Confinement 83

Chapter 83 It doesn’t Count as Cheating

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 I opened my mouth as I looked down at Fumio, who was getting ready to leave.

 ”Fumio, let’s go home”

 ”……Eh, yes, g-goodbye”

 He looked surprised and confused, and I pointed my finger in front of his nose.

 ”Are you stupid? I said I’m coming home with you!”


 He overreacted, and the classroom, which should already be sparsely populated, erupted into a buzz.

 It’s understandable, to be sure.

 Because it’s not unusual for an extremely beautiful model like me to call out to a dull boy like him to accompany her back to her home. He should have cried and thanked me.

 However, instead of being happy, Fumio was looking around with a pale face.

 ”Umm… W-what about Kasuya-kun?”

 ”Jun-kun has already gone to the club activities”

 After saying that, Fumio let out a big sigh of relief.

 (I mean, why does he need to be so scared? it’s pathetic)

 ”But, Kurosawa-san, why did you suddenly ask that……?”

 ”Oh gosh! Just come quickly!”

 ”Wait, wait a minute, Kurosawa-san”

 It’s really frustrating.

 There were screams all over the place when I grabbed Fumio’s hand. Why are they making such a big deal about holding hands? They are exaggerating. Are they in middle school?

 But I still took Fumio’s hand and walked out into the hallway, taking large strides toward the shoe box.

 ”W-wait, Kurosawa-san!”


 The people I met in the hallway all gave a surprised look. Of course, seeing a beautiful girl like me (the following words are omitted)

 Anyway! I know I don’t measure up, but I’m annoyed at the people who make such surprised faces, and I’m annoyed at Fumio for not looking annoyed, and I don’t know why anymore! I don’t know why, but I was annoyed anyway.

* * *

 Especially Kitora-sensei’s…

 ”Kurosawa~, if you’re going to bully him, call him out to the back of the gym instead of taking him directly. If I see it, I’ll have to stop it……”

 Her comment that lacks of motivation exceeded the limit was terrible, and when I replied, “I’m just going home with him!”, her response, “What are you planning to do?”.

 After going through that, I let go of his hand in front of the shoebox, and Fumio looked relieved.

 But because I was so annoyed, after I changed my shoes, I–

 ”Ku, Ku, Ku, Kurosawa-san!”

 I clung to his arm as hard as I could.

 ”Why are you panicking? It’s not like you’ve never crossed your arms with a girl before, Mai’s always clinging to you”


 ”What is it?”

 ”Fujiwara-san’s things doesn’t touched me….. you know, her breasts”

 I noticed it only after being told. His arm was sandwiched between my breast.

 Suddenly, my cheeks became hot. It’s really embarrassing. But it would be even more embarrassing if I panicked and left her here.

 ”I’m not going to tell Mai about those comments. You should be grateful”

 ”Oh, yes, thank you very much”

 With that, I walked out the door and pulled Fumio’s arm as he tried to walk towards the main gate.

 ”We’ll exit through the back gate because I still need to keep an eye out for the media”

 ”Eh, but the police are…… on the back gate”

 ”They’ve already checked the road”

 I called Terashima-san again earlier to ask for a favor. And when I asked her about it, she told me that the police had already finished investigating the forest road behind the building.

 ”I see……”

 The back gate had been closed for a long time, but now it was open, probably because of the police coming and going.

 And now with our arms linked, we walked down the dirt road that was surrounded by trees with branches reaching to the sky.

 Other than the occasional chirping of birds, all we could hear was the sound of our own footsteps. It felt very strange that I hardly felt any discomfort from having my arms crossed with him.

 ”When we get to your house, I’ll wait in your room to be picked up”

 ”What…… you’re coming to my house?”

 When Fumio looked surprised, I decided to tell him.

 ”You said you tripped, but your injuries were the result of an attack, correct? It was the work of a soccer club member. But they wouldn’t be able to touch you if their senpai’s girlfriend was with you, right?”

* * *

 Fumio rolled his eyes.

 ”What’s with that face? Mai asked me to do it. Even though, I don’t like it!”

 ”I, I see…… It’s Fujiwara-san…”

 The sudden relieved look on his face was also annoying.

 He must worry about Mai, not me!

 I don’t know why but I’m so frustrated.

 ”Anyway, I’m going to stay at your house and wait for the detective to come and pick me up”


 ”The detective who protected me, Terashima-san. I couldn’t go home because of the media surrounding my house, so I was staying at Mai’s place until this morning, but from today I’m going to be taken care of again by Terashima-san”

 I heard that Kyoko-san had already gone back to the university dormitory, so it was safe to go back to Terashima-san’s place.

 And now, I’m more scared of Mai.

 ”Anyway! You’re an ultra-super lucky man to be able to go home with this super beautiful model, while linking arms with her. You must be overjoyed, right?”

