Confinement 76

Chapter 76 Triggering a Trap

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 The mess in the room was a lot better than usual.

 That was to be expected. After all, all I did was lay her down, make her unable to move a muscle, and continue to fuck her selfishly.

 It was a torture that could not even be called s*x any more.

 I licked the energy drink and ejaculated three times in one set, and repeated it until morning.

 It didn’t matter how much Kyoko cried out or how many times she came. I continued to shake my hips and release my semen as I wished.

 What would happen to the woman if I did that?

 ”Lili, this onahole is broken”

 I told Lili when she came to tell me that morning was coming.

 After 2 a.m., Kyoko started to moan unintelligibly, “Ah …… ah ……”.

 Well, still, there was no problem in using the hole.

 I continued to use it, and after six o’clock, she couldn’t stop twitching with her eyes blank.

 When I looked into her face, I could see that no matter how beautiful she was, she looked like this was the end of the world.

 She was a complete mess of tears and drool, even her nose was snotty because she couldn’t wipe it off.

 Her cute little jumper skirt was pulled open at the waist and the hem was rolled up and wrapped around her stomach.

 It was also surprising to see that her hair hadn’t lost much of its shape due to her inability to move.

 ”Ugh…… this is awful, Devi”

 Lili gave a half smile. It’s a very devilish expression.

 ”I’ll have Torture cure her later, Devi. Only the broken mind is healed, and the memory is preserved, Devi. It will be interesting to see if she can still be so rebellious, Devi”

 ”Hopefully, she’ll come at me again”

 ”Ahaha, so you’re going to destroy her again?”

 ”After all, I can’t do this to Masaki-chan because I feel sorry for her, and Ryoko would be too happy to do it. That’s why, Kyoko is my favorite type because she satisfies my S-desire”

 ”Extremely bothering preference, Devi”

 With that, Lili shrugged her shoulders.

 ”Then take care of Kyoko for me”

 I left her to take care of the rest, took a shower, and left the room after releasing the <Ban> from Kyoko.

* * *

◇ ◇ ◇

 In the morning, Mai and I were given a ride to school.

 When I said, “This is a cool Mercedes Benz” Mai replied, “It’s a Citroen, DS9, my father’s hobby”.

 Even though she said that, I didn’t know what kind of Mercedes Benz Citroen was. At any rate, I nodded my head and said, “Hee…….”, I think I might have been a little overexcited.

 There were policemen standing everywhere on the way to school, and the number of news reporters around the main gate had decreased considerably over the weekend.

 At this rate, the area in front of my house might be safe now. I’ll call my mom later and ask her how it’s going.

 When Mai and I stepped into the classroom, the scene was no different from usual.

 The only thing I could hear from the students talking was, of course, about the case.

 I can feel their eyes glancing at me, it seems like my name was mentioned many times in the news, so I guess that’s to be expected.

 But I’m not happy about it.

 As soon as Mai entered the classroom, she said, “Fu~min, good morning!” and rushed to Fumio’s side.

 She threw her bag on the seat next to him, pulled up a chair beside his seat and clung to his arm.

 Mai doesn’t seem to care at all about what others think of her. Although Fumio looks annoyed, I can tell by looking at him that he doesn’t really mind.

 Before taking my seat, I walked up to Fumio and said something to him.

 ”Can I borrow that manga for a while longer?”

 ”Oh, yeah, that’s……. okay”

 Can you please stop giving me that “I’m surprised” look every time I talk to you?

 But when I went to go back to my seat, Mai opened her mouth.

 ”Oh yeah, Fu~min, I have to go home with Misuzu today, so I can’t go home with you, I’m sorry”

 ”No, don’t talk to me like we always go home together, okay? After all, when I try to go home alone, Fujiwara-san just sticks to me without permission”

 ”Ehh……Fu~min so cold! I mean! You should call me Mai, not Fujiwara-san!”

 Fumio only speaks naturally to Mai. Well, if it’s a girlfriend, it’s probably natural.

 When I got to my seat.

 ”Good morning, Misuzu”

 Jun-kun came up to me and sat on the chair in front of me. He sat down on the chair in front of me, hugging the back of it.

 ”Good morning, Jun-kun”

 ”What were you talking about with Kimo-jima?”

 ”Nothing much……. What, are you jealous, Jun-kun?”

 ”No, not at all”

 Having said that, it’s cute that Jun-kun turns away from me. I felt my mouth slacken involuntarily.

* * *

 Jun’s voice is a little fidgety, but he keeps it quiet.

 ”By the way, ……, can we meet somewhere this week?”

