Confinement 89

Chapter 89 Being Fat doesn’t Give You a Shikona Name

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 On the way to feeding, Yui-chan looked into my face.

 ”You look like you’re in a lot of pain”

 ”That’s because…… I was so worried about Shima-senpai that I couldn’t sleep at all last night……”

 To put it bluntly, I didn’t sleep well.

 No, I can’t sleep all the time.

 Perhaps, by now, Shima-senpai will be as battered as Captain.

 No, everyone’s behavior suggests me that she may have been beaten up even more than the captain.

 And at dinner last night, one of the seats was left empty.

 Captain didn’t come back, and…… because Shima-senpai was a rather noisy person, the dinner table was so quiet without her.

 I can’t even finish my meals, but that’s just me.

 Yui-chan didn’t care about Shima-senpai, she just kept asking about the Confinement King-sama and making the silver-haired maids sick, while Takasago-senpai ate two whole blueberry tarts for dessert without saying a word.

 As we headed for the evening feeding after dinner, Shima-senpai had already gotten a few blue bruises on her body.

 It was only an hour after we had eaten dinner.

 Once the night feeding was over, we would not be allowed to set foot in the menagerie until morning.

 There was no one to protect Shima-senpai.

 It’s not hard to imagine what kind of fate awaits Shima-senpai if she has to stay like this until morning.

 ”I feel so anxious……”

 I’m concerned about Shima-senpai’s safety, but honestly, I don’t want to see her in a pitiful state.

 If Shima-senpai is dying, will I be able to throw myself down like Shima-senpai did for Captain?

 To be honest, I’m not sure.

 No, I wouldn’t have the courage to jump in there knowing that I would be beaten up like that. It would be impossible.

 With a sigh, I lifted the feed box and stepped into the menagerie. Even as I turned my head, I could feel the eyes of the pigs on me.

 After the feeding, the whippings would begin again. I don’t have much resistance when it comes to whipping people anymore.

 But no matter how much I protected Shima-senpai during the day, the night would come again.

 If I want to get out of this loop, I guess I have to find the four sinner.

 (I have to…… do it. No, I’ll…… do it)

 I bit my lip and looked up, and at that moment–

* * *

 ”Good morning”

 Shima-senpai, who was looking very pale before, was smiling at me.

 The blue bruise she had last night was gone, and her blood color was very good.

 The club members around her looked as if they were looking at something unpleasant, and kept their distance.

 ”A-are you okay? Shima-senpai!”

 ”No, no, no, I’m not okay. I got into a lot of trouble. These guys are just out of control. Especially Konparu! Hey, you! You broke my leg! Just because you can’t beat my time, don’t do anything dirty to me, idiot!”

 ”It’s not broken”

 Shiratori, who was still leaning against the wall, muttered to herself, and Shima-senpai cowered.

 ”No, I felt it was broken! I don’t know what it was, but it suddenly healed in the morning. I’m feeling great now. I’m fine”


 Suddenly she’s cured? What’s that?

 I don’t know what that means.

 When I was distracted, Yui-chan made an enchanting face.

 ”I’m sure it’s the power of the Confinement King-sama. That’s right, isn’t it? Freesia-sama! Isn’t that right?”

 ”I’ll leave it to your imagination”

 In the background, a silver-haired maid smiles at me. Regardless of the content of the words, the sound of the voice was such that everyone could only take it as an affirmation.

 But then, another question arises. Why did the Confinement King-sama save Shima-senpai?

 (Does he like Shima-senpai?)

 As soon as I tilted my head, Shima-senpai glared at me.

 ”Even if I’m healed, it’s true I’ve been hurt! ……These guys are really reckless. It was really tough. I think Hatsu-chan had to put up with a lot of that”

 And then Shima-senpai turned her head to Takasago-senpai behind me and opened her mouth.

 ”Hey, Takasago. For the time being, can you switch with me for one day? We’ll switch again tomorrow”

 But Takasago-senpai didn’t answer and turned her head to the side. Then, she spoke to me like this.

 ”I just heard. The dessert for lunch was limited edition Yubari melon jelly. Then, at night, it was limited edition tiramisu at La Bramange. I’m looking forward to it…….”

 The point is, she wants to eat dessert? So, why we must switch with her?

 ”Ahaha ……”

 I smiled unconsciously, and Shima-senpai stepped on the ground in front of me.

 ”This sweets girl! Fat girl! Double fat! You’re fat enough to be named Shikona!” (*Note : Shikona is a sumo wrestler’s ring name)

 It’s not like all fat people have that names.

◇ ◇ ◇

 In the morning, I had a tropical drink while lying on a deck chair by the pool. It was high class, fashionable, and celebrity.

 The glass was decorated with a layered pattern of yellow and orange, and the edge was decorated with sliced dragon fruit.

* * *

 It was, to put it mildly, awesome.

 Still, how many guys have I met since I’ve been here?

 One after another when I was dancing in a club.

 One after another when I was tanning on the beach.

 When I went to peek into a fishing port, I was treated like a grandchild by the fishermen’s uncles.

 Well, in the end, it wasn’t a pick-up, but…… if a beautiful girl like me is alone in a resort like this, it’s only natural to want to talk to her.

 I’ve been attracted a lot.

 I felt like a little princess.

