Confinement 75

Chapter 75 Motto Kawaii Kyoko-chan

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 When she stood up, I took Kyoko’s arm and pulled her roughly closer.

 Her steps were shaky. But she seemed unconcerned, and without much resistance, she leaned her body against my chest.

 Although she was dressed as a Lolita, she had the face and body of a grown woman.

 Her tone of voice is slurred, but the content of her words is rebellious.

 The inexplicable unbalance of her and her messed up crying face made my taste for torture swell to the brink of critical mass.

 (Oh…… it’s fun)

 Lili once said that it’s fun to twist other people’s fates by force, and I’ve found myself enjoying it.

 I feel like I’m becoming more and more tainted with the devil’s way of thinking, but the fact that I don’t mind it anymore is probably the biggest problem.

 Although it’s just a hypothesis, but I’m thinking that the condition of someone falling into a state of [Enslaved] is that “They-truly-wants-to-be-mine”.

 Lili said this as a hint to corrupt Kyoko into a state of [Enslaved].

 [How does Kyouko feel about Ryouko, Devi?]

 That’s obvious.

 It is obvious that she is jealous of her superior sister and wants to win.

 It’s just that…

 ”Isn’t this the same as the relationship between Misuzu and Masaki-chan?”

 When I said that, Lili giggled through her nose, which bothered me a little.

 The difference between Masaki-chan and Kyoko is that Kyoko is going in the exact opposite direction of Ryoko and is confident in her own way.

 Yes, that’s definitely the difference.

 If that’s the case, then let’s start by letting her know how worthless she really is.

 That’s what I thought.

 So, I threw her onto the bed and pushed her down.

 ”No, don’t be rough”

 Kyoko was lying on her back with her ass on the bed.

 Her tartan jumper skirt was flipped up, revealing a pair of childish pumpkin pants beneath it.

 (Pumpkin pants, huh, Masaki-chan……)

* * *

 I just asked her to dress childishly, but it seems that Masaki-chan is rather elaborate.

 I moved my body between her legs and started to cover her up.

 I was expecting her to resist a little, but she didn’t. She just looked back at me with rebellious eyes.

 ”You’re not going to resist?”

 ”There’s no point in doing that, right? And are you satisfied with forcibly screwing Kyoko-tan around? Nerd Onii-tan”

 ”Yes, I’m satisfied”

 I held her arms together with one hand and untied the shoulder straps of her jumper skirt. And then I pulled down her top.


 Her breasts suddenly burst out. I wonder if the no bra thing is because kids don’t wear bras.

 Even so, Kyoko’s breasts are plump and well-shaped.

 Her body is similar to Ryoko’s, but only in this area, I think Kyoko’s is a little bigger.

 Kyoko’s cheeks flushed, but she turned her face away from me with a pouty smile and bit her lip.

 ”……you can do as you please”

 ”You don’t need to tell me that”

 When I grabbed the swelling of the breast, Kyoko’s eyebrows drew up in pain.

 ”It hurts, it hurts, you’re terrible!”

 The softness of the flesh distorting in my hands and the elasticity of the skin pushing back at me made me forget how to control my strength and almost squeezed.

 It’s a different feel than Masaki-chan’s meltingly soft tits. Kyoko’s have a core inside that pushes back against me, and it’s a pleasant touch.

 Every time I dug my fingers into them, I felt as if the sweet womanly scent that Kyoko emitted was becoming clearer and clearer.

 As I enjoyed the feel of her breasts for a while, Kyoko sneered at me.

 ”Ahaha, you’re pathetic if you think your powerful massage will please a woman. It’s all pain and no pleasure”

 ”Oh, yeah, sorry, sorry. Ryoko is a M who likes to be hard, so I thought Kyoko would be the same. After all, “You-are-degraded-copy-of-Ryoko””

 Kyoko’s face turned shocked for a moment, but I guess she couldn’t let that one word go. Then, she suddenly became angry, her eyes wet with tears, and began to resist violently.

 ”Nnnggggg! No, no, no! Kyoko-tan has nothing to do with Onee-tan! I hate you, Onii-tan! I hate you so much!”

 ”Be quiet!”

* * *

 When I ordered her to do so, Kyoko’s arms and legs instantly stopped moving.

 ”I thought you weren’t going to resist?”

 ”Chut up! Die!”

