Confinement 82

Chapter 82 I’ve Never Seen that Face Before

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 The sound of a pen writing on a piece of paper echoing crisply.

 The sound is coming from the first-year classroom. Inside the classroom, the teacher was ecstatic about giving a quiz first thing in the morning.

 But no one could see us.

 And there was a boy in the middle of the classroom who had bleached her hair to the point where it looked brown in the sunlight. I looked into the boy’s face and asked Freesia.

 ”Is this him?”

 ”Yes, Ohime-sama, this is the one who hit Fumi Fumi-sama with a wooden sword. The scent of my cervical mucus is all over him”

 Cervical mucus, or love juice, is used by succubus to mark their prey.

 In fact,succubus are very territorial. They mark their prey so that other succubus will not touch them.

 This time, I had her mark the people who had attacked Fumi Fumi, especially the most unforgivable one, the one who had hit his head.

 ”What should I do? I can kill them socially by showing them lewd dreams and making them suddenly start masturbating during class”

 ”Don’t be hasty, Devi. Today, I’mkgoingato let this guy swim around, and if I find out why he attacked Fumi Fumi, Devi”

 ”……Ohime-sama, when Fumi Fumi-sama is not here, is there any necessity to use that word?”

 ”Am I talking that way?”

 ”Yes. You were saying, “Devi Devi””

 ”I don’t know why, but “Devi” has become my standard character lately”

 ”Why did you choose that characterization……?”

 ”I chose that because you say I don’t look like a devil. And there isn’t any other way to make me look like the devil, is there?”

 ”Well, there is no…………………….”

 There was a pause that bothered me, but I guess she decided that there was no need to offend her master here.

 Despite all that, Freesia is an excellent servant who can read the air. She is a pervert, though.

 Before long, the first period was over, and there was a break between the two periods.

 While rocking his chair, the boy took out his phone and looked the screen.

 I peered at the screen and saw a social networking timeline.

* * *

 In the midst of all the casual exchanges, I saw a post that said, “Meet at lunchtime”. The sender’s name was Kasuya.

 ”It’s pretty convenient. Looks like everyone will be there”

 When I said that, Freesia tilted her head.

 ”Was it written on that pow pow?”

 ”Pow Pow?…… Are you a granny? Oh well. It looks like they’ll be gathering at lunchtime”

 ”Oh, by the way, Ohime-sama. I can have him, can’t I?”

 ”Yes, but you’ll only be able to suck him off in the middle of the night for the time being. But when it’s all over, you can use him as a milk supply or something.”

 ”Ufufu……Then, I’ll start tonight……”

 ”But do it in moderation…… And I just got word from Torture. The prey has fallen as planned. So you go ahead and get ready for the ritual”


 With that, Freesia tugged her skirt, bowed, and disappeared.

◇ ◇ ◇

 During the lunch break, the boy with brown hair hurriedly stuffed a loaf of bread into his mouth and quickly left the classroom.

 I followed him while floating in the air.

 He made his way to the staircase that leads to the roof’s entrance. A group of boys had gathered there.

 ”You’re late!”

 ”Heh~, seriously, I came here in a hurry”

 There were seven of them. They were talking lightly and making a lot of noise, the exact opposite of Fumi Fumi, or as he put it, “Youkya”. (*Note: the person who has happy and positive personality)

 I didn’t recognize any of them except for one.

 It’s Kasuya, Fumi Fumi’s prey.

 The rest of them are juniors, I guess.

 As Kasuya looked around at the group, he spoke in a somewhat ridiculous tone.

 ”You guys…. don’t just fooling around, Kimo-jima is still in good shape”

 ”Eh? Is he at school? That guy”

 ”Yeah, he had a bandage on, though”

* * *

 The juniors looked at each other, saying, “Really?”, “Eww, that’s disgusting!”.

