Confinement 78

Chapter 78 Love Story

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 ”Chief, here’s your tea”

 ”Oh, thank you”

 After the morning meeting, Inspector Nakamura is looking over some documents at the temporary investigation division set up on the third floor of the office.

 All the investigators have left, and it’s just me and the inspector in the room.

 I’m supposed to be the chief’s liaison, but my duties are more like a secretary at best, or a maidservant at worst.

 Not so long ago, I would have been excited to be able to spend all my time with my fiancé, but now it’s just a pain.

 It’s a relief that he’s not an immoral person who would get his hands on me in the office……

 At the same time that Inspector Nakamura was sipping his tea, there was a knock on the door.

 ”Come in”

 After he replied, the door opened and Inomoto-senpai entered the room. He approached Inspector Nakamura’s desk and spoke in a formal tone.

 ”Chief, I have a report to make”

 Then Inspector Nakamura threw his papers on the desk and cowered.

 ”Hey, Inomoto. When no one else is around, just do as you normally do. We’re colleagues”

 ”Even if you say so…… well, I’ll take your word for it”

 With that said, Inomoto-senpai glanced towards me and scratched his head.

 ”And what happened?”

 ”Oh, actually, I’ve been investigating the case of a person who can lead the members of the track and field club to the forest road, but the track and field club’s advisor has come up with a somewhat disturbing backstory”


 ”The advisor seems to be a rather famous coach in the world of track and field, but his personal life is a mess. He’s in debt and his family has split up. His daughter is in the soap business”

 ”I see. Maybe he’s got a moneylender in the Continental mafia”

 ”No, the moneylender is not the problem. Not that there aren’t gangsters behind it, but I can’t find anything definite”

* * *

 ”So what’s the problem?”

 ”The cause of the debt. I can’t help but be amazed at how he spent that much money, but it seems that all the debt, which reached tens of millions of dollars, was the result of his daughter’s involvement with a host and her excessive spending. The owner of the host club is…… Anna Kamishima. Hikaru Teruya’s sister, who is on the track and field club”

 ”Her name mentioned during the interview. She also has a criminal record for pimping and coercion”

 When I interjected, Inomoto-senpai nodded silently. On the other hand, Inspector Nakamura’s expression had somehow changed to a stern one.

 ”It’s just a speculative story, but I believe the club members were led out by the advisor who was in debt. I believe he leads them from the forest road to the main road, put them into the car, and handed them over to the continental group. It is entirely possible that the perpetrator is Anna Kamishima, or the Kamishima clan.”

 Inomoto-senpai was a little excited. But Inspector Nakamura looked at him coldly and spoke.


 ”Huh! Why not? It makes sense!”

 ”It doesn’t make sense, Inomoto. As I said at the time of the establishment of the division, Kamishima Clan does not have the benefit of kidnapping 18 high school students in such a risky way. It’s not their modus operandi to attract public attention”

 ”If we take them to jail, maybe we’ll find something worthwhile to do!”

 ”Don’t be ridiculous. It’s different from the past. If we do it, we’ll immediately become a target for the human rights organizations and the media”

 ”But ……!”


 Inomoto-senpai and I couldn’t help but look at each other when we saw Inspector Nakamura’s emotional attitude.

* * *

◇ ◇ ◇

 I wielded the whip selflessly, wanting to escape from this place.

 And while I was wielding the whip, Shiratori-senpai seemed to be talking to me, but I was able to ignore her by focusing on my classmates who were writhing in front of me.

 Mako, Hotta-san, Saito-san, Kishijo-san, Sato-san, and Ota-senpai’s younger sister.

 I didn’t even think about who or how many times I was going to hit, I just focused on the girl I saw. Because once I stop whipping, it takes a lot of courage to start again.

 While I was mindlessly whipping, I only recognized the screams and the sound of the whip as “sound”. Their figures seemed disintegrated and I couldn’t tell who was who.

 It was even more so because everyone had the same short haircut.

 Gradually, my hands were tired, my shoulders were sore, and it was getting harder and harder to hit different people, so I began to focus on the one person in front of me.

 That’s when the captain jumped in front of me.

 ”Wait! Moribe! Wait! If you do any more, Saito will die!”

 As I nearly whipped the captain, I came to my senses.

 When I came to my senses, Saito-san was slumped in front of me.

 I was breathing heavily, and there were frightened first-year students all around me.

 And I saw a bruised and exhausted-looking captain looking at me with reproachful eyes.

 ”Haa~, Haa~… Freesia-sama. H-how many more times do I have to whip……?”

