Confinement 87

Chapter 87 When People Say Life, That’s a Heavy Thing

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 After getting out of the bathtub, I hugged her to my side and moved to the next room.

 To be honest, it was quite difficult for my arm strength to keep the girl in my arms, but…..I had to patient.

 ”Hatsu Tashiro. I’m going to embrace you now”

 ”……I see. But I’m so bruised up. I’m sorry”

 ”Don’t worry about it”

 I lowered her onto the bed and seated her.

 Oh, no…… my arms are so stiff.

 But I still reached out my hand to her head, and the bruises and scars on her body vanished.

 ”What……!? Is this your power…… the power of the Confinement King……?”

 It’s absolutely not.

 It just Torture, who was previously invisible, using her healing powers.

 But her eyes, looking at me, had changed to enraptured.

 ”You are……My master…… Danna-sama…….”

 While she mumbled to herself, I looked down at her.

 Her body, completely free of excess flesh, had a seductive curve to it.

 It’s probably not a good idea to compare them, but her breasts are probably a little bigger than Misuzu’s. However, no comparison to Masaki-chan.

 Her abs are slightly cracked, and her tight neckline is so thin that it looks like it could snap at any moment.

 ”U-umm… Don’t look at that too much. It’s a bit embarrassing”

 I gulped at the sight of her cheeks flushing and writhing.

 Her breasts are plump and swollen with a nice shape, pointed upward, and her areolae are a bright pink.

 The way they rise and fall in time with her breathing is fascinating.

 Also, when she twists in shame, her ponytail sways. I couldn’t help but gulp at the whiteness of her nape and the bewitching line from her neck to her back.

 (How can I stand this……?)

 Immediately, I pushed her down on the bed.

 ”O-oi, Confinement King, Wait”

 Tashiro-san was confused by my sudden action. But I couldn’t be bothered by that. I covered her up and forcibly took her lips.

 ”Nnn!? Nmu… Nmu, Chu, Chu, Nchu, Chu, Slurp…”

 I devoured her lips even more intensely than before. I poured saliva into her mouth and violently violated her mouth.

 Then, I moved my hand up and stroked her silky white skin as I kissed her. Her limbs were tightly packed. But it was so soft when I stroked it. It felt like it was sucked into my palm.

 After that, I moved my hand from her side to her breast.

 I wondered if it was a muscle issue. Even when she was lying down, her breasts remained upright and never sagged.

 I run my fingers over her breasts, rubbing them together.


 She opened her eyes in surprise.

 I wondered if I had overstimulated her. But I wasn’t about to end.

 I continued to kiss her and stimulate her breasts further.

 ”Nnn, Nnnnn, Haa~, Puha…… Nnnn”

 The nipples started to get erect as I rubbed them and pinched them with my fingertips.

 She’s definitely feeling it.

* * *

 The thought of it made me happy. I was making that Tashiro-san feel it.

 Then, I just keep on pinching and rolling her nipples with my fingertips.

 ”Fuu~…… Nnn, Nmu, Fuu~…… Nnn”

 Her muffled breath escaped from between her lips. Her body also began to show a bouncing response.

 (She seems to be quite sensitive…… It’s about time……)

 As I kissed her relentlessly and I played with her breasts with one hand, I then reached down to her lower body.

 I stroked her thighs and felt the moist sweat on my hands. She was getting excited. Her body is getting hotter and hotter.

 Then, I trace her thighs to her crotch with my finger. Her body jumped when I gently pulled her pubic hair as if to make fun of her.

 As I continued to scrape her labia with my fingertips, her eyes instantly widened.


 She let out a cry of surprise while still kissing me.

 I continue to trace the labia and move my fingertips to the vulva. When I poked the entrance of her vagina, I felt a wetness.

 ”……It’s already wet. You’re a nasty girl”

 I exposed her love juice stained on my fingertips in front of her eyes after our lips parted. Her cheeks turned bright red, as if they were about to burst.

 ”D-don’t tease me…… i-it’s embarrassing”

 The innocent reaction excited me even more.

 So I stood up and pushed her thighs open from side to side, allowing the slit to open. The bright pink soft flesh was revealed as a result

 ”Ahh…… D-don’t look at it”

 In embarrassment, she covered her face with her palms. If she told me not to look at it, I’d want to look at it more and more, because that’s human nature.

 As a result, I paid close attention to her, and the surface of the slit was moist and wet with love juice. When I stirred the flesh, it twitched.

 (……This is exciting)

 I kissed her crotch and extended my tongue into the folds of her flesh.


 Her hips suddenly jerked up.

 ”Don’t lick there! I-It’s so dirty!”