 ”Although he eventually got away, but I still smashed his head and beat the crap out of him”

 ”See, that’s the problem. Even his head still bleeds profusely, if the head injury isn’t severe, so I think it’s safe to say it wasn’t severe enough”

 ”It’s exactly what I’m looking for. I’ve been planning about how I’m going to get Rin-chan back until he stops coming. So, I’ll beat him up again on his way home today”

 Kasuya shook her head as the brown-haired man clenched his fists.

 ”Well, don’t do it again. After all, no matter how busy the police were with the kidnapping, if he had reported it to the police, they would have at least sent someone to help”

 ”Then how can I get Rin-chan back?”

 ”That’s the problem……. The head of the dormitory contacted her parents and they replied that Rin was on a trip”


 The juniors rolled their eyes for a moment and then reacted in different ways. Some were relieved and patted their chest. Another made a mushy face. Some looked dumbfounded.

 ”Really…… you’re causing a trouble, aren’t you?”

 ”So Kimo-jima is irrelevant?”

 ”Why would he not be irrelevant? He’s been bothering Rin around and giving her trouble. That’s good reason, isn’t it? you should spread the rumor that he did it”

 ”I’ve been spreading rumors since yesterday, as Senpai said, but why do Senpai care about that?”

 When the brown-haired man asked this question, Kasuya glared at him.

 ”It’s not that I’m obsessed with it. It’s just that I’ve always been uncomfortable with it, so I thought it would be a good opportunity. It’s also annoying that he’s dating Mai without knowing his own worth, and lately he’s been giving Misuzu attention. I think it’s best to crush idiots like that before he got the wrong idea”

 At Kasuya’s words, a look of understanding spread across the faces of the younger students.

 ”Oh, I see what you mean. You mean for Misuzu-senpai’s sake? When it comes to Misuzu-senpai, your eyes really change color”

 ”Of course. There is no one better than Misuzu. I’ve had a crush on her since middle school”

* * *

 The juniors immediately started to cheer happily, “Whoo!”, “Pure Love!”. But one of them, who seemed to be particularly well-behaved, suddenly asked.

 ”Well, senpai! Did you have s*x with Misuzu-senpai yet?”

 ”You, why are you suddenly asking that………… But, yeah, it’s like that…”


 Kasuya looked puzzled for a moment, but the last word “Yeah, it’s like that” had an air of pride about it.

 ”How was it? Was it great?”

 ”Of course it was. But, if anything, I think Misuzu is more into me now. I made her scream, “Come deeper”, and so on. It’s hard when Misuzu wants to do it again”


 Kasuya rubbed the bridge of his nose proudly and said again to his juniors.

 ”Anyway, just spread the word that he’s the culprit. When Rin comes back, I’ll tell her to go out with one of you guys”

◇ ◇ ◇

 ”Teruya-senpai, what’s wrong?”


 I turned around and put my finger in front of my lips.

 What do we do now? Do we go to the next month’s tournament, just the two of us?

 While having lunch on the rooftop with second-year student Ninagawa, we were talking about it.

 The track and field club was in such a mess, but there was a university sports recommendation on the line for next month’s competition. It might be more accurate to say that I was trying to persuade Ninagawa, who was rather reluctant.

 And somehow I managed to persuade Ninagawa to participate in the competition. Then, as we were about to leave the rooftop, I heard a voice from the other side of the door, towards the entrance, and stood frozen with my hand on the doorknob.


 I heard the conversation for a while.

 Of course I had heard the rumor that Kimo-jima was the one who kidnapped the track and field club.

 No way.

 There’s no way he can do something that big. After all, even my sister said it was impossible for her.

 But at that time, when we passed each other at the police station, I was dumbfounded. I wondered what the police would ask such a person.

 To be honest, I don’t care about Kimo-jima, and if Junichi-sama wants to destroy him, I’d be happy to destroy it with him.

 But what I couldn’t forgive the most in this story was the fact that Junichi-sama was defiled by Misuzu Kurosawa.

 No, I know that.

* * *

 I know that it is that woman who is in the position of Junichi’s girlfriend. Of course, that could happen. It’s only natural that she would want do it with him, after all, she’s Junichi-sama.