 I’ll go out to eat with him (but only if he’s good-looking), and I’ll even let him dance with me at a club (but only if he’s good-looking).

 But that’s it.

 There were some very cool boys, but I’m not a cheap girl.

 I never give out my room number, and I try to come home early in the evening. I’m not interested in a one-night stand. And I’ve decided that the first time is with someone I like.

 After enjoying a tropical drink, I took a quick swim. I had brunch at the poolside buffet and went back to my room.

 I felt pleasantly tired. I go back to my room, take a shower, and take a nap. In the evening, I plan to take the car provided by the hotel to the American Village for some shopping.

 I’m sure I’ll get picked up again, so I might as well beg for a present.

 As I was walking along, I passed a very large man in the hallway.

 He was wearing a dark suit that didn’t fit in a resort area, and sunglasses. His lips were shaped in a pout, and he looked like the Terminator.

 He was probably a bodyguard or SP. It’s a high-class resort, so maybe there are celebrities there.

 It would be nice if I could get to know such people.

 If I were to hang out with a celebrity, I might catch the attention of a famous producer and ask him if I could be his idol. That’s what I thought.

 And before I know it, I’m a huge national star. I’m a celebrity, and I’m being admired everywhere I go.

 I can’t stop imagining it. I think I’m going to have a good dream tonight.

 I went back to my room and opened the door with my key card. I didn’t remember closing the curtains when I left, but the room was dimly lit.

 ”To be famous~♪ To be pampered~♪”

 As I stepped inside and inserted my key card into the slot next to the entrance, the room lit up with a flash of light.

 The next moment…

* * *

 ”Ahaha, welcome back!”

 The girl’s voice rang out unexpectedly, and I jumped up.

 ”W-w-w-who are you! This is my room!”

 I hurriedly turned my head and saw a girl sitting on my bed.

 She has blonde hair with a side-tail. A gal in a worn-out school uniform. She has brown tanned skin and looks like she’s having fun.

 I recognize her……. I’m sure it’s just a camouflage, but I think she’s Fujiwara-senpai, the girlfriend of that Kimo-buta-senpai.

 As a matter of fact, I was upset by this.

 ”Hey, you’ve got the wrong room……”

 I called out to her, thinking that such a thing was impossible. I couldn’t think of anything else to say.

 ”It’s not wrong. I’m here to see you, Fukuda-chi”

 ”Fukuda-chi…… But I don’t know you”

 ”Yeah, but I know you”

 ”How did you know I was here?”

 Then Fujiwara-senpai shrugged her shoulders exaggeratedly.

 ”Well… it was really tough. I just told my stepfather all about it. As soon as we graduated from college, we got married immediately, Fu~min joined my stepfather’s company immediately, we lived together on the same property, and the name of the grandchild was left to my stepfather, then he finally agreed to cooperate fully. But still, it’s Okinawa, it’s hot, it’s the worst, isn’t it?”

 I don’t get the story at all.

 ”The travel agency that Fukuda-chan used, the airline, this hotel, and even the club where she was playing yesterday are all under the umbrella of my stepfather’s company”

 I couldn’t help but widen my eyes. It’s all under his company? What’s that mean? I don’t understand at all. Is she saying that my information was leaked?

 ”C-Compliance and P-Privacy!”

 When I raise my voice, she smiles and opens her mouth.

 ”It doesn’t matter, does it? I really don’t care about that”

 She cut me off with a single word.

 It’s absurd. Anyway, I had to escape. I hurriedly opened the door and tried to run out into the hallway. However, when I opened the door, I saw the terminator standing in front of me.

 Why? He just walked that way! Is it “I’ll be back” thing? Is that so? (*Note: I’ll be back -> Three of the seventeen words Arnold Schwarzenegger utters in the sci-fi classic “The Terminator”)

 Fujiwara-senpai spoke to me from behind as I slumped down.

 ”Ahaha, you can run away if you want. That’s the moment you’re finished, Fukuda-chi. I’ve done some research. Fukuda-chan’s father works for 00 Engineering, right, the New York branch?”

 ”Yeah, what about that?”

* * *

 ”Oh, have you seen the news today? My stepfather bought 00 Engineering”


 ”If Fukuda-chi doesn’t listen to me, I’ll transfer you father to be the director. He will be stationed in a rural town in Thailand called Chanthaburi. No, it’s not there yet, but the plan is to buy up a farmhouse and turn it into an office. He doesn’t have a specific job, and he doesn’t have any subordinates, but I guess he’ll just sit around and watch the buffalo. I’m sure Fukuda-chi’s dad will be surprised. He never thought he’d be transferred to a farming village in Southeast Asia because of his daughter’s mischievous behavior”

 ”Wait, wait, wait! T-that’s absurd!”

 ”No, it’s not absurd, it’s like a cat biting the tail off a lion, you’d be lucky not to get killed”

 Oh, she’s serious. Her face is smiling, but her eyes are not. This girl.

 ”Well, if you don’t want things to get any worse, you can come with me. Oh, this hotel is affiliated with ours, so I’ll take care of the accommodation fees, and you don’t have to worry about the airfare”

 She said this and walked up to me. Then she whispered in my ear.

 ”I’m looking forward to it. I’m going to make you famous. I don’t know if you’ll be admired or not…”

 My body couldn’t stop shaking.

 And I heard my throat gulped.

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