 ”Eh, Ah, I am happy……”

 ”Oh, you’re so honest!”

 Eventually, we arrived at Fumio’s house, and even though it was almost dark, there was no light in the room as far as the window was concerned.

 ”Is your mother…… still shopping?”

 (H, hey, isn’t this a bad idea? Alone with a classmate?)

 But until Terashima-san comes to pick me up, I have to stay here.

 ”Come in”

 ”Oh…… Excuse me”

 When I entered the house, there was no sign of anyone at all. When he turned on the light in the hallway, Fumio turned around and spoke.

 ”Kurosawa-san, please go up to my room first. I’m going to change my clothes and get a drink”


 Because I had just came here the other day, I knew where Fumio’s room was. So, I walked up the stairs, entered his room and turned on the light.

 ”As always, it’s surprisingly tidy”

 But the room lacked a sense of life, or something.

* * *

 I looked around the room and caught sight of the trash can. I peeked into it and found it empty. There was nothing in it as usual.

 (Doesn’t he ever do this sort of thing by himself?)

 As soon as I thought about it, I came to my senses.

 (What am I thinking!)

 It’s bad, I’ve been poisoned by Mai to a large extent. As soon as I thought that, Fumio came into the room. He had two glasses of white liquid in his hand.

 Gulp. My throat gurgles involuntarily.

 ”W-what’s that?”

 ”Oh, it’s Kabosu Juice. Maybe you didn’t like it?”

 ”No, not at all…… But…”

 Looking towards Fumio, I saw that he was wearing the same sweatshirt that he had been wearing the other day.

 It’s bad, it’s very bad.

 If I close my eyes, I can picture Mai sucking on it the other day, and if I open my eyes, I can see the unprotected crotch of the sweatshirt.

 Ever since Mai showed me his p*nis the other day, I’ve been trying my best to resist the urge to drink.

 I thought I had somehow managed to get it out of my head……

 However, when human beings are in a state of extremes, they have unexpected powers, and I came up with a genius excuse for myself.

 (Yes, he’s suspected as a kidnapper…… And I remember sucking on the kidnapper’s p*nis when I was being confined…… So if I suck on it, I might be able to tell if he’s the kidnapper or not!)

 Genius, that’s all I can say.

 After thinking so, I walked over to Fumio who was sitting on the bed and told him.

 ”Actually, I had heard you were going to be attacked yesterday. So I tried to send you home through the back gate……”

 ”Oh….. that’s why you want to play rock-paper-scissors……”

 ”I should have told you, but I was told not to……. Sorry”

 ”It’s not Kurosawa-san’s fault……”

 With that, I kneeled at Fumio’s feet.

 ”As apology… You see, I can give you an oral…… if you want”

 ”E-eh? Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!?”

 ”Gosh, that’s too loud. Don’t get me wrong. It’s an apology. It’s an apology! Don’t take it the wrong way. If you do it, it’s cheating, but if it’s a mouth, it’s safe. What? You don’t like it?”

 ”No, it’s not like that……. I’m happy”

 ”Hmm, good”

 Then, I put my fingers on the elastic of Fumio’s sweatshirt and pulled down his pants.

 Immediately, his p*nis fluttered to the ground. It’s not even erected, but it’s incredibly powerful. I gasped at the size of it.

 With trembling fingertips, I gently picked it up.

 Immediately, his p*nis jumped.

* * *

 It’s like a different creature. With that thought in mind, I slide my fingers down the rod. As I began to gently squeeze it from the base to the frenulum, it gradually grew harder in my hand.

 ”How does it feel?”


 I asked him with an upward glance, and the look of pleasure on his face gave me a tingle in my chest.

 (……Wait, what is that? I don’t know why by he is surprisingly cute)

 ”Well, I’m a beautiful model after all and I’m pleasuring you, so how can you not feel good?”

 When I proudly puffed my chest, Fumio smiled and whispered in my ear.

 ”It’s not about whether you’re a model or not, it’s because you’re…… Kurosawa-san”

 For some reason, my heart suddenly started to race at that comment. Wait, wait, wait! Why am I so nervous?

 ”Y-you’re so sassy, Fumio! It’s okay, I’ll make you feel even better”

 The p*nis in my hand was already very hard and tense. It’s big and very strong.

 And I started to crawl my tongue over the tip of the glans.

 (Oh, this is it, this is it! The taste, the texture!)

 The taste of the meat on my tongue made my heart flutter.

 ”Nnn, Lick Lick, Slurp, Lick Lick Lick…”

 I extended my tongue and started licking around the entire glans. I also rub it up and down with my rough tongue and poke the tip with my tongue. It’s fun to see Fumio wriggle and squirm every time he does. It’s made me happy.