 ”I’m staying at Mai’s place after I left the detective’s apartment, but I don’t want to bother her. If the media finds out about me, it will be……. I think I’ll be able to go home next week”

 ”I see. Well, it can’t be helped then”

 It’s true that it’s not good if the media finds out, but if I ask Mai, she’ll at least give me a ride home.

 But when we were alone, I was still not sure how to feel about “that”.

 I’ve heard from my modeling friends that once a girl allows a boy to have her body, he starts to ask for it all the time.

 It’s not that I don’t like it, it’s just that I don’t want to compare it.

 Especially after Mai showed me Fumio’s cock, it was especially bad. If I’m not careful, my head will be filled with fantasies of squeezing Fumio’s thick cock in my mouth instead of Jun-kun’s cute one.

 A sigh involuntarily escapes from my mouth while I think about it.

 (I …… wonder when I became such a naughty girl. Please give me a break)

 ”Then, you will return home with Mai-chan?”

 ”Yeah. We’re being picked up by a car. It’s amazing, a Mercedes Benz toluene car. It’s like rich people are different”

 ”Mercedes Benz, that’s awesome. Then, Mai-chan is not with Kimo-jima, right?”

 ”Yeah, that’s true, but…… what?”

 The word’s nuance is bothering me. It seems as if he is worried about Mai, not me……

 ”Actually, since last night. It seems that there is no sign of the first year’s manager. There seems to be a bit of a commotion in the dorm”

 ”Eh? That’s terrible! But what does that have to do with Mai?”

 ”The manager left this message”

* * *

 I took a look at the screen of the smartphone that Jun-kun presented to me, and I gulped.

 [I’ve just informed the police. I saw a third-year Kijima-senpai wandering around the track and field club room on the day the track and field club went missing. I’ve had a terrifying experience with that senior for quite some time. So, I was like, “Serve him right”. But If I vanish, it will most likely be because of him]

 ”He kidnapped the whole track club? Ahaha, no way! How could that be so ridiculous?”

 ”Yes… I think it’s not possible, but look at this…….”

 When Jun-kun slides the screen, the timeline of the social networking site is lined with some very disturbing exchanges.

 ”Surrounding, Kidnapping…… Isn’t it bad? This”

 ”The missing manager is a girl who was be liked by everyone. The first-year boys were fighting over her. They got angry……. And they might do something like surround Kimo-jima on the way home. So, apart from Kimo-jima, if Mai also got involved, it would be a disaster”

 ”Shouldn’t you tell him about this?”

 ”Tell Kimo-jima? I don’t have any obligation to do that. Even though I think it’s impossible, if I heard that he might be the one who kidnapped Misuzu and Masaki-chan, I would want to question him first”

 ”Hey! Don’t do that. There are a lot of policemen standing around right now, and if Jun-kun gets caught, I don’t like it”

 ”Don’t worry, I’m not going to do anything. Don’t tell Mai-chan either. She’ll definitely get involved”

 I think Jun-kun is right. If I tell Mai, I don’t know what she will do. It’s too dangerous.

 Then, I looked back at Fumio.

 As usual, I can see that Mai is messing with him, and he looks like he’s in trouble.

 Is he the culprit? It’s not possible.

 But when I think about it, I went missing on the day after I trampled him. And the one that still hasn’t come back is the one he confessed to, Masaki…….

 No, I’m thinking too much. It’s crazy.

 I don’t think he has the energy, stamina, or financial resources to kidnap someone.

 But on this day, I kept wondering whether I should tell Fumio that he was being targeted or not.

* * *

◇ ◇ ◇

 Masaki-sama was not present at the dinner table last night.

 ”I want to serve the Confinement King-sama”. Yui-chan, who was going to ask for this, looked very disappointed.

 After the fluffy cheese omelet breakfast, it was time to feed the pigs. With buckets of oatmeal and milk in our hands, we stepped into the menagerie.

 I thought it would be the same…… as yesterday, but there was a disturbance there.

 ”Hatsu-chan! What’s going on? That!”

 Shima-senpai shouted, and we turned our eyes to where she was looking. There was a bruised and battered Captain Tashiro lying on the floor as if she was throwing her body out.

 ”Who is it? Who did this to you?”

 Shima-senpai looked around at the pigs and raised her voice.

 ”Shima…… I’m fine. Don’t worry. Just make sure everyone is fed……”

 ”You idiot! Hatsu-chan, you look like a wreck. It’s not worth the trouble for them to eat!”

 Shima Senpai was about to approach the pigs, but a silver-haired maid stood in front of her.

 ”Shima-sama, it’s feeding time. This is not the time for an interrogation”

 ”No way!”

 ”If you do not comply, I will penalize you”


 Shima-senpai bites her lip, looks around at the pigs, and says in a low voice.

 ”You guys…… better be prepared for this later”

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