 ”Hatsu’s body is not dirty”

 I then continued to lick and suck the folds of her flesh with my tongue. I crawled my tongue to her clitoris and licked it up.

 ”Ah, Hiiii!? W-why this sensation is so strong, A-ah……”

 She was confused by the pleasure. That’s what it looked like. But I didn’t take it easy on her.

* * *

 When I inserted my tongue into her vulva, the folds of her flesh tightened around my tongue. Feeling this, I licked up her insides.

 ”Kuh, Kuuh, Kuh, A-ahh… Nnn!”

 She wiggled her hips, and the sound of her body rubbing against the sheets spread throughout the room.

 (More, more, more. Feel it more)

 Gradually, her love juices began to flow. It’s a little salty, a little sweet. I could feel my manhood boiling at the smell of her.

 I sucked on her clitoris, making a lot of noise, as if I was about to finish her off.

 ”Ahh, Nnnn! Ahh! Ah, Ah, Ah!”

 She let out a scream-like voice.

 I guess she couldn’t take it anymore. Because her opened thighs were closed now, and she held my head between them.

 (Come on! Come on!)

 She’s almost there. I’m going to make her feel it thoroughly.

 So, I accelerate the movement of my tongue.

 ”No! Ah, Ah, Ah, I can’t go any further, Nnn! Aaahhhh……”

 Her hips began to twitch, and the love juice she was secreting seemed to be thicker and stickier than before.

 And finally–

 ”Nnnh!? Aah, Aah, Nnnnnnnnnn!!”

 She shuddered as she pressed her hips together. Her back was arched like a bridge.

 The walls of her flesh clenched shut. And the love juices flowed out of her vagina mouth, and a thick smell of estrus drifted into the air.

 After that, she slumped down on the bed with her body relaxed.

 ”Haa~, Haa~……w-what was that?”

 ”I think you just cum”

 ”Cum? Is cumming feel like earlier……? After all, I feel like my eyes are flickering and I can hardly breathe…….”

 Apparently, this was the first time Tashiro-san had experienced a climax.

 ”However, I don’t know why, but I’m so happy… and the feeling of loving you overflows from deep in my heart. Oh no…… I love you, Confinement King, I love you, I love you…….”

 As soon as she let out her voice, the electronic sound of the level up sounded.


 ”Tashiro Hatsu’s state has been changed to [Subjugated]”

 ”Along with that, the following functions are available”

 ”● Disguise”

 ”You can disguise yourself only inside the room”

 ”● Sense Sharing”

 ”You can share your senses with other people of the same gender in the room”


 It’s not an exaggeration to say that things are going well. But for me, it’s not enough.

 (I can’t take it anymore)

 I can’t hold back forever when I see the woman I admire looking like this.

 I want to hold her. I want to connect with Tashiro-san.

 I want to make this woman my own.

 I don’t even want anyone else to see her anymore.

* * *

 I was surprised at how much possessiveness I felt.

 And so, I raised myself up, grabbed my p*nis, and rubbed the glans against her slit.

 ”I will insert it”

 I told her as I stared straight at her, and she turned her eyes to her crotch.

 Immediately, she had a frightened expression on her face.

 ”W-wait, wait a minute! I-it’s too big! Impossible, it must be impossible! It’s…… terrifying!”

 But I can’t take it anymore.

 ”Nooo! Stop it!?”

 When she resisted, I put a weight on her body and thrust my hips forward.

 ”Hyahhhhh, it’s coming in, it’s coming innnn!?”

 I sink my big cock into the sea of love flesh, and a slippery feeling envelops my glans. It’s tight. It’s very hard. But I can’t stop now. As if I were using a huge stake to penetrate her tight hole, I started to expand it.

 ”Nnnn, ahh, ahh, ahh, Kuh……”

 The tightness of her body, and even her narrow hole, tightened around my cock.

 And finally, it’s all about power. I penetrated the inside of the vagina at once without mercy.


 There was a popping sensation, and her hands instantly scratched the air. Her eyebrows were tightly knit together, and tears were slowly forming in her eyes.

 ”No, it hurts…… Don’t bully, Hatsu-chan, it hurts…… Ueeee……”

 Suddenly, Tashiro-san started crying like a child.

 I can’t help but be confused by this. The woman who has endured being beaten up so much has suddenly regressed to an infant due to the pain of the deflowering.

 I remained rigid in bewilderment for about five minutes. As I sat there, Tashiro-san somehow stopped crying.

 She wiped away her tears and hung down with an embarrassed look on her face.

 ”I-I’m sorry. I’m so upset. I’ve heard rumors about the pain of deflowering, but I never imagined it would be this painful”

 ”It seems to vary from person to person……”

 ”I’m sorry”

 ”You don’t have to apologize. It’s okay to cry. It’s okay to be weak. Isn’t that right?”

