Confinement 79

Chapter 79 Attacked

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 ”What was the point of that……?”

 I can only describe her behavior as suspicious.

 Today, Kurosawa-san was acting strangely.

 She always comes to Fujiwara-san’s desk during break time, and it seems like she’s glancing at me while we’re talking about something trivial.

 No, no, no, that’s not possible. I’m just too self-absorbed……

 But Fujiwara-san seemed to have noticed it somehow, too, and during lunch break, when we were eating our lunches, she said to me.

 ”There’s something strange about Misuzu today, isn’t there? It seems like she’s getting conscious of Fu~min. ……Has she finally realized Fu~min’s charm?”

 I tilted my head.


 I can’t believe I’m saying this, but there is no such thing.

 If I think about the relationship between her and me right now, it would be more appropriate to think that she is planning to harass me in any way she can.

 Then, during the break time after fifth period, Misuzu Kurosawa finally started to harass me.

 She suddenly said, “Janken!” and waved her hand in front of me. I like, “Eh, w-what?” but I was wary of her, so at least I played along.

 Kurosawa-san was very weak. Although, she had a tendency to harass me, but she was weak.

 But even though she lost and lost, she didn’t want to stop.

 When she finally won on the ninth try, she let out a relieved exhale and poked her finger at the tip of my nose.

 ”I win. Then it’s a punishment game”

 ――And so on.

 Apparently, her eight losses were not acceptable.

 What’s going on? What’s wrong with this girl?


 Fujiwara-san, who usually makes no sense to me, was puzzled, so it was quite unclear.

 I thought she was going to say, “Go buy some coffee and milk” but for some reason she said, “You should take a detour through the back gate today”.

 Subtle. What a subtle way to harass me.

 Just make me take a detour……

 But in the meantime, I replied, “O-okay, I understand”, but of course I had no intention of obeying.

 In the first place, there is no such thing as a back gate.

 Although Kurosawa-san had no way of knowing, the forest road behind the building was now a hot spot for police investigation. If I go to such a place, it is not surprising that I will be perceived as “The criminal will appear at the scene”.

 ……Or maybe I’m watching too many cop dramas.

 So, after school, I watched Kurosawa-san and Fujiwara-san leave the classroom and waited for a while before heading to the main gate as usual.

 The number of mass media in front of the main gate was much smaller than last week. There were no TV cameras at all, and only a few people who looked like reporters with cameras around their necks, though I couldn’t tell if they were newspapers or magazines. They were all leaning against the gate, chatting away.

 It was a little after five o’clock.

* * *

 The sun was still high in the sky, and the clearness of the sky reminded me that summer was near.

 As I brushed a swarm of winged insects in front of my face, I turned toward the residential area, my usual route to school.

 Basically, it was a street with few people on it.

 Especially in this new residential area, people don’t seem to get to know each other very well, and there are no housewives having friendly discussions on the street.

 And just when I was about to go down the slope beside the children’s park where I witnessed Masaki-chan confessing her feelings to Kasuya-kun…

 ”It hurts! Ouch……!”

 Suddenly, I felt a severe shock on the back of my head.

 I’d heard the expression “stars scattering in front of your eyes” before, but this time it was true. I’m not sure if it was a star or a spark, but it flew directly in front of my eyes.

 ”Hmm… w-what is this……? It hurts?”

 I involuntary hold my head and crouch down because of the dull pain. I felt a throbbing sensation on my fingertips and the smell of rusty iron hit my nose. Oh no, I’m bleeding.

 The next thing I knew, I was grabbed by the collar and dragged into the park as if I were being dragged around.

 I rolled on the grass and shoved my nose into the bald grass. The ground was warm from a day of exposure to grass, dirt, and direct sunlight, and I could smell the dirt on my nose.

 ”Ughh! Gughh…”

 As I hurriedly tried to sit up, someone kicked me one after the other.

 I rolled around on the ground trying to escape the pain, and the dry earth gave off a thick cloud of dust.

 I don’t know what’s going on. My head can’t keep up with it at all.

 When I looked up with my face contorted in pain, I saw a group of men in masks and knit caps looking down at me as I slumped over.

 There were six of them. They were wearing school uniforms, so they seemed to be from our school, but they weren’t wearing any school badges or school year badges, so there was nothing to make me recognize them at a glance.

* * *

 One of them was holding what looked like a wooden sword in his hand. Apparently, I had been hit on the head with it.

 (Seriously…… I might be dead if he hit me with that thing)

 They may not be the kind of people who are used to fighting. But that’s what scares me the most. They don’t know how to control it.

 ”W-what are you doing!”

 I shouted, but they kicked me one after the other without saying a word.

 ”Ow, that hurts! Ugh……!”

 I rolled myself up like a beetle larva to endure, but each kick was so heavy that it hurt like hell.

 The masked men kicked me around a lot, and then one of them stomped on my flank and screamed at me.

 It was an aggressive, scratchy voice.

 But it sounded a little young somehow.


 ”Bastard! Where did you keep Rin-chan? Haa!”

 ”U-ugh…… W-w-what are you talking about ……?”

 ”Don’t be stupid! You’re the one who kidnapped her! Haa!”

 (Rin? I’ve heard of it before…… and kidnapped? I’m not sure who he’s referring to, but it sounds too familiar)

 But either way, there’s no choice but to sober up.

 ”I-I don’t know what you’re talking about…… U-ugh…… you got the wrong guy…….”

 ”Shut up!”