 The way she puffed up her cheeks and turned her face away was somewhat childish, perhaps she was being mentally dragged down by her appearance and language.

 Seeing her reaction, I shrugged my shoulders and reached her lower body.

 I lifted her skirt up to her waist, placed my hand on the top of her pumpkin shorts, and traced her slit with my finger.

 ”Hiiinn, Ah, no, wait…….”

 ”Don’t make such a fuss about it now. You’re confident in s*x, right?”


 When I stroked the slit above the pants with my fingers, I can see the slightest twitching of Kyoko’s insides through the fabric, which is much thicker than normal shorts.

 ”Keep spreading your legs”

 ”No, I don’t want to!”

 But even though she said that with her mouth, her body began to move on its own.

 Her legs spread so wide that her hip joints creaked and squeaked.

 ”Oh gosh! What’s wong with me? I can’t stand it, my cotch hurts!”

 Then, I stroked down her pubic area inside her pants, sinking my fingers into her slit, and pinned one of her legs with my arm. Immediately, Kyoko’s leg tensed with a jolt.

 But I don’t care about that. As my fingertips grazed her clitoris, Kyoko’s hips bounced in annoyance. Then, as I slowly and impatiently traced the area around it, a sweet voice began to mix with her breath.

 ”Nnn…, Ah, Ah…. Nnn…. Ah….”

 As I continued to play with my fingers relentlessly, the thick fabric of her pumpkin pants began to stain with embarrassing stains.

 ”You are getting wet quickly. You’re such a little pussy”

 ”No, it’s not! Stupid!”

 While smirking at Kyoko’s blushing and shouting, I put my fingers on the elastic of the pumpkin pants and pull them down at once.

 On her bare lower body, her hair is well trimmed.

 The hair is rather shaggy, but it is very well maintained here.

 ”Hmm… Let’s make this place look childish too”

* * *

 Kyoko tensed up as much as she could at my mumbling.

 ”Huh!? W-w-what do you mean?”

 ”Well, you’ve already guessed, right? That reaction. Lili, are you there?”

 When I called out her, Lili appeared in the air and said, “What’s up, Devi?”. As soon as she did, Kyoko choked out, “Hiii!?”.

 Oh right, she’s never seen Lili before?

 ”Can you get me some shaving cream and a safety razor blade right away?”

 ”Of course, Devi”

 As soon as she replied, she threw out a bottle, a safety razor and, for good measure, a towel on the bed. Then she just disappeared.

 I then poured some shaving cream lather into my hand.

 ”Well, Kyoko-tan, let’s get you cleaned up again, shall we?”

 As I said this, I applied it to her pubic hair.

 ”Noo, it’s so cold, Ah, stop it, stop it, Onii-tan, please forgive me……”

 Of course there was no reason to stop.

 Even though she doesn’t like it, I have to do it.

 ”You must stay still. Because if you get violent, your pussy will get damaged”

 When I applied the razor blade, Kyoko’s throat made a gurgling sound.

 ”D-don’t hurt me!”

 ”Don’t worry, it’s a safety razor blade”

 Shave, Shave, Shave.

 I carefully shaved off her embarrassing hair.

 ”Oh, Oh, it’s getting shaved…… Kyoko-tan’s hair there, it’s getting shaved”

 Kyoko wriggled her body in embarrassment as she saw the foam-covered pubic hair pooling on her lower abdomen.

 ”Are are? Is it possible that moving your hips makes you feel better?”

 ”I-it just tickles!”

 When answering me, she was so embarrassed, her face was so red it looked like it was going to explode.

 Shortly after, I finished shaving everything clean and rubbed the shaved area. The elasticity and smoothness of the flesh was pleasant.

 ”It’s my first time doing this, but I’m glad it went well. You’re becoming more attractive”

 As I looked at her crotch, I could see that her buds were plumper than ever, her vaginal vestibule was wetter than ever, and her slightly underside flesh hole was twitching.

 ”Onii-tan stupid, die, perverttt!”

 Kyoko raised her voice, but her movements were blocked. There’s nothing she can do except hold her legs wide open.

 ”Now that we’re all set, I think it’s time for me to have some fun”

 I took off my pants and pulled out my p*nis, rubbing it a little to get it in shape. Hmm, it’s really hard.