 However, as soon as Junichi-sama tell about it, I felt something black swirling inside my heart.

 Jealousy. Probably jealousy.

 And before I knew it, there was no sign of anyone outside the door. Junichi-sama and the others must have already gone.

 ”I’m sorry, but can you leave me alone first?”

 ”Ah…… yes. I’ll be waiting for you after school for voluntary practice”


 After waiting for Ninagawa to leave, I took out my phone.

 ”Sis… I’m sorry, but can you kidnap her for me? No, no, no! I don’t care about Koganei. What? You already arranged it? Then change the prey. Can you do it? The girl you mentioned before, yes…… it’s Misuzu Kurosawa”

◇ ◇ ◇

 ”Misuzu’s idiot! Stupid! Fatty!”

 ”I’m not fatty…… though”

 As soon as lunchtime arrived, I called Mai into the hallway and told her everything.

 The juniors from the soccer club were going to attack Fumio.

 I was told not to tell anyone about it.

 But I managed to persuade Fumio to leave through the back gate.

 ”I’m sorry…….”

 When I bowed my head, Mai raised her arms in a pout.

 ”Just because you’ve been told not to tell it doesn’t mean you can’t play rock-paper-scissors with him! You idiot! Your mother is a fatty!”

 ”My mom is not a fat either…… though”

 Anyway, isn’t her vocabulary of swear words strange? Mai-san.

 ”The soccer club manager is probably the girl who confessed to Fu~min and was rejected! That girl must tell the police all sorts of things before, and Fu~min was questioned. It’s really annoying!”

 ”Confession? To him?”

 ”It’s not weird! Fu~min is so cool!”

 Well, if that’s what Mai thinks, then I guess it’s fine.

 ”But she says on social media that she’s in trouble because he’s following her around……”

 ”That’s not true! Rather, I want Fu~min to be that proactive”

 ”Oh…… I think I can understand that”

 (It seems to be a hassle for you, Fumio)

 Then Mai suddenly folded her arms and made a thoughtful gesture.

 ”I mean, is that girl really missing?”

 ”What do you mean?”

 ”I mean, it’s been two days today, right? The teacher hasn’t said anything, and if there was a new missing person, the news would have made more of a fuss, right?”

 (If I thought it again, that’s probably true)

 ”Then, Mai, I’ll ask someone”

 ”Ask someone……?”

 I left Mai, who was tilting her head, alone, and took out my phone to call Terashima-san.

* * *

 It wasn’t long before I was connected and the first thing she said.

 ”What’s going on? Misuzu-sama”

 The fact that Terashima-san called me “Misuzu-sama” must mean that there was no one else around her right now. It might be good.

 Then, after I briefly explained what had happened, without mentioning the names of the boys from the soccer club or Fumio, Terashima-san said in a somewhat angry voice.

 ”Although it’s not information from the investigation, I think it’s safe to say that the school has been asked about Rin Fukuda, but no search report has been filed. Above all, we have been informed in advance by her that she will be away for the rest of the week for family reasons”

 ”Do you have any way of contacting the girl?”

 ”I have her cell phone number, but no matter how many times I call, I can’t get through. It’s either turned off or she’s in an area with no signal……”

 With that, I began to see what was going on.

 I’m sure the girl is trying to trick Fumio to make up for being dumped.

 I don’t know if she was aware that the soccer club member would attack him, but if the students suspected that she was the one, it would make it difficult for her to come to school.

 However, if she has told the police in advance to avoid a criminal case, she must be a very cunning girl. She must a tech user too.

 After I hung up the phone and told Mai what I heard from Terashima-san and my theory, all expression disappeared from her face.

 I had never seen Mai’s face like that before.

 It was scary. it was absurdly scary.

 She was so angry that she couldn’t express it with her face. It was like that.

 When I backed away, Mai tilted her head slightly and spoke.

 ”Misuzu, I have a favor to ask you……”

 Mai then left her afternoon class early.

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