”

 ”Y-you idiot! Are you kidding me? Kyoko-tan will never be at Onii-tan mercy!”

 Then the little shit looked surprised.

 ”You can be so rebellious even in a [Subjugated] state. That’s incredible. I was taken aback. As expected of Ryoko’s younger sister”

 ”This has nothing to do with her, Onii-tan!”

 Every single one of them! Even in a place like this!

 It doesn’t matter how hard I try, it’s always, always, always about “My sister”. Don’t be silly! Even if I don’t have a sister, I can do just fine on my own!

 But in the end, it’s the same with this guy. Ryoko’s sister, Ryoko’s sister.

 ”Are you mad? I don’t care about the relationship between you two sisters. But yeah…… Kyoko, you’re going to have to pay for all your shoddy behavior to Ryoko. Ryoko will laugh at Kyoko-tan, saying that she still can’t wipe her ass by herself”

 At that moment, the blood rushed to my head.

 My body was moving on its own.

 I had to hit this little shit to make him feel better.

 But before my fist could reach him…


 As soon as I heard that voice, I dropped to my knees on the floor.

 ”I told you…… I’m going to make you understand”

 ”Guh …….”

 The little shit walks towards me and opens his mouth.

 ”I need Kyoko-tan to apologize to me because you’re making fun of me. You also stated that you intended to kill me. And now, you tried to hit me. Really, you’re the type of person who really resents thing”

 (Who’s going to apologize? Don’t be silly!)

 Even though I yelled at him in my mind, my body betrayed my mind.

 ”Onii-tan. I’m sorry. Kyoko-tan was a bad girl. Please forgive me.”

 My blood vessels are about to burst. My voice is trembling. And yet, I’m rubbing my head on the floor and apologizing as if I’m flattering this little shit. What is this? What the hell is this?

 ”Fuehhh…… fueh…… Sob…… Sob, Sob…….”

 I was so frustrated, so disappointed, so ashamed of my helplessness, that I began to cry. But even my crying sounded like that of an infant.

 ”It can’t be helped…. Okay, I forgive you. So, come over, and I’ll take good care of you”

 I stood up unsteadily, my face stained with tears.

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