 ”Ugh!? Ugh……”

 The guy with the wooden sword in his hand was yelling like a lunatic, and he hit my flank as hard as he could with a heel drop. It’s unbelievable act. It wouldn’t be surprising if he cracked my ribs or something.

 Each blow was too powerful. Too desperate.

 It seems he’s not used to fighting.

 ”Hey, let him stand up”

 ”Hey, get up!”

 I do as I’m told and stand up, unsteadily.

 It’s six against one, and I’m a wreck.

 The masked men are completely underestimating me. Now was my only chance.

 As soon as I stood up, I pretended to stagger and rammed my head between the masked men. I guess they weren’t paying attention at all. And it made them completely unable to react. So with that opportunity, I rolled out of their encirclement and ran at once.

 ”Hey! You bastard! Don’t let him get away!”


 Of course, my legs are notoriously slow. Even if I took advantage of the moment to escape, it was obvious that they would catch up with me soon.

 I desperately moved my legs, shook off the hands that were reaching for me, and somehow managed to run into the public restroom in the corner of the park.

 It was a dirty Japanese style toilet. I entered the private room and hurriedly locked the door. After a moment or so, I heard a bang! The sound of someone kicking the door.

 ”Don’t you dare run away, you son of a bitch!”

 ”It seems he wants to stick his face in the toilet bowl”

 ”There’s nowhere to run! That’s what you call a rat in a bag!”

* * *

 Normally, this would be an absolute death sentence. It was as if I had jumped into my own deathtrap.

 However, I have an ability.

 I called up the “door” on the wall and rolled inside.

 The destination is the “King Confinement’s Bedroom”.

 A large canopied bed sits in the room’s doorway, and I collapse on the long, woolly red carpet with my nose pressed against it.

 (This is bad…… I’m getting dizzy)

 I hold the back of my head, which is dripping blood, and activate <Periscope>.

 In front of my eyes, the scene in the dirty bathroom I had just entered was flashed before my eyes.

 This is the first time I’ve used <Periscope>, and apparently it’s not very useful.

 The view was limited to the front of the door, and I couldn’t move from there. But I can hear the sound.

 I guess they think I’m still there.

 They were kicking the door of the bathroom violently.

 The door is shaking so violently with the loud sound of the blows.

 Eventually, the door opened with a loud bang as the bolt lock bent with a cracking sound.

 ”Hey, he’s not here! What’s going on?”

 A guy with a wooden sword in his hand is looking intently into the bathroom.

 I stared at his face, but I couldn’t tell who he was by the eyes, which were not hidden by the mask.

 ”Shit! I don’t get it! He can’t have gone far! Find him! Find him!”

 I watched as the masked men disappeared from the bathroom.


 I lay down on the carpet and let out a big sigh.

 (I don’t understand what happened to me……)

 Anyway, the injury on the back of my head was pretty deep, I had to take care of it quickly.

 So, I raise my voice loudly.


 ”What’s up, Devi…… Huh!? W-what’s going on, Devi?”

 As soon as she appeared, I told a flustered Lili.

 ”It…. it’s fine, just call Torture”

◇ ◇ ◇

 Torture took care of me, and I let out a deep sigh.

 If Torture hadn’t been there, I’d have been in a lot of trouble.

 ”Hey, hey, what’s going on, Devi?”

 Lili was surprisingly flustered. I smiled back and replied, “I’m fine” as she looked into my face with concern.

 ”I was attacked. I don’t know who they are, but there were about six…… people. They were wearing uniforms, so I’m pretty sure they were from my school”

* * *

 ”We can still go after them now, Devi. Freesia will capture them, Devi! I will make them squeal, Devi”


 ”No, we don’t need to capture them. If they go missing, it will be a problem…….”

 ”Then, let’s Freesia mark at least one of them so that we can identify her later”


 ”Succubus’s mark, Devi. It’s a mark that only a succubus can use to identify a male”

 Stop copying without sauce

 Lili seemed to have disappeared for a moment, but she soon returned. She had probably gone to give instructions to her servant.

 ”Are you sure you’re okay, Devi?”

 ”Yes, thanks to Torture”

 Lili still looked worried. It seems she’s a little cuter than I thought.

 ”But…… you still have an ugly face, Devi”

 ”Don’t talk like that. It hurts my feelings”

 When I replied, Lili laughed, “Ahaha”.

 ”So what are you going to do now, Devi?”

 ”In a little while I’m going to leave this place and go home like a normal person?”

 ”There is a back door to Ryoko’s room, Devi. Why don’t you go out that way, Devi?”

 ”That apartment building has security cameras, you know. I think it’s best not to act suspiciously”

 I wish I could install a back door in my room as well, but there is only one more I can install at the moment. It’s for Masaki-chan. And Kanaa-senpai.

 I can’t use that one.

 I have to save it for when I return Masaki-chan to her daily life.

 But what the hell were those guys?

 ”They said “Rin-chan”……”

 When I think about it calmly, there is a face that comes to mind.

 A chestnut-colored hair that braided on either side of her head all the way to her back. A girl’s face with a mischievous smile that gives the impression of a cat.

 ”Rin Fukuda, it’s that girl again…….”

 It’s a bit of annoying, really.

 But for the moment, my anger will be directed at Kyoko, but I’m going to have to give her a good talking to sooner or later.

 But the guys from earlier were asking about her, “Where’d she go?”.

 To put it simply, they think that the girl is missing and that it was me who kidnapped her. ……That’s all I can think of.

 (What the hell is that? I don’t know what that means at all)

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