 ”Haa~, Haa~… The fact that Kurosawa-san is licking me really excites me”

 Fumio stroked my hair with his fingertips and whispered to me as he groaned. The thought of this man being aroused by me fills me with a sense of joy akin to superiority.

 ”Then, I’ll make you feel even better”

 With that, I took the glans into my mouth.

 (Oh, it’s still big…… it’s the best)

 Although I knew I shouldn’t compare them, the feeling of Jun-kun’s p*nis in my mouth still crossed my mind. After all, the feeling of pressure was different. and the sense of presence is too different.

 I started licking and sucking the glans as I rolled it around in my mouth, then swallowed it deeper and deeper.

 But I couldn’t possibly swallow it all the way to the root. When I looked up at him, Fumio’s eyebrows were raised in pleasure.

 (As expected, it’s very big…… I can’t believe it got this deep…… still, I can’t do it like Mai did…….)

 After thinking so, I began to suck on it, shaking my head up and down while handling the rod with my fingers.

 Jubo, Jubo, Jubo, Jubo!

 ”Nnn, Nfu…… Nnn, Slurp, Nnn…… Nmu, Nnn, Nfu, Nnnn…”

 When I sucked as hard as I could while tightening the rod with my lips, Fumio squirmed violently, “Kuh…….”.

 ”I-it’s amazing, Kurosawa-san”

 ”Fufu, isn’t it? My technique make you melt, right?”

* * *

 It was impossible for me not to be flattered by such praise. However in spite of this, I felt a warm feeling deep in my chest. I feel like I want to do more for him.

 ”Then, I’ll make it more pleasurable for you. Nnn, Nfu! Nmu, Slurp, Chu, Nnn!”

 I was so excited that I started to give him a richer blowjob. And with a fast shake of my head while increasing the sucking, Fumio scratched the air without a care in the world.

 ”Kuh, Ku-Kurosawa-san, it’s too intense…….”

 Jubo, Jubo, Jubo, Jubo!

 ”Nfu, Slurpp! Nnn, Chu, Lick! Slurpp, Slurpppp!”

 (No way, it sounds so naughty…… it’s crazy)

 Although I was embarrassed by the obscene sound I was making, I couldn’t stop the sucking.

 And I couldn’t stop myself from wanting to make Fumio feel even better.

 ”Oh… Kurosawa-san…… you’re so intense…”

 He seemed to be soaking in the pleasure of the sucking as he leaned back and relaxed his body.

 Seeing him like that makes me even more excited. My body is hot and my stomach is tingling. I know it’s a small thing, but this pleasure has become a habit.

 As I continued to work my way up with my lips, I heard an urgent voice above me.

 ”I can’t do this anymore! I’m going to cum, Kurosawa-san!”

 ”Hut it out, you han hut it out hanytime”

 As soon as I increased the speed of my movements, his p*nis burst in my mouth.

 Tremble! Tremble! Spurtt, Spurt, Spurtttt!

 ”Nnnn! Nnn, Nnnn……”

 The liquid in my mouth was so thick that I felt like I was drowning, and my cheeks puffed up like a squirrel.

 (I-it’s great, oh, it’s good, thick and rich… It’s also very fishy and stuffy)

 The smell of a man’s foul odor in my nose is almost make me lose consciousness. And feeling faint, I desperately swallowed it down.

 ”Gulp, Gulp, Gulp, Gulp”

* * *

 It’s sloppy, sticky, and stuck in the back of my throat. But it’s delicious. It’s so, so good. It was irresistible.

 When I finish swallowing everything, I suck out what’s left in his p*nis. I don’t want to waste even a drop.

 Slurrpppppp! I sucked it up, making a noise, and it made him scratches his head in the air, saying, “Kuhhh…….”

 I sucked up his thing until it was completely clean looking slippery and sloppy, and then I chomped away at it.


 One word to describe my satisfaction. It was great.

 If this is a restaurant, I would have called the chef.

 But I don’t know if he is the kidnapper or not…….

 Well, it can’t be helped.

 But I’ve got a very bad problem. It’s really bad.

 My body is on fire and I want to do it badly.

 No, no, no. I’m in a tug-of-war with myself, trying to convince myself that this is cheating or not, but I’m also trying to convince myself that that p*nis feels really good.

 But before I knew it, I found myself rubbing my cheek against Fumio’s shoulder as if I were spoiling him. Maybe my eyes are debauched.

 (T-this may be bad……)

 But the next moment, my phone rattled. Terashima-san’s name was displayed on the screen of my phone.

 ”Oh, Terashima-san is here”

 As I said this, I suddenly became calm, and a tremendous sense of embarrassment came over me.

 ”Then I’m leaving!”

 I hurriedly jumped off the bed, grabbed my bag and ran down the stairs.

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