* * *

 Kyoko, who sensed my presence, looked at my towering p*nis and looked away, but her curiosity overcame her, and she glanced at it again and saw how big it was.

 ”Why are you freaking out now? You’ve had it in your pussy too many times already”

 ”Don’t be scared! B-bigger is not always better! If y-you want to do something, do it quickly!”

 Kyoko closes her eyes tightly and tenses up. The situation seemed to be indifferent, but it also looked as if she was expecting something.

 ”Well, let’s have some fun, shall we?”

 I covered her up and traced her crack with my glans.

 ”Nnn…… Ah…… Ah…….”

 I slowly stroked up from her vulva to her clitoris, smearing it with Cowper, and her clitoris twitched like a carp’s mouth, filling with nectar.

 ”Oh yeah, at least your vagina is better than Ryoko’s”

 ”T-that’s not a compliment”

 ”I didn’t mean it as a compliment. It’s a fact. So, I don’t need Kyoko’s bad but conceited s*x, I’ll just use you as an onahole. You don’t even have to move”

 ”Hey, please, it’s enough…….”

 At the moment when Kyoko was about to raise her voice, I pressed my glans against her entrance and thrust my hips out at once.


 I started to use my hips as hard as I could.

 ”Nnn, ahh, ahh, ahh, ahh, ahh…….”

 Kyoko’s hips were bouncing, but her arms and legs were not moving at all. She’s in what’s called a “tuna” state.

 As I move my hips, I cover Kyoko and put my face against her nose.

 ”Kyoko is not bad looking, and her pussy is not bad either. Then the best use for her would be to dress her up pretty and make her a living onahole, right?”

 ”You die! I’ll kill you, I’ll kill you!”

 ”Oh, you’re a foul-mouthed onahole. Well, then…… Don’t say anything other than “I love you, Onii-tan””

 ”I love you, Onii-tan! I love you, Onii-tan!”

 The nuance of the voice is probably cursing, but what comes out as a word is “I love you, Onii-tan”, which is pretty funny. I couldn’t help but burst out laughing.

 Kyoko’s frustrated face in front of me, tears of regret dripping from her eyes as she glared at me.

 ”Ah, I also like your expression. Because Ryoko is happy when I torment her”

 ”I love you, Oniiitan!!”

 I think she was saying something like, “I gonna remember it!”.

 ”Kyoko is really useless, isn’t she? The only good thing about her is her pussy. That’s why……”

 Then I thrust my hips all the way up and crushed her womb.

 ”Hiiii!? O-Onii-tan, Hii, I love you……”

 Kyoko opened her eyes wide and leaned back.

 ”I’m going to use you as a living onahole until morning”

* * *

◇ ◇ ◇

 The time was around twenty-two o’clock.

 I was on my way to my regular hotel.

 The hotel was not too far from the station, but all I wanted to do was take a shower and go to bed.

 To be honest, I was not feeling very well.

 The investigation seemed to be going well, but the response was strange. I can’t seem to come up with any suspects at all.

 And…… I’m a little unhappy when I consider that if it had been possible, I would have spent a romantic honeymoon night with Ryoko-san.

 However, it was too mature to complain when I was told that she was protecting a high school girl in my home.

 Since I had already eaten soba for dinner, I decided to have at least one drink before heading back to the bar across the street.

 I sat down at the counter.

 ”Master, Gibson”

 I ask for my favorite short cocktail.

 When I was younger, I used to love to drink martinis, but at my age, I am becoming more and more embarrassed to order such a popular cocktail.

 That’s where the Gibson comes in.

 Basically, it’s the same as a martini. The only difference is the garnish.

 The Gibson is a great cocktail that allows me to act like a connoisseur while sneering at young people who are too tall to order a martini, and it tastes just like a martini.

 Some bartenders make it drier than a martini, though.

 A small glass is placed on a cork coaster.

 As soon as I sipped the clear alcohol, the aroma of vermouth immediately spread in my mouth.

 Yes, the bartender’s skill is not bad.

 Just as I took my second sip, someone called out to me from behind. A woman’s voice.

 ”Nice to meet you, Mister?”

 I turned around to see a flashy woman who looked like a cabaret girl on her way home from work. It was a woman I recognized.

 I believe she was Anna Kamishima-san, the older sister of Hikaru Teruya-san from the track and field club.

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