 She smiled self-mockingly and muttered a little regretfully.

 ”Is it already wilted……? Is this the end?”


 Her face immediately turns red again.

* * *

 Far from wilting, my object was erected hard in her vagina.

 ”The first time you cried out was adorable, and you vagina was squeezing so tightly because of the pain”

 ”I-I’m sorry. But…… Fufu….. now there is no turning back, is there? I’m really yours now”

 ”That’s right. Hatsu Tashiro, you are my thing. So please make me feel good”

 ”Hmm, do whatever you want to me, please love me with a lot of love”

 As soon as she said that, she pulled my face to hers and kissed my mouth. It’s a passionate kiss that made me feel a surge of emotion. Her tongue slipped into my mouth and I responded.

 ”Please love me too….. No, please love me a lot, My-Dear”

 I guess I was embarrassed to say it to myself. I can’t hold back any longer when she turns her head in shame.

 So, I started to move my hips again.

 I hug her tightly and start to fuck her hot honey pot with my cock.

 Thump, thump, thump, thump!

 ”I can feel it, I can feel it, it’s moving, your thing is inside my vagina… Nnn, Nnn, Nnn”

 ”Is it still hurt?”

 ”It’s okay, don’t worry about it, just keep moving……”

 She certainly didn’t look like she was in pain.

 The voice that escaped her as I moved my hips seemed to have a sweet sound to it.

 Thump, thump, thump, thump!

 ”Ah, ah, ah, ah, Nnn, Haa~, Nnnnn!”

 I didn’t have time to think about the position, or the strokes, or anything like that.

 Thump, thump, thump, thump!

 I just shake my hips desperately.

 I rubbed up the folds of her vagina with my meat stick and pushed up her inner depths with my glans.

 It was probably the poorest s*x I’ve ever had. That’s how aroused I was.

 ”Oh, no, if you poke me that deep, Ah, Nnn, Nnnnn! My D-dear…”

 She shuddered in time with the movement of my hips.

 When I reached out and grabbed her breast, I brought her lips together and sucked on the nipple roughly.

 ”Ahh! Aah! Ah, ah……”

 As soon as I did, she leaned back and hugged my head tightly.

 The tightness of her honey pot becomes stronger. The folds that entwine around my cock are so hot that they almost burn. The folds twisted lovingly around my cock, one by one.

 ”It’s hot, it’s hot, your p*nis is…… so hot…….”

 (She’s feeling it. She can feel it so much!)

 With that, I speed up the rhythm of my hips, making the bed creak as I thrust up into her vagina again and again.

 ”Haa, that’s so hot, ah, ah, that’s so hot! I-It feels so goooood…”

 Tashiro-san began to express her pleasure honestly, and began to move her hips in time with the slight but steady thrusts.

* * *

 As our hips rubbed against each other, I felt frustrated that I wasn’t in one body with her. I wanted to be one with her more and more.

 ”Hatsu! Hatsu!”

 ”Ah, Dear, Dear……”

 We hugged each other tightly and kissed each other, calling out to each other.

 ”Nchu, Chu, Slurp, Slurp, Nnn, Nn, Ah, Ah, Ah, Nnn!”

 Soon, she began to stretched out her tongue, and we entwined our tongues.

 I didn’t even care that saliva was spilling out of the corners of my mouth. My tongue felt too good.

 While doing so, her legs entwined around my waist and I put all of my weight on her body. The folds of her vagina also tighten around my cock.

 ”I’m going to cum, Hatsu, you have to swear you love me! Swear to love me and I’ll fill your vagina with mine”

 ”I swear! I swear! Hatsu will love you for the rest of her life! Come, come on! Fill me up with a lot of cummmm!”

 I was already on the edge of my seat with the feeling of her vagina melting.

 The meat stick swelled to a record high level and slammed deep into the vagina as a finishing blow.

 ”Ah, Ah, Hii, Ah!!”

 The sound of the glans and the cervix colliding with each other became louder and louder. That lusty voice also made me even more excited.

 And then…

 ”I’m cumming!”

 I finally reached my limit. And the white liquid overflowing the tip of my flesh.

 Tremble, Tremble, Spurtt, Spurrttt, Spurtttt!

 ”Nku, Ah, it’s so hot, it’s amazing, I’m drowning, Ah, ah, ah, Nnnnnn!”

 My cock was pulsating rapidly.

 A large amount of semen flowed into her vagina.

 She stiffened her body, grabbed the sheet with her fingertips, and shuddered as her brow furrowed sadly.

 And at that moment…… I heard the electronic sound of the level up.

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