 ”You have already exceeded one hundred fourteen times”


 Yui-chan is nowhere to be found and I’m afraid to even look around me, so I run out from the menagerie.

 When I went out into the hallway, Shima-senpai and Takasago-senpai were just walking towards me.


 ”Moribe, I’m sorry for the trouble. I’m fine now”

 Shima-senpai smiled with a toothy grin. I felt a little relieved when I saw her face.

 ”Watch out, senpai, watch out for Shiratori-senpai! Because that person is trying to trick me”

 ”She? Well… I guess she’s getting a little more motivated”

 Having said that, Shima-senpai forcibly pulled Takasago-senpai into the menagerie.

 When I returned to my room.

 ”Nnn.. Nnn, Ah, it’s good~…”

 Yui-chan was lying on the bed, her fingers crawling over her breasts and crotch. She was comforting herself.

 ”……Haa~, Haa~…… Nnn”

 I stiffened in the doorway at the unexpected sight.

 At the next moment, our eyes met, and we both let out a dumb “Ah”.

* * *

◇ ◇ ◇

 ”I’m sorry”

 ”N-no, don’t worry about it~”

 After an awkward silence, we bowed our heads to each other.

 ”I was so excited to think that I let that Amemiya lick my shoes~…… I’ve never felt this way before, and I don’t always do such trifling things~!”

 ”Uh, yeah, I get it…… Well, I kind of know how you feel……”

 With that said, we both turn over in red.

 (……What is this?)

 ”You see… I wonder if Moribe-san has any steady gentleman~?”

 Yui-chan suddenly asked me such a question when I thought I had opened my mouth slowly.

 ”A steady gentleman? You mean a boyfriend? No! No, I don’t have one. I’ve never had one!”

 Of course not. I’ve never had a boyfriend.

 ”What about you, Yui-chan?”

 ”I had a fiancee~, but…… I broke up with him a long time ago~”


 (What is that? That’s just like in a manga!)

 As expected of rich people. It’s an enviable thing for a passive person to have their parents take care of their marriage partner.

 ”He was fifteen years older than me~, and I had only met him a couple of times~, and he looked like a greasy uncle~…….”

 ”So… that’s how it is. I’m glad you ended your relationship with him. Yui-chan, you’re adorable. It’s always better to marry someone you like”

 ”Uh, I don’t know if I should say who I like ~, but ……do you have a guy you’re thinking about, Moribe-san~?”

 Somehow, the faltering Yui-chan looked very different from usual, and I thought it was very cute.

 ”Umm… I’ve never told anyone about this, so please don’t tell anyone about it…… You see…… Onii-chan”

 ”Is it your Onii-chan!?~”

 Yui-chan makes a puzzled face.

 ”Oh, I’m sorry. I’m not saying he’s my real Onii-chan, I’m saying he’s my neighbour’s Onii-chan. He’s not the coolest guy, but he’s kind, and when we were in elementary school, he took my hand and took me to school with him, which…… was my first love. He’s a third-year student at this school now……”

 ”Moribe-san, did you come to this school in pursuit of this…… gentleman~?”


 ”Oh my~!”

 Yui-chan’s face brightens up. In contrast, I became more and more embarrassed and turned over unconsciously.

 ”I’m not very smart, but I studied hard for the exam because I wanted to go to the same school…… I wonder why I’m talking like this…… Ahaha”

 ”If that’s the case, then we should work hard to get out of here~! Please introduce that person to me when you get back~”

 ”Introductions, huh…… but the first thing I need to do is to be able to talk to him again…….”

 I don’t know why we ended up talking about this, because I saw Yui-chan’s embarrassing appearance.

 However, I felt a little bit happy because I felt like I could get to know her a little bit better.

* * *

◇ ◇ ◇

 ”It’s so hot!”

 As soon as I stepped out of the airport, the strong sunshine burned my eyes. The sky was clear, and the season was summer in this location, which was one step ahead of the main islands.

 Then, I dragged my heavy luggage toward the cab rank at the end of a roundabout lined with blue banners that said “Welcome to Okinawa.”

 Perhaps because it was still early in the summer vacation season, but there was a quiet atmosphere.

 The hotel I was staying at was a resort hotel with a private beach, just outside the city.

 Since it was not the on-season, I was able to make a reservation online at a reasonable price.

 Of course, it includes a spa and beauty treatment.

 However, it seems to be located in an inconvenient place, and the only means of transportation is by car. Of course, I don’t have a driver’s license, so I had to take a cab.

 After the driver put my luggage in the trunk of the car, I sat down in the back seat and told him where I was going.

 ”FW Paradise Hotel, please”

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