Confinement 86

Chapter 86 The Devil’s Trick

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 ”Hatsu Tashiro’s state has been changed to [Submissive]”

 ”Along with that, the following functions are now available”

 ”● Room creation level 8″

 ”You can create up to 28 rooms simultaneously”

 ”● Furniture Installation Level 7″

 ”You can install extremely luxurious furniture in your rooms”

 ”● Special Facilities – Courtyard”

 ”You can set up a courtyard”

 ”● Mysterious Dreams (Dream Wonder)”

 ”You can create a dream of your liking for those sleeping in the specified room”


 An electronic sound echoed through the room. I listened to it while I stared at her in my arms.

 She has long slit eyes and a beautiful nose that looks as if it has been painted with a face-painting brush. Her pale pink lips remind me of flower petals.

 Her waist-length black hair is tied up in a ponytail, giving her a dignified air, even in her weakened state.

 ”I…… I am now yours, aren’t I……?”

 I put my lips on hers again as she closes her eyes quietly, her cheeks burning as if she were suffering from a fever.

 (I’m kissing “that” Tashiro-san……)

 Although I tried to keep my cool, my heart was about to burst with joy.

 The only connection between Hatsu Tashiro and me was that we were in the same class in the first year. That’s all there was to it.

 There was no dramatic drama.

 In fact, she only remembered me to the extent that I looked vaguely familiar, but she didn’t know who I was.

 In a word, she was really cool.

 She acted as the absolute leader of the class and was fair and honest. She never tolerated bullying or ostracism.

 That’s why I don’t remember being bullied as a freshman.

 Now that I remember, she was truly amazing.

 She took the initiative to do the dirty work and never asked for praise.

 Her grades were only in the middle of the class, but that was a trivial matter. Her straightforward words had a persuasive power that could not be denied.

 Her dignified demeanor, sharp gaze, and occasional kind smile.

 She was like the main character in a story, and I was just a mob. That’s all I could think. From the beginning, I thought that she lived in a different world.

 Therefore, the feelings I had for her were far from romantic feelings. It was completely different from the love I had for Masaki-chan. The expression “admiration” is closer to the reality.

 That’s why when I heard that Hiratsuka-kun and Tashiro-san had started going out, I was just like, “Heh…” I didn’t even feel jealous.

 …… It’s like entertainment gossip.

 When I confined the eighteen members of the track and field club, I also did not recognize that she was among them.

* * *

 I only became aware of her existence when Lili asked me to choose four candidates to become my “favorite princess” from among them. And when I found her, I felt my fingertips tremble.

 Maybe I could make that Hatsu Tashiro mine.

 Back to the beginning, I inserted my tongue between her soft lips. I felt her body jump with a jolt.

 ”Oh…… Haa~…….”

 Her breath was sweet and hot, and it melted my eardrums.

 I traced her gums and twirled the tip of my tongue around them, and her tongue, timidly as if frightened, responded in kind.

 ”Chu, chu, chu…… Slurp”

 I was getting more and more excited by the sound of the water. Then, as my tongue became bolder and bolder, she began to seek out my tongue.

 (So, what should I do from here……?)

 I can’t afford to make a bad move at this point. So, I began to recall Lili’s lesson from just a few hours ago.

◇ ◇ ◇

 ”What kind of person do you think is easiest for the devil to corrupt?”

 ”Isn’t that…… a bad person?”

 I was sitting on the big bed in my bedroom, and as I answered, Lili, who was floating in the air, she made a big cross with both hands.

 ”Bubbu, it’s wrong, Devi. The correct answer is good people. In all stories, ancient and modern, the devil tries to corrupt saints, children of God, and highly virtuous priests because they are the easiest to corrupt”

 ”Is that so?”

 ”Devi Devi”

 Lili nodded her head yes. It seemed a little surprising to me.

 ”I think we’ve talked about this before, but good and evil are relative things, Devi. It’s simply a difference in perspective, Devi”

 ”Oh…… you said something like that, about the two sides of a reversible paper…..”

 ”Devi Devi. Most people stay in the middle that is the level of the “tendency” that swings slightly to one side or the other, but the crazy people who have greatly disrupted that balance are “the good people” and “the bad people”, Devi”

 ”What do you mean!?”

