Confinement 84

Chapter 84 Who

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 ”Haa~, Haa~, Haa~……”

 I wiped the sweat from my forehead with the back of my hand.

 Behind me is the figure of Shima-senpai sitting in turtle shell bindings.

 And when I glanced behind as I caught my breath, I saw that she was lying face down with an apologetic look on her face.

 It was a dimly lit menagerie where no sunlight could reach. There is no change in the day or night in this place, but according to the time I’m experiencing, seven or eight hours have already passed since Shima-senpai fell as a pig in the morning.

 I hadn’t been able to eat lunch, and I kept checking on the pigs who were trying to mess with Shima-senpai.

 Takasago-senpai had finished whipping the pigs in the morning and left the breeding ground, Yui-chan had already whipped Adachi-senpai and Saito-san forty times each and left the place, and just a few minutes ago, she came back to the menagerie to finish the remaining twenty times.

 Probably in another hour or so, it would be time for us to have our dinner. After that, it would be time for the evening feeding.

 Once that time came, I would not be able to protect Shima-senpai.

 Shima-senpai remained silent for a long time.

 I guess she’s anxious. She must be worried about Captain Tashiro.

 The reason why she is not answering my questions is that if she talks to me like she did this morning, she might inadvertently make me fall as a pig. Maybe that’s what she’s thinking.

 ”Moribe, you’ve already beaten me over a hundred times, haven’t you? You should come back…”

 ”Saori wants to bully us all the time, that’s why she’s staying here”

 Hotta-san and Mako-san provoke me from afar.

 Shima-senpai has proved that there is a switch.

 Perhaps because of this, the fright in their faces disappeared and they started talking to me a lot.

 I decided not to open my mouth at all, and just stared at them.

 But then…

 ”Nnn…… Haa~…….”

 A breath that seemed to be coming out of someone’s nose brushes against my earlobe.

 (Yui-chan’s voice?)

 Just a moment ago, I saw Yui-chan whipping Kishijo-san according to Amemiya-senpai’s tip-off.

 And when I turned my eyes to the area where she was, I gasped.

 ”Hmm… Nnn, that’s good, Amemiya~. There, right there~……”

 Yui-chan stands with her short skirt flipped up. Between her legs was the figure of Amemiya-senpai, crawling on all fours.

 Yui-chan took off her underwear and exposed her crotch for Amemiya-senpai to lick.

* * *

 Hot breaths echoed in the dimly lit menagerie. But I can see the red tongue twitching in the distance.

 ”Haa~…Haa~…Auu, Nnn… how is it~? Amemiya, is it delicious~?”

 ”Nnn, Chu, Puha…… Yui-sama, it’s delicious”

 ”Ufufu, sweetie~. Come on, make me feel better~”

 ”Y-yes, Lick, Lick…….”

 I was standing there dumbfounded seeing so, but then I came to my senses and yelled out.

 ”Hey! What are you doing? Yui-chan!”

 Then, with an ecstatic expression, she tilted her head and gave me a debauched look.

 ”As I was beating, I started to heat up, so I had Amemiya calm me down”

 ”D-d-d-doing it with girl, that kind of thing……”

 ”It’s not between girls~. Amemiya is a pig~. Ufufu, I also used to let my big dog lick me like this to soothe my burning~”

 She let a big dog lick her?

 I don’t understand what rich people think.

 Aside from my dumbfounded state, Yui-chan started to let out a more and more aroused voice.

 ”Oh, Ah… Ahh, it’s good, it’s good~. Use your tongue to suck on it more~, yes~, yes~, like that~…….”

 ”Slurppp, Lick, Lick, Yui-sama, Yui-sama…”

 Without worrying about the eyes of the surrounding pigs, Yui-chan climbed up with Amemiya-senpai’s tongue.

 ”Ufufu, the day will come when Amemiya will be able to serve me like this~…… Aaah, Ahh, it’s all thanks to the Confinement King-sama~. Ah…. my beloved lord~, the great confinement king-sama~, what kind of person is he~, Ah, Ah, Ah, I want to meet him~, I want to meet him~. I wonder if he’s watching this somewhere now~. …… Ah, Yui wants become Confinement King-sama’s property~”

 By the way, Yui-chan had said that she wanted to serve the Confinement King-sama.

 ”I do not want to be released~”

 That’s what she said.

* * *

 This may be an appeal to the Confinement King-sama, thinking that he must be watching from somewhere.

 But then again, such a thing.

 I feel embarrassed looking at it, and I turn away from it. I could hear the gulping sounds of the pigs watching around me.

 ”Ahh, Amemiya~, Nnn, Nnnn, Ah, Ah, Ah, it feels so good~, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah…”

 The sound of Yui-chan’s voice gradually changed to one of impatience.

 ”I-I’m cumming~, I’m going to cum~, Ah, Ah…”

 Eventually, Yui-chan raised her eyebrows tightly and bit her lip tightly. Her body tensed up as she felt the force of it.

 ”I-I’m cummmmmming~!”

 Her body began to convulse at the same time as her high-pitched voice.


 And then she started to squirt out from between her legs. The liquid which came out of her crotch, drenching Amemiya-senpai’s face.

 Yui-chan grabbed Amemiya-senpai’s head and trembled on her knees, her face flushed with pleasure. T*in*yTL


 And then she muttered in a whisper.

 ”C-Confinement King-sama~… I’m looking forward to seeing you~…”

◇ ◇ ◇

 The feel of Kurosawa-san’s lips. It was the first time in a long time.

 And when soaking in the aftermath, I made the “door” appear.

 It’s not the cute Misuzu from when she was confined, but the strong-willed Kurosawa-san.

 When I thought that she had voluntarily sucked my cock, an inexplicable feeling welled up in me.

 I still don’t know why it happened, but I wonder if Kurosawa-san is starting to like me.

 If that’s the case, the day when I can have her in my hands again might not be so far away.

 If Ryoko hadn’t called me at the last moment, I think I would have made it.

 ”I guess I’ll give Ryoko a good spanking”

 I muttered to myself as I walked through the door. But…


 I couldn’t help but let out a strange sound.


 The electronic sound of the level-up suddenly rang out.

* * *


 ”Yui Kayama’s status has been changed to [Submissive].

 ”Along with that, the following functions are now available.

 ”● Room creation level 7″

 ”You can create up to twenty-four rooms simultaneously”

 ”● Furniture Installation Level 6″

 ”You can now furnish your rooms with furniture of considerable luxury.”

 ”● Special facilities – stairs”

 ”You can install stairs in the hallway”

 ”● Trojan Horse”

 ”You can set up triggers and single actions for anyone that enters the room. And once an action is triggered, the trigger is removed. For example, if someone hears the word “pollen”, they will sneeze.


 I looked around suspiciously to the left and right and couldn’t help but let out a grunt.


◇ ◇ ◇

 ”Ahaha… That’s Ringlets from the track and field club, Devi”

 When I called Lili in the bedroom and asked her, she replied happily.

 ”Ringlet hair…. Oh, the first grade student”

 I could also vaguely remember the ringlet hair.

 I was told by Lili to choose four girls that I wanted to be my favorite, and so I chose one of them. She was one of them.

 It was quite difficult to choose four girls, and the one girl I knew more or less well was the girl I had always longed in my first year class. And there is only one.

 That’s why the other three girls were almost a process of elimination.

 The girls with short cuts were out of the question, since they included the ones who had humiliated Fujiwara-san. K*anaa.

 Looking at the photos that Lili had prepared for me, I chose the remaining three, but there was definitely a cute girl with a ringlet hair among them.

 ”But why? I haven’t done anything to her”

* * *

 I mean, I haven’t even met her.

 ”Ringlet hair was sadistic, dissatisfied with the status quo, and had a strong sense of class, so I set her up as a joker for the group training, Devi. And without permission, she started to worship the Confinement King on her own, Devi”

 ”Oh, really? ……”

 I think she’s a little bit of an assumptive girl, falling into [Submissive] to someone she’s never met…. That’s a little scary.

 ”Then…… was she the one who you said would bring to my place tonight?”

 When I asked this question fearfully, Lili shook her head.

 ”No, Devi”

 Lili continued to talk while I patted my chest.

 ”Ringlets will be happy to be embraced if you call her out, Devi, but the group training will be finished tomorrow. I believe Ringlets can wait until after the group training is finished.”

 ”So, which girl?”

 ”The one that Fumi Fumi really wants, that’s the one, Devi”


 ”For real, Devi. The preparation is perfect. She’s already in a pinned-down position…… And Fumi Fumi as the Confinement King, you’re going to have to play a very difficult role in stripping her mask, Devi. So, for the next three hours, you’re going to train hard, Devi!”

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