Confinement 77

Chapter 77 The Demon of Bargaining

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 ”Let’s cool down for a moment. Hey, hey!”

 ”I know but, Moribe……. Whoa, Takasago! Miss Bowel! Even you guys. Don’t push me! Don’t push me!”

 ”The comedian’s “don’t push” means push, right? Anyway, it would be wise to start all over again”

 ”Who’s the comedian!”

 As soon as the feeding was over, I managed to hold back Shima-senpai, who was about to rush into the menagerie with a whip in her hand, and we returned to the dining room.

 I could understand why Shima-senpai was so upset. In fact, I was quite angry at the sight.

 No matter how anyone looked at her, that was a wound from a beating.

 Whoever did it, they must kick her and stomped her.

 Then, why hadn’t the others stopped them? Couldn’t they have stopped it?

 ”I’m calm! I’ve calmed down, so let’s move!”

 ”You’re not calm at all, Shima-senpai!”

 The moment I made her sit on the chair, Shima-senpai hurriedly tried to stand up. I grabbed her hand and persuaded her.

 ”I understand how you feel, but if you don’t keep your cool, you’ll make an unexpected mistake”

 ”No, I won’t!”

 ”I think you need to cool down~. It’s your choice to fall into a pig, but I hope you’ll think about the trouble we’re in~”

 Immediately, Shima-senpai glared at Yui-chan.

 ”Miss Bowel… You’ve got to be careful what you say. Watch how you use your mouth!”

 ”Please stop blaming me~. You know what you’re doing, don’t you~? If you’re going now, you’re going to be provoked by Shiratori-senpai~, and you’re going to lose your temper instantly in three easy steps~, like some phone marketing product description~”


 Shima-senpai is not an idiot. If anything, aside from being able to study, she is a so-called wise person.

* * *

 That’s why she could see that what Yui-chan said made sense.

 ”Damn it!”

 Shima-senpai hit the table with her fist. With this in mind, Yui-chan told me and Takasago-senpai.

 ”Takasago-senpai, please take care of Shima-senpai~. Then, first of all, Moribe-san and I will finish the whipping first~. And Moribe-san, it’s best if you don’t say anything~. To be honest, I don’t think you look very calm either~”

 After following Yui-chan out of the dining room, I came to the front of the menagerie.

 When the silver-haired maid saw us, she bowed and pushed open the door, saying, “Please come in”.

 ”Let’s go. Moribe-san”


 We gave each other a small nod and stepped into the menagerie.

 The smell of milk, left over from breakfast, hit my nose. Captain Tashiro was still lying in the corner, her chest rising and falling, but she was probably okay. (Don’t worry about it), I told myself.

 Then, as soon as Amemiya-senpai saw Yui-chan, her face twitched. The pigs all backed away from Amemiya-senpai at once.

 ”You’re ready for this, aren’t you, Amemiya?”

 ”Nooo…… Please forgive me…… Why do you keep doing this to me?”

 ”You still don’t know how to talk to me, huh~. To ask for forgiveness, you must say “Please forgive me, Yui-sama”……!”

 With her whip, Yui-chan swings it and strikes Amemiya-senpai. After the sound of wind slashing! A louder striking sound echoed through the air.

 ”It hurts!? P-please forgive me…… Yu, Yui-sama”

 Amemiya-senpai begging for forgiveness in tears. But Yui-chan raised the whip again.

 ”You still have some hesitation~”

 ”Hiii, Yui-sama! Yui-sama! P-please forgive me!”


 The sound was sharper than before. And Amemiya-senpai screamed and fell back.

 ”That’s only two whips~. I don’t know if you can take another ninety-eight whips like that~”

 ”I can’t take it! I can’t take it! Please forgive me, Yui-sama!”

* * *

 Everytime Amemiya-senpai says “Yui-sama”, Yui-chan trembles a little. It gives me the creeps. Perhaps that’s how it feels.

 ”More, more, more~!”

 The sound of a heavy, forceful whip, “Bish, bish!” And the beastly scream of Amemiya-senpai resounded.

 Somehow, when I counted the number of hits in my head, I found that there were more than thirty, and then Yui-chan grabbed Amemiya-senpai’s hair and made her look up with her face mangled with tears and drool. Then Yui-chan twisted her mouth into a shape like the lower moon and whispered to her.

 ”Lick my shoes~”

 ”N-no way……”

 ”Lick them~!”


 Yui-chan hit her face with a whip on her side, that was painful. Then, Yui-chan whipped Amemiya-senpai’s back with more whips, and when she was out of breath, Yui-chan pressed her further.

 ”I’ll tell you one more time~. Lick my shoes~”


 With tears streaming down her face, Amemiya-senpai ran her tongue over Yui-chan’s boots.

 ”How is it?”

 ”Lick…… it’s delicious”

 ”Yes, don’t be shy, lick more. But that’s…… weird. Your face says it doesn’t look tasty at all. Why don’t you lick it like you’re happy?”

 ”Ehe, Ehehe…… Lick”

 Amemiya-senpai, with tears spilling from her eyes, forced herself to smile.

 I think this is a terrible. However, there is no reason for me to stop Yui-chan, and I have no obligation to do so. It’s not like I was particularly close with Amemiya-senpai.

 But, if Amemiya-senpai was one of the four, she would have come forward if she had been so mistreated.

 Then, Yui-chan stroked Amemiya-senpai’s head, who kept licking her shoes, and whispered to her in a gentle voice.

 ”Obedient girls are so cute. I wish I could reduce the number of whippings, but I have to do a hundred whippings. What should I do?”

 Then, Amemiya-senpai raised her voice as if clinging to Yui-chan.

 ”P-please listen to me! Omuta and Koike were talking bad about Yui-sama! They were calling Yui-sama a hungry bitch and a spoiled brat! Please whip them!”

 ”Hee…… is that so? I didn’t know if you didn’t say that…….”

* * *

 With that said, Yui-chan glared at Omuta-san and Koike-san, who are both first-year students, and they hurriedly shouted at Amemiya-senpai.

 ”You made me say it, you bitch!…. Kayama-san, that’s not true! I just went along with her because she said bad things about Kayama-san. We’re juniors, we can’t go against our seniors!”

 ”Y-yes! The one who is at fault is Amemiya-senpai! That person! That person!”

 In a hurry, Amemiya-senpai raises her voice.

 ”How dare you, you were not the one who said bad things about Yui-sama until the end, Koike! You were the one who said you were going to call the police”

 At that moment, Yui-chan’s eyes twitched.

 ”Hey…… it was you, wasn’t it~? Koike~”

 Koike-san’s face suddenly become pale. Then, Yui-chan turned back to the silver-haired maid.

 ”Freesia-sama, how much did I hit~?”


 ”You’re lucky, Amemiya~. I’ll forgive you for one more whip today~. Then, I’ll give the rest to Koike and Omuta~. In exchange, you will thank me in a loud voice and say, “Thank you very much, Yui-sama”~”

 ”Thank you very much…… Nhii!”

 After the last whip, Yui-chan turned to Koike and Omuta, without looking back at Amemiya-senpai, who had fallen down.

 ”Well then, thanks for waiting~. It’s your turn now~”

 ”Hiii… Noooo. I’m not at fault, it’s Amemiya who’s at fault!”

 ”You’re so annoying~!”

 Yui-chan raised her whip. From there, it’s a lot of beating. The girls, while being whipped, continued to curse not Yui-chan, but Amemiya-senpai.

 Now, I can’t just stand by and watch.

 With Yui-chan whipping them, I turned to the other first-year students.

 Immediately, their faces turned frightened.

 ”M-Moribe-san, we’re friends, aren’t we? You see, the second year were always yelling at you, right? Let’s beat up Amemiya-senpai and Adachi-senpai, okay?”

 ”If I think about it, I’ve never been beaten up by Ota. It’s patronage, patronage, hey, let’s make it Ota-senpai”

* * *

 Hotta-san and Mako-san insisted while shaking their faces from side to side, and every time they mentioned someone’s name, the one who was named shouted.

 It’s ugly. Really ugly.

 If I were in their shoes, I wonder if I would say the same thing?

 Yes, I’m sure I would.

 I’m weak. I know I’m weak.

 ”Hey, hey, please say something, umm…… Moribe……-sama”

 They finally called me “sama”.

 However, I don’t have as much guts as Shima-senpai nor as smart as Yui-chan.

 And I have to admit, I’m not a big fan of this kind of thing.

 But I think it’s the only way to avoid failure.

 I’d like to ask the captain what happened, but I’m sure I’ll fail if I show any signs of weakness.

 Thinking about that…

 ”Hey, Moribe”

 I heard a voice calling me from the area where the second-year students were gathering.

 When I turned my attention to the owner of the voice, there was Shiratori-senpai.

 Her expression was as grim as ever, as if she was in a bad mood. Although I had said that it was just her eyesight that bad, I could only assume that she was trying to pick a fight with me as she stared at me.

 (She is the worst person to deal with…… Shiratori-senpai)

 She is a demon of bargaining. It’s not someone I can compete with through verbal exchange.

 As I turned away, Shiratori-senpai raised her voice in a teasing manner.

 ”You didn’t even reply, you have no sense of manners at all. I thought you were relatively better than them……”

 (Don’t be provoked. Ignore, ignore)

 When I didn’t answer anything, Shiratori-senpai spun more words.

 ”Well… that’s fine. Hey, Moribe. I’ve already figured out who the four people you’re looking for are”


* * *

 I involuntarily raised my voice and hurriedly covered my mouth.

 (Don’t worry. I didn’t answer her question)

 When I looked around, I saw that Shiratori-senpai’s words had caused a lot of upset among the pigs.

 ”Ahaha. Unlike Kayama, you’re not the type of person who enjoys hitting people. You’re really straining yourself, aren’t you?”

 (……I wonder what she’s up to)

 I maxed out my guard.

 She’s probably trying to trick me right now.

 Don’t ever open my mouth.

 ”You know, I can make this easier on you. I can pull the four of them out and end this mess for now. I don’t know what’s going to happen after that, though……”

 Then Shiratori-senpai looked at me and spoke.

 ”So…. you, swap places with me”

 I gulped.

 (How did she know there was a swap?)

 I looked back at her with wide eyes, and Shiratori-senpai’s mouth twisted into a grin.

 ”Yes, I knew it. And now I’m convinced. There are conditions under which your position and ours can be swapped. Well, I’m pretty sure I know what those conditions are, judging by your attitude”

 I feel like I now know how bad this girl is.

 It’s no good. I can’t deal with her.

 Anyway, I have to get out of here as soon as possible. I turned my head toward the first-year students.

 Then I swung the whip at Kishigi-san, who was closest to me.

 It’s gotten pretty messy.

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