 ”Either way, unless you have a lot of beliefs, you won’t be able to do that, Devi and if you twist those beliefs, you can easily corrupt them, Devi”

 ”It doesn’t sound that easy to me……”

* * *

 ”I had checked the whole thing out, Devi. and this Tashiro girl is the daughter of a strict old family, the youngest daughter of a family of lawyers who have been lawyers since her grandfather’s generation, Devi. Her father is also a lawyer and her brother is also a lawyer, Devi”

 ”Ugh…… it’s so stiff. Well, I guess that’s typical”

 Then Lili put her finger right under my nose.

 ”On a different note, Devi, do you know why human are called “human”?”

 ”T-that was so sudden. Does it have anything to do with it?”

 ”Of course, Devi”

 ”No, I don’t know what……”

 ”From the point of view of Lili and the devils, humans are really strange creatures that form their ego through feedback from the people around them, Devi. They are human because they can only exist among other people, Devi. There is no other creature like that, Devi”

 ”Ugh…… it’s getting difficult again”

 ”It’s not difficult, Devi. In other words, humans are made to sense what other people think of them and adapt to that, Devi. Those who are perceived to be bad become more bad, and those who are perceived to be good become more good…..”

 ”So you’re saying humans become what they’re treated like?”

 ”That’s what it means, Devi. And now Lili is going to give the gospel to all the bad people in the world, Devi. Listen it carefully, Devi”

 ”W-what is it?”

 I wondered why all of a sudden, but Lili’s earnest expression made me gulp.


 ”Isn’t that a bad comment–!?”

 ”What’s a bad comment! It’s true, Devi!”

 Lili put her forehead against mine with a look of disapproval.

 Your horn! It stabs me!? It stabs me!

 ”You may have heard of the phrase “label”, Devi, but in Dutch, a label is a label. In other words, if you are labeled as a “bad person”, the people around you will treat you as such, and you will behave as such because you are treated as such”

 ”Ehh… I don’t like the idea of being influenced by people”

 ”That’s right, Devi. For example, you may have made up your mind that you are going to be serious from today! However, the people around you still see you as a useless person, which forces you to put on the brakes, Devi. However, if you somehow manage to overcome this, and the people around you start to appreciate you, then things will start to go in a positive direction, still overcoming this is not an easy task”

 ”I think I understand what you’re saying…… So Tashiro-san has been labeled as a “strong and righteous girl” and she’s acting like it, right?”

 ”That’s right, Devi. That’s what she grew up with”

 Lili nodded exaggeratedly.

* * *

 ”So, I can just pull the label off…….”

 When I said this, she shook her head.

 ”Don’t rip it off, but replace it, Devi. Replace it with a weak woman, who can’t do anything without Fumi Fumi to protect her, Devi”

 But what should I do if I wanted to replace it?

 ”Do I just treat her as a weak girl?”

 ”That’s the general idea, Devi. But you have to prepare properly, Devi. The other party is weak and ragged, so use a large bath to warm up the body, stimulate the sympathetic nerve, and create a situation where you can touch each other naked, Devi. Also, women in particular become more relaxed when they feel the body heat of the opposite s*x, Devi”

 ”Okay, and then what?”

 ”Then, Fumi Fumi pretends to be a strong person and imprint that idea to her, although, in reality, you are weak, Devi. This will be followed by a thorough question and answer session, Devi”

 ”Please, take it easy…….”

 ”Oh right, if you change her label to “weak woman”, she will surely have a crisis of identity collapse. So I’m going to give you a helping hand, Devi. And you can tell her things like, “It’s okay to be weak”. It’s okay to be weak. “I’m going to reach out and protect you”, Devi”

 ”Is that okay?”

 Lili nodded her head.

 ”At the end, you’ll see something that looks like a deliberate magic circle. Then by using <Interior Construction>, we can embed electric lights at the bottom of the bathrooms, Devi. Lili will turn it on when the time is right, Devi”

 ”Why are you doing that ……?”

 ”The executioner can kill people because it’s his job, Devi. If it is not this reason, he can’t do anything immoral, Devi. So, once she thinks she’s under some weird spell, she’ll be able to accept anything without any resistance, Devi”

 And then Lili smiled wickedly.

 ”After that, all you have to do is let her know that she is a weak woman, Devi. “